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August 23, 2019

Melbourne Indigenous Transition School Visit Year 7

Last Thursday the Year 7 students hosted 11 students from the Melbourne Indigenous Transition School (MITS). Our student hosts welcomed the girls during lunchtime, showed them around the Senior School, introduced the girls to their Tutor group and during period 6 the girls joined our students in an Art, Science or Drama class.

MITS is residential transition school in Melbourne, Australia, for Indigenous students from remote and regional communities. MITS was developed to support indigenous students to further their education as successfully as possible. Each year, 11 indigenous girls of Year 7 age come to Melbourne and live in the MITS boarding house in Richmond. They attend school there for a year before moving into scholarship positions at Melbourne Partner schools where they continue their education.

CGGS was pleased to be able to host the 11 girls from MITS and I thank the students and staff who acted as ambassadors on the day.


Quartet Success!

We are delighted to share the news that Megan Kuo, Nicole Chang, Sarah Hui and Chloe Law (otherwise known as ‘Quartet Con Brio’) competed in the Monash Youth Music Festival in the Junior Instrumental Ensemble Section and won first place!

They had been working hard with their ensemble director Margaret Butcher to prepare for this competition and she was pleased that they performed with “nice detail and inspiring togetherness”.

Below is a reflection of their experience:

On 17 August, our quartet gathered at Huntingtower School to perform in the Monash Youth Music Festival. We were nervous, but excited to present what we had been working on for many months. Our preparation for the event included early morning and holiday rehearsals, as well as a workshop with eminent violinist Anne Harvey-Nagl.

On stage, we felt a bit shaky however, we settled into the performance as it went on. It was somewhat surreal when it was announced that we had won. We were thrilled, and felt so grateful we had been able to take part in such a fantastic opportunity. This experience had allowed us to bond and refine our unity while playing, something the adjudicator commented on as a contributing factor to our win.

The support and encouragement from our families and teachers at school was paramount to our success. We would especially like to thank our quartet teacher, Ms Butcher, whose patience and dedication has been remarkable. Our quartet has improved so much under her guidance, and it would not have been possible for us to achieve this much without her help.

Chloe Law, Megan Kuo, Nicole Chang and Sarah Hui

Invergowrie Foundation

On Thursday 8 August I had the pleasure of representing Mrs Dunwoody at the annual Invergowrie Foundation Principal’s lunch. The Invergowrie Foundation was established in 1992, and it’s primary focus is the advancement of the education of girls and women within Victoria.

This year at the lunch the Vice Chancellor of Swinburne University, Professor Linda Kristjanson AO spoke. Professor Kristjanson AO also spoke at one of our own Parent Education Seminars on Educating Future Ready Learners in Today’s Changing World in 2018 and also addressed our students in an assembly in August 2013 was the guest speaker.

As a passionate STEM advocate and in the lead up to National Science Week, she spoke about the ways in which the Invergowrie Foundation and their partnerships with Universities throughout Victoria are working together to promote Science studies amongst our girls.

Professor Kristjanson’s commitment to STEM is evident in the Swinburne University vision which is to be a world-class university creating social and economic impact through science, technology and innovation.

Professor Kristjanson stated that Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are areas that are critical to all careers in this century yet the numbers of student graduating from these disciplines have declined dramatically.

The findings from a recent report, “Girls’ Future – Our Future” which was funded by the Invergowrie Foundation and completed by researchers at the University of Melbourne and Deakin University, stated that “If girls and women are not encouraged to engage with STEM they will be at greater risk of becoming excluded from a substantial part of the workforce of the future”.

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal & Head of Senior School


National Science Week

Acting Head of Science, Mr Anthony Pasinati, commenced our Senior School Assembly and National Science Week with a bang, 3 hydrogen bombs to be precise. This certainly grabbed the attention of us all, as did his astronaut clothing bought especially for the week.


School Captains, Nikki Chen, Ellie Zhou and Stephanie Lysikatos, hosted a special Science focused NES Show, interviewing Science teachers, Ms Kirsten Shipsides, Mrs Kim Hepworth and Mr Anthony Pasinati, along with Ms Nirvana Watkins and a panel of students studying Sciences, Isabella Linke, Katie Lutze and Ashley Chan. During the week the Science Department led a number of activities throughout including a Mythbusters discussion “Was the Moon Landing Faked”; Mars Rover Quest in the Anne Feehan building and a DIY Telescopes activity in Makerspace.

Sustainable Housing

On Thursday August 15, the Year 8 students visited the Docklands as part of a science excursion investigating sustainable buildings. Although it was cold and windy along the port, we all thoroughly enjoyed our time walking around the Docklands.

When we first arrived at our base for the day, we spoke with Senior Lecturer in Water Resources Engineering, Dr Scott Rayburg, from Swinburne University about how Thermal Cameras, (cameras which show with colour whether the surface temperature is warm or cool) can help us in identifying where the heat in a building is going when the heating /cooling is on. We then had an opportunity to use these thermal cameras to identify how much heat is in the objects around us.

For the next phase of the excursion, we split off into two groups where we visited the ANZ (commercial) and EXO (residential) buildings. We identified how some features on these buildings (for example, recycled water filters on the ANZ building and a white panel with cheese shaped holes over the EXO building) have been beneficial to the buildings’ energy efficiency and sustainability goals to protect our natural environment. We also visited the Docklands Library and learn how solar panels, cross-laminated and recycled timber, doubled glazed windows and passive ventilation in the building help to make the library as close to Carbon-neutral and free of wasted energy as possible.

The excursion was an experience that made us all think more seriously about how the buildings that we work, live and study in can make a huge impact on the environment.

Nektaria Toscas
Year 8


Year 8 Geography Excursion

On August 7th, Year 8 students travelled by bus to Elwood to study urbanisation and urbanisation threats. We also looked at how the suburb prepares for floods, the future threats of sea level rise, and the challenges associated with increasing population density. When we arrived at Elwood we studied the liveability of the area and assessed the flooding risks along the Elwood Canal. Elwood used to be a swamp and they drained the swamp by building the canal that lead from Elsternwick Park to Port Phillip Bay. We walked along the canal to the beach and looked at some of the drains that assisted with redirecting water, so the houses located nearby wouldn’t be affected. We also looked at things Elwood had put in place to prevent flooding, things like drains, elevated houses and cambered roads. Our highlight of the day was when we went down to Elwood beach, the weather was cold and cloudy, but that didn’t stop us from having fun! We walked up to Point Ormond where we were lucky enough to see these amazing views of the Melbourne CBD. Overall this an amazing opportunity, and we all learnt lots about how places have had to adapted overtime and how important urban planning is.

Alexandra Strong and Ruby Killington
Year 8



Saturday Netball

The Saturday Netball Winter Season is coming to an end and CGGS are looking like eleven Saturday Netball teams will make the semi-finals. The last round of the Winter Season is very important for some teams, as it will determine what position they will finish in the top four.

Highlights from last Saturday include, Year 7 Pearl won the second half of the game against the top team, and unfortunately, it was not enough to win the game.

Year 7 Silver out played MLC Pearls and defeated them 10-7.

Year 9 Gold had an 8 goal win over Fintona Femmes, and Year 9 Diamonds had a convincing win over Strathy Sunset.

Year 9 Aquamarines had a very close game against Koonung Phoenix, but CGGS were steady and more consistent, defeating them 14-12.

Year 12 Moonstones were too strong for Strathy Shooting Stars, and are looking tough for finals.

Congratulations goes to all CGGS Netball teams on their efforts throughout the Winter Season and best of luck to teams competing in the semi-finals.

Lexie Joyce
Netball Coordinator


Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix In Concert!

On Thursday 15 August the Year 8/9 Music Performance Elective attended the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra performance of ‘Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix In Concert’ at Hamer Hall. This MSO experience was a viewing of the movie whilst listening to a live performance of the music soundtrack. The venue, decorated throughout with Hogwarts House banners, was buzzing with many audience members dressed up in the costume of their favourite character or the scarf of a particular House.

The students had previously studied components of the musical score and were thrilled to be immersed in a live performance of the music alongside the screening of the movie. The immediately recognisable iconic music themes were creatively infused into the orchestral treatment of new thematic ideas.

Jenelle – “The experience and environment was so knew to me, so just being there was amazing. The engagement between the audience and the performance was really interesting, along with the ability to watch each instrument contribute to the overall score.”

Stephanie – “I found the concert wonderful as you could see the orchestra live, which made the music much clearer and easier to listen to. It was also interesting to see how the soundtrack fitted with the movie.”

Bethany – “I found the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix live performance to be awe-inspiring. I felt like I was listening to the recorded soundtrack of the film most of the time, because the orchestra was so in time and sounded wonderful.”

Phoebe – “Watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in concert was such an enjoyable experience. The atmosphere was amazing and I loved being able to interact with the movie and the live orchestra.” 


German Poetry Competition

On Saturday August 17, I had the honour of participating in the AGTV German Poetry Competition State Finals at the Austrian Club following my result at the regional competition.

It was a lovely afternoon which included a taste into some German food and culture, as well as having an opportunity to quiz your knowledge on the German culture.

All 21+ Poetry performances for Year 8 Daf(school level) were of an impeccably high level and took some time to perfect. Unfortunately, I did not receive a prize, but I was extremely happy with my achievements and had a wonderful afternoon. I would highly recommend that anyone studying German at CGGS participates in the German Poetry Competition.

Nektaria Toscas
Year 8

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind Regards,

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal & Head of Senior School

Senior School


Senior School

August 9, 2019

The Secret In The Wings

Without doubt the highlight of the past fortnight in Senior School has been the 2019 Senior School Production, “The Secret in the Wings” by Mary Zimmerman. The culmination of many hours of rehearsal, set and prop development. As well as all the passion and creative juices of so many students and staff led by Keira Lyons, our Head of Drama and Performing Arts were put into this show. Ms Lyons never ceases to amaze the entire CGGS community with the productions she is able to produce each year and the heights she takes them to.  She is a magnificent mentor to our students and along with her fellow Drama teachers, has ensured Drama is a subject and elective of choice and an extremely popular co-curricular activity.

While Ms Lyons wrote in her Director Notes of growing up with “The Adventures of Charlie Cheesecake” a rhyming flip book with the adventures of young Charlie, I grew up with my Mum reading from an original edition of Peg’s Fairy Book, written and illustrated by Peg Maltby. I adored these and other stories in my childhood and have the book lovingly stored away in readiness for future generations.

Having attended all three evening performances, I discovered new elements and saw diverse aspects of the play through sitting in different places each night. Each intertwined story, Left in the Forest, The Three Blind Queens, The Princess Who Wouldn’t Laugh, The Three Snake Leaves, Allerleira, Seven Swans and Stolen Pennies, were magnificently woven together by Heidi and Mr Fitzpatrick. There were so many outstanding performances and the singing was stirring. We are all so proud of the over 140 students involved in the cast and crew. While it is not possible to mention and thank everyone, I would like to make special mention of Director/Production Manager, Keira Lyons and Assistant Directors, Sally Oliver and School Drama Captain, Maddy Brake. Congratulations on 4 sold out shows! On behalf of the school community, thank you.

CamberWELL Week

This past week, CGGS has celebrated CamberWELL Week and we thank Student Representative Council Chair, Genevieve Alexie and School Wellbeing Captain, Isobel Arnot for organising a wonderful week of activities. These included Beanie Day, a fabulous International Concert, a very popular Jumping Castle and Scrunchie Day.

Wellbeing at CGGS is based on the understanding that high levels of wellbeing act as a catalyst for academic achievement and ultimately life satisfaction and success. A sense of connection and belonging, both at school and within a wider community, gives each of us a relevance beyond ourselves. CamberWELL week is about acknowledging how important a sense of wellbeing is through connection with and giving to others.  Activities throughout the week included some exercise through organised sport activities, feel good energy from a jumping castle, giving to others though the Beanies for Brain Cancer fundraising activity, connection with our international students through a lunchtime concert, giving to others by raising funds at a Service Learning BBQ, supporting the work of Amnesty International through today’s Scrunchie day and chocolate toss.


Beanies for Brain Cancer

In our Senior School Assembly this week, Year 12 student Maddy Brake, School Drama Captain, supported by her sister Jessica (Year 10) and their mother Litsa, spoke to the students and staff about their journey of losing their father from Brain Cancer 6 years ago.

For many years now Maddy has wanted to find her voice to speak about this illness and decided a few months ago that now was the time before completing her schooling at CGGS. So, within the supportive environment of CGGS, Maddy spoke about her father’s battle and urged us all to wear a beanie in support of the Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer charity. If you would like to add your own donation to our collection please do so via

Maddy shared with us how close to her heart this charity is, after her own father was diagnosed with brain cancer, 12 years ago when she was in Prep. Maddy was so young when her father received his diagnosis, that at the time she didn’t fully understand what it meant for her family. Life became a routine of hospitals and medical appointments and her father spent 6 years trying many different treatments and was frequently in and out of hospital.

Sadly Maddy’s father passed away 6 years ago and as a family, his presence is missed every single day.  Maddy’s hope is that we all take a moment to make a contribution towards finding a cure for this type of cancer. The more money for research that is raised, the higher the chances of there being a more positive outcome for families in the future.

We fully appreciate how hard it was for Maddy to speak openly of her experience, but we are all so very proud of her and all her achievements both at school and more broadly.


Year 7 2020 Assessment Day

Today we welcomed 106 students keen to become members of the Class of 2025, our Year 7 students for 2020. The students took part in a series of academic tests to assist their teachers for next year in creating programs to best suit their range of capabilities. They were also extremely well embraced into the school community by the current Year 7, 11 and 12 students who led the fun activities that took place throughout the day. Many thanks to all the students and staff who assisted in the organisation and coordination of activities today.


Digital Wellbeing Article #3
Ring, Ring… does anyone ever call anymore?

The ABC conducted a survey about smartphone use as part of the 2017 Australian National Science Week and its results may or may not surprise you, depending upon your age!

Dr Kathy Modecki from Griffith University, states that “the way individuals are interacting with their smartphones across the day, and in their lives and relationships, is very, very different by age cohort” (2017). The younger you are, the more likely you are to use your smartphone as a “mini-computer”. It appears that using it for actual telephone calls and even texting is perhaps old fashioned, with these uses being favoured by the older members of our society. You might like to take a closer look at your family members’ smartphone usage to see how it compares with the survey’s findings.

It is not unusual to want to know what is considered to be the ‘right age’ to give a child or teenager their own smartphone. Whilst the trend is for smartphones to be adopted at an increasingly younger age, unlike driving a motor vehicle, there are no laws or even rules to follow. Having said that, the following guidelines from on promoting safe, responsible and enjoyable smartphone use may be of assistance to your family.

> Discuss and aim to agree on what responsible and respectful smartphone use looks like for your family, for example, valuing other family members by putting down smartphones when talking to each other.

> Value the importance of sleep by keeping smartphones out of bedrooms either all the time or at an agreed upon time, for example, an hour before children and adults’ bedtimes.

> Role model positive behaviour, for example, not using smartphones during family meal times.

> Find ways to share how different family members are using their smartphones, for example, listening to new music, editing photos, discussing newsfeed items etc.

You may wish to view these and other guidelines including safety, security and managing data costs at


ABC. (2017). Smartphone survey: the fascinating differences in the way we use our phones. Retrieved from (2019). Responsible mobile phone use for children and teenagers. Retrieved from

Felicity Carroll
Digital Literacy Coordinator JS & SS


Winter Sleep Out 2019

On Friday evening, 26 July, a group of 40 students and a small group of teachers, took part in the annual CGGS Winter Sleep Out. A unique event that is a clear demonstration of the school’s commitment to serving our local community. This commitment has been undertaken and reimagined through many generations of Camberwell girls over the years, however the Winter Sleep Out has been a tradition for many many years now.

The night began with rain. Lots and lots of rain. Girls donned layers and raincoats as they set up their sleeping bags and mats arranged outside the Cafe, in front of the Staff Room and Makerspace. We gathered in Robinson Hall to have dinner together, on the Menu were 2 Minute Noodles and Cup-a-Soup sachets. One of the highlights of the night came from our guest speakers Kate and Meg, from the Salvation Army, who ran a session on the importance of home and allowing us to reflect upon the importance of having a sense of belonging.

After this session, we ran a “Build Your Shelter” activity where the girls split up into teams and were challenged to make a shelter to fit two members of their group in only using newspaper and tape. Points were given for creativity and structural integrity. Another highlight of the night was the traditional shop down at Woolworths. Groups were all tasked with purchasing different items of need such as sanitary products, canned foods and tea and coffee. Overall, we purchased $840 worth of shopping to donate to the Salvation Army. Needless to say, carrying all of these items back to school up Burke Road was a serious challenge.

The night was a great success and it was so exciting that so many girls getting involved.

For the Year 12 students this was their last Sleep Out, they leave behind a legacy of instilling the willingness to do their part and get involved with the younger girls. An extra special shout out to the Year 11s and 12s who had School Tours early Saturday morning right after packing up the Winter Sleep Out. Thanks also to the teachers, Ms Gordon, Ms Watkins, Ms Kosowski, Mr Henderson, Mrs Campbell and Mr Maycock, who got involved and supported us on the night.

Natasha Parsons & Josie La
Service Learning Captains

Biennial Anglican School Service at St Paul’s Cathedral

A group of CGGS students, led by School Captains, Nikki Chen, Ellie Zhou and Stephanie Lysikatos, as well as School Faith and Worship Captain, Isabella Lincke and School Wellbeing Captain, Isobel Arnot joined with students, Chaplainsand Principals from 29 Anglican Schools at St Paul’s Cathedral on July 31. The Service began with a sea of school banners, carried by representatives of each school, in a lengthy procession, which included the Archbishop of Melbourne, The Most Reverend Philip Freier, and regional bishops.

The congregation experienced the joy of singing with the Cathedral Organ, and some contemporary hymns were ably supported by a band from St Paul’s Warragul. During the service, the Lord’s Prayer was spoken in six different languages and one of our Year 11 students, Jennifer Fan, said the prayer in Mandarin. An offering was received for the Bible Society’s Indigenous ministry projects. For the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are Christians, most have never heard the Bible in their own language or dialect. There is currently only one full Bible in Australian Indigenous Language: Kirol. Overall, it was a happy gathering, which gave students the opportunity to worship in a beautiful space, and to see more clearly the connection between Anglican Schools and the Anglican Church.

Helen Creed
School Chaplain

2019 Monash University Accounting Case Study Competition – WINNERS!

In 2017, the Monash University Business Faculty launched the first of their now annual Accounting Case Study competitions. The competition is part of “Monash Accounting Week” and is open to Victorian VCE and IB students enrolled in Business Management or Accounting.

