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Senior School

December 10, 2019

As a fitting end to the 2019 school year we are looking forward to our Year 7 – 9 Presentation Night this evening. We will be celebrating the academic and co-curricular achievements of many of our students and highlighting many magnificent musical items to enjoy, including the Concert Band, the Middle School Choir, the Irish Band and the beautiful Quartet Con Brio. We look forward to welcoming back past student Sophie Pollard (Peskett, 2008) as our guest speaker. Sophie is currently a Senior Consultant at Ernest and Young specialising in Customer Advisory. This year I am also looking forward to seeing the Verbatim Theatre Performance, created by Mrs Sally Oliver and students from the Year 8 and 9 Theatre by Design elective students in collaboration with the participants from the Mungo Youth Project. This piece focusses on the collected learning and understandings of Service Learning at CGGS. We hope you enjoy the evening as the students and staff showcase the 2019 from a Year 7 – 9 perspective.  

Last Monday a number of CGGS teams competed in the annual Girls Invent Finals Evening. We are thrilled to announce and congratulate Emily Growse and Mia Chang of Year 7 for winning the competition with their entry ‘Pawfect Training’. On behalf of all the Year 7 students we thank Head of Science, Anthony Pasinati for his encouragement of all the students in this program. 

The Carols at Camberwell and the Christmas Stalls was a great way to enjoy last Friday, and while the weather was not kind to us, the move from the outside venue to Barbara Sutton Hall was a very real example of teamwork and resilience in the face of adversity. These are life skills we all need to take into our daily lives and the way in which all students and staff calmly went about ensuring the show was able to continue is a testament to our strong community. As per previous years we were thrilled to share our Carols evening with Surrey Hills and Auburn Primary Schools and they have delighted us for so many years. Thank you to all for such a lovely Christmas celebration. For me Carols at CGGS always signifies the start of all the Christmas festivities. 

We currently have 10 students from Year 10 and 11 and 2 staff in Cambodia on our second Service Learning Immersion Tour for 2019. All reports and Facebook posts from the group indicate that they are having an amazing experience interacting with the Green Gecko students and gaining an understanding of the Cambodian culture. We thank all the participants, Mrs Nirvana Watkins and Ms Asia Kosowski for leading the group and Mr Shane Maycock for all his efforts in co-ordinating all our CGGS trips. 


Saturday Netball 

The Spring Fling Netball Finale saw many CGGS teams playing off for 1st position on the ladder. Highlights from the day included the Year 7 Pearl win against Ruyton Rabbits in a very intense game. The Pearls were initially down but came from behind to take the win. The Year 8 teams had hard matches but all girls gave it their all. Year 9 Amber were too strong for Koonung Rubies, our girls had strong defensive, speedy midcourt and accurate goal shooters. Year 10 Turquoise played a fantastic team game, our goaling end worked hard and were too good. Our Year 11 Tanzanites faced off against MA Flames, the game was tough and our CGGS girls played a very constant game.  

Congratulations goes to all CGGS netballers on another fantastic year of netball.  

Lexie Joyce
CGGS Netball Coordinator

Thank you to all our students, parents and staff for a wonderful 2019. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to all the events planned for our 2020 Centenary year.

Best wishes for a safe and relaxing holiday.



Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

Senior School


Senior School

November 29, 2019

Last Wednesday the VCE and Year 10 and 11 Examination period concluded. I take this opportunity to thank all the students for their understanding and support of our senior girls in providing them with the best possible environment to undertake their assessments.

During last week, our Year 9 students took part in a highly successful Service Learning Week, with the students taking up placements for three of the days and undertaking special activities on the other two days. Some of the highlights for the students are mentioned later in this edition of CamNews. Thank you to Liss Campbell, Head of Service Learning and Nirvana Watkins, Year 9 Coordinator and Deputy Head of Senior School – Student Wellbeing (Programs & Curriculum) for their organisation of the most valuable week. Also to all the staff who visited the students in their placements and of course to the students themselves who were such great ambassadors for themselves and their school. I had the pleasure of visiting three students at “Ability Works” in Kew and I was thrilled to see the rapport they had with the people they were working with and the enthusiasm with which they undertook their roles. This was an eye opening opportunity for our students.

Our Year 11 and 12 students for 2020, are halfway through their Headstart Program and I have heard so many students say that they are loving their chosen subjects and are finding the sessions most helpful. Thank you to Mark Corrie, VCE Coordinator and Director of School Operations for his work in setting up this program.  Today, as part of this Headstart Program, the School Leaders for various 2020 School and House positions conducted a number of team building activities.

Last Sunday both Mrs Dunwoody and I had the pleasure of seeing our two Senior School First Lego League teams competing at the National Finals at Swinburne University. Coach Dr Charlotte Forwood, along with one of their mentors, Chloe Langley of Year 10 worked with the girls throughout their planning sessions and we were pleased to witness their coding skills. Students involved this year were:


Katherine Mason

Genna Sim

Ishana Suriyapperuma

Isabella Wood

Charlee Johnson

Sienna Catalogna



Clarissa Wong

Mia Paulse

Emily Price

Salome Obeyesekeres

Minali Shyam

Georgia Langley


A special thanks to Chloe Langley and Himalini Kathirgamanathan, Year 10, whoran the fortnightly robotics sessions in Terms 1 & 2 to build the girls’ general robotic skills. Once the First Lego League challenges were released in Term 3, meetings took place weekly and they worked with Dr Forwood to support the students’ coding, robot design and innovation project. This included helping the girls to stay organised and providing plenty of encouragement!

Please read more about this day later in this edition.

This week our 2020 School Captains led their first assembly. Felicia, Loren and Laurya took on the Term 4 theme of Teamwork and their very entertaining video certainly helped get their message across. We look forward to seeing what new ideas this team will bring to our community in 2020 as they lead the Senior School.

Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars

Each Year the University of Melbourne invites schools to seek applications from students in Year 10, for their Kwong Lee Dow (KLD) Young Scholars Program. The KLD is an academic enrichment program designed to support high achieving Victorian Year 11 and Year 12, and select secondary students living close to the New South Wales and South Australian borders.

Students who are successful in their application are invited to take part in a program of events and activities run by the University of Melbourne including VCE revision lectures, personal development workshops, and overnight adventures on campus.

Students are invited to apply online and the University of Melbourne selection panel considers:

> School endorsement
> Academic performance
> Leadership potential: including active citizenship and community involvement.

This week we have been advised that the two students admitted to the KLD Young Scholars Program for 2021 are:

Amelia Lemanis and Sophia Giagoudakis

Congratulations to Amelia and Sophia on their selection; we know they will make the most of the opportunities this will present to them.

Digital Wellbeing: ‘Tis the season to be scammed!

The 1stof December is traditionally when many Australians begin to think about bringing out their Christmas decorations and making homes look suitably festive. This date is now sandwiched between two events which are gaining more traction within Australia each year; these being Black Friday, today, quickly followed by ‘Cyber Monday’. Both events are designed to lure consumers into opening their wallets and purses. Whilst shoppers can attend their local shopping centres for greatly reduced prices, increasingly, Australians of all generations are taking advantage of the convenience of online shopping.

Unfortunately, the combination of the festive season and significant retail discounts provides the perfect environment for online scammers to take advantage of busy and perhaps unsuspecting consumers. The ACC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission)  provides the service ScamWatch. ScamWatch presents helpful information on current scams as well as tips on how to avoid the disappointment of not receiving purchased goods online. The most common goods that scammers are attempting to ‘sell’ this season are shoes, smartphones and tickets to events.

Scamwatch recommends that you can shop safely and securely by:

> Being mindful of advertisements on social media as these are often used by scammers to direct you to fake online stores or websites.

> Avoiding luxury goods that are being offered for very low prices.

> Researching websites by checking reviews as well as the website’s information about their returns policies etc. Remember to look out for spelling errors and poor grammar.

> Check for a URL that starts with ‘https’ and a closed padlock symbol when making online payments. Consider using a payment provider such as PayPal and avoid international funds transfers or electronic currency, such as Bitcoin.

Scamwatch also recommends you share this information with friends and family. It is worth subscribing to email alerts about scams as these change on a regular basis. Register for these emails at the Scamwatch website:

Finally, whilst the festive season is about much more than gifts, the eSafetyCommissioner recognises the need for consumers to make informed decisions if they are considering buying technology for children and teenagers. You may find it helpful to spend a few minutes viewing key information on how to protect your family’s privacy and security if you are thinking of purchasing items such as wearable tech, smart toys or virtual reality technologies.

Felicity Carroll and Cathy Poyser


First Lego League National South Championship

On Sunday, CGGS two Senior First LEGO League teams, Team Fireflies and Team Robotica competed in the National South Championship, held at Swinburne University in Hawthorn. With 500 students competing, there was a constant buzz as teams presented their innovation projects, tweaked robots and competed in robot games. The girls engaged with other teams from Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania socially and in competition. While neither team won any awards, they embodied the Core Values of the competition (Discovery, Inclusion, Innovation, Impact, Fun and Teamwork) and were great ambassadors for the school.

Some are already planning their strategy for 2020, so watch this space…

Dr Charlotte Forwood
Director of Learning Design and Development
First LEGO League Coach

Girls in Science Event

On 12 November, together with Ozak, four Year 9 students were invited to attend the 2019 Girls in Science Forum held at Melbourne University. The day began with a panel of five L’Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science Australian and New Zealand Fellows.

Dr Ashleigh Hood, The University of Melbourne, The hunt is on to find ancient life forms.

Dr Alisa Glukhova, Monash University, Understanding cancer at its core.

Dr Samantha Solon-Biet, The University of Sydney, You are what your mum eats – is obesity programmed in the womb?

Dr Valerie Sung, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Understanding the best management for children with hearing loss.

Dr Yvonne Anderson, Liggins Institute, University of Auckland, Demedicalising health care across New Zealand.

It was fascinating to hear these scientists speak about their diverse research interests. I did not realise that ancient life might be found within rock high up in the mountains or that perhaps the key to preventing health issues in children might lie in alterations to the diet of pregnant mothers. The Fellows answered questions from the audience with enthusiasm and discussed how they would use their award money to further their projects. I am happy that Dr Glukhova is now able return to her work earlier with the help of the money, because returning from pregnancy can be complex for women in the workforce. 

After the panel, we had lunch and a guided tour of the Melbourne University campus – in particular the Science buildings before participating in two science activities. The first was a Physics show, where members of the audience participated in experiments that explained concepts like air-resistance, magnetic fields and gravity. A highlight of this show was a demonstration of quantum levitation. We learned that a superconductor, when cooled with liquid nitrogen, creates a magnetic field and stands on end, levitating above the object below. If you filled balloons with air, how many do you think you could fit into a thermos? Four? Five? Well, we managed to get 14 in with the help of liquid nitrogen. When the balloons were removed and thrown into the audience, we watched them re-expand to their original size.

The next activity focussed on digital technologies. We observed the automated moulding of ceramics and the university’s 30 state of the art 3D-printers in action. We then tried out virtual reality and augmented reality headsets. We learnt about the practical applications of these technologies, and how students from many different science streams are using them for innovative projects.

