Cisco Exemplar

CGGS utilises a full range of telepresence and collaboration technology.

This is totally transforming the educational experience to engage students in deeper learning and ensure that students are fully prepared for their futures.

By providing educators and students with a more dynamic and productive learning environment we are implementing technology used commonly in higher education and corporate environments.

A Cisco Business Development Manager confirms: “Camberwell Girls is the first school in Australia to be leveraging this suite of collaborative solutions to the point where it is engrained in the learning practice. Students at CGGS are now video conferencing natives and also becoming confident content creators”.

Connecting &

We have totally redefined our approach to teaching and learning.

Our new programs are certainly preparing students with the skills required for life in a global community and highly connected workforce.

From exploring space inside an igloo to video conferencing with scientists in Antarctica…

Everyday, CGGS are participating in learning like never before and connecting and collaborating with different communities and experts worldwide.

Cisco Webex allows our students to collaborate anywhere and anytime regardless of location.
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