The competition involves students working either individually or in teams of up to three people over a four-week window to analyse a business scenario and write a formal business report making recommendations about what the business needs to do to improve.

This year, six of our Year 12 Accounting students formed two teams and both teams made it through to the finals. This in itself was an outstanding achievement, as the task is of University standard and it takes a significant level of motivation to take on something additional of this nature in Year 12. Jessica Lu, Dorothy Zhang, Tracy Chen, Madeleine Georges, Jessalyn Tan and Irene Xian are all congratulated both for their effort and the level of expertise they were able to demonstrate.

Ours were two of three competition finalists with each team required to make a ten-minute presentation to a panel of judges, followed by five-minutes of question time. It was a fitting reward when Madeleine, Jessalyn and Irene were announced the winners of the 2019 Monash University Accounting Case Competition!

In addition to each member of the winning team receiving $200, CGGS received a $1,000 prize and a plaque acknowledging our winners. As their teacher, I could not have been prouder of the way both our teams approached this task and competed. The prize for me was seeing the performance of six confident young women who are clearly ready to take the next steps as independent learners.

Ali Larkey
Head of Commerce

German Poetry Competition

The 2019 AGTV German Poetry Competition saw CGGS students from Years 7-9 compete against other 2nd language German students reciting a poem in German. The competition’s criteria had a core focus on proficiency, the presentation, knowledge and understanding ofthe chosen poem.

Selected German students all competed at a school level for the German Poetry Bonanza and presented a German poem to their teachers.

The regionalfinalswere competed at PLC against other schools including Scotchand Trinity. While the students waited to present their poems, there was the opportunity to socialize with the other students while enjoying some refreshments.

The day was successful and a great experience for the CGGS students. All of the students were proud of their achievements as they all performed high-level poems.

Congratulations to the Year 9 German students, Sarah Hui, Olivia Jones, Nicole Chang, Chloe Law, Megan Kuo and Priyanshi Shah for their fabulous Group Performance, which resulted in them coming second overall. Moreover, we congratulate Nektaria Toscas, who came second in the Year 8 individual category and we wish her best of luck to in her advancement to the State Finals.

2019 Global Village Bilingual Children and Youth Speech Competition

Last week,Madeleine Giagoudakis (Yr 8), Aalisha Wong (Yr 10) and Chelim Lee (Yr 11) participated in the 10th Global Village Bilingual Children and Youth Speech Competition hosted by GoodTalk Culture Communication Singapore in conjunction with Xinhuanet and Ministry of Education, China.

Organised by the Chinese Language Teachers Association of Victoria, (CLTAV), the event was held from 26 – 28 July.  On the Friday night, participants had to deliver a 2-3 minutes speech in Chinese on the topic of “China in My Eyes”. More than 90 students from many schools around Victoria competed to secure a place in the final round. Madeleine and Aalisha were among the 30 successful candidates selected into the final competition.

Thirty pairs were then formed with each comprising one Australian student and one student from China. On Saturday, Madeleine and Aalisha teamed up with their students from China, and jointly constructed and prepared their speeches. During the speech, the Chinese student would present in English, while the Australian student presented in Chinese.The final competition took place on Sunday hosted by Fintona Girls School. Both Madeleine and Aalisha received a third prize. Congratulations to Madeleine, Aalisha and Chelim for their hard work, their passion and the confidence they have displayed on the stage. Well done, girls!

Lin Zhang
Chinese Coordinator & Chinese Teacher

Another Successful Year of Senior AFL!

Recently, the Senior AFL team at CGGS completed their AFL season with a hard fought victory over nearby rivals, Fintona, in what was the first Pride Match staged between the two schools. The Pride Match which was devised by our Head of Sport, Ms Lauren Law, in acknowledgement and support of the LBGTQI+ community. Our hope is that this will become an annual event in the Senior AFL Calendar. To mark the occasion, all members of the team were presented with special football socks to wear during the match.

Prior to the Pride Match, the Senior AFL team had completed yet another undefeated season in B Grade of the GSV AFL Competition. This makes four years in a row with our Senior Team being undefeated. Throughout 2019 the team has recorded victories against Ruyton, MLC, Loreto, Strathcona and Lowther Hall to finish on top of their division.

This year, the team was brilliantly led by Co-Captains, Zoe Giagoudakis, Bonnie Thorn and Samreen Kaur. The Best Player Award was presented to both Samreen Kaur and Louise Zhang while the Coach’s Award went to Tilly Dunn.

A feature of the team this year was the fact that thirteen Year 12s regularly participated on Friday afternoons in the GSV Competition. It is a testament to the culture and spirit of the team, that these girls found time in their busy schedules to take part each Friday afternoon.

One of the Co-Captains, Zoe Giagoudakis summed up the season the following way; “Being privileged enough to participate in AFL at Camberwell since Year 7 has been a valuable opportunity; it has allowed me to form friendships with older and younger girls, be lucky enough to play the reconciliation matches and play a sport that I love. It has been an honour to be a part of this tight knit football community in which everyone supports one another in an effort to create a fun, inclusive and motivating environment which empowers girls to play such an exciting sport.”

While debutant Ashley Olsen shared “As a new girl on the scene, it’s fantastic to feel so welcomed and encouraged as part of not only the team, but also the legacy that has already been paved, and hopefulness for the future. Our CGGS players’ abilities to go hard and fast at the ball, but at the same time be caring and thoughtful off the field makes me proud to have the opportunity to uphold our school’s success in our fourth consecutive year of victory.”

In concluding, certainly one of the further highlights is the large number of Old Girls who played GSV AFL at CGGS who have now continued their love affair with AFL by playing for local clubs and Universities in the nearby leagues.

Andrew Burnell
Senior AFL Coach


Each year, as part of the Wellbeing Program, CGGS hosts PROJECT ROCKIT to deliver their innovative and empathy-based workshops about tackling bullying. Thankfully and due to our school values and clear expectations we do not experience examples of bullying very often in our school community, however the skills of being an upstander and empowering young people to make change at a societal level is an important goal.

PROJECT ROCKIT creates spaces where all young people have access to respect, acceptance, creative expression and real leadership skills. The passionate young presenters were able to engage and empower CGGS students to lead positive change at school, online and beyond.

Included below is a report from some of our Year 7 students about the PROJECT ROCKIT experience.

On Monday August 5 two presenters for Project Rockit came to highlight strategies for coping with bullying.

Different types of bullying were highlighted, and we were encouraged to find calm ways of dealing with any difficult situations. The slow clap and yelling Barbecue were suggested as strategies. Let us hope we do not have to use these!

Whilst none of us has ever experienced bullying in Year 7, it was a timely reminder that not everyone is as kind. Thank goodness, we are all understanding of each other’s differences and qualities. Respect and care of each other is something we all value and as a year level, we are all very united.

Isabella Wood, Clarissa Wong, Kiki Page and Madeline McDonald
7W & 7B

I wish our entire CGGS community a restful weekend.



Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

Senior School


Senior School

July 26, 2019

Welcome back to Term 3 at Senior School. On Monday 15 July all our staff took part in a number of Professional Development sessions including updating First Aid qualifications and training. At the start of every term, Rev Helen Creed leads us for a time of prayer and reflection and it really helps set the tone for the coming weeks. Thank you Rev Creed!

This past week we had the pleasure of welcoming three new families to CGGS and all our students have returned refreshed and ready for their learning and all the activities on offer to them this term.

House Public Speaking has been taking place in and around the production rehearsals. I take this opportunity to remind parents to book their tickets for either the Thursday 1, Friday 2 or Saturday 3 of August as seats are selling fast! The spectacular set that has been created for “The Secret In The Wings” means there are limited seats available, so get in quick. Once again this year’s production will be an amazing achievement and we are all excited to see the fruits of the efforts of the students and the staff involved.

Last Thursday we held our 2020 Year 8 – 10 Subject Information Evening for parents and students. On this night we also had Dr. Jared Cooney Horvath also present to the families on his work in the Cognizance Project – A Tour through the Teenage Brain. CGGS was recently offered the opportunity to work with Jared and partner with Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) to present the following 4 sessions to our Year 9 students and staff:

> Get Your Mind Right (Stories and Errors)

> Master The Hardware (Plasticity)

> Gaming The System (Memory)

> Owning Your Learning (Metacognition)

The number of parents and students who commented about Jared’s session is a reflection of how important and informative his presentation was for our school community. I thank Nirvana Watkins, Deputy Head of Senior School – Student Wellbeing (Curriculum & Programs) for inviting Jared to speak on the night. This was followed by an information session run by Kate Manners, Deputy Head of Senior School – Teaching & Learning and also all the Heads of Department who spoke to the students and their parents about the subjects and electives on offer to them in 2020. Thank you to Kate for her organisation of this informative evening.

It seems hard to believe that we are already at the stage again of students applying for School and House Leadership roles for 2020. However, we are at that time of the year, and it is truly inspiring to have so many of our students aspiring to roles of leadership for the future.

This week many parents availed the opportunity to come to the Year 10 – 12 Learning Conversations and in conjunction with their daughter and teachers discuss the learning outcomes, progress made and means of extra growth in each subject. Such sessions are invaluable and rather than calling them Parent Teacher Interviews, we deliberately call them Learning Conversations, because essentially that’s what they are. We believe that this 3 way communication provides the best outcomes for the student.


Oh sleep, oh gentle sleep… and digital wellbeing

Term 3 is well underway with students returning to their school routines. For many students coming back to school requires a reset of sleeping patterns to accommodate school, rather than holiday hours. It is recommended that children aged between five and eight years have ten to eleven hours of sleep a night, with teenagers needing nine to ten hours to function at their best (Raising Children, 2019; Treyvaud, Vowles, 2018).

Whilst each family’s schedule is different, our nightly routines often include at least some time either watching TV or using a computer or mobile device, all of which emit blue light. It is widely recognised that this blue light suppresses melatonin levels. Lower melatonin levels disrupt the body’s circadian rhythms, i.e. the body’s biological clock, which in turn delays sleep and has a negative impact on your sleep quality.

One simple step is to make use of Apple’s Night Shift or the Night Mode function for Android devices as these both reduce blue light exposure. An even more important strategy is to turn off mobile devices, computers and the TV at least one hour before bedtime. You may already be doing this, but if this isn’t the case, a conversation with your children / teenagers about the merits of quality sleep on wellbeing, and how to manage their night-time device usage, could be worthwhile. Refer to the Raising Children website for more advice on good sleep hygiene from newborns through to teenage years.

The previous article in this Digital Wellbeing series mentioned our intention to survey the CGGS community as part of our digital wellbeing initiative. This work has begun with all Senior and Junior teachers completing individual and team surveys. We will be asking for your assistance in upcoming weeks as we conduct surveys of our families and students. Survey trends will be shared with the community in future articles. The focus of our next article in this series, is the digital wellbeing of primary aged children, so make sure you look out for it in the next CamNews.

Felicity Carroll (Digital Literacy Coordinator) and Cathy Poyser (Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School)


> (2019). Understanding sleep. Retrieved from

> Treyvaud, R.,& Vowles, C. (2018) The parents’ survival guide to children, technology and the internet.Wangle Technologies Ltd.


LinkedIn for Students

Students in Year 12 attended a presentation on ‘LinkedIn for Students’ by Mrs Sue Ellson, an independent LinkedIn specialist. Sue gave an overview of the recognition by employers of social media sites such as LinkedIn as part of the overall recruitment process. She citing research that indicated 90% of employers use LinkedIn as part of their selection process. She reminded students about their current digital footprint and asked them what it may say to their future employers.

The presentation was followed by a workshop for the Year 12s where they had the opportunity to create their own profile. Ably guided by Sue, she led students through the setting up of their own excellent LinkedIn profile and explained the intricacies of privacy settings. She enlightened students about taking control of their own brand, making connections, building influence and knowing their industry as they move into tertiary study and the world of work. The girls LinkedIn profile will enable them to network and connect to school alumni, to chat about potential career paths, or source information about career opportunities, and also connect with users and groups in unique and strategic ways.

Sue gave an energetic, enthusiastic and thought provoking presentation to our students. She has an impressive array of presentations, podcasts and publications

Trish Dolan
Careers Councellor

Anne Harvey-Nagl – International Violinist Masterclasses

On Friday the Music Department was honoured to host Melbourne-born internationally-renowned violinist, Anne Harvey-Nagl, for a day of workshops and masterclasses at CGGS. Anne is currently based in Vienna and has achieved much success as a performer in Europe. She has played with the Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna, the Vienna Mozart Orchestra, Vienna Concert-Verein, Klangforum, Music On Line, and the Kammerphilharmonie. From 1999 – 2011 Anne was Principal 1st violin of the Vienna Volksoper and was appointed Concertmaster in 2011.

Many students had the opportunity to work with Anne, including Senior Chamber Strings, Russell Strings and two chamber ensembles. The Year 9 Piano Quintet of Isabelle Viney, Angie D’Leong, Teagan Diep, Emily Wu and Teresa Guo enjoyed a fantastic session with Anne:

“Our masterclass with Anne Harvey-Nagl was very insightful to hear her wide knowledge and experience from the field of music. We all really enjoyed hearing her interesting suggestions to add to our piece which helped us grow as individual musicians, and also helped our ensemble become more united and musical”

“I couldn’t believe how much I had learnt from Anne in one day, in the strings workshops and the quintet session. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and my time on the Strings Day”

“My experience with Ann Harvey-Nagl was extremely inspiring, educational and insightful. We all took a lot away from it, which allowed us to further improve and grow as musicians. Hearing her expert insights and suggestions to improve our playing helped us all immensely”

Students and staff were treated to an inspiring and extremely engaging lunchtime recital from Anne where she talked about her musical experiences and both violin and musical performance technique, as well as playing many pieces, from Kreisler to Mozart. Many Music staff members were involved in the day’s sessions and special thanks goes to Nichole Adams and Rohan Mack who was instrumental in securing this opportunity for our students to work with Anne. Anne visits Australia regularly and always performs when she is here. Families may wish to attend one of Anne’s performances this weekend!

Australian World Orchestra
Friday 26 July, 7.30pm
Hamer Hall, Arts Centre Melbourne
Performing Westlake ‘Flying Dream’, Janáček ‘Taras Bulba’ Rhapsody for Orchestra, Sibelius Symphony No. 2, Op. 43.
Tickets available online

Anne Harvey-Nagl & John O’Donnell
Sunday 28 July, 3.00pm
All Saints Anglican Church, East St Kilda
Performing Beethoven Sonata No. 4, Op. 23 & Brahms Sonata No. 3, Op. 108
Free entry for students with valid student card, Adults $25

Rohan Mack & Kate Savige
Directors of Music


Saturday Netball

Saturday Netball has recommenced for Term 3, with many CGGS teams having wins in round 11.

Year 7 Quartz had a fantastic win against Ruyton Roulettes, the CGGS team have had tough games this season but all girls played their best netball last Saturday. Year 7 Pearl versed the top team and CGGS were up for the challenge, although the team was defeated, the girls gave it their all and made the opposition work hard.

Year 8 Jade had a close game against Ruyton Renegades, Jade were strong all over the court and won 12-11. Year 8 Jade are sitting in 3rd place comfortably on the ladder.

The Year 9 teams had close games last Saturday, Amber drew to Genazzano Gooden 16-16, Aquamarines went down by 5 goals but had a good game, and Diamonds were defeated 16-8.

Year 10 Turquoise were unstoppable against Genazzano Molik, the CGGS team were strong down the whole court and scored 17 goals.

The Year 11 Tanzanites were determined to beat Genazzano Layton, their hard work paid off and defeated them 13-10.

Year 12 Crystals played a fantastic game last Saturday, are yet to lose a game for the season and have taken the lead on the ladder. Year 12 Moonstones were too good for MLC Coral, scoring 29 goals and kept the opposition at 4 goals. Moonstones are now comfortably in 3rd place on the ladder and are excited to play finals in few weeks.

Best of luck to all Saturday Netball teams competing this weekend!

Lexie Joyce
Netball Coordinator


I wish you all a restful weekend.

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

Senior School


Latest Articles

Senior School

This past fortnight at CGGS has provided every year level at Senior School with their own set of opportunities to challenge themselves and undertake unique experiences.

Our Year 7 students spent last week on camp with the Outdoor Education Group (OEG) at Camp Jungai, near Eildon. This was for many of our students, their first experience of camping in a tent, and while the weather conditions for the week were not ideal, each of the students and staff made the absolute most of each of their experiences. I was thrilled to be able to spend two days with the Year 7 students during this camp and wish to thank Mrs Jenine Caruso, the Year 7 Coordinator and Mr Shane Maycock, Deputy Head of Senior School – Co-curricular Programs along with each of the staff who attended this camp for their support of our students. It was most definitely a wonderful week for all.

The Year 8 students spent their week journeying in canoes, hiking and camping on the banks of the Murray River. While the days were cold, the skies were clear and the students were able to enjoy days without rain. These students and staff also thoroughly enjoyed their experiences throughout the week and again we thank Mrs Kim Hepworth, the Year 8 Coordinator and Mr Shane Maycock, along with all the staff who participated in this camp for their efforts to ensure each student had a memorable time. In speaking to both the students and staff this past week, all have noted that they grew in resilience and felt proud of their achievements.

Our Year Level Coordinators Jenine Caruso (Year 7) and Kim Hepworth (Year 8) have shared more about their year level’s camps later in this edition.

Last week the Year 6 students spent the week in Senior School as part of our Transition to Senior School program for our own Junior School students. Many of the teachers in Senior School offered wonderful taster experiences of the day in the life of a Year 7 student. I take this opportunity to thank the Senior School teachers for the lessons they prepared to welcome our Year 6 students and all the students who embraced this week with enthusiasm. Experiences included Science sessions with Ms Bonnington and Mrs Pappas, Geography with Ms Walter, a Lego challenge with Ms Kinnane, History with Mrs Wighton, Sport with Ms Georgiou, Drama with Ms Lyons and an extended Food Studies session with Mrs Goad. On the Friday afternoon we invited parents and special friends to come into the Year 7 level of the Anne Feehan Building to see the Adobe Spark Presentations the students had prepared to show-case their week. The girls then took their guests on a tour of the Senior School. It was definitely a week they all enjoyed.

Meanwhile our Year 10s were immersing themselves in Work Experience. On behalf of all the students in Year 10, I would like to thank Mrs Dolan, our Careers Counsellor, who ensures each of our students have meaningful experiences.

The Year 9s settled back into their regular classes after 3 special days the week before and the Year 11 students completed their examinations, while the Year 12s commenced their Unit 4 studies.

This week our School Captains, Nikki Chen, Ellie Zhou and Stephanie Lysikatos led a particularly entertaining Captains Assembly. This edition of The NES show enabled each of the Captains responsible for the various portfolios to conduct a light-hearted segment that all students and staff appreciated.