I highly recommend this annual event, especially to girls in year 9. It opened my eyes to many diverse career paths that I had not considered before and has definitely influenced the subjects I now think I will do in VCE. Overall, I found this experience to be enlightening and empowering. The Fellows inspired me, as a woman, to keep reaching forward in Science no matter the stereotypes. As they said, it is our job to break these superstitions down and achieve to the best of our abilities in whatever field we pursue.

Bethany Orme
Year 9


Excelling in Music

Our talented musicians continue to amaze us with outstanding achievements in their musical studies and their contributions to music at school and in the wider community.

We are thrilled to share that Year 9 student, Charlotte Lindsay, has achieved a High Distinction for her Grade 7 French horn exam this month, an exceptional achievement! We are also thrilled to share that Phoebe Noffs achieved Honours for Grade 7 Flute, and two students have also successfully achieved a Certificate of Performance this year – Kelly Chua, Year 11 (Cello) and Clara Kim, Year 8 (Cello). Congratulations to all these students for their many years of hard work and dedication to their goals.

CGGS has a long tradition of Service to the community and to those in need. Our school motto, Utilis In Ministerium – ‘Useful in Service’, prompts us all to live our lives with kindness and to give generously. At this time of the year, we would like to celebrate the students who share their time and musical talents with the wider community, alongside their service to the school. One example of many is Victoria Xiao (Year 11), who visits the Hedley Sutton Aged-Care community in Camberwell every fortnight with her cello to perform for the residents. Victoria has kept up this commitment since July 2017 and the residents thoroughly enjoy listening to her music and look forward to her visits. The willingness and generosity of our students is to be admired and we are proud to acknowledge their commitment, compassion and humility.

Rohan Mack & Kate Savige
Directors of Music

Year 7 Service Learning Conference

How can one Year 7 student make a difference to our planet? This is a question that we set out to answer on Tuesday 26 November, as our Year 7 cohort gathered in Robinson Hall for the inaugural Year 7 Service Learning Conference. The Conference was an all-day event, marking the end of a year of activities focused on Environmental Stewardship. With the theme ‘From Destruction to Construction’ the aim of the day was to provide students with practical strategies for making sustainable change, and a sense of hope for the future of our planet. Students were encouraged to think big and start taking action, with inspiration from an expert panel and masterclasses led by staff and students.

Students benefitted from the expertise of guests James Holcombe from the ASPIRE organisation at Swinburne University, which focusses on creating a circular economy for businesses. James shared his knowledge about reducing and disposing of electronic waste – a real issue in our world of devices with built-in obsolescence. Ruby Bourke, zero-waste legend, brought in a glass jar which contains all her landfill for the year. She set students a challenge to collect their waste over the next week in one small glass. Bev Liang, permaculturalist and garden guru, brought home the message that we can all do something, and use our collective voices to make a bigger change. Students who worked with Bev got their hands dirty making worm hotels, which are now in place in the Early Learning Centre vegetable garden, complete with happy worms.

Students also learned from our resident CGGS expert staff. Dr Reid logged into his home solar array to discuss how to change our domestic energy use. Ms Goad took her expertise in the Food Studies area to discuss leading a plastic-free life. Ms Dumsday prepared a session where students got their hands dirty propagating indigenous plants, while students working with Ms Clarkson made compost lasagne!

It was particularly inspiring to see our group of student environmentalists leading activities on the day. These students have applied themselves throughout the year with sustainability initiatives at CGGS, and were the driving force behind creating relevant campaigns to promote sustainability in our community. From introducing and interviewing guests, to running a marketing masterclass, and getting everyone involved with a sustainability quiz, these students re to be congratulated for their efforts in making the conference truly spectacular. Well done to Amelia Dudley, Samantha Fan, Allison Fok, Eva Leahy Baulch, Sara Rowland, Laura Tong, Joanne Tu, and Ella Xu.

Special thanks go to Summer Howarth for her expertise and energy in facilitating the day.

Maggie Wighton
Sustainability Coordinator

Year 9 Service Learning Week

From November 18 – 22, the Year 9’s took part in Service Learning Week where we learnt about service in our community. On Monday we journeyed into the city and were given a few small tasks we had to complete, one of which was spending money at one of three services that helped people in need. The group I was with went to Kin Folk, an organisation that donates all its profit to the highest voted organisation by its customers, at the end of the year. All its staff are volunteers, and it is really such a great initiative taking place in our community to assist those who need it.

From Tuesday to Thursday, in groups we all went to different facilities to do community service. I went to an aged care facility, as did many other girls, and it was so eye opening to witness the strength and motivation of the workers at the facilities, and the kindness they display towards everyone.  At my placement, I learnt the importance of hearing everyone out and treating everyone equally. All people deserve the right to maintain dignity, and serving is one way you can assist others in doing just that. Everyone had a blast, and all the girls said how much they enjoyed the experience and the friendships they made, and that they all learnt so many things.

On Friday, we came back to school and reflected on our time away. It was so good to hear all the funny stories people had and the things they took away from the week. It was so much fun to get involved in the community, and something I will certainly do more of.

Charli Lincke
Year 9

Business Chicks 9 to Thrive Summit

On 25 November 2019, a group of 9 students, along with Miss Ozak, Miss Biggs and Miss Zhang attended the Business Chicks 9 to Thrive Summit; a one-day business conference. We were the firstschool to have students attend this summit! The summit is usually attended by women which are already in the workforce, and it brought together some amazing guest presenters. The renowned Lisa Wilkinson delivered a presentation on her biggest lessons throughout her career in the media, and even Ita Buttrose abouther leadership. Ita explored the idea that “sometimes if you haven’t experienced failure, it means you haven’t taken a risk”, which is an important message that resonated with me on the day. There were other speakers such as Megan Gale, who discussed her own personal experience with stress, which in turn inspired her to create her lifestyle brand “yourmindfulife”. It was also agreat opportunity for us to network with women from a variety ofindustries, and toattend workshops to gain another perspective on the business world. I would definitely recommend this opportunity to other students. Throughout the day you could sense the passion and drive thesewomen had, which was highly inspirational.

