'In Conversation' Series

A drummer, a writer and an illustrator walked in to a school library. Enter the third dimension!

Our ‘In Conversation’ series explores other dimensions – it challenges our girls to look beyond the academic world and to consider bigger questions.

Rob Hirst (Midnight Oil Drummer), Mark Greenwood (Writer), Sally Heinrich (Illustrator), Fiona Wood and A.J. Betts (both renowned Young Adult authors) are only a few of the inspiring speakers turning up in our Library.

This is an opportunity for students to think about ideas and processes beyond the curriculum and ultimately the goal is to give them a sense of the wider world.

See who we've been 'In Conversation' with lately...

Leigh Hobbs

Best-selling author of over 20 books!

Virginia Trioli

Award winning journalist.

In Conversation

Growing up Asian in Australia

In Conversation

Lets talk medical marijuana.

Libraries are all about communicating ideas. A perfect place for conversations.

“The idea is that we engender a conceptual space that’s located in the Library; a meeting place where ideas are exchanged, people have input and the writers can talk about their work,” says English teacher, Peter Lawrance.

Libraries are all about communicating ideas. A perfect place for conversations.

The Camberwell Girls ‘In Conversation’ series provides an opportunity for engagement and exchange between writers and our community.

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