Finally, our 2020 VCE Information Night following on from the VCE Preparation Day for Year 10s provided the students and parents of current Year 10 and 11s with all the understanding they require to make informed decisions about their future studies. I thank Ms Kate Manners, Deputy Head of Senior School – Teaching and Learning, Mr Mark Corrie, VCE Coordinator and Mrs Trish Dolan, Careers Counsellor along with all the Heads of Department who provided great insight into their subject offerings for our students in 2020. Our students were keen to hear that we have two new offerings at Year 11 Units 1/2, being Psychology and English Language. We also acknowledge and thank the Old Grammarian’s Association for their support of the Year 10 Mentoring Lunch on Wednesday. Mrs Karen Bartram and Mrs Trish Dolan worked closely together to ensure our Year 10 students hear advice from great role models and leaders, Year 11 Tilly Dunn and Year 12 Ellie Zhou.

It has been a wonderful fortnight in Senior School at CGGS and I thank all our students for their involvement in all we offer them and also to the staff for providing these offerings.


Digital Wellbeing: Ages, Stages and Statistics

There has been a lot of Australian and International media coverage about the changing role of technology within today’s society. This series of articles will explore these changes and their potential impact on our digital wellbeing throughout different life stages. Importantly, we recognise the interrelationship between emerging technologies and our behaviours as technology users.

This week we begin by examining usage trends and guidelines for the youngest members of our CGGS community, pre-school children. The ubiquitous nature of technology means its use by young children has been normalised. You may be surprised by the results of a 2017 poll that shows 36% of Australian pre-schoolers have their ownmobile touch screen device (Rhodes, 2017). We will be able to see how this statistic compares with that of our own community when we undertake upcoming CGGS surveys.

It is widely recommended that children younger than two years be discouraged from using devices other than for video chat, for example using Facetime to connect with family members overseas (Raising Children, 2019).Whilst there is limited research on technology use for pre-schoolers, there is consensus that they may benefit from:

> using the device with their parents, thereby encouraging social interactions

> creating and interacting with content rather than the sedentary consumption of content such as videos

Dr Kristy Goodwin advocates that parents become pilots of the digital plane at this early stage and during later stages of technology use (2017). Piloting strategies and a discussion of screen-time guidelines will be presented in future articles as we explore ways to balance and promote quality technology usage for different ages and life stages.

Guidelines provided within this series have been drawn from a range of authoritative sources, including those listed below:

> Office of the eSafety Commissioner, an Australian government resource

> The Australian Communication and Media authority, Australian government resource

> Raising Children, an Australian resource supported by the Australian government Department of Social Services

> Common Sense Media, an American leading non-profit organisation

> Family Insights Knowledge Centre, an Australian company in partnership with the research body, Telethon Kids Institute

> ThinkUKnow, an Australian website provided by the Australian Federal Police and assorted partnerships


> (2019). Screentime: babies and toddlers. Retrieved from

> Goodwin, K. (2016). Raising your child in a digital world. Finch: Lane Cove.

> Rhodes, A. (2017). Screen time and kids: What’s happening in our homes. Detailed report. Melbourne (VIC): The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne.

Cathy Poyser (Deputy Principal & Head of Senior School) & Felicity Carroll (Digital Literacy Coordinator) 


House Music 2019

The 2019 House Music performance evening was enjoyed by a capacity audience in the Barbara Sutton Hall. The House Music Captains had worked tirelessly to prepare and rehearse their selected repertoire, and all were rewarded with high quality performances in each category. This year’s theme of ‘Empowerment’ was successfully communicated by the House Music Captains and enthusiastically presented by all members of the House choirs. The adjudicator, old grammarian Juliana Kay, was very impressed with the high standard of performances and commended all students for their ability to deliver such entertaining selections.

We congratulate all involved, with particular acknowledgement of the School Music Captains, Technical Captains, House Captains and Technical Crew. Many thanks also to Shane Maycock, the House Teachers, additional teachers who supported rehearsals, Jane Scott, Cathy Georgiev, Stephanie Leslie, Mat Duniam, Keira Lyons, Sally Oliver, Kim Perkins, Stefi Allinson and Mark Corrie.

It has been a privilege to work with Kathy Han, Felicia Sprirdonos, Lucia Chen, Jennifer Le, Jennifer Fan, Shirly Chen and Caitlin Kuo. Their creative vision and passion for the craft of music performance was illuminated throughout the rehearsal process and we congratulate them on delivering such a wonderful evening of music. They fulfilled their leadership roles with kindness, creativity, resilience, persistence and good humour. They also established stronger connections across all year levels and generated many personal highlights which will form lifelong memories.

Category Winners

Choice (Heidi Lewis Memorial Trophy): Schofield

Overall Winners (Darbyshire Family Cup): Lawrence

Kate Savige & Rohan Mack
Directors of Music

Another A MUS A Recipient! 

We are thrilled to share that Year 8 student, Sarah Park, has succeeded in accomplishing her A Mus A Diploma for Violin this week, a remarkable achievement. Sarah will receive her diploma certificate at a ceremony later in the year. To achieve the Associate in Music Diploma (A Mus A), Sarah has studied and achieved Preliminary through Grade 8 in her AMEB examinations, achieving a very high standard in all her results. For most students this means application to their instrument, hours of practice and musical studies for many years, including passing Grade 5 Music Theory examinations. Congratulations, Sarah, on your outstanding success in your music studies!

2019 Monash University Accounting Week Case Study Competition

Two teams from CGGS have made it through to the finals of the 2019 Monash University Accounting Week Case Competition. Dorothy Zhang, Jessica Lu and Tracey Chen make up one team and Madeleine Georges, Jessalyn Tan and Irene Xian make up the other.

The Accounting Week Case Study Competition is designed for students studying VCE Units 1 – 4 Accounting or International Baccalaureate Business and Management, in Victoria. For the first part of the competition, students were required to develop a 3-year business plan including financial modelling. Having been short-listed as finalists, the teams are now required to prepare a 2 page synopsis of their findings and recommendations as well as make a ten-minute presentation (in which they all need to participate equally) to a judging panel made up of University Staff from the Faculty of Accounting and Business. This will take place on July 31.

While I was available as a mentor to the students throughout this process, they worked entirely independently to produce their entries and should be congratulated on getting to this point as it’s no mean feat to produce this standard of work on top of the usual Year 12 load.

A prize of $1,000 and a trophy/plaque will be awarded to the winning school. A further $200 visa prepaid gift card, certificate and trophy will be awarded to each member of the winning team. We wish our teams all the best and look forward to hearing more about their experience next Term.

Ali Larkey
Head of Commerce


Girls Invent Showcase 2019

The months of May and June have been extremely busy for the CGGS Girls Invent program and our Year 7 students. Our Girls Invent program has been run tirelessly by our Year 7 Science teaching team; Dr Sue Mason, Ms Liza Stevens, Ms Penny Dumsday and Ms Kirsten Shipsides. The aim of this program is for students to work through the design thinking process, work creatively, and enable them to ‘invent’ a solution to a problem.

In the first stage of this process, the girls used Science classes to brainstorm problems, areas of need, or opportunities in either their local or global communities. The girls refined their lists to just one area and jumped into the ideation process. Science classes were buzzing with creativity, with many students coming up with creative solutions to social and environmental issues. Once they had depleted their well of ideas, they chose their ‘favourite’ one and began the prototyping process.

On Tuesday 4 June, the girls had 4 hours to prepare their prototypes and display boards for the Enterprise Fair to showcase their learning. We were lucky to be joined by Dr Mark Glazebrook, founder of the Girls Invent program, who provided valuable feedback to the girls during the day about how best to improve upon their inventions. From 2.00pm, the Year 7 level of the Anne Feehan Building was transformed into an Enterprise Fair where students were able to display their hard work to the school community. Each student group had a carefully prepared display to showcase their prototype and collect feedback from their peers, the staff and their families in attendance. The girls spoke so passionately about their inventions and ideas.

This passion has continued towards the end of the term. Approximately 15 groups of students have expressed interest in taking their inventions to the next stage – the Girls Invent Pitch Off. Students met with Dr Glazebrook on Wednesday to discuss what would be involved in a Pitch (similar to what you might see on the TV show Shark Tank) and how they can take their brilliant ideas and develop them into a successful business.

A huge thank you to all the staff and students involved in making this year’s CGGS Girls Invent program a continued success. Watch this space for more news about how our Year 7s progress towards the Girls Invent Pitch Off against other schools at the end of the year.

Anthony Pasinati
Acting Head of Science


Year 10 Work Experience

Work Experience week gives all Year 10 students the opportunity to work in a profession in which they are interested. This valuable undertaking enables students to experience a typical working week, and a chance to explore different career options.

Mrs Dolan, the Careers Counsellor, introduced students to the concept of work experience in October 2018, when students were in Year 9. While June 2019 seemed a long way away, students were encouraged to seek placements early, as some areas, particularly hospital/medical clinics and legal firms, are highly sought after.  Students had some great experiences across these industries and a wide range of other industries, including veterinary practices, retail, accounting firms, advertising, design, marketing, dental practices, local government, physiotherapy clinics, global ICT firms, child care & primary education, hospitality, architectural & building construction firms.

Employers’ evaluations were overwhelmingly positive with many commenting on the terrific work ethic of the students, their maturity, courtesy, willingness to ask questions and the effort they made to fit into busy, and unfamiliar workplaces. The students thoroughly enjoyed their placements! Two firms were so impressed with our work experience students that they have sought to strengthen ties with the school through innovative pathway programs. This is another endeavour in the “#myfuture”careers program which will help students with decision making for their future.

Here are some testimonials that employers wrote about our recent work experience students:

Showed great enthusiasm during her time with our organization. She demonstrated an ability to take instructions on board and applied herself to tasks required. A joy to work with!

An absolute delight to work with. Completed some really valuable research while working with me. Came to work every day with a positive attitude and was extremely helpful.

A pleasure to have in the office and a valuable team member during her time. She was punctual, well presented and dedicated to her work. We really appreciated her contribution.

On Wednesday 26 June, as part of the VCE Information Day, students had the opportunity to reflect on what they have gained from this experience, add some new skills to their résume and update their digital portfolio. The work experience week is designed to be exciting and informative, with experienced people offering insights into a number of different professions.

Congratulations to our Year 10 students on a wonderful week!

Trish Dolan
Careers Counsellor

Year 10 2020 VCE Subject Selection

As a Year 10 student, choosing the VCE study program can seem a bit overwhelming. At CGGS there is an extensive schedule of events designed to build the students’ career knowledge and develop their career decision making skills, to ensure students make a seamless transition to the VCE.

Such events have included the very successful Careers Expo, work experience week, career education classes, ‘MyCareerMatch’ interest assessment, mentoring events, the VCE Information day and individual career interviews with Mrs Dolan, Careers Counsellor. The Year 10 mentoring lunch on Wednesday 26 June, on the theme of ‘Making Decisions’, allowed students to hear from Ellie Zhou (Year 12) and Tilly Dunn (Year 11). They spoke eloquently about their VCE experiences to date and how they made their subject choices. They gave the Year 10 students a clear understanding of the demands of the VCE program, but also emphasized the need to balance academic work with co-curricular activities and ‘down time’.

All of these experiences culminated in the all-important VCE Information evening when students and parents had the opportunity to talk to teachers about subject selection. They were also provided with an information pack full of material from tertiary institutions, VTAC and various government publications.

Over the next few weeks students will consult with teachers, parents and current VCE students to select their subjects for their VCE program, giving themselves the best opportunity to be happy with their choices. Subject selection applications are due in on Wednesday 24 July 2019.

Trish Dolan
Careers Counsellor

Think global, act local – Model UN Conference in German 2019

Learning German in new and innovative ways on topics of global interest, this has been the initiative for four VCE German students who recently took part in the UN Model Conference in German. Dubbed, “an opportunity of a lifetime”, by Ms Beck, the German teacher, the students were determined to make the best of the day. The Model UN Conference is a creative simulation of the UN General Assembly in which students represent member states of the UN. In teams of four, students try to negotiate a new UN Resolution, this year focusing on the vision “Think global, act local” in regard to sustainable cities and communities. The Model UN Conference is an opportunity for students to learn about the UN system, discuss global issues and practice their diplomacy skills in a fun, dynamic environment, while developing key negotiation and public speaking skills – all in German.

This year, the CGGS German students, consisting of Tilly Kutey, Shivani Gupta, Jennifer Fan and Yaya Feng, represented the country of Japan. In preparation, before the day, they had to read substantial delegates packs and research topics such as climate change, population growth, rapid urbanisation and food and water insecurity. Then they had to write a 3-minute-long position statement in German, as well as suggested changes to resolutions.

On the day, Year 12 student Tilly Kutey, read out the position statement for the country they represented in German, in front of about a hundred other students and teachers. The team then had to comment or answer questions, in German, when asked. The students put an amazing effort and time into the preparation and were very engaged on the day. Initially somewhat hesitant, but with their courage (and confidence growing), they put their flag up numerous times to answer questions and to engage in a friendly debate – and eventually proposing an amendment to the resolution, seeking the support of fellow country Russia!

The following remark from the girls, proves that learning in a challenging environment can be an engaging and positive experience, “It was truly memorable, as it is so rare to be immersed in an environment where we had to speak German.”

Herzlichen Glückwunsch an die vier Teilnehmerinnen!

Year 8 Medieval Day

This term, our Year 8 students have been studying the history of medieval Europe. Last Wednesday, they had the chance to participate in some hands-on learning in a day filled with medieval activities. Students practiced archery and learnt about its usefulness for hunting, defending herds from predators, and in warfare.

Using medieval weapons and armour, students constructed a timeline of how social structures and systems of protection changed between the fall of the Roman Empire, and the rise of modern armies using gunpowder weapons. Each class discussed how a village might put criminals on trial, and voted on punishments such as locking their classmates in the stocks (or worse).

Finally, at the end of the day, all of Year 8 gathered in the gym to discuss the training and equipment of a knight. It’s difficult to understand how an entire social system was developed around equipping a warrior nobility for battle, until students see just how difficult it was to injure a well-trained and well-equipped knights. Many of our Year 8 girls leaped at the opportunity to attack two fully-armoured medieval knights (with blunted weapons) and discovered just how difficult it was to even land a blow, let alone get past the knight’s shield and weapon! The day’s activities helped bring to life a millennium of history which students had previously only imagined in the classroom, and helped improve their understanding of how technology, beliefs and practices bring about change in society.

Year 7 Camp

Year 7 Education Outdoors Camp this year took us to Camp Jungai, a picturesque campsite a two- hour bus ride form CGGS. We all had a wonderful five days away and each Year 7 has a marvellous story to tell. The object of the camp was for the Year 7 students to spend time together to help support their growing friendships and to challenge themselves with the activities that were made available to them over the course of the week.

For many of the students the highlight was the high rope course. Three different obstacle courses, suspended 15 metres in the air, allowed students to quite literally reach new heights. Students cheered each other on, and many felt that exhilaration of stepping well outside their comfort zone and achieving success.

The camp out was another highlight. Despite the cold (and rain!) we all enjoyed the beauty of the starlit sky and the songs around the campfire certainly added to our memories of camp. The walk back through the beautiful bush landscape was also a memorable moment for many of the students. The informative talk from Indigenous Elder Aunty Aurora allowed us to better appreciate the significance of the land we were visiting.

Canoeing, raft building, a skit night (starting with a conga line), a game of ‘The Beast’ trivia and wonderful food filled the week away. The happy chatter and giggling in the cabins after lights-out confirmed the teachers view that this group of Year 7’s are wonderful. We all really enjoyed Year 7 Camp, 2019.

Year 8 Camp

In the early hours of 17 June, shrouded in darkness and cold, the CGGS Year 8 cohort and a band of fearless tutors and teaching staff embarked on an adventure of a lifetime – a Murray River canoeing and hiking expedition which was the 2019 Year 8 camp.

As the coaches pulled away from Norway Reserve, the silhouettes of waving, rugged-up parents and loved ones disappeared in the distance. The excited chatter of the girls on the buses, slowly gave way to snores and deep breathing as those, unaccustomed to such early starts to the day, fought desperately to sneak in some additional hours of sleep before their outdoor adventure began.

After a quick toilet break along the way, and after three and half hours of travelling, we finally arrived at our drop off points within Yarrawonga Regional Park along the Murray River. Different groups were dropped off at Forges Gate, Bruce’s Gate, Nevins Gate and Bourke’s Bridge respectively where they met their Outdoor Activity Group leaders and started the daunting task of packing their backpacks with all the essentials for the week. The systematic and no-nonsense approach to this task was done with military precision and before long, all groups were ready to begin. Some groups hiked directly to the banks of the Murray ready to embark on the canoeing component of their trip. Other groups hiked into the bush for their short walk to their campsite for the night.

Over the course of the next four days of glorious sunshine the Year 8 girls really came into their own. From preparing their own meals, sourcing firewood for campfires at night, carrying all their cooking, sleeping and travelling equipment on their backs the Year 8 girls were really pushed physically. But in typical CGGS fashion they rose to the occasion. When the hiking and canoeing challenged many, it was the wonderful to see the care and encouragement the girls gave one another. The cheerful way they always helped each other out, supported one another, light-heartedly laughed at each other’s mishaps along the way, buoyed us all and made our week away in the bush so pleasurable. So whilst our packs were heavy and the early mornings and evening were bitterly cold, the Year 8 CGGS girls proved that with a positive attitude and openness to working together as a team, anything is possible.

Saturday Netball

The CGGS Saturday Netball teams are half way through the Winter Competition. Year 7 Pearl competition is very close, with CGGS, MGGS, Ruyton and MLC all sitting on equal points on the ladder, CGGS will meet the top team in Round 11. Year 7 Quartz are a new team, they have come across tough opposition but have had a great win early in the Season.

Year 8 Silver are currently 4thon the ladder and are working hard to remain in the top 4. Year 8 Jade have demonstrated a high level of netball, coming across tough opposition but Jade are always up for a challenge, Year 8 Jade are also sitting in 4thplace on the ladder.

Year 9 Diamonds and Gold both had fantastic wins last Saturday, Gold defeated Fintona Femmes and Diamonds defeated Strathcona Sunset. Year 9 Aquamarines were unstoppable last Saturday against Koonung Phoenix with an 11 goal win, the CGGS team are sitting in equal 3rdposition on the ladder. Year 9 Amber had a tough game against Strathcona Sharks, the opposition moved the ball quickly and Amber took a while to adjust.

Year 10 Gems and Turquoise have had great wins throughout the first half of the season, both teams will have to work hard in the final rounds to qualify for finals.