Sophia Giagoudakis
Year 10

Year 10 C-Cubed Day

The Year 10 C-Cubed (Creativity, Challenge and Connection) Day this year was an exciting opportunity for the girls to celebrate and relax after the stressful exam period. The day kicked off with a fun trivia session in the morning, with the girls forming small groups in which they tested their general knowledge and problem solving skills. Questions ranging from puzzling situations to mathematical equations and even entertainment trivia all had the girls thinking on a different level and collaborating with their group members.

The next portion of the day consisted of a variety of unique activities not normally allowed for in our busy school lives. Opportunities to take part in Chinese calligraphy, Baking, Yoga, Self-defence and movie sessions found us enjoying new experiences all the while learning new skills. These classes were just a few options on offer during this portion of the day and girls selected these sessions in accordance to their interests.

All those involved were also treated to a barbecue lunch and the day concluded with an inter house round-robin style session of dodgeball. All houses members competed against each other in an intense few matches to determine the best house. The day was something that we all enjoyed and had fun with and proved to be overall success!

Ashley Olsen and Catherine Hu
Year 10


Shrine of Remembrance

This week, our Year 9C and 9D girls, who are currently studying Australian History, visited the Shrine of Remembrance to develop their understanding of the Shrine as a place to honour our service men and women and learn about our nation’s wartime history.

Originally built as a monument to commemorate the 20,000 Victorians killed in World War I whose bodies never returned home. It has now become a solemn place for Australians of all backgrounds to remember the sacrifices made by all of those lost in war. Students undertook a guided tour of the Shrine, where they learned the history of monuments ranging from the eternal flame to the Sanctuary.

Then the girls visited the museum, where guides showed them artefacts including an original Gallipoli landing boat, the World War I Books of Remembrance and the Victoria Cross of Captain Robert Grieve of Brighton. Students then visited the education centre, where they tried on the uniforms and kits of a World War I infantry soldier.

The afternoon concluded with a brief remembrance ceremony in the Sanctuary as a mark of respect to those who have served our nation.

Mrs Lemanis & Ms Wighton
History Teachers

Saturday Netball

Last Saturday the girls took the court knowing it was one week from finals. Year 7 Quartz are going into finals confidently finishing top of the ladder. Year 8 Sapphires maintaining their 2nd place on the ladder with a tight game ending in a draw. A highlight of the weekend was Year 8 Silver adapting confidently to the fast pace of mixed netball. Year 9 Amber and Year 10 Gems both had promising victories on Saturday giving them momentum going into this Saturday. Year 11 Emeralds secured their position, 2nd on the ladder, with an exceptional win to finish off final round last Saturday afternoon.

Best of luck goes out to all teams in the Spring Fling Finals this coming Saturday.

Lexie Joyce
Netball Coordinator


I look forward to seeing the CGGS community at Carols at Camberwell this evening. Have a lovely weekend.


Cathy Poyser

Senior School


Senior School

November 15, 2019

While the VCE examinations continue for a few weeks yet with the last examination for our girls being on Monday of next week, this past week our Year 10 and 11 students have also commenced their own CGGS set examinations.

After a week on Camp the Year 9 and 10 students and the staff who accompanied them, were grateful for the long weekend. Since returning to school they have all excitedly shared their experiences and reviews of the camps are included later in this edition of CamNews.  Many thanks to all the staff who accompanied the students on their camps, to the Outdoor Education Group (OEG) leaders who run the programs and to Mr Shane Maycock, Deputy Head of Senior School – Co-curricular Programs for his tireless efforts to ensure all the students undertook new and challenging experiences as part of their Education Outdoors journey at CGGS.

On Monday 11 November we were fortunate to have historian Mr David Howell join us in a special Remembrance Day Assembly. Mrs Karin Lemanis also presented our successful National History Challenge Award winners with their certificates. While Alisha Wong was presented with her 3rd place award for the Youth Bilingual Speech Conference.

Today we welcomed 20 new students who will commence in Years 8 – 11 in 2020. Their Orientation morning included a welcome from our Principal, Debbie Dunwoody as well as information sessions conducted by Kate Manners, Deputy Head of Senior School – Teaching and Learning, Nirvana Watkins, Deputy Head of Senior School – Student Wellbeing (Programs and Curriculum) Felicity Carroll, Digital Literacy Co-ordinator and myself. The Year Level Coordinators for 2020 and a number of host students also joined the girls for an informal morning tea in the library. Our new students also enjoyed meeting Ivy our library therapy dog.

Last Friday we also had the pleasure of welcoming a total of 99 new and current families to the Year 7 2020 Orientation Day. Murrundindi started the formalities with a lovely Welcome to Country which was greatly appreciated by all and it set the tone for a fabulous day. A number of staff and many of the newly announced School and House leaders spoke to the girls and their families throughout the morning, explaining many of the processes and offerings at CGGS and also some very helpful tips from one of our School Counsellors, Paula Kolivas for parents on what to expect during the transition to Senior School. The girls spent most of their day with their Year Level Coordinator, Mrs Nirvana Watkins and Tutor teachers for 2020, 7B Mat Duniam and Tuba Ozak who filled in for Helen Creed who is currently on Long Service Leave, 7P Lauren Law and Tom Clark, 7T Maria Yevlahova (introduced to the group as Maria Litchfield) and Lisa Stevens, 7W Jen Gordon and Ingrid Beck. The girls loved receiving their locks and learning how to open them in readiness for next year. They also enjoyed sessions of Drama with Jenine Caruso, Science with Anthony Pasinati, Makers Space activities with Belinda Kinnane and Team Games with Shane Maycock and Nareen Robinson. It was pleasing to see all the girls with huge smiles and much to say when they met their parents at the end of the day.

