Inspiring Women


The Inspiring Women Program provides an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding contribution made by women connected to CGGS since its inception.

Our 2021 Honourees

Select a profile and discover more about our 2021 Inspiring Women honourees.

Mrs Joan Child
(Olle, 1937)

Ms Ruth Dunn
(Thorold, 1959)

Ms Georgie Herbert

Mrs Pamela Hore
(Beasley, 1959)

Michelle Leech

Mrs Amanda Mandie
(Sharpe, 1977)

Ms Margaret Porritt
(Newhouse, 1958)

Dr Jacqui Richmond

Ms Nicola Rivers

Dr Rebecca Spindler

Mrs Cecile
Storey AM

Delene Weber
(Marsh, 1987)

Our 2020 Honourees

Select a profile and discover more about our 2020 Inspiring Women honourees.

Ms Sarah Boyd

Professor Louise Brearley Messer AM

Ms Linda Bull

Ms Vika Bull

Colonel Michelle Campbell

Dr Evelyn Chan

Mrs Roma Drummond OAM
(Brunt, 1943)

Dr Jackie Graham
(Herington, 1989)

Ms Frankie Layton

Mrs Bronwyn Lincoln
(Hodges, 1981)

Ms Emma Race

Mrs Wendy Rainbird
(Westcott, 1959)

Dr Julia Rhyder
(Beaumont, 2005)

Miss Margaret Schofield OAM

Mrs Kate Sommerville
(McCoy, 1988)

Mrs Jenny Vadiveloo
(Talbot, 1982)

Dr Noel Waite AO
(McPherson, 1946)

The Reverend Canon Doctor Raewynne J. Whiteley

diamonds  •  embody the qualities of our honourees  •  rare and precious  •  a symbol of purity, clarity and wisdom  •  the toughest naturally occurring substance  •  a symbol of light and brilliance  •  embrace strength of character, ethics, and faithfulness to oneself and others

During 2020, the school launched this new program to honour the inspiring women of Camberwell Girls Grammar School.

This program provides an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding contribution made by women connected to CGGS since its inception.

These inspiring women will be honoured at a special ceremony and will serve as strong role models for current students. In addition, the recipients will have their profile hung in a prominent position in the school.

Key Considerations For Selection

Nominations can include former students, staff and parents and current staff and parents or, any other women from the wider school community. Posthumous nominations will be accepted.

Inspiring Women of Camberwell Girls Grammar School are exemplars in one or more of the following domains:

• The application of a love of learning with a commitment to attain prominence in her career through worthy accomplishments.

• The demonstration of strong and wise leadership resulting in a greater recognition of her profession, locally, nationally or internationally.

• A global mindset dedicated to fostering a more just and sustainable world, locally, nationally or internationally, either professionally or as a volunteer.

• The provision of consistent, dedicated and compassionate care for the wellbeing of others, either physical, emotional, psychological, social or spiritual.

• Sustained, significant and noteworthy contributions professionally, or as a volunteer, in one or more of the following areas: community involvement, cultural enterprises, sporting achievements, advocacy of women in leadership and other pursuits.

• The demonstration of unconditional commitment to using her skills and talents to give back to the community.

Selection Panel

All nominations will be considered by the Foundation and Community Subcommittee of Camberwell Girls Grammar School. The Subcommittee will make recommendations to the School Council for final approval.

Nominations for 2022 now open.

Further Information

Kate Daffy
Community Programs and Events Coordinator
T 03 9813 1166

Nominations for 2022

Do you know an old grammarian who would be a perfect candidate for our Inspiring Women program? You can nominate her using our online form.

2022 nominations close Monday 14 February 2022