Year 11 Tanzanites are currently sitting on equal points with Strathcona Skittles on the ladder, the CGGS team will have to work hard and be more consistent to secure a position in the finals later in Term 3. Year 11 Emeralds had a fantastic win last Saturday against MA Tigers, Emeralds demonstrated great defensive pressure across the court and the shooters were able to convert the turnovers into goals.

Year 12 Moonstones were strong in Round 10, defeating Strathcona Shooting Stars 22-6 and have secured 3rdplace on the ladder. Year 12 Crystals played a consistent game last Saturday, with a 9 goal win over MA Lightning and are currently sitting in 2ndplace on the ladder, closely behind 1stplace by percentage.

Congratulations to all Saturday Netball teams on their efforts throughout the first half of the Season, best of luck goes to all heading into the finals rounds.

Lexie Joyce
CGGS Netball Coordinator


Please look out for my end of Term letter and also the next Senior School Weekly which will both be published in the holidays in the lead up to Term 3.

All my best wishes for a safe and relaxing holiday.


Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

Senior School



Senior School

It is fair to say we all benefitted greatly from the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. For the Year 10 and 11 students who have commenced their Semester One Examinations, this came as a timely extra day of revision.

On Wednesday those students undertaking a Unit 3/4 VCE subject sat the General Achievement Test (GAT). The GAT is a test of general knowledge and skills in written communication, mathematics, science and technology, humanities, the arts and social sciences. This is taken by all Victorian students prior to completing their VCE. This 3 hour examination includes 2 essays and 70 multiple choice questions.

Wednesday was a fun filled day for the other year groups in Senior School, with the Year 7s venturing into the National Gallery of Victoria and St Paul’s Cathedral for their annual Art and RE excursion. The Year 8s enjoyed Medieval Day, while the Year 9s took part in the Enlighten Education Day.

On Thursday and Friday the Year 9s continued their special program with two days on Artificial Intelligence. This two day event was designed to enable our Year 9 students to explore the exciting world of AI through multiple lenses, culminating in the completion of the AI For Good Challenge, a joint partnership project of Australia’s Education Changemakers and Microsoft. I went and viewed some of the session just before a break and chatted with the students to see how they found it. The feedback was extremely positive, with the girls sharing that not only was the topic interesting, but the delivery by the presenters was very engaging. Mrs Dunwoody also joined the students for some of the session and will be sharing more about her thoughts on this area of STEAM in the next CamNews.

We wish the Year 7 and 8 students and their teachers all the best for their up-coming camps next week at Jungaii and Yarrawonga. I take this opportunity to thank Mr Shane Maycock, Deputy Head of Senior School – Co-Curricular Programs and the two Year Level Coordinators, Mrs Jenine Caruso (Year 7) and Mrs Kim Hepworth (Year 8) plus their dedicated team of camping staff for their organisation and participation on these camps.

Next week our Year 10 students will also be on their Work Experience and we wish them well for these experiences. Thanks to Mrs Trish Dolan for all the work she has done to assist the students in organising their placements.


Digital Wellbeing

Have you googled anything today? Perhaps you preferred to use voice assistant technology such as Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa to ask a question. The constant evolution of technology is changing what we’re able to do and how we do this, i.e. our behaviour. For example, it is not uncommon to see toddlers playing games or watching Pepper the Pig’s YouTube channel on an iPad or a mobile phone and all whilst in a stroller! This is something that many of us reading this article couldn’t have imagined when we were children. Similarly, monitoring our fitness with smart watches or streaming Netflix on a mobile phone was unheard of just a few years ago.

What do all of these technological and behavioural changes mean for us at CGGS and how might they be impacting on our digital wellbeing?  A team of staff from the Junior and Senior school has begun investigating these questions during Term 2 as part of our Digital Wellbeing initiative. Our aim is to collect data of current technology usage and behavioural trends, including any concerns, from our parent, staff and student groups early in Term 3. This data, as well as parent, staff and student focus groups will help inform our Digital Wellbeing initiative.

We encourage you to read the Digital Wellbeing articles that will appear in each edition of Camnews this year. We intend to examine the potential impact of technology for pre-schoolers, early childhood and teenagers. Survey results from our community will be shared along with strategies that promote digital wellbeing. Your invitation to participate in Focus Groups will also be included in Camnews.

Felicity Carroll & Cathy Poyser 


2018 Premier’s Awards

Earlier this month, on Monday 3 June, Mrs Dunwoody joined with two of our Year 12 students and their parents at the 2018 Premier’s VCE Awards. The awards were presented in front of 100 guests, with 290 award recipients from across Victoria recognised for their exceptional study outcomes in 2018.

Jessica Lu and Madeline Li both received Premier’s VCE Awards for their achievements in Chinese Second Language (Advanced). The awards recognised the outstanding results achieved by both Jessica and Madeline, as well as paying tribute to the principals, teachers and families who played an invaluable role in supporting the girls during their studies.

After Year 12, Jessica is planning to study Finance at Melbourne University, hoping to work in a financial  institution. She has a passion and great interest in working overseas or for a business that is in partnership with international associations. She wants the opportunity to gain experience and interactions with people from various backgrounds and nationalities. Jessica believes her ability to communicate in a second language and her overall communication skills are essential in those fields, as will open up more opportunities for her to work internationally.

Post CGGS, Maddie is hoping to pursue her dream in the medical field. She strongly believes that the ability of being bilingual will significantly assist her future career, whether it be along the path of learning, or having the ability to help more vulnerable patients with varied cultural backgrounds. Regardless of what the future holds she finds it an honour to be fluent in both Chinese and English, and hopes to utilise such privilege to have an impact on the society, even a minor one, in the future.

Congratulations to you both and we greatly look forward to hearing more of your learning journey as the years progress.

Enlighten Education

Year 9 students commenced their special program of pop-up learning events with the Enlighten Education incursion on Wednesday. Founded by Danielle Miller, Enlighten Education is a leading provider of personal development workshops for girls. The students participated in a series of workshops led by the effervescent and energetic Nikki. These workshops are carefully curated each year by the wellbeing team to respond to emergent trends in issues facing adolescents and particular cohorts of students.

This year, the year 9s undertook the following workshops:

Forever Friends

Research tells us that friends are more important to teenagers than their parents or teachers. How do we make friends? Who should we make friends with? How should friendships be maintained? How do we decide if a friendship is helping or harming us? This workshop addresses these issues and equips the girls with the necessary skills to make safe, important decisions about their friendships.

Stop I Don’t Like It

Every girl is concerned about her personal safety. Setting personal boundaries, safe partying, handling inappropriate text messages, managing conflict and using the internet safely – these skills are all vital. This workshop focuses on what’s right and what’s not right and how to tell the difference.

Real Girl Power

This workshop explores the women’s movement and the history of feminism.

What has changed and why for women? Who have been our change makers?

What does the sisterhood really mean to us 21st century girls?

Chill Out

Relaxation, visualisation techniques, massage and more.

Learning how to manage stress effectively is essential for our modern lives. Relying on crutches like alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or other unhealthy behaviours is destructive and wasteful. In this workshop we encourage girls to seek balance in their lives and teach them some skills to achieve it. We also teach skills to help them cope with exam and assessment pressure to help enhance performance. These strategies are fun, affordable, and will fit into any girl’s hectic lifestyle.

Love the Skin You’re In

This is a core unit that will provide a context for all the day’s activities.

Negative stereotyping, sexism, media images, the fixation on being thin, these are all issues today’s girls are facing. In this workshop we encourage girls to critically evaluate the messages that bombard them every day and develop strategies that help them respond intelligently and objectively.


Year 9 Model United Nations Convention (MUNC)

A fortnight ago, all Year 9 students were involved for a day in a Model United Nations Conference (MUNC) held at CGGS as part of their study of Power and Justice in Year 9 Commerce.

The program was led by nine volunteers from UN Youth Victoria who, throughout the day, worked closely with our students to guide them through the process of resolving issues that are shared between nations. Students were divided into one of three “Chambers” for the day where they were guided through the process of negotiating two resolutions to current world issues – one relating to Foreign Aid and the other to Gender Equity. Throughout the day,  students acted as representatives of one of the current member states on the UN Security Council. They debated the proposed resolutions from their own country’s perspective, propose amendments and ultimately to try to reach an outcome that was acceptable to all at the negotiating table.

Debates were formal but vigorous! Despite the formality of both the language and processes involved, the MUNC provided our Year 9 students with an authentic learning experience that enabled them to develop and apply crucial 20thcentury skills. These skills included critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, communication and empathy at the same time as highlighting the value of effective research and planning.

While many students found this activity initially challenging, their reflections suggest they gained significant benefit from the opportunity and enjoyed its “hands-on” nature.

As part of the Year 9 Commerce teaching team, Annie Wilson and James Henderson put in a huge amount of work behind the scenes to make bring this task to life and I thank them both sincerely for their energy and input. Likewise, UN Youth were both generous with their time and extremely enthusiastic participants in what was an excellent day in the Year 9 teaching and learning calendar.

Year 10 Excursion – Holocaust Centre

In late May, Year 10 History students visited the Jewish Holocaust Centre in Elsternwick as part of their study of World War II and the Holocaust. The Centre serves not only as a memorial to commemorate those whose lives were taken by the Holocaust, but also to educate future generations so that this significant historical event is not forgotten.

Our students were fortunate enough to be able to listen to a Holocaust survivor, Wolf Deane, who shared his experiences of learning English in the Lodz Ghetto, and his constant hunger while in Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Students were acutely aware of their privilege in being able to discuss this experience with Deane, and ask questions of him. With the passing of time, there are fewer survivors left to share these stories, and the duty to do so will be passed to their descendants. The excursion involved a tour of the exhibits, and an opportunity to see artefacts and hear stories that go beyond the classroom learning experience. Students were invited to consider what role race, ethnicity, and religion play in our society, and to reflect on our shared humanity. Amongst the stories of grief and despair, students found other stories – those of hope, and of people risking everything to help others. As our final act of reflection at the Centre, three students volunteered to light a candle for the Memorial Room.

Memorabilia Box Incursion

Last week, our Year 9 students undertook some hands-on learning with artefacts on loan from the Australian War Memorial. As part of their study of Australia’s involvement in World War I, our Year 9 girls went back in time to put themselves in the shoes of young Australians going to war in 1915. Students handled and discussed both authentic and replica uniforms, kits, medals and postcards to gain a deeper understanding of how Australians experienced war a century ago. See two reflections below from some of the students.

Interacting with items from the Australian War Memorial was a great learning experience because it deepened my understanding of the ANZAC uniform and what it would have been like in the first world war. The woollen jacket and water canteen were surprisingly heavy and with the added weight of rain or drinking water, this would surely have added an extra challenge to the soldier’s days. Although the memorial plaques were saddening and the discussion of trench foot disturbing, it was amazing to feel a real slouch hat with a rising sun badge, and see the emu feathers that would indicate a soldier was part of the Light Horse. It was very emotional to read a pure, sweet love letter between an ANZAC soldier and his dearest, which conveyed the sense of duty the soldiers had to Australia. Overall, I feel privileged to have had this incredible opportunity to connect with Australian history.

Bethany Orme, Year 9

Being able to examine real artefacts from WWI gave me a better understanding of what war was like for the soldiers and their families. Wearing the heavy wool coat that a soldier would have worn, and looking at memorial plaques that families received, made what we had learnt feel real, instead of just something we had looked at in class.

Megan Kuo, Year 9

German Film Festival Excursion

On 29 May the Year 8 and 9 students studying German went on an excursion to the German Film Festival in the CBD.

On one of the coldest days ever recorded in May, the group travelled by train to the Kino Cinema on Collins Street. No cinema experience would be complete without some treats from the Candy Bar to accompany our  immersion in the German language.

The film Mountain Miracle (Amelie Rent) focused on the journey of a young girl, Amelie, who was born with severe asthma and struggled to come to terms with her illness. In a humorous way the film displayed how everyone needs to respect their body and strive to achieve their goals in life despite all the challenges they might experience.

Earlier this term the Year 9 German students created a video together and entered it in the AGTV (Association of German Teachers Victoria) 2019 Short Film Festival. The film was called Schule im Jahr 2050 (School in the year 2050). The girls had to produce a film no longer than 3 minutes on the topic of a sustainable future. As part of our excursion the girls were thrilled to be awarded runners-up and received a prize of a $50 cinema voucher which they may spend together on a German film of their choosing. Congratulations girls!

Year 7 Religious Education Excursion

On Wednesday 12 June, the Year 7 students took part in the annual RE excursion to St Paul’s Cathedral and the National Gallery of Victoria. The weather bureau had told us we could expect heavy rain, but we made it to Camberwell station without incident, and in fact got through the whole day without anything worse than getting slightly damp. We went first to Federation Square, and then across to the cathedral, which is the mother-church of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne. We spent an hour exploring the various aspects of the cathedral and its ministry to the city of Melbourne, with the help of question sheets and helpful cathedral guides.

For example, did you know that the elaborate pattern in the floor tiling has one deliberate imperfection in it, to show that nothing on earth is absolutely perfect? Well it’s there, and some of the Year 7’s know exactly where to take you if you ever want to see it.

After the cathedral we walked – again in rather a hurry because of the drizzle constantly threatening to become heavier – across Princes Bridge to the National Gallery in St Kilda Road. Two form groups went on guided tours, this time of religious themes in art, led by expert NGV guides. One group started by being led into the spiritual experience behind Mark Rothko’s Untitled (Red), and then went on to contemplate Picasso’s ‘Weeping Woman’ and explore the intricacies of the 15th century Flemish altarpiece, among other things.

After the tour, and a break for lunch on the floor in the Great Hall, the form groups swapped with the other two forms, and undertook their own more free-range exploration of the gallery, under the direction of two of our own CGGS art teachers. We looked especially at the current work and installations of the contemporary Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang.

At the end of the visit we walked back to Flinders Street Station, again avoiding the rain as much as possible, for the trip back to Camberwell. It was a very full day, and as always, a learning experience that drew richly on some of the truly wonderful resources we are privileged to have in our home city.


Blackpool Dance Festival

We have some wonderful dancers within the school, many you will have seen earlier in the year during House Dance. A number of our students also compete in a range of dance disciplines outside of the school, both for pleasure and in competition.

Emily Zhang, Year 11, has been dancing for half her life and began dancing competitively at the age of 9. Her love of dance, has presented her with some amazing opportunities to travel the world to compete in different competitions. Emily enjoys the art form of dance, but even more so, the intense physical challenge and the competitiveness of the events.

In May, Emily competed at the Blackpool Dance Festival, the most prestigious DanceSport competition in the world. The competition was held at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool, England and ran over the course of two weeks. Emily and her dance partner placed 33rd in the Amateur Rising Star Ballroom and 70th in the Amateur Open Ballroom. Both events had approximately 170 competitors each so they were very happy with their results.

Emily found it inspiring to be surrounded by world class dancers, while also having the privilege to dance to the live Empress Orchestra. The Winter Gardens building itself is not only architecturally stunning, but has a fascinating history. The building was built in the 1870’s and has hosted many musical and dance performances, as well as annual conferences of British political parties and trade unions. The owners claim that every British Prime Minister since World War II has addressed an audience at the venue.

Congratulations to Emily and her partner Alan.

GSV Championship Cross Country

Last Friday, 33 students participated in the GSV Championship Cross Country Carnival held at Bundoora Park. Despite the cold and wet weather the girls displayed fantastic enthusiasm and positivity throughout the day.

The Juniors were first to compete and it was evident that their commitment to early morning trainings sessions had paid off as they competed with the best in the competition. Ribbons were awarded to the top 10 places and we had two outstanding results from Bella Fary who finished 3rdin Division 3 and Madeleine Giagoudakis who finished 9th. Bella Fary was also awarded a medal for finishing 10thacross all three divisions which is a fantastic effort out of 240 competitors. These results, along with the other Junior competitors outstanding contributions, saw CGGS take home the Junior Division 3 Trophy for 2019.

The rain picked up in the afternoon, creating a muddy and slippery track for the Intermediate and Senior girls. They should be very proud of their performances with the Intermediate student’s placing 5thand Seniors placing 8th.

None of this success would have been possible without our amazing and dedicated coach Jo, who ran all our training sessions. Congratulations to all the girls who consistently attended training and participated in both carnivals, well done on a fantastic Cross Country season.

Although Cross Country is over for another year, Wednesday and Friday morning training sessions will continue as we prepare for our Preliminary Athletics Carnival on Tuesday 13 August. We encourage as many students as possible to come along to these sessions. With so many different track and field events to choose from, athletics caters for everyone so meet us in the gym at 7am next week and give it a go. 

Lucy Bartram (Yr 12) & Michaela Robinson (Yr 11)

 Trainee Hockey Coaches

This year we were offered the opportunity to pursue our passion for hockey by helping coach the Intermediate CGGS Hockey team. We attended early morning training sessions on a Monday, running the warm up and helping the girls improve their skills. We were excited to see everyone was enthusiastic and energised at every session despite the icy cold mornings. In addition to the training sessions, we accompanied the girls to their four games, helped organise the interchange bench and enjoyed watching their skills in action.  As the season progressed, a noticeable bond was obvious amongst the girls as they learnt how to play collectively, using every player’s strength to their advantage.

We have both played GSV Hockey for a number of years and are passionate supporters of the game. I, Michaela began playing hockey in Year 7 and over the past few years have built up my ability to play various positions. I, Laney started playing in Year 3 and have continued to play at school and externally for the Waverley Hockey Club. We both love the inclusivity of the sport and how it challenges players to think outside the box in high pressure situations.

Throughout the season, we have learnt that everyone has their own strengths and that encouragement, both on and off the pitch, can go a long way.

We extend a warm thank you to Ms Law for letting us develop our leadership skills as well as guiding us and the team through what has been a great season.

Laney Kritekos & Michaela Robinson (Year 11)



In support of Reconciliation Week, all CGGS Netball Teams wore special bibs during their matches representing the school last week.

Highlights from Round 8 include, the Year 7 Pearl defeated KD Fireworks 12 -11. The CGGS team were down by 7 goals at the 3 quarter time and in the last 10 minutes of the game. Pearl had a 8 goal turn around, all girls lifted and played their best netball.

Year 8 Silver had a close game against MLC Pearls, but CGGS Silver played a great defensive game and defeated MLC Pearls 6 – 4.

Year 9 Amber were unstoppable in Round 8, keeping Ruyton Rosellas to 5 goals whilst CGGS Amber scored 36 goals, the team was great at converting turnovers from fantastic defensive pressure.

Year 10 Gems got off to a great start against Genazzano Lewis, Gems played a fantastic team game and all players had terrific timing across the court, defeating Genazzano Lewis 27 – 4.

Year 11 Tanzanites versed a tough team, yet the CGGS girls showed great sportsmanship and defeated Genazzano Layton 10 – 6.

Both Year 12 CGGS teams had great wins in Round 8 and both teams are comfortably in the top 3 on the ladder.