A number of staff and parents had the privilege of attending a Chamber Concert on Wednesday afternoon. The magnificent musical ability of the Trio, Quartets and Quintet was evident in one of the most breathtaking performances.  We are in the privileged position here at CGGS of having access to amazing performers and the opportunity enjoy performances which many would gladly pay to experience.  I remind all members of the school community that you are always welcome to attend the musical performances, even if your daughter is not performing, and indeed I strongly encourage you to do so.

Digital Wellbeing 

We are continuing to involve members of our CGGS community as we examine the data collected from our Digital Wellbeing surveys. This week Mrs Cathy Poyser, Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School; Ms Nirvana Watkins, Deputy Head of Senior School – Wellbeing Curriculum and Program; Ms Emma Hinchliffe, Deputy Head of Junior School – Teaching and Learning; and Ms Felicity Carroll, Digital Literacy Co-ordinator JS and SS, met with parents who expressed an interest in participating in our Parent Digital Wellbeing Focus Groups within their survey responses. We thank these parents for joining discussions about our community’s technology usage and the implications for our School and families. We are in the process of devising initiatives for 2020 and these will be communicated in future CamNews articles. 

The previous Digital Wellbeing CamNews article focussed on screen time and presented evidence-based strategies for fostering positive online experiences as part of a balanced lifestyle. One strategy that families may wish to consider is establishing agreed family guidelines, or what is often called, a Family Media Agreement. There are many examples available online, with the most effective agreements being those in which children and teenagers establish agreed behaviours with their parents. Common Sense Media includes one such example you may find helpful here. Another is by ThinkUKnow, which also provides a template for families to use when creating their personalised agreement. It is widely agreed that establishing these agreed behaviours is most effective when done with children at an early age, but there is still value in exploring their potential benefit with older children and teenagers.


Commonsense media. (2019). Family Media Agreement.
Retrieved from

ThinkUKnow. (2019) Parents Portal. Retrieved from

Cathy Poyser & Felicity Carroll


This week, three teams: Robotica, Fireflies and 2025 Girls, a total of 21 girls from Year 6 – 8 competed in a regional final of the First LEGO League competition. This is a global event founded by Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway and involves more than 200, 000 students worldwide. Teams of up to 10 students complete four challenges in order to compete:

> Innovation Project

> Core Values Poster

> EV3 Robot Design and Build

> Robot Game

All teams demonstrated the six core values of the competition throughout their preparation and during the competition day: discovery, teamwork, inclusion, innovation, impact and fun. There were times when robots didn’t follow their instructions and last minute changes needed to be made to presentations, however, the girls showed great resilience, resourcefulness and teamwork. At the end of the day, Team Robotica won the Research Award for their excellent use of the Design Thinking process to develop an innovative solution for the Old Box Hill Brickworks. Team Fireflies were awarded the overall Championship Cup and were particularly impressive in the robot game challenge. Our Year 6 team of novices: 2025 Girls, didn’t receive any awards but did manage to outperform one of our Senior teams in the robot game.

On Sunday, 24 November, Teams Robotica and Fireflies will be competing in the National Finals at Swinburne University, Hawthorn. This is a wonderful achievement for the girls. A special mentioned should be made of our two Year 10 assistant coaches, Chloe Langley and Himalini Kathirgamanathan who have supported the girls during the year. Their efforts are greatly appreciated.

Dr Charlotte Forwood
Director of Learning Design and Development

Australian Geography Competition 

The awards and certificates for this year’s annual Australian Geography Competition were distributed in Term 4. The competition is open to all Camberwell Girls students from Year 7-10 and those studying VCE Geography. It is a challenging competition that assesses geographical knowledge and skills with an application to a broad range of topics and global events. Well done to everyone who participated.

We are proud to recognise the exceptional achievements of a number of students this year. Congratulations to the following students for receiving High Distinctions:


Year 7

Sophie Chang
Katherine Mason
Katrina Tong
Erica Wang
Minali Shyam
Isabella Wood
Sin (Xixi) Yang

Year 8

Belinda Caruso
Eun Bee McAleenan
Serena Segal
Natalie Chung
Mary Chuang
Sasha Feldmann
Scarlett Giang
Eleanor Summers
Ella Watson

Year 9

Sienna Dulabic
Katrina Xu
Isabelle Viney
Chloe Chan
Alex Polatsidis
Amelia Westerman
Teagan Diep
Abbey Howard
Megan Kuo
Nicole Ang
Bethany Orme
Alice Wilson

Year 10

Zara Mammone
Charlotte Kutey
Chantelle Chuang
Rhi-Ann Lam
Belinda Lemanis
Jacqueline Zhang

Goethe Institut Enterprise Program

This year our Year 10 German students participated in the Goethe Institut’s Enterprise Program which promotes the collaboration between schools and German companies / or Australian companies with a relationship to German speaking countries within the region. The project combines aspects of professional orientation with creativity and inventor spirit.  

We are very pleased to share the wonderful success that Annaliese Cossenas, Charlotte Kutey and Amy Du achieved. The girls were awarded second place for submitting one of the most innovative business ideas pitched by students from 96 schools across Australia. Their project ‘Heimat durch die Leica Linse’ (“Home” through the Leica Lens), has Leica camera owners sharing the first photograph taken on their camera and then a selection of these photographs chosen for an exhibition in the Leica gallery; “for the people, by the people.” Their project was commended for its design and creativity.

The Goethe-Institut Australian invited the students to the Award Ceremony in Sydney on 8 November, where the most interesting and innovative ideas were presented. 

Student representatives from various schools presented their ideas and took part in a Q&A session with teachers and representatives of the partner companies, the German Embassy and the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Special thanks to Ms Liesa Winkler for working with the girls on this initiative.

Dante Alighieri

During Term Three Ella Barmby of Year 10 was awarded first place in the prestigious Dante Alighieri Poem competition. In preparation for the competition Ella was required to compose her own original poem entirely in Italian. She presented her piece at Melbourne University in front of an audience of 500. Ella has been studying VCE Italian via the Victorian School of Languages throughout the year, in addition to Italian School each Saturday. Ella is to be congratulated on her achievement. This award highlights the immense focus and dedication that Ella has displayed in undertaking her Italian studies this year.

Camp Reflections – Year 9

Arriving in Yarrawonga for the first time was a surreal experience for everyone. We immediately had to adapt to our new environment and say our final goodbyes to air conditioning, toilets and Wi-Fi. It quickly hit us that the next few days would be challenging. What shocked me the most were how many flies could be in one area! Which meant that cooking and eating dinner meant mastering the great Australian art of not accidentally eating a bug!

As someone who regularly over packs, halving what I carried in my pack was definitely difficult. Only bringing two shirts and a couple pairs of shorts was hard as we knew how hot the weather would be, how much sweating would be involved and that there was no option to shower. On top of our personal hygiene and comfort, every morning we would all have to re-pack our bags and carry it for kilometres every day when we hiked.

The activities we had to complete were hiking and canoeing. Personally, I found hiking the toughest and hardest part of the camp. Walking 10km every day in thirty-degree heat was challenging. However, it was the most fulfilling part of the trip. Everyone was so proud when we arrived at the next camp site. No one thought it was possible we would survive and yet we did. Carrying heavy packs when we were hiking in the heat was the cherry on top of the cake as it made every step so much harder!

Having such an amazing group made all the difference to my camp experience. Everyone got along so well and it helped to distract us from the discomfort of the heat, no toilets and no showers.

The canoeing leg was extremely enjoyable, and almost relaxing once we got the hang of it. At the beginning, we were instructed how to pack the canoes and what is the most effective way to paddle. After listening intently in the scorching heat, we were eager to get into the canoes and river to cool down. Once partnering up, we got into the canoes and set off!

On the first day, we canoed around 10km. The first day of canoeing flew by extremely quickly, and before we knew it we were already at our campsite. After setting up camp, we had a lot of free time to spare so a one of our favourite things to do was to play cards. It was so much fun bonding with everyone whilst just relaxing under the shade. On the second day of canoeing, we canoed around 18km, which sounded like a lot, however when we got into a steady rhythm, it was much quicker than it sounded. The third and final day of canoeing was shorter, we only had to canoe 8km. Canoeing overall was a delightful experience, and although we all got sunburnt spending so much time under the scorching sun, it was well worth it.

Before we knew it, the final day of camp came. After washing up the canoes, we unpacked all of our belongings from our packs into our normal bags, loaded them on the bus and set off for home. Year 9 camp was a liberating experience for all of us. It was a truly amazing experience that we will never forget, the life skills and the new friendships that we made will be with us forever. We learnt a lot, made new friendships and made memories to last a lifetime.

Teagan Diep
Year 9

 Camp Reflections – Year 10

To be fair, there is only one word to describe my year 10 camp: amazing! For camp this year, we were able to decide between three options – hiking at Wilsons Promontory, kayaking in the Gippsland lakes or completing the NE cycle trip. I chose the North East cycle trip, where we began in Bright and finished in Wangaratta. We were accompanied by stunning views along our trip, consisting of wineries and the mountainside. In groups, girls pushed their bodies to their limits and achieved more than 113km of cycling over a 3-day period, occasionally in extreme heat. What got us through the challenge put forth to us was the mate ship between the girls. We were always talking and cycling, being encouraging, and laughing with each other. This strong bond that was created is something that will truly be hard to forget. The trip also taught everyone some valuable life skills – whilst there were the hard skills such as how to ride a bike, or set up a tent, the skills of great worth were the soft skills. This was how to work co-operatively in a team, to never leave anyone behind and how to respect one another. The year 10 NE cycle camp was definitely my favourite camp, and will be treasured in my memories for the many years to come.

Sophia Giagoudakis
Year 10

Chamber Concert

On Wednesday 13 November, selected students from Years 5, 7, 9 & 11 performed at the afternoon’s Chamber Concert for a very appreciative audience of parents, friends and teachers. This was a wonderful opportunity for our student-driven chamber ensembles to perform for an audience and display their talents and hard work from their many hours of rehearsals. The incredibly high-standard performances included a varied selection of repertoire, from Disney classics to Classical Haydn and Romantic Borodin. The School’s harpsichord was also featured in the performance, allowing the Year 7 Combined Quartet to perform in the true Baroque style of Vivaldi.

As well as having the courage to perform for families, friends, teachers and peers, all these students have demonstrated tremendous teamwork and creative collaboration throughout the year. Each has shown the initiative to form their groups and persevered to achieve tremendous growth through the transferable skills of critical thinking and problem solving. Each of these students has set ambitious goals and persisted with sustained passion to produce such high-quality performances. We congratulate all performers for participating in this fantastic event! A very big thank you also to the ensemble directors, Ms Margaret Butcher and Ms Helena Olofsson, for all their hard work in preparation for this event. We look forward to more concerts of this nature at CGGS in the future.