Congratulations goes to all teams and best of luck in Round 9.

Victorian College Basketball Tournaments

It’s been a busy term for the CGGS Basketball Squads as they have been trialing and training for the prestigious Victorian College Basketball Tournament.

Congratulations to the following girls who were selected and participated in these tournaments.

Junior Squad
> Jessica Terlikar
> Madeline Mcdonald
> Madeleine Giagoudakis
> Lille Osborne
> Catia Cococcia
> Amy Dingle
> Elena Ronaldson
> Lauren Woodward

> Ella Robertson-Brown
> Emma Daffy

Intermediate Squad
> Isabel D’Souza
> Alice Wilson
> Emmelyn Choo-Lambropolous
> Ashley Olsen
> Ruvina Suriyapperuma
> Sarah Stephen
> Amy Dingle
> Chelsea Ellingworth


Last Friday, 7 June, a group of Year 7s and 8s drove out to the State Basketball Centre to compete in the Victorian College Basketball Competition. It was great to attend a day full of fun and competitive basketball. Everyone had a go and participated with much enthusiasm and effort. As the day progressed you could see the girls improving and really working together as a team. CGGS ended up with one draw and three wins, just missing out on the finals by a small percentage.

The Intermediate team competed in a round-robin tournament on Thursday 23 May at Nunawading Stadium. This tournament was of an exceptionally high level and the girls performed admirably on the day against very tough competition. Throughout the day, the girls worked very well as a team, displaying good skills and tactics. Everyone should be very proud of their commitment to the squad and all they have achieved this season.

Thank you to old grammarians Tiarnie Ellingworth and Emma Pearce (2016) for coaching these squads and we look forward to seeing many more girls join the CGGS Basketball Squad for GSV Basketball in Term 4.

Amy Dingle (Year 8)

Parent Education Seminar

On 4 June in conjunction with Camberwell Grammar School, we welcomed Maree Crabbe to CGGS.

Maree is the Director of the violence prevention project, Reality & Risk: Pornography, young people and sexuality. She is also is Co-Producer and Co-Director of the documentary films Love and Sex in an Age of Pornography, broadcast on the SBS in Australia and in 11 other countries. As well as, The Porn Factor, broadcast on the SBS. She is also author of In The Picture – a whole school resource to assist secondary schools to address the influence of explicit sexual imagery. Maree’s articles on young people, sexuality and pornography have been published in online and print media.

Maree addressed parents on the Tuesday evening, after having spoken also to all school teaching staff at the end of the school day. We have received favourable feedback from both staff and parents and are happy to be able to share some of her resources with you via the button below.

I would also encourage you to also visit her website

I hope you all have a very enjoyable weekend.


With best wishes,


Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School

Senior School



Senior School

This past fortnight we have yet again enjoyed and celebrated numerous highlights. The second half of the OGA Public Speaking Competition was held during Assembly last Monday and we have now heard from all our finalists. Sara Rowland, Samantha Fan, Ananaya Mittal and Harini Balashankar in the Junior Section on the topic of “Young people are the world’s greatest resource”.  Emily Lin, Georgia Tsirmiris and Megan Kuo in the Intermediate Section on the topic “Technology is beneficial to human kind”. Christine Guan and Katia Testarotta in the Senior Section on “Social action and change require compromise and courage”.

Congratulations to each of the students who took part in the event and also to each of these finalists. The results will be shared soon. Also we thank the OGA who generously sponsor this event, as well as the 2019 School Debating and Literary Captain, Charlotte Abbott who organised the event.

Last Tuesday our Cross Country runners acquitted themselves well in the Preliminary event and they are currently competing in the finals event this afternoon. We wish them all luck in this GSV event.

Our VCE Theatre Studies students under the great guidance of Ms Keira Lyons, Head of Performing Arts, performed their production of Antigone in a matinee for Year 10 and 11 students and then an evening for parents and friends. As always the quality of the work was outstanding and each student explained to the audience in the Q and A, their contribution whether it be costuming, lighting or props. Well done and thank you for sharing your performance SAC with the appreciative audiences.

The Service Learning Soiree, was hosted in Robinson Hall last Friday night to kick off Reconciliation Week. The event raised money for our students going to Cambodia who support the Green Gecko Project. Keira Lyons, hosted two conversations – one titled ‘On the Couch with Keira’ and the other ‘Lounging with Lyons’. The night was a huge success and we thank Liss Campbell and her Service Learning team for the amazing work they do to provide our community with the opportunities to live our school motto, Utilis In Ministerium – Useful In Service.

This week in Senior School we have welcomed boys from Trinity Grammar School to play Possum Ball as part of the Reconciliation activities planned by our Reconciliation Captains, Yesenia Chang-Gonzalez and Mathilda Cleeland-Mellor. Under the guidance of Ms Georgia Biggs, Yesenia and Mathilda ensured our assembly with Murrundindi and the Billy Tea Bush Band was memorable and meaningful.

Tonight we all look forward to the annual House Music competition. Over the past weeks we have heard the students rehearsing tirelessly for this event and with Barbara Sutton Hall fully booked out, it is set to be a fabulous night of music making. Best wishes to all students and the Houses. Congratulations to Kathy Han and Felicia Spiridonos (Lawrence), Lucia Chen and Jennifer Le (Schofield), Jennifer Fan and Elizabeth Waite (Singleton) and Shirly Chen and Caitlin Kuo (Taylor) for their marvellous leadership of the students in their roles as House Music Captains. We also acknowledge and thank all the Music Department under the leadership of Ms Kate Savige and Mr Rohan Mack for their guidance and support of all the students during the rehearsal period.


Service Soiree 

The CGGS annual Service Soiree was held last Friday and what a night it was. The evening was a thoughtful and caring acknowledgement of the work and efforts of the whole CGGS community in changing the way in which we as a society view the act of giving and of service. The financial proceeds from the night will be used in support of the Green Gecko project in Cambodia as well as the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. Throughout the night our lovely servers were the girls who will be traveling to Cambodia on the Green Gecko Project this year. The girls showed great enthusiasm and hospitality on the night and were very much appreciated by the guests.

Our evening began with a Welcome to Country Smoking Ceremony in the Labyrinth where the guests were all encouraged to walk as a group through the smoke. Murrindindi sang to welcome us on to the land, setting the tone for an evening that showcased the power of relationship and connection with one another as a community.

Throughout the evening we heard from students Hannah Shillington and Emily Hoyle, along with teacher Nirvana Watkins, as they discussed the 2018 Cambodia trip of 2018 with Ms Keira Lyons. The students spoke eloquently and their passion for the Green Gecko Project was obvious.

The Green Gecko Project in Siem Reap, Cambodia supports over 100 children and their families who previously lived and begged on the streets. Green Gecko provides security, education, love and opportunities to these children through their formative years and into their adult lives, empowering them to achieve their full potential. The project also supports the children’s families and the broader community through long term health, education and training initiatives.

Later on in the evening we heard from Murrundindi, Ms Georgia Biggs and two students, Charlee Johnson and Tanise Young who all attended the Mungo Youth Conference held at the Willandra Lakes World Heritage Region. The experience is a truly unique format, with a “kids teaching kids model”.  The conference also has a “learning through sharing and doing” in order to educate the next generation in Australian and Aboriginal history and culture. It was heart warming to see younger girls becoming emotionally involved with Service Learning.

The evening was a celebration of the CGGS Community. Bringing together students, staff, family and the wider community in celebration of the change our school has been able to make in our commitment to Usefulness in Service.

We must not forget the tireless efforts of all those who contributed in preparation for the evening. Warmest thanks to Ms Lyons for hosting our couch conversation sessions; to staff for donating items for the hamper raffle; those who donated to the silent auction; Pinwheel & Co for the food; the Parents and Friends Association for the welcome drinks and of course our wonderful Service Learning teachers lead by Mrs Liss Campbell.

Thank you all for bringing together this wonderful event into our school calendar.

Natasha Parsons
Year 12

The Worawa Reconciliation Carnival

The Worawa Reconciliation Carnival was once again a day to remember and the largest carnival to date. 19 schools came together to participate in what is shaping up to be one of the most enjoyable days in the school calendar. The day commenced with a smoking ceremony, the traditional welcome for indigenous gatherings.  We gathered to recognise reconciliation and celebration of our First Nations people, a timely occasion close to the commencement of National Reconciliation Week.

Donning our indigenous bibs, our representative team played a collegiate, commendable brand of netball with Senior School leaders stepping up to the task and coming away with four wins out of the seven matches. It was also a time for our girls to have fun, develop confidence and self-esteem and embrace the wonderful atmosphere of the event alongside special guests from Cricket Victoria and Hawthorn AFL/AFLW.

The Worawa Aboriginal College and CGGS relationship continues to be fostered through these sports days and we look forward to continuing this partnership into the future.

CGGS Careers Expo

The 2019 CGGS Careers Expo, a biennial event and part of the career education program at CGGS, took place on 22 May. Robinson Hall and the Library were buzzing with students (and parents) from Year 9 – 12 who had the opportunity to visit stands of several tertiary institutions and organisations, collect educational material and speak to representatives. Universities across Victoria and interstate were well represented. Organisations such as the Defence Forces, EducationUSA, ICanMed and Schoolies Unearthed allowed students to consider other options such as studying abroad, preparing for the UCAT or taking a gap year after Year 12.

The Careers Expo was intended to ‘whet the appetite’ and students are now encouraged to do further research. They can participate in some of the ‘Experience Days’ offered by the various institutions (held during school breaks) and attend Open Days (held in August). A great way to start their career journey!

Always remember to read my Careers Newsletter which comes out in the Senior School Weekly every Thursday. It has new information every week about events and news from all institutions across Victoria and Australia.

Trish Dolan
Careers Counsellor

Rooftop Honey & South Melbourne Market Excursion

On Wednesday 22 May, 9C and 9D went on a field trip to Rooftop Honey and the South Melbourne Market. Students partook in many different activities to investigate and explore the concept of interconnection and sustainability.

The Rooftop Honey hives that we visited are located on top of the Emporium in Melbourne. We went through the shopping centre and made our way up to the roof of the building where the hives were located. We met with Vanessa and Matt, the founders of Rooftop Honey, and they talked to us about the bees and the background of how their business took off.

They spoke about how important bees are to society, as without them we would likely not have survived for so long. We listened to the talk with a view of the hives and bees, a stark contrast to the skyscrapers in the background. At the end of the talk we were able to sample some honey that was from two different locations and to our surprise there was quite difference between the two, yet both were delicious. Rooftop Honey was definitely an eye-opening experience and we all enjoyed and learnt something new.

During our visit to the South Melbourne Market, one of activities was to interview different people at the market. In our discussions with stallholders and customers we learnt how often they visited, where they were from and their reasons for choosing to shop at the market.

This experience, and the conversations we had, allowed us to further understand the concepts of interconnection and globalisation. We also visited different stores and recorded the products they sold, where they originated from and how many stores had a sustainability or fair trade focus. This allowed us to see the degree of globalisation that was evident in many of the products the stores sold.

After completing our tasks, we had some extra time to look around and buy some lunch to eat from the market itself. There was such a large variety of things to choose from, and they were all delicious! Overall, everyone loved the experience of visiting South Melbourne Market and Rooftop Honey, we learnt a lot and also had lots of fun along the way!

Teagan Diep and Bella Bruce 9C

Western Treatment Plant in Werribee

On 21 May, the Year 7’s went on a Geography excursion to the Western Treatment Plant in Werribee. It was intriguing to learnwhat happens to our sewage, stormwater and the water we use daily in our kitchens and bathrooms.

There are two main treatment plants in Melbourne, the Western Treatment Plant and the Eastern Treatment Plant but there are also smaller, individual treatment plants. The Western Treatment Plant takes 50% of Melbourne’s sewage and in one day it collects about 500 mega litres.

We arrived at the treatment plant and went on a guided bus tour. Our Melbourne Watertour guide showed us around the treatment plant and explained the lagoon system to us, a vital part of the treatment process. We were also lucky enough to learn about water-smart cities, which is a city that uses water tanks, rain gardens, swales and aquifers to save water. The guides also taught us more about the urban water cycle and how we can save much more water than we are currently.

We visited a local wetland in Burke Road South Reserve, Glen Iris. We learnt about how wetlands can filter our stormwater and improve our environment bycreating homes for wildlife. Overall, the Year 7’s had a great time learning about the urban water cycle, the sewerage systemand how water is managed to benefit human life and the environment.

Izzie Wood and Clarissa Wong 7W

Music Achievement

We are thrilled to share that Year 9 student, Sarah Hui, has succeeded in accomplishing her A Mus A Diploma for Piano this week, a remarkable achievement. Sarah will receive her diploma certificate at a ceremony later in the year.

To achieve the Associate in Music Diploma (A Mus A), Sarah has studied and achieved Grades 1 through 8 in her AMEB examinations, achieving a very high standard in all her results. For most students this means hours of practice and musical studies over many years. They also must pass Grade 5 Music Theory examinations. Congratulations, Sarah on your outstanding success in your music studies!

Eastern Region Girls Football League

Emma Peak, Year 9, is currently playing AFL outside of school in the Eastern Region Girls Football League’s Premier Division for Under 16 Girls. She is currently playing for Mitcham, on loan from her main club Donvale, who were unable to field an Under 16’s side in 2019.

Last week Emma played her 50thgame, which has included two grand final appearances and a club best and fairest medal. Emma has played in the undefeated CGGS senior AFL side this season, primarily in a defence role.

In acknowledgement of her passion and skill in footy, Emma has recently been selected to represent the Eastern Region Girls Football League in their Division 1 team. From a player list of approximately 450 footballers, over 120 were invited to trial in September & March, they were then narrowed to a list of 52, before the final team of 26 was selected.

Congratulations Emma we will look out for your name on AFLW lists in the future!

Saturday Netball

On May 18 the CGGS Netballers had a fantastic day, with wins for 15 of the 19 teams. Despite the many wins, the teams did face tough opposition.

Year 7 Quartz were missing players but some of the Junior School girls stepped up to play. The CGGS team came up against a tall Strathcona team and were defeated 13-6.

Year 8 Jade were out-played in the first half by Ruyton Seahawks, but Jade made some crucial changes and started to come back in the third quarter. In the last 10 minutes Jade were unstoppable and ended up defeating Ruyton Seahawks 10-6.

The Year 9 teams had tough opposition, but the CGGS Aquamarines were fantastic all over the court, several intercepts were taken were converted to goals. Aquamarineswere too good and defeated Genazzano Taylor 15-7.

Year 10 Turquoise played Strathcona Scorpions with the strong CGGS team defeating them by 2 goals.

Year 11 Emeralds are 5thon the ladder after losing early on in the season, but last Saturday they led the whole game and came away with a 4 goal win against Fintona Flames.

The Year 12 Crystals had a close game against Genazzano Lenton, but Crystals were more consistent and defeated Genazzano Lenton 20-17.

The Year 12 Moonstones played a fantastic game, defeated Koonung Lasers 22-6 and are sitting in 3rd place on the ladder.

Best of luck goes to all team completing this coming Saturday.


I wish you all a restful weekend and I will see all the girls back at Senior School on Tuesday 4 June.



Cathy Poyser

Head of Senior School / Deputy Principal

Senior School



Senior School

This past fortnight in Senior School we have conducted our Year 7 – 10 Learning Conversations and these have provided a great opportunity for the students, their parents and their teachers to discuss areas of achievement and those for individual growth. House Music rehearsals have continued with the performance on Friday 31 May fast approaching. The mass singing choirs are really starting to sound harmonious and we have a wonderful program of music to look forward to. Please make sure you book your free tickets and purchase dinner via Pinwheel & Co if this would assist your family on the night.

The Mother’s Day Breakfast was a beautiful way to celebrate our Mother’s and those special to us. Past staff member Jill Bales spoke about the organisation she works with, Dream Stitches and the huge assistance our students are each Friday to ensure the children of the ladies learning to sew are attended to with great kindness.

Last Friday evening was a highlight for me in particular as we welcomed back to CGGS our Class of 2009, to their 10 Year Reunion. When they were in Year 10 and year 11 at CGGS, I had the privilege of being their Year Level Coordinator. The young women were also thrilled to have their Year 12 Coordinator, Mrs Louise Carroll join them at this function. The sophistication and poise and the breadth of experiences of these young women really struck both Debbie and myself. They were delighted to come back to CGGS and share the stories of what they have been studying and are currently undertaking in their workplaces.

Debbie and I excused ourselves from the reunion and headed to the Cabaret Night in Barbara Sutton Hall. This was a magnificent night of music making where the Senior School ensembles and choirs perform in an informal setting to their admiring parents and friends. The standard of the repertoire seems to increase with every year. Well done to all the performers and to all the Music staff for their efforts to make this such an enjoyable evening.

On Saturday morning I went to the netball to watch and cheer on our Year 7 and 8 players and was thrilled to be there for one of the most exciting games of the past few years! Our Year 8 Jade team played against a mixed team called The Dynamites. While the first three quarters were closely contested, Coach and past student Laura King, provided great motivation and strategic direction such that in the last quarter the Dynamites were held scoreless. Well done Jade, I look forward to seeing many more of your games in the upcoming years.

That evening the Year 11 students painted their nails and put on their party dresses for the Year 11 Soiree. This year the event was held at Royal South Yarra Tennis Club as our previous and favoured venue The Boulevard no longer hosts functions. The students and their partners had a wonderful evening dancing and chatting. They certainly enjoyed their very formal night of the year. Thank you to Year 11 Coordinator, Mr Andrew Burnell, and his Soiree Committee members for organising their special night.

Hopefully Sunday – Mother’s Day provided a sleep in for some as it had been a busy week of engagements.

This week CGGS has celebrated Diversity Week and we thank School Wellbeing Captain, Isobel Arnot for her efforts in putting together the activities for this week. At the end of each day an email to the students and teachers was circulated and we share more about these messages later in Camnews.

Diversity Week began with our Founder’s Day Service at St. Mark’s Church. The Service was conducted by Rev Helen Creed with help from many students, in particular School Faith and Service Captain, Isabella Lincke. A highlight was most definitely Year 12 student Genevieve Alexie’s solo singing the first verses of “Beauty for Brokenness.”

Finally the Year 7 and 9 students have completed the paper version of the NAPLAN this week. Well done to all.


Cabaret Night

On Friday 10 May, the CGGS community came together in the Barbara Sutton Hall to celebrate and enjoy the 2019 Cabaret Night Concert. School Music Captains, Maryanne Li and Elizabeth Gong were very entertaining hosts, sharing their passion for performance with fellow student musicians and the audience. Parents and friends had the opportunity to mingle and chat with others throughout the evening and were delighted by performances from a diverse range of Senior School ensembles.

Many thanks to ensemble directors, Cathy Georgiev, Mat Duniam, Stephanie Leslie, Marianne Rigby-Black, Joseph Yu, Margaret Butcher and Chloe Lewis, who had prepared repertoire throughout Term 1 and at the recent Music Camp for this much loved event. An additional thank you to our Music Administrator, Jane Scott, for her coordination of ticketing, the program and many components in the set-up of the hall.

We would like to acknowledge all of the students who contributed to making the evening such a huge success. Their hard work and dedication to our co-curricular music program is much appreciated. Many thanks also to Michael Lawrence and the Maintenance team, Mark Major, Kim Perkins and Keira Lyons for their technical assistance and The PFA for their donation of chocolates and ongoing support.

We look forward to seeing the students showcase their talents at the upcoming House Music competition on Friday 31May.

Kate Savige and Rohan Mack
Directors of Music

Mungo Youth Project Conference

Twelve students with four accompanying staff members arrived in the magic of the Willandra Lakes World Heritage Region last week, connecting with students from across Australia to share and learn in what is an immersive environment like no other. CGGS students joined Elders and National Park Rangers, Scientists, Archaeologists, Principals, AIME mentors and others on sacred land to directly engage with history and culture.

Opting to be a presenting school at the conference meant that from February we met regularly to prepare a presentation on the topic of bush foods, medicine and Aboriginal science. Students used Bruce Pascoe’s ‘Dark Emu’ text as a spring board for thought as well as Murrundindi’s vast knowledge of Wurundjeri practices to prepare and deliver a hands-on workshop to the ‘Didge Boys’ of Ulladulla High School. Together they cooked Wattleseed damper over hot coals; drank Lemon Myrtle cordial and medicinal Gingram tea; made soap with black wood leaf and competed to nail the comeback boomerang technique.

Combining with our travel buddies, Glen Waverley Secondary College, our students also had the privilege of interviewing discoverer of Mungo Man and Mungo Lady, and Patron of the conference Professor Jim Bowler. Professor Bowler is a Geomorphologist who at age 89 is still so passionate about bringing the truth of Mungo to the rest of the country. Other highlights included star gazing on the sand dunes and the final closing event of the conference, a traditional Lore Ceremony featuring a spontaneous dreaming story told by Aunty Beryl and hosted by Senior Lore man Mick Kelly.

The CGGS girls showed enormous spirit and enthusiasm. It is difficult to describe the spiritual nature of this environment, but they immediately understood the significance of it all. Their maturity and emotional intelligence did not go unnoticed by organisers and other schools. They also kept such a delightful, positive attitude in the face of really challenging conditions- raging dust storms, rain, wind, no access to showers, multiple camp set ups and pack ups as well as arduous travel to just name a few.

A challenging, immersive and ultimately uplifting experience for all involved, the Mungo Youth Project Conference of 2019 will be one that is remembered for years to come!

Shane Maycock and Georgia Biggs

Exploring brass instruments with Shrewd Brass

On Thursday 16 May, ‘Shrewd Brass’ swung into Barbara Sutton Hall to inspire and entertain our Year 5, 6 and 7 students, with an incursion to support their music studies. Our students were treated to a great variety of performance pieces, with exceptional solo and ensemble skills demonstrated on the Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone (complete with a boxing glove on the end of the slide), Euphonium, and Tuba. The players encouraged participation in our brass department through instrumental lessons, and modelled the exceptional potential of each instrument to all of our students.The skills of the performers left the girls in awe and with big smiles on their faces for the rest of the day!

Year 11 Soiree

Last Saturday night, over one hundred of our Year 11s and their partners attended the Year 11 Soiree. The venue this year was the Royal South Yarra Lawn Tennis Club and it proved to be a fabulous venue with plenty of space for the Year 11s and their partners to enjoy the evening. The Year 11s and their partners certainly had a wonderful time with many photographs and much dancing occurring throughout the evening.

The reflections of three of our Year 11s were as follows:

At the end of the night the lights filtered down. Feet were tired of dancing, mouths were tired of laughing, and the crowd was tired in general. There was one thing we all agreed on – Soiree was awesome. 

The 2019 soiree was a great night, filled with laughter and fun. All of the girls enjoyed the opportunity to get dressed up and spend the night with friends. The event created memories that we will never forget. 

Year 11 soirée was absolutely phenomenal. The months of planning were reflected in the beautiful dresses, gorgeous hair and perfect nails. Laughter, music and happiness filled the room as we danced the night away. This is a timeless memory I will never forget. 

Many thanks to Tilly Dunn, Cass Quarrell, Simrin Dube, Ashleigh Cheung, Andrea Silvestri, Isabella He and Emily Hoyle for their assistance in helping to organise and decorate the venue. Thanks also to the staff members who attended this very happy and enjoyable Soiree.

Andrew Burnell
Year 11 Coordinator


Chess Tournament Success!

Five excited, but nervous chess players made the trip to the middle school campus of Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School on 7 May to compete in a zone open chess tournament. Playing against both boys and girls of a variety of ages, they each competed in seven matches. High levels of concentration were required for extended periods of time and it was wonderful to see Emily Lin, Kelly Ta and Bethany Orme from Year 9 and Sophie Chang and Grace Barnes from Year 7 apply their considerable skills of defence, attack and strategy and rise to the challenges presented.

Some truly outstanding results were achieved. Grace won her first tournament points, a great effort. Bethany achieved Bronze in the School Girl Division and Kelly a first place in the 9 – 10 Division. Sophie placed first in the 7 – 8 Division, with six wins and Emily was awarded the top individual honour of Star of the Tournament with a perfect score of seven wins. The strong competitiveness of the CGGS girls resulted in them winning the overall tournament prize and bringing another trophy home to the cabinet in Student Services.

A Mus A Diploma

We would like to congratulate Year 9 student, Emily Wu who succeeded in accomplishing her A Mus A Diploma for Cello this week. Emily treated her peers to a performance of her cello exam repertoire late last term and the Music Department has been thrilled to host several similar student recitals in recent weeks. Emily’s Cello Diploma will accompany her A Mus A Piano Diploma which we she received at a ceremony this week.

To achieve the Associate in Music Diploma (A Mus A), Emily has studied and achieved Grades 1 through 8 in her AMEB examinations, achieving a very high standard in all her results. For most students this means application to their instrument, hours of practice and musical studies for many years, including passing Grade 5 Music Theory examinations. After achieving the A Mus A diploma, students who are passionate about their musical studies can go on to study for the Licentiate in Music diploma (L Mus A) or further musical theory.

We would like to further acknowledge that Emily is the first CGGS student to achieve this level of accomplishment for two instruments. Congratulations, Emily on your outstanding success in your music studies, we are very excited to follow your musical journey in the years to come.

Australia Champion Juvenile Ballroom Dancer 2019

On Saturday 3 May, Year 7 student Frenanda Wu competed in the Victorian Ballroom Championships.

Throughout the day Frenanda and her partner danced as “couple 232” to complete The Tango, Waltz, Samba and Merilyn, showing their skill to a panel of national judges. Frenanda has been studying ballroom dancing for the past 6 years and loves everything about the sport, particularly competitions which give her a chance to wear beautiful costumes and present the different styles she has been studying.

At the end of each dance category the judges commented on the pair’s excellent timing and beautiful lines which are so evident in the photos Frenanda has shared with us. As a couple they used the space well and captured the different genres with high degree of skill.

After a nerve-wracking day of dancing the results were revealed, crowing Frenanda as the Victorian  Juvenile Ballroom Dancing Champion for 2019. This adds to the title she won last year naming her Australian Ballroom Champion.

Congratulation Frenanda!

Saturday Netball

Highlights from the Round 5 Saturday Netball competition saw the CGGS Year 8 Jade team defeated Dynamites 23-14. The CGGS team were unstoppable, keeping Dynamites scoreless in the last quarter. Year 8 Silver had a very close game but went down by 1 goal to Genazzano Wood.

Year 9 Aquamarines got off to a fantastic start against MLC Mystics, the CGGS team won every quarter and defeated MLC Mystics 14-6.

The Year 10 Gems were down by 4 goals early on, a few changes were made and CGGS Gems came from behind to defeat Ruyton Robins 19-17.

Year 12 Crystals are currently sitting in 2nd place on the ladder, this coming Saturday CGGS will take on Genazzano who are on top. CGGS Crystals had a convincing win against Koonung Blazers last Saturday.

Best of luck goes to all teams competing this coming Saturday.

Diversity Week

This week at CGGS we celebrated Diversity Week, reinforcing our school’s values and our desire to always encourage an environment where everyone feels welcome to participate and is proud to belong. We celebrate our differences and the opportunities that these present for us all to learn new perspectives and ways of living, no one more right than the other. Simply accepting and understanding the many types of diversity across ours and any community.

Our 2019 School Wellbeing Captain, Isobel Arnot, organised activities each day to facilitate discussion around a different area of diversity and then at the end of each day, shared information with students and staff to further explain the different types of diversity. We are happy to share two of Isobel’s information sheets below.

Senior School



Senior School

Welcome Back

While the CGGS staff returned to work last Tuesday for two days of Professional Learning, the students were welcomed back to Term 2 on Friday 26 April and the almost three week holiday has assisted all to feel well rested and refreshed. Already there have been so many student achievements and experiences to acknowledge and celebrate. I encourage all CGGS community members to follow us on Twitter and Facebook where you can appreciate many of the articles in this edition of CamNews at the time they were occurring.

Best wishes to all our students and their families for a wonderful Term 2.


UK Literature Tour

The inaugural Literature Tour was an amazing and unique experience for our 24 students from Years 8 – 12.

Three incredible days exploring London and then almost two weeks driving through England lived up to the hype in every way imaginable. It was a dream come true for all of us to walk in the steps of those whose works have lived on long after their creators. Together, we indulged in thousands of years of history, walking tours, picturesque scenery and a particularly tasty traditional pie and mash (and fish and chips of course). We also had the opportunity to experience the life of famous writers by seeing where they lived and worked.

Harry Potter Studios was a definite highlight. The detail, passion and creativity of the thousands of creators on set was unrivalled to anything we had ever seen! Then there was standing in the graveyard at the Bronte Parsonage Museum where the scene of cawing crows and murky grey skies truly took us back into moments of the Bronte sister’s inspiration, particularly for Wuthering Heights. Another favourite was the Jane Austen Centre in Bath and her House Museum in Chawton, where we learnt so much about what life was like for young women in those times. The story of Shakespeare in Stratford was another highlight, as was the day exploring Oxford University and all the town had to offer.

Overall, we came home feeling incredibly satisfied, inspired and blessed for this opportunity. Thank you to Ms Stevens and Ms Penessi for their wonderful work on the tour.  Thank you also to Mr Maycock for his expertise and support, and lastly thank you to the students for helping me realise my dream of a Literature Tour for Camberwell Girls Grammar School.

Overall, we came home feeling incredibly satisfied, inspired and blessed for this opportunity. Thank you to Mrs Stevens and Ms Penessi for their wonderful work on the tour.  Thank you also to Mr Maycock for his expertise and support, and lastly thank you to the students for helping me realise my dream of a Literature Tour for Camberwell Girls Grammar School.

Mrs Anne Devenish
Head of Library

Music Camp

Kelly Pollock, Executive Director of the Centre For Creative Arts, says:

“At a time when innovative thinking, creative problem solving and flexibility are highly valued and needed to succeed in today’s economy, the arts provide the most powerful methods for developing these abilities”.

Our recent Music Camp at Mount Eliza endorsed the importance of these transferable skills on many levels. The ability to connect with others, through the love of music, is a key strength in which our musicians excelled. All students who attended the camp were immersed in a wide range of rehearsal, workshop and performance experiences where effective communication, problem solving and creative risk taking were essential. It was a privilege to collaborate with staff, students and special guest Murrundindi throughout the weekend. We look forward to sharing the high quality work produced with all of the CGGS community in a number of approaching music events. A very special thanks to Jane Scott and the staff who attended, supporting us with their kindness, care, good humour and trivia quiz question expertise!

We are very happy to share some student refection’s below.

Kate Savige & Rohan Mack
Directors of Music


Last weekend, 109 talented CGGS musicians went to Mt Eliza for an exhilarating, dynamic and action-packed Music Camp. This year’s Saturday Night Trivia theme was ‘Musical Icons’; featuring girls dressed up as the Spice Girls, Freddie Mercury and Ed Sheeran, just to name a few. It was great to see the blossoming of new friendships, both within and across the year levels, as well as all the girls having fun whilst rehearsing. The camp concluded with a concert, where parents and friends could hear a sample of the excellent music to be performed at upcoming music events.

Students collaborated in various activities with Murrundindi, the leader of the Wurundjeri people, in an extended project, as well as learning several dances and songs. We are all looking forward to performing this devised work, which will be incorporated into the School’s 100th anniversary celebrations next year.

Many thanks to the spectacular teachers from the Senior and Junior School Music Departments and the additional teachers who ensured that the Music Camp was really enjoyable. Particular thanks must also go to our legendary Directors of Music, Ms Savige and Mr Mack, for your charisma and immense efforts during the weekend!

Elizabeth Gong & Maryanne Li
School Music Captains


On Saturday 27 April, Murrundindi attended our Music Camp to work with us and kick start a collaborative performing arts project. Murrundindi taught all of the girls a Lyrebird Dance, a Kangaroo Dance and an indigenous welcome song called ‘Wandit Kundawah’. We learnt the meaning of the dances, their significance to the indigenous culture and the importance of their oral traditions. Murrundindi had also made a special set of clap sticks for us, cut from a Tea Tree at Healesville Sanctuary. All students came together in the main hall, where Murrundindi led us in the welcome song. It was great to learn some words from the Wurundjeri language and we all enjoyed singing the song together. The massed singing made us feel connected and ignited a celebratory acknowledgement of our community. These sessions were a particular highlight of the Music Camp.

Lexy Cooke, Angeline D’Leong, Nicole Chang & Megan Kuo
Year 9 students

Australasian Quilt Convention – Congratulations Madison! 

During the school holidays the Australasian Quilt Convention (AQC) held their annual awards evening at a gala dinner at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne. As part of their awards there is a Shining Light Award given to promote youth involvement in patchwork and quilting to the upcoming generations of the craft. The award assesses individuals under the age of 18, who are nominated by members of the committee and the different patchwork guides across Australasia. Madison Paruss, Year 12, was short listed in the week prior to the award and the winner was only announced on the evening.

The 2019 Shining Light Award for Australia and New Zealand was presented to Madison Parfuss, Year 12. Madi started quilting at the age of 8 with her grandmother, Megan. Madi has entered a number of quilts into both primary and secondary divisions and has been recognised with prizes for each of her submissions. Primarily a machine piecer Madi has created some beautiful works. On behalf of the CGGS community we congratulate Madi.

Cross Country

Congratulations to all the Year 4 – 12 girls who participated in the House Cross Country Carnival on Tuesday. We were fortunate to have a sunny day as the girls ran around Shenley Reserve, earning points for their House and enthusiastically cheering on their peers. Congratulations to Taylor House for winning the House Cross Country Trophy for 2019. Thank you to all staff, students and the Parents and Friends Association who assisted throughout the day to ensure the program ran smoothly.

Overall Results

1st – Taylor

2nd – Lawrence

3rd – Schofield

4th – Singleton

Well done to the following girls who were awarded Year Level Champions.

Year 7

1st – Bella Fary

2nd – Emily Price

3rd – Sofia Pandeli

Year 8 

1st – Madeleine Giagoudakis

2nd – Jessica Lim

3rd – Frida Andreasen

Year 9 

1st – Annabel Plummer

2nd – Alice Wilson

2nd – Alicia Ooi

Year 10

1st – Belinda Lemanis

2nd – Sophia Giagoudskis

3rd – Olivia Pietralla

Year 11

1st – Polly Plummer

2nd – Haylie Chen

3rd – Emily Zhang

Year 12

1st – Zoe Giagoudakis

2nd – Victoria Pearson

3rd – Eloise Schilling

Prospecting Age Swimming Championships

The Hancock Prospecting Australian Age Swimming Championships were held at the SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre from 15 to 22 April. This annual swimming meet incorporated the selection trials for the 2019 FINA World Junior Championships in Budapest and saw Australia’s future swimming stars competing for the opportunity to be crowned Australian Age Champion. Success in this arena can then lead swimmers into the Commonwealth Games and then to the Olympics.

To become a national swimmer you must have made the national qualifying times. Ella Robertson-Brown, Year 8, made the qualifying time in the 50m freestyle in a time of 28.60 seconds and is now ranked in the top 50 of Australia for that event. Competition at this meet is very strong and in her relay she placed 17th. As the only student from CGGS to participate at Hancock, we congratulate Ella on her success.


Parent Education Seminar

Tuesday night’s Parent Seminar presentation by Robyn Treyvaud was well received with over 70 parents attending from both Camberwell Girls and Camberwell Boys Grammar Schools. The current concerns surrounding Adolescents technology use and the internet was discussed with key research and findings explored. Robyn covered, Monitoring Screen time in the age of distraction, Internet addiction, Sleep deprivation, Cyberbullying, Social Media and Developing media agreements. The presentation slides are attached here your information.

Thanks to Isobel Arnot (Yr 12) our Wellbeing Captain for hosting the evening and providing some insights on behalf of the adolescent community.


Year 9 Dignity Conference

This week, Year 9 students have been involved in a Service Learning Dignity Conference coordinated by Ms Liss Campbell, Head of Service Learning and Mrs Nirvana Watkins, Year 9 Coordinator. As part of this conference students have been presented with fabulous opportunities to learn more about local organisations that tackle disadvantage, including The Big Issue, River Nile, Eat Up, Share the Dignity and more.

Ms Campbell and her team worked hard to put together an engaging, topical, and at times challenging, program. Students were encouraged to participate with an open and curious mind to the two days

of learning about individuals who are less fortunate than themselves. There were amazing stories shared and I would encourage you to discuss this program with your daughters. Articles written by students in response to some of the programs are shared below.

The 2 day conference was covered extensively on our Twitter and Facebook pages. I encourage you to go to these platforms and see all the exciting things the girls got up to.


Eat Up

We had the privilege to be able to support the organisation Eat Up on the 2 May, 2019. This organisation delivers sandwiches to those young Australians who attend school without lunch on a daily basis. Without food, children’s concentration is compromised, finding them at a disadvantage in their daily schooling. Our group made 2,000 sandwiches in under an hour, helping to support children nationwide. We were rapidly buttering bread, adding cheese, wrapping and stacking them in crates ready for delivery. This experience was an empowering eye opener in understanding the daily struggles of some less fortunate young Australians. We were grateful for this opportunity to give back to our society and the disadvantaged.