Year 7 Combined Quartet

Kiki Page, Melanie Chin, Emily Price, Clarissa Wong & Isabella Wood, Sofia Sanfilippo, Romy Mead, Bella Fary, Olivia Shen

Year 7 Quartet
Kiki Page, Melanie Chin, Emily Price, Clarissa Wong

Year 5 Quartet
Rida Cao, Maddie Wood, Alyce Law, Emily Lioe

Trio Zoska
Katherine Mason, Sofia Sanfilippo, Zoe Brisk

Quartet Con Brio
Megan Kuo, Nicole Chang, Sarah Hui, Chloe Law

Year 11/9 Quartet
Jennifer Fan, Olivia Banitsiotis, Melissa Xue, Janice Wong

Year 9 Quintet
Teresa Guo, Isabelle Brisk, Teagan Diep, Angie D’Leong, Emily Wu

External Music Examinations 

Term 4 has been a very busy time for many students undertaking external Music exams and Speech & Drama exams. 43 students from Years 2-11 have practiced for many hours and completed their external exams throughout this year and these students have achieved some outstanding results! We congratulate all those who have completed an exam through AMEB, Trinity College London or ABRSM, for their success and their continued dedication to their music, both at school and outside of school.

House Swimming

Last week we announced the winning houses of the House Swimming and Diving Carnivals and now we would like to celebrate the outstanding individual results that were achieved at these carnivals.

There were some exceptional performances in the pool and the following girls should be very proud as they were awarded the Year Level Champion Awards for swimming.

Year 7 1st – Emily Price

2nd – Sophie Chang

3rd – Sofia Sanfilippo

Year 8 1st – Ella Roberson-Brown

2nd – Scarlett Giang

3rd – Xara Anderson

Year 9 1st – Abbey Howard

2nd – Olivia Jones

3rd – Olivia Banitsiotis

Year 10 1st – Belinda Lemanis

2nd – Ella Barmby

3rd – Karen Ng

Year 11 1st – Anabel Car

2nd – Michaela Robinson

3rd – Phoebe Hwong

House Diving

The diving competition was split into two sections, Juniors which consisted of students in years 7 and 8 and Seniors which was students in years 9 – 11. Congratulations to the following girls who received the top 3 individual scores for House Diving.

Junior Individual Champions 1st – Jessica Lim

2nd – Isabella Tremewen

3rd – Ruby Killington

Senior Individual Champions 1st – Ella Robinson

2nd – Tilly Dunn

3rd – Emily Arvidsson


Saturday Netball 

The Spring Fling Saturday Netball Competition is getting close to finals and CGGS teams have done well this season with several teams playing off for first place on the ladder.

Many teams had wins last Saturday, including Year 7 Quartz who are sitting in first place on the ladder.  This team have had a very successful season and should be proud of their efforts throughout the year. Year 7 Pearl had a tough match against Strathy Sapphires, with the teams even at half time with only a couple of goals in it.

Year 8 Sapphires and Silver were very keen in their match against each other, with Sapphire defeating Silver in the end. Year 8 Jade were down against Koonung Comets but Jade played a fantastic second half and defeated Koonung Comets 13-12.

Year 9 Aquamarines were too strong MLC Aviators, defeating them 22-14. Year 10 Gems had a close game against Ruyton Roadrunners, but Ruyton were more consistent throughout the whole game.

Year 11 Tanzanites drew to MA Flame 12-12, the CGGS team played well and if there was a couple of more minutes of play, Tanzanites would have gotten the win. Year 11 Emeralds were defeated by Fintona Flames 15-12, Emeralds played well and gave it their all but Fintona were too strong on the day.

Congratulations goes to all CGGS netball teams, and best of luck in the next coming rounds.


With best wishes,

Cathy Poyser

Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

Senior School


Senior School

November 1, 2019

Last week we enjoyed all the formal celebrations with the Class of 2019 and their parents. On the Monday 21 October the students enjoyed a breakfast with their Form teachers and Year Level Coordinator, Mrs Nareen Robinson. At this time they were presented with their time capsule letters written to themselves in Year 7 and a letter of encouragement and pride written by their parents in the past few weeks. This was followed by the Leavers Service, where each student makes a short speech about her time at CGGS and is presented with a Bible, her Testimonial and her Old Grammarians Association Badge. This is a particularly moving service and the gratitude shown by the students towards both their parents and teachers alike, reflects the strong values shared by our school community. That night we had the pleasure of joining together again at the MCG for the Valedictory Dinner. On behalf of all the families I take this opportunity to thank the Parents and Friends Association who most generously fund the cost of the student tickets to this most memorable night.

On 23 October many of us were entertained by four of The Outer Sanctum Podcast members at a “Shaping the Future” event, coordinated by our Foundation Office. Although a fellow Hawthorn supporter, I was pleased to hear that they are diversifying and about to include a further four podcasters representing other AFL and AFLW teams.

Our 2020 School and House leaders were inducted at a special service on Thursday and many were quick to begin in their roles as House Swimming and Diving took place the following day. Thank you to Head of Sport, Lauren Law, for her organisation of this day. This was a fabulous day, with the traditional Year 11 jump into the pool ending with the singing of “The Blessing Song” and “Shine Jesus Shine”. This year our enterprising Year 10 students asked a number of staff if they would volunteer to be pushed into the pool in order to raise money for our annual Zonta Birthing Kits. I am pleased to announce the students raised over $1000 in total, with nearly $600 of this being collected at the pool. Those staff who made the big splash were only too pleased to help raise the money for the kits. Each kit costs $3 and CGGS have been involved in this Service Learning cause for approximately 25 years.

This week has been somewhat quieter in Senior School with the Year 9 and 10 students on various camps. The beautiful weather has certainly ensured the activities have been enjoyed by all and we thank all the teachers who have accompanied the students on these camps. As a teacher, attending camp is always a highlight, as you discover new strengths and are able to witness the students achieving and overcoming challenges.