Teri Perdikaris, Felicity Vanin & Stamatia Stathopoulos
Year 9


River Nile School

Over Thursday and Friday this week the Year 9s were lucky enough to participate in a Dignity Conference where we learnt about the meaning of dignity and how members of the community are enabling everyone the chance to have dignity.

On Thursday afternoon Lisa Wilson, the Principal of The River Nile School, came in to talk about how she and her school assist refugee women to regain their dignity through education and real world support. The River Nile School and Learning Centre is a school for young women from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds where CGGS students and staff volunteer on a regular basis. Lisa was joined by Zahida, an 18 year old refugee from Ethiopia who attends The River Nile School. Lisa and Zahida shared some of Zahida’s inspirational story with us. Zahida is a refugee who fled from her home country of Ethiopia when she was just 16. She travelled from Ethiopia to Egypt (across 3 countries) via walking, catching rides in trains and cars, she then travelled to Australia. She is now at The River Nile School where she has learnt English and grown to be such a phenomenal young woman. She can speak eight languages and dreams of one day creating a world where all the tribes in Ethiopia can be united and the people there will not suffer conflict like she did. It was wonderful to see such a strong, ambitious woman standing before us, so motivated by her past to make a difference. Zahida one day wishes to be a doctor.

Charli Lincke
Year 9


Year 10 Geography – Greenspace fieldwork

In Term 1, the Year 10 Geography students accompanied by Ms Walter, Mr Clark, Mr Pasinati and Mrs Pappas, investigated several parklands and greenspaces in the Yarra City Council region. This tied in with our key focuses on the interconnection between climate change, the Urban Heat Island Effect, greenspaces in urban areas and human wellbeing. We explored a number of sites including Richmond Terrace, Studley Park and the Abbotsford Convent.

Richmond Terrace, the smallest of the three parks, is located between the original intersection of two streets and catered for the local residents of the area. It was a very urban park but an interesting and effective use of this space. Studley Park, near the Boathouse, was a much greater expanse of parkland and a biodiverse haven. It offers a wider range of facilities for activities, attracting Melburnians and visitors alike from a vast range of demographics. We really enjoyed the relaxing open space, nature walk and the shady places where we sat to eat our morning tea.

The historical site of the Abbotsford Convent on the other hand, displays fascinating architecture along with beautiful gardens to explore. The final site visited, a block of apartments in Abbotsford, drew our attention by emphasising the value of greenspaces (parks) in our cities in strengthening human wellbeing and reducing the Urban Heat Island Effect. Highlights of the day were definitely getting to explore some iconic Melbourne public places and, of course, indulging in some food at the Abbotsford Convent Bakery. It was also very positive to learn more about how greenspaces play an important role in responding to climate change and supporting human wellbeing.

Georgia Tsirmiris & Sarah Stephen
Year 10

Chaplain’s Assembly

As part of this week’s Year 10-12 Chaplain’s assembly, Cameron Semmens, a Melbourne based poet and author, was invited to impart some wisdom and share some of his inspiring poetry with the girls. Using powerful metaphors, as well as comedy to question issues and ideas about what society values, he shared some wonderful works about love and stepping out of your shell. His final poem talked about overcoming the barriers that you place on yourself, using the metaphor of growing a tooth on your forehead, much like birds do to break out of their shells, and how this is something we can be doing in our lives. This poem, among the many others he shared, was inspiring and done in an engaging and memorable manner, allowing us to one day use this wisdom, if and when we may need to in the future.

Isabella Lincke
Year 12


Saturday Netball

Round 3 of the Saturday Netball Winter Competition was played last weekend. Some highlights included Year 8 Jade playing a fantastic game, the CGGS team were unstoppable in the defence, keeping Genazzano McMahon scoreless; the final score was 24-0. Year 9 Amber were up against tough competition, but Amber played a more consistent game, defeating CSNC Fusion 20-15. Year 9 Diamonds and Gold played each other, the scores were close all game and all players were very competitive, however Diamonds came away with a 1 goal win. Year 11 Tanzanites are currently 5th on the ladder and played a great game against Genazzano Brandley. Year 12 Crystals were too good for Strathcona Starbursts and are sitting in 2nd place on the ladder. While, the Year 12 Moonstones defeated Ruyton Reptiles by 21 goals.

Good luck goes to all teams playing in Round 4 this coming Saturday.

Lexie Joyce
CGGS Netball Coordinator



I wish everyone a restful weekend!

With best wishes,

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School


Senior School



Senior School

The past fortnight in Senior School has been filled with wonderful opportunities for our students. They will all be looking forward to their Easter break and some time to relax.

The House Dance performances on Friday 22 March made for a truly spectacular night. Some of these girls spent the next day and night at the Hawthorn Relay for Life. House Music Auditions took place in the week of 25 – 29 March and a number of Senior School students then headed off to Phillip Island for Fitness Camp, while parents and staff enjoyed the Autumn Fiesta. Thank you to the Parents and Friends Association for organising this night where our community mingled with friends old and new and enjoyed catering and drinks provided by Pinwheel & Co.

This week we have enjoyed success in the pool with our students representing CGGS at the GSV Swimming and Diving Finals Evening. Both our Intermediate A and Junior A Softball teams have played off in GSV Grand Finals at Jells Park. Rev Creed led a number of students from the Mustard Group in our very special Easter Service at St Mark’s, and we said farewell to our students and staff attending the inaugural Literature Tour of the UK.

Term 1 has flown by and our new Year 7 students now feel very much a part of the CGGS school community.

Thank you to all the students, staff and parents for their involvement in the various aspects of school life throughout this term. I wish all our families a Happy Easter and a safe holiday break.

Warm Regards,


Cathy Poyser 
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School


House Dance

A stellar night of dance was had by all on the Friday 22 March. With over 200 students participating in this year’s event, the crowd was at capacity in Barbara Sutton Hall.

Our adjudicator for this year was Sofie Burgoyne – an international dance practitioner whose work utilises performative practices as public acts for personal, social and political encounters. Sofie was most impressed by the energy and engagement shown by our students and awarded the following Houses in each category:

Best Theme: Schofield 

“Really appreciate that your “socially engaged theme” has also had a “socially engaged” process of making. This is representative of very sophisticated “community arts” projects.”

Best Middle School Group: Lawrence

“Energetic expression from all cast members, which made it a piece extremely enjoyable to watch.”

Best Senior School Group: Taylor

“Affective use of “cool” attitude / energy for the robbers characterization. The style of dancing matched the character well.”

Overall winning House for 2019 – Schofield!

Congratulations to all participants – what a magnificent way to kick off our Performing Arts events for the year. Good luck to all of our House Music Captains for their upcoming event next term.

Literature Tour

24 students departed Tullamarine Airport yesterday morning, travelling with Head of Library, Mrs Anne Devenish, PE/Health and Science teacher, Ms Liza Stevens and Library Assistant, Ms Ren Pennessi – on the inaugural UK Literature Tour. The group’s itinerary includes visiting many famous landmarks in London, Chawton, Winchester, Salisbury, Stonehenge, Bath, Cotswolds, Oxford, Stratford upon Avon, Hawworth and Windermere.  The group will return to Melbourne on the Thursday 18 April.

We wish them safe travels and very much look forward to hearing of their adventures next term.

GSV Junior Softball

On Thursday 28 March, both the Junior Softball A-Grade and B-Grade teams competed in the GSV Junior Softball Finals at Waverley Softball Grounds in Jells Park. Both teams had trained hard and showed great spirit throughout the season to go through the home-and-away season undefeated. As a result, they finished top of their zones and were presented with the Zone 4 Winners Pennants and qualified for their respective Finals competitions.

The A-Grade team (above) played against Sacre Coeur. It was a tightly fought contest with both teams playing at a very high level and after 4 intense innings, CGGS came out on top to win the game 11-10.

The B-Grade team (above) played against MLC. The girls played the match with high levels of energy and gave everything they had, but MLC proved to be too strong, eventually winning the game 17-5.

It has been an exciting week for the GSV Intermediate A and Junior A Softball teams, with their Grand Finals being played at Waverley Softball Centre, Jells Park. With both teams having solid Semi Final victories last week over Ruyton and Sacre Coeur respectively, players and coaches were primed and ready for the task ahead. On Wednesday night, in a highly skilled and tight contest, the Intermediate team were unfortunately defeated by Korowa and were crowned runners up for 2019. In an impressive display of their skills late in the game, the crowd appreciated some big hitting, incredible base stealing and excellent fielding.

Backing up on Thursday night, it was the Junior’s turn to see if they could bring home the coveted title. Having fought and won their semi-final by one run the team was feeling nervous but eager to get the job done against their rivals OLMC. After being sent in to field, our girls put their excellent skills to use immediately and achieved 3 outs without a run being scored. A solid hitting display by CGGS followed in the first innings and set the scene for the rest of the game. Some brilliant catches, 2 double plays and some awesome base stealing ensured the final result went our way, eventually being crowned Premiers with a 12-7 win.

It has been an absolute privilege to train and coach this group of dedicated and highly skilled students. Their passion and knowledge of and for the game is displayed each time they take the field and we are incredibly proud of their efforts throughout a long season and are already looking forward to doing it all again with them in 2020.

Congratulations girls! A phenomenal result – GSV A Grade Junior Premiers and GSV A Grade Intermediate Softball Runners Up for 2019.

A special thanks also to Mrs Debbie Dunwoody, (who in her own playing days was an A Grade Softball Catcher), for being the assistant coach of the Junior team this week and for filling the role with expertise and enthusiasm.

Thank you to Ms Liza Stevens, Miss Sophie Brugliera and Mrs Nareen Robinson for all their help with coaching the teams this term.

Mrs Robinson & Ms Stevens
PE Staff

Simpson Prize

In the last Camnews we shared news of Holly Williams being recognised in the 2019 Simpson Prize Competition. In assembly this week we were pleased to announce that Rachel Wong, Year 9, has been recognised for her essay entered into the competition. Rachel received a Highly Commended Award for her writing and we are extremely proud of this acknowledgement. The essay topic for the Simpson Prize this year was “To what extent could 1918 be considered a year of victory for Australia and its people?”.

Congratulations Rachel.


Relay for Life

Over the weekend of 23 – 24 March, 25 CGGS students were part of the Cancer Council’s annual Hawthorn Relay for Life. The challenge was to have at least one member of the team walking the track at all times from 3.00pm on Saturday to 10.00am Sunday, in turn raising money through sponsorships. This involved a lot of walking, little to no sleeping while camping out, together with a positive attitude, a lot of food, a lot of blankets. There was an overpowering sense of community spirit and drive to make a difference in the lives of those past, present and future who have been or may be affected by Cancer.

Half way through the relay there was a paper bag ceremony where we had a moment of silence for all those who have been, are or may be touched by cancer. Teams placed paper bags lit up with lights along the walking track. Written on each bag and differentiated by the colour of the bag, were the names and messages for those who have passed on or who are currently fighting cancer. The impact of seeing how many paper bags had been placed along the track gave just a tiny insight into the amazing difference cancer support services can make in the lives of someone battling this disease. Needless to say, this ceremony brought many of us to tears and showed us the tangible difference between simply donating to a cause blindly and actually taking action and being part of a larger symbol all across Australia for those who have been touched by Cancer. It sends a message that they are not alone, and they are part of a broader network of community members who will be there to support them when they cannot support themselves.

As CGGS we felt proud to be part of this event, doing what we can to make a difference in the lives of these individuals and families.

A huge shout out to our two Year 7’s, Imogen and Ella, who joined our team not knowing each other or anyone else in the group but who really wanted to join in and do their part to make a difference. They were able to leave this event with the knowledge that they had made an impact. They also gained a whole load of older sisters at the school who will be there to steer them in the right direction. A special mention to Imogen who wore her white and pink Unicorn Onesie the entire time no matter how hot she was and acted as a proud team mascot.

Another important shout out to Mrs Dunwoody and Mrs Paula Kolivas who arguably had the worst shift of supervising us from 12.00am to 3.00am. Thank you to Mrs Dunwoody for being more awake than any of us during that time and to Paula for bringing us brownies when we needed them most.

Walking away from this experience I was reminded of the importance of being involved and putting your hand up for things because you never know where it could lead you. As one of the Service Learning Captains this year I aspire to encourage other girls in younger year levels to share in a passion for Service Learning. I know that even after I leave school this year, I will be leaving behind a school filled with young girls who are passionate to see change and aren’t afraid to put themselves out there and take action to achieve it.

Natasha Parsons
Year 12 Service Learning Captain

Year 9 Commerce – Election 2019

For the first time in 2019, students in Year 9 have the opportunity to undertake a core study in the area of Commerce. As part of our Term 1 focus, students have undertaken a dynamic unit of work relating to Power & Democracy. The culmination of this unit was the planning of an election campaign and a simulation of the electoral process. On Monday 1 April Year 9 students took part in a school wide general election. The event was a showcase of their campaigning across a range of current political issues and ability to influence voters via a democratic process.

Earlier in the term, once students had been allocated to one of eight political parties, they were set to work and asked to collaborate to produce a range of outcomes:

> Naming their party including the development of core values and branding that would allow them to stand out during the campaign.

> Policy development, which including preparing a position on issues such as the date of Australia Day, off-shore processing of asylum seekers and potential changes to Australia’s freedom of speech legislation.

> The creation of relevant advertising material including “How to vote” cards, a thirty second commercial, a webpage and an impassioned speech delivered by the leaders of each party.

Once preparations were completed, it was time for the CGGS community to cast their votes. Nervous parties continued to lobby until the final votes were cast whilst key members performed various official roles. These included electoral officers, vote counters and scrutineers.

Election day proved an overwhelming success with close to 300 voters having their say. As polling booths closed and votes were tallied, an incredibly close count highlighted the importance of preferences with the race narrowed to two parties. Eventually the Global Party claimed victory by a narrow margin over its rivals.

All students of Year 9 and, more importantly, all members of each party, are to be commended for their planning, preparation and professionalism both during the campaign and on election day. This entire unit of work highlighted the valuable nature of immersive learning and students of all political persuasions are to be congratulated on their efforts.

James Henderson
Year 10 Coordinator & Commerce Teacher

The NES Show

During our previous assembly on 25 March, we launched the pilot episode of ‘The NES Show’! The show’s name was inspired by the catchy acronym of our names (School Captains – Nikki, Ellie & Stephanie), cleverly thought of by Mrs Poyser. One of our main goals for this year is to strengthen our school community, hence we thought to feature members of CGGS on our talk show.

Our special guests were Miss Tan (Maths teacher), Mr Loff (Maths teacher) and Mr Clark (Geography teacher), or as we have called them, TLC!  We thought TLC would be perfect to feature on our show as they are all new teachers to the school this year. Throughout the show, we discovered some fun facts about them, and discussed how they perceive our theme of this term, ‘zeal’, in the school community. TLC shared their admirable observations about our girls’ positivity and enthusiasm towards participating in recent events such as House Dance and House Athletics.

Thank you to TLC for being fantastic guests on our show. We are so excited to continue ‘The NES Show,’ and to get to know more members of the CGGS community in our future episodes.

Nikki Chen, Ellie Zhou & Stephanie Lysikatos
2019 School Captains


National Schools Convention

From Tuesday 19 March to Thursday 21 March, I was honoured to be among 24 other Victorian delegates, who travelled to Canberra to attend the 24th National Schools Constitutional Convention (NSCC).  A total of 120 students from all parts of Australia were involved in the Convention held at the Museum of Australian Democracy, Old Parliament House.

The topic for this year was – ‘A new constitutional preamble for Australia?’ Along with delegates from other states and territories, I came to Canberra not knowing much about the Constitution, let alone what a preamble was.

We were incredibly fortunate to hear from federal government members Tony Smith MP (Speaker House of Representatives), Dr Andrew Leigh MP (Federal Member for Fenner) and Senator Sue Lines (Deputy President of the Senate), as well as university Professors and High Commissioners of other countries. Through our engagement in Panel Sessions and meetings, we had the chance to extensively discuss our views on the current preamble and how the Constitution could be better improved.

After analysing and considering appropriate alterations, we were divided into 10 working groups to compose our own preamble. By the end of the Convention, a winning preamble was voted and a referendum was held to finalise whether or not our new preamble should be implemented to precede the Constitution. This was concluded with a national and state majority of “yes” votes from the students.

Our time at Canberra truly opened doors for all 120 national delegates. Along with amazing ambience at the Parliament House and an official dinner at The High Court of Australia, the opportunities we had to listen to speakers and voice our own opinions made the experience an incredible highlight.

Emily Zhang
Year 11


Year 7 Ancient Australia Incursion 

This week the Year 7 students were engaged in an Ancient Australia incursion with Murrundindi, tribal leader of the Wurundjeri people. They were privileged to have access to many Indigenous Australian artefacts, including some belonging to William Barak. Students were given the opportunity to engage in the work of historians, investigating artefacts to make sense of the past. This gave students a more complete understanding of the culture of the original inhabitants of this land, and will be a strong basis for their next unit of study.

Saturday Netball

The CGGS Saturday Netball season has begun for 2019 and already all teams have embraced all weather types.

The Year 7 teams welcomed new members, with Year 7 Pearl playing a wonderful first game, defeating MLC Waratahs by 2 goals. Year 7 Quartz had a tough first game against Genazzano Brazil, the girls have trained well since and will put in 100% for their next game.

Year 8 Silver played well in round 1, only going down to Flames by 4 goals. Year 8 Sapphires played a great defensive game against Ruyton Renegades, Sapphires put out a great fight but Ruyton were too strong in the end. Year 8 Jade got off to a great start against Fintona Ferns, the CGGS team jelled nicely together and defeated Ruyton 16-8.

Year 9 Gold were defeated by Genazzano Watts 12-7 in round 1, but the girls played a fantastic team game last Saturday and defeated Strathcona Sunset by 6 goals, all girls have improved tremendously. Year 9 Diamonds started the season on a high, all playing well together and took the victory over Fintona Femmes by 3 goals. Year 9 Aquamarines were up had tough opposition in round 1 and will be looking to beat MGGS Tornados later in the season. Year 9 Amber had to seek for fill ins in round 1 and went down to Genazzano Gooden 26-5.

Year 10 Turquoise had a very close game against Genazzano Molik, only going down to them by 1 goal, the CGGS team will be looking for the win next time they play. Year 10 Gems came up against tough opposition in round 1, MA Moonlight were unstoppable in their attack end.

Year 11 Tanzanites have got off to slow start to the season, the CGGS team are looking forward to playing their best netball in round 3. Year 11 Emeralds got off to a fantastic start last Saturday, they were up by 1 goal at half time, but Ruyton Rubies were unstoppable in the second half and defeated Emeralds.

Year 12 Crystals had a close game against MA Lightning, CGGS were down at the 3rd quarter break, but the team played well in the last quarter and defeated MA Lightning by 1 goal. The Year 12 Moonstones got off to a slow start for their first game back and ended up going down to Genazzano Pitman in round 1.

Congratulations goes to all CGGS Saturday Netball Teams.

Lexie Joyce
Saturday Netball Coach


Fitness Camp

Last weekend, the CGGS fitness camp travelled to Phillip Island for an action packed weekend. Despite the cold weather, the girls were eager to participate in surfing, yoga, boot camp, fitness games and beach activities. These experiences enabled students to develop teamwork, leadership and communication skills and work with girls from other year levels.

The traditional Saturday night festivities saw students and staff dressed up in many creative costumes with the theme, ‘Around the World’. Our Sports Captain, Lucy Bartram, did a fantastic job organising the night’s activities where students had to create mascots and team tshirts, as well as answering some challenging quiz questions and competing in a variety of team challenges. The competitiveness of the night activities were a highlight and certainly displayed the friendships that have formed between different year levels.

Thank you to the staff for their help throughout the weekend to ensure it was a successful and enjoyable camp.

GSV Finals Evening


Well done to Anabel Car, Ella Robertson-Brown, Scarlett Giang, Xara Anderson, Monique Thorp, Emily Price, Sofia Sanfilipo, Sophie Chang and Izzie Wood who qualified for the Girls Sport Victoria Swimming Finals Evening last Tuesday.  With a large crowd of parents and students cheering from the sidelines, the girls show cased their skills at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre.

They were very competitive against the top swimmers from 24 GSV schools, recording some personal best results. The girls are to be commended on their hard work throughout the season and we look forward to their future success.

Ella Robertson-Brown
100m Freestyle
50m Breaststroke
50m Freestyle
Freestyle Relay

Emily Price
50m Breaststroke
50m Butterfly
50m Freestyle
Medley Relay

Scarlett Giang
50m Backstroke
Freestyle Relay

Anabel Car
50m Butterfly
50m Backstroke

Medley Relay
Izzie Woodf
Sofia Sanfilipo
Sophie Chang
Emily Price

Freestyle Relay
Ella Robertson-Brown
Scarlett Giang
Xara Anderson
Monique Thorp




Tuesday evening saw the top 10 divers compete in each level (Senior, Intermediate, Junior) at the GSV Finals Evening for Diving at MSAC. Ella Robinson (Year 9) competed in the Intermediate division for CGGS after qualifying through her exceptional performance at the Championship Carnival with a score of 95.35. At finals evening, girls have to perform 4 dives from at least 3 different categories, either from the 1m or 3m boards. Ella completed all dives from the 3m and is to be congratulated on a very successful diving season where she has shown both leadership and commitment to both her own development and  to the overall team.

Senior School



Senior School

Term 1 is always a very busy time of year, and a personal favourite of mine is the excitement around House Dance. Seeing students involved in all House activities is a big part of life at CGGS and a highlight that so many students reflect on, even once they leave the school. I think the joy of dancing and the music that has been filtering throughout the school during the many rehearsals, only assists in raising excitement levels for all concerned to be a part of the performance evening. Tonight I look forward to seeing everyone perform and I will join with some toe tapping from my seat!

Last Saturday myself, Mrs Dunwoody, Mrs Robinson and a number of other Year 12 teachers went to the Year 12 Formal held at Kooyong Tennis Club. Every year I look at how beautifully presented our most senior students are on this evening and take a moment to reflect on their journeys, as I recall their Year 7 selves. A special thank you to Mrs Robinson, who described the night as “awesome!” for her wonderful planning. Everyone looked wonderful and both the Year 12 students and their partners carried themselves magnificently throughout the night.

Simpson Prize 2019

We are very happy to share with our community that this year, we again have a student who has achieved recognition in the 2019 Simpson Prize Competition. This is an outstanding personal achievement, as Holly Williams (Year 10) was selected as just one of the two student winners from Victoria in this National competition.

The Simpson Prize is a national competition for Year 9 and 10 students. The competition encourages participants to explore the significance of the Anzac experience and what it has meant for Australia. The Simpson Prize asks students to respond to a question in the form of an essay. This years question was, “To what extent could 1918 be considered a year of victory for Australia and its people?” They are encouraged to agree, to debate and to challenge the question. Holly’s response was outstanding and therefore she was the lucky recipient of this prestigious prize.

Holly was honoured to represent CGGS during her recent study tour to Canberra as part of the Simpson Prize. The highlights of the trip were the visits to the Australian War Memorial, the National Portrait Gallery and the Australian Defence Force Academy.

During her trip she was fortunate enough to be granted access to the AWM Treloar Centre, where we saw the ongoing preservation efforts of large historical items. The trip brought to life the Anzac Spirit, through the collection of artefacts and the living legacy continuing through ADFA.

Science meets MasterChef

On 13 March, Camberwell Girls Grammar School was very privileged to have two well known Australians visit the Senior School. Mathematics teacher, writer and TV host Eddie Woo and culinary activist, writer and ex-Masterchef contestant, Alice Zasvlasky. Both were onsite to film the first episode of Alice’s new season of ‘Phenomenom’, her online TV show which aims to teach primary school children from grades 3-6 about the food they are eating and the basics of food preparation. Eddie was the guest on the show!

As well as busily working away and filming in the newly refurbished Science lab in the Year 9 area, we also had an opportunity to meet these two ‘phenomenons’. I was honoured to introduce these two amazing teachers, before Eddie showed us a really cool card trick, explaining the mathematics of how to correctly guess a card that someone else has chosen without knowing the number. We then had a chance to ask Eddie and Alice about their careers, as well as some questions related more-so to our school lives. We then had the opportunity to get photos with the two and get absolutely anything we wanted autographed- yes, that included calculators!

The community of Camberwell Girls Grammar School was so fortunate to meet Eddie and Alice and we know that their time at our school was definitely memorable, and I was so honoured to meet my idols.

Nektaria Toscas
Year 8

Creating Healthy Families with Andrew Fuller

On 12 March we held another Parent Education Seminar, this time hosted at Camberwell Grammar School.

Andrew Fuller is an annual speaker at our seminar series and is well known for being approachable and for delivering his subjects in a very relatable and informative manner. At this session he guided parents from both schools through the key active ingredients that build resilience from within a family context.

While there are no handouts from the evening, I would encourage you to visit Andrew’s website as there are free resources there for both parents and students, which you may find valuable.


Climate Change Strike

On 15 March, 150,000 students and supporters, including several Year 8 – Year 12 students from CGGS, walked out of classes around Australia to protest the government’s inaction on climate change. Being too young to vote, we needed to find a way to have our voices heard by politicians, and the school strike definitely got their attention, being covered on every news site and across social media.

While some politicians suggested students strike “on the weekends or after school”, we felt that while it was inconvenient for us to miss our classes, it was important to protest during school hours because, as we saw, this would gain the most attention and begin conversations about climate change. It was so amazing to see so many girls from CGGS, and students from over 100 countries, who are so passionate about the issue of climate change, and who will go on to be future world leaders.

Isobel Arnot
Year 12

UN Walk for Women

Did you know that 1 in 4 Australian women have experienced some form of emotional abuse since the age of 15, by a current or ex-partner?  This is in Australia alone, on a global scale the issues women face are even larger.

This year CGGS was invited to participate in Melbourne Grammar’s UN Walk for Women, where we joined over 10 other schools for a walk around The Tan to raise awareness and funds for UN Women. It was great to see amazing numbers from every school participating. We had just over 30 extremely enthusiastic girls from CGGS come along to this great initiative that is so relevant in today’s world. The event was followed by a sausage sizzle with live music, creating a wonderful atmosphere to catch up with friends from other schools.

The UN Walk for Women was truly a wonderful event to be a part of. Holly in Year 12 said “I loved seeing everyone walking together, a massive trail of girls and boys from all over Melbourne walking together to support women!” This is a wonderful reflection of the impact we can have on the world around us. The opportunities that CGGS provides to all girls opens our eyes to the world outside our school. This not only helps the girls to be the change they want to see, but also gives them opportunities to find issues they are passionate about and the platform to do something about it. Events like this assists us in achieving our school moto, Utilis in Ministerium – Useful in Service.

Isabella Lincke
Year 12


Tasmanian Long Course Swimming Championships

Commencing on 7 March, Emily Price (Year 7), Ella Robertson-Brown (Year 8) and Anabel Car (Year 11) attended a week long swimming competition where they participated in the Tasmanian Long Course Swimming Championships in Hobart. This meet is the culmination of the Long Course Season which runs from October 2018 up to and including this March carnival.

Ella achieved a Top 25 Australian Rankings as a 13yr old for her 1500m freestyle. Ella also made it into the Top 10 for Swimming Victoria in the 800m freestyle and 1500 freestyle for her age group; and also placed in the Top 25 Victorian open age for the 1500 freestyle.

Emily Price was in the 100 breaststroke final (2nd place) and Anabel competed in 3 backstroke finals (50m, 100m, 200m).

Congratulations on your achievements Emily, Ella and Anabel. It is so lovely to see your dedication to your swimming.

Elisabeth Eschwe presents Clara Schumann 200th Anniversary

The Elisabeth Eschwé piano recital on Wednesday 13 March was a delightful way to conclude the school day. Elisabeth, a leading teacher of piano at a range of Viennese Music Schools, took the audience on a creative journey through the life and creative work of Clara Schumann; one of the very few female composers during the Romantic Era. Elisabeth shared her in-depth knowledge of performance skills with the audience and a deep insight into the Romantic works she performed. The piano recital incorporated a recitation of fascinating extracts from letters and diaries, bringing to life the creative world in which Clara Schumann lived and the artists she associated with. We look forward to celebrating the 200th birthday of this significant German musician and composer on September 13 this year. We are delighted to share a student’s reflection from this inspirational performance.

Kate Savige and Rohan Mack
Directors of Music


2019 marks the 200th birthday of German musician and composer, Clara Schumann. Not only was she one of the most significant pianists of the Romantic Era, she was also one of the very few female composers during that time. To celebrate CGGS was fortunate to welcome Elisabeth Eschwé, Viennese pianist and expert teacher of piano, to our school who brought some of her works to life. Elisabeth did so marvellously, by incorporating expressive recitations of extracts from letters and diary entries of Clara’s. Elisabeth’s ‘scenic recital’ also gave insight into the life and music of Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms. As an audience member, you could easily capture the thoughts and connect with feelings of these composers through the different pieces and their different tone colours, key signatures and tempos. It was a wonderful afternoon and thank you to Elisabeth Eschwé for her beautiful performance!

Felicia Spiridonos
Year 11

String Quartet Recording Session

On Friday 8 March, we acknowledged and celebrated International Women’s Day in a variety of contexts. Whilst students, staff and parents were attending the International Women’s Day Breakfast, a group of Year 9 musicians were involved in an early morning recording session in the school’s T.V studio. The Music and IT  Departments are currently updating music audio tracks for the school’s ‘on hold’ facility within the phone system. Megan Kuo, Nicole Chang, Sarah Hui, and Chloe Law (led by Quartet Ensemble Director Margaret Butcher) worked with Audio Technician Mark Major to record live performances of their quartet repertoire.  This immersive experience provided the students with the opportunity to think critically, collaborate creatively and contribute to the recording process. Ensemble balance, expressive elements, microphone techniques, multiple recording takes, sound mixing and problem solving strategies were essential components the students actively engaged with throughout this ‘real-world’ recording session.

“Recording our music in the TV studio was such a unique and exciting opportunity. It was unlike anything else we had ever done and taught us to listen carefully to our sound, in order to get the best recording.”  – Sarah Hui (Yr 9)

“Being able to record with our quartet was a really memorable experience, which showed me an aspect of what professional musicians do. The recording process was nerve-wracking at first, as it was my first time doing anything like it. However, once we got going, I had a lot of fun, and doing it with my friends made the experience even better.” – Megan Kuo (Yr 9)

“The recording session was such an incredible opportunity, a contrast to what I have experienced before. Playing in an environment with acoustics very different to our usual rehearsal spaces was very interesting. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity and look forward to exploring the recording studio further in the future.” – Chloe Law (Yr 9)

“The recording session was a wonderful experience as there were many things I could take away from it. I learnt to play in a completely different environment to our rehearsal spaces in the music department. Playing music is like exploring different things, the more I play the more I explore. Thank you for giving me this great opportunity.” – Nicole Chang (Yr 9)

Many thanks to all who made this recording session possible. We hope you enjoy listening to our student musicians if at some point you find yourself ‘on hold’ when communicating with the school via phone.

Kate Savige and Rohan Mack
Directors of Music

2019 Drama Camp – Adelaide Fringe Festival

What an emotional rollercoaster for all that attended. From laughing our heads off  one minute to being reduced to tears the next, we witnessed acrobatic performances, sound/visual effects and stunts that left us gasping in awe. We saw shows that moved our souls and provided a much needed reality check, together with scenes that left us deep in thought long after the lights went out at bed time.

This year, on the Labour Day weekend, 21 students from Years 10 to 12 together with Mrs Caruso and Ms Lyons embarked on a journey to the Adelaide Fringe Festival where new concepts and ideas in the world of theatre are explored, exhibited and celebrated. We saw 9 unique shows, all different and some even “shocking” in their own right. Ideas presented to us in each show established the importance of connections – whether it be between the performers in the show, performers and the audience, or the audience members themselves.

Shannon Yeung
Year 10


On Drama Camp, I learnt that theatre is not always a performance done on a stage with a storyline and multiple characters. In fact, barely any of the pieces we saw followed that technique. Each one of the theatre performances tied us into its story and hooked us in till in very end. In some, words weren’t even necessary.  We interpreted each piece differently and made our own meaning to the characters, layout and storyline. We connected with the actors through emotions such as love, loss, pain, thrill and fury. As an individual, I have much more of a knowledge as to the ‘should and should nots’ when it comes to acting and producing a piece of theatre. However, it goes without saying that drama is a very open space. It allows people to become whoever and whatever they desire, in any sort of place and that’s what makes it so amazing. Apart from the visual theatres itself, I’m sure I speak on behalf of the Drama Camp students when I say that every one of us connected with people we didn’t think we would ever talk to. It was great ‘goofing around’ with the Year 11 and 12 girls. As a whole group, we specially connected over the final performance of our trip. With most of our faces drowning in tears, there was however a feeling of hope and gratitude towards life. I would have undoubtedly regretted not experiencing this journey with (as Ms Lyons likes to call us) the ‘Radelaidians’.

Simar Kaur
Year 10

Year 10 Mentoring Breakfast

On Wednesday March 13 the Year 10s attended their first mentoring breakfast. Mentoring has been identified both as an important tool and an effective way to gain skills via knowledge transfer from an experienced student/OGA to a fellow student at key moments in their education or at the start of their career. The theme for this event was ‘Broadening Your Horizons’.

During the breakfast, Lucy Bartram (Year 12) and Michaela Robinson (Year 11) spoke to our Year 10 girls on why getting involved in school co-curricular and other activities is so important. Combined, Lucy and Michaela have considerable experience and expertise which they shared with our Year 10s. They spoke about how their involvement in Duke of Edinburgh, GSV Sport, Tour Guides, volunteering, their service-learning trip to Cambodia and as Sports Captains, has helped them improve skills such as leadership, organisational, time management and interpersonal skills. They believe participation in these activities contributed to their own personal growth and certainly grew their skills portfolio.

With more institutions requesting evidence of these types of activities as part of their selection criteria, it is extremely important that students get involved in out of classroom activities. ANU have scholarship applications seeking corroboration of a student’s commitment to making a difference to others. Monash Community Leaders Scholarship also asks for students to demonstrate similar attributes. With employers asking for students to demonstrate enterprise skills such as communication skills, leadership and problem solving skills – it is clear that Lucy and Michaela are fine examples of what our Year 10 students can aspire to achieve if they take advantage of the wealth of opportunities presented here at CGGS.

These skills/experiences they develop at school will help them in the transition from school to part time employment; from school to university and from school to a career path.

Thanks to the support of the OGA, the students were able to enjoy a wonderful breakfast while listening to this valuable presentation. Both students delivered the same message: make the most of the opportunities available to you here at CGGS.

Trish Dolan
Careers Counsellor

Year 9 Shameless Podcast

The English department were delighted to host Melbourne journalists, Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald of the Shameless Podcast to join our Year 9 students in a Q&A event in the CGGS Library.

Women in Australia cannot get enough of the Shameless Podcast. In fact, what started as a podcast a little over a year ago has morphed into what can only be described as a large, glorious community of individuals that has been cultivated as a result of this dynamic duo. In their one year on air, Shameless has been downloaded 1,000,000 times, has been named in Apple’s ‘Best of 2018’ podcasts, written about in The Age and Marie Claire and awarded an ‘editors pick’ spot by Spotify. Michelle and Zara eloquently, articulately and respectfully navigate through topics that are real, pressing and topical in the world of pop culture and beyond.  They believe that pop culture and the media cycle is important but feel that women’s voices are all too often excluded from it.

CGGS believes that the duo is a wonderful voice for culture and shaping the conversation in Australian media today, and we were thrilled to engage in a discussion about a diverse number of issues surrounding the media landscape such as fake news and feeds, integrity and the power of a woman’s voice.

After a wonderfully engaging session our girls are still buzzing a week on.

Georgia Biggs
Reconciliation Coordinator and English Teacher

GSV Swimming Championships

On Tuesday 19 March, the CGGS swimming team participated in the Division 3 GSV swimming carnival. It was a bright and early start for all the girls who had to meet in the gym at 6.45am, however everyone approached it with a positive attitude. The day was filled with a clear sense of team spirit, right from the warmup to the end of the last freestyle relay. The girls in the stands cheered on their peers throughout the morning and a few girls got right into it and even dressed up in blue. The girls all gave 100% in every one of their races and there were many great results achieved in the pool. The morning ended with excellent results, with the Juniors coming 1st in their age group, the Intermediates placing 5th and the Seniors placing 6th against the other 7 schools competing in division 3. CGGS also came 2nd overall, which is an amazing result. The girls should all be very proud of how well they performed on the day!

GSV Diving Championships

On Tuesday 19 March, 18 CGGS divers competed in the Division 2 GSV carnival. We were extremely proud to have qualified for Division 2 once again as we have progressed so much over the last 5 years in our diving program. We were particular proud of our juniors who have developed their skills over the past 2 years and all the year 7 students who gave it a go for the first time this year. The junior team achieved an outstanding result of 2nd overall.

Our Intermediate and Senior competitors produced a solid performance of coming 6th and 4th overall respectively. We would like to send a big thank you out to our coaches Jenny and Morgan who have been with us for many seasons now and have helped us develop into a strong competitive force within the GSV diving competitions.

We look forward to continuing training in term 4 in preparation for a great 2020 season.

I wish the CGGS community a lovely weekend.



Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School