On Wednesday the Year 12 students completed the first of their written VCE examinations, English and EAL. Having completed this 3 hour examination, many of our students have since sat more of their examinations and on behalf of the school community, I wish the Class of 2019 well with this final stage of their VCE.


Digital Wellbeing

As we start the month of November, we can look forward to the warmer weather and beautiful blue skies that are a part of this time of the year. It may be that your family’s routines change with evening meals enjoyed outside or perhaps you choose to make the most of the increased daylight hours by heading to the local park. Of course, there are many ways to enjoy the offerings of this time of the year, which is why it might be timely to consider how your family members are managing their screen time. states that screen time and screen use are a “normal part of life for most children and teenagers” (2019) and yet screen time is the number one concern for Australian parents (eSafetyCommissioner, 2019). Our recent CGGS Digital Wellbeing survey results correlate with these broader findings, with screen time being rated as the top concern for our students and families.

Much has been published about screen time recommendations, which is indicative of international recognition of the importance of this issue for children, teenagers and adults. The eSafetyCommissioner website at a wealth of strategies for having positive online experiences as part of a balanced lifestyle. In particular, a downloadable resource with 7 screen time tips is available. Whilst it provides the following recommendations for parents of children, these also apply for parents of teenagers:

> Be involved

> Work with your child / teenager to set boundaries for screen use

> Be clear about the consequences for not switching off

> Set device free zones and times at home

> Ask your child / teenager to explain their screen use

> Use tech tools to help manage access (e.g. Screen Timefor iPhone/iPad)

> Lead by example

Visit the eSafetyCommisionerwebsite for further details on each of the above strategies. The guidelines provided by complement these strategies as they focus on balancing screen time with other activities and the use of quality digital media.

The next Digital Wellbeing article will explore the potential benefits from establishing a Family Media Agreement.


eSafetyCommissioner. (2019). Main webpage. Retrieved from

eSafetyCommissioner. (2019). Time online. Retrieved from

eSafetyCommissioner. (2019). eSafetyParents. Retrieved from (2019). Screen time: checklist for healthy use. Retrieved from

Cathy Poyser and Felicity Carroll


Year 11 Women in Finance

CGGS was delighted to host two engaging young women to speak about ‘Women in Finance’. Katie Brand, an Ernst & Young intern, who won the Oceania EY Corporate Finance Woman of the Year Competition. Katie is really passionate about opportunities to inform students about the diverse career paths available within corporate finance (even if they are not studying any business subjects!). She shared her experience of working in the industry and talked about the EY Corporate Finance Woman of the Year competition.

Emily Chai, EY Consultant in Valuation, Modelling & Economics, spoke about her transition from secondary school to tertiary to the workplace, and the exciting opportunities she has had on this journey. She reminded students to take advantage of every opportunity in first year university – joining clubs and societies, finding out about ‘Study Abroad’ prospects and researching options for cadetships and vacation intern work as early as possible.

They incorporated a high level case study demonstrating the strategy/consulting side of Corporate Finance and the students asked interesting and relevant questions.

It was very clear that both young women love what they do!

Trish Dolan
Career Counsellor 


House Swimming

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the House Swimming Carnival on Friday 25 October. Inside the stadium at Carey Sports Complex, the competition was extremely close as students cheered on their friends and participated in a range of aquatic events. Well done to Taylor who finished the day as champions of House Swimming and Schofield who won House Diving. There were some outstanding performances in the pool and the Year Level Champion Awards will be announced in assembly next week.

House Swimming Results
1st – Taylor
2nd – Singleton
3rd – Schofield
4th – Lawrence

This year we had a record number of girls involved in the House Diving Carnival. The girls have been dedicated to their morning training sessions where they have been working hard to perfect their dives and entries. Thank you to Nareen Robinson who has helped to organise this event. The results for House Diving are as follows:

House Diving Results
1st – Schofield
2nd – Taylor
3rd – Singleton
4th – Lawrence

School Sport Captain, Michaela Robinson and School House Captain, Rochelle Scheid showed great leadership and we thank them for their assistance throughout the day. Also, thank you to all the staff and students who assisted throughout the day to ensure the program ran smoothly, particularly the House Sport Captains who have put in an enormous effort to make sure all races were filled and to the Friends of Sport for organising a fantastic BBQ lunch.

Alliance Française Berthe Mouchette Poetry

Every year, CGGS participates in the Alliance Française Berthe Mouchette Poetry competition where students memorise a French poem and then present it to a judge who comes to the school from the Alliance Française. This year, we joined 115 other schools, and were amongst the 15,895 participants competing in this 125th year of Berthe Mouchette.

The French Department are very proud of all our students. It is no mean feat to learn a poem in another language and then deliver it to a French-speaking stranger, so well done to all those who took part.

True to French educational tradition where every assessment is marked out of 20, the students are awarded a mark out of 20 based on fluency, pronunciation, expression and intonation. To be a finalist, students must achieve a lofty 20 mark and this year, a remarkable 33 students from Years 5 to 10 made it into the finals and had to recite their poem again, competing against 1541 finalists from other schools in Victoria.

Year 7
Madeline McDonald
Kiki Page
Isabella Wood

Year 8
Lily Dore
Sasha Feldman
Madeleine Giagoudakis
Annie Liu
Ananaya Mittal
Salome Obeyesekere
Ella Summers
Monique Thorp
Ella Watson
Siena Yap 

Year 9
Teagan Diep
Charlotte Lindsay
Bethany Orme
Eloise Rhodes
Ella Smith
Lucy Van Der Arend

Year 10
Sophia Giagoudakis
Eloise Webster

These girls will all receive their certificate in an assembly later in the term.

A special congratulations to Monique Desai in Year 6 for placing second overall in the competition. She will receive her award at the Alliance Francaise Prizegiving in November. Special mention must also go to Sammi Chua, also in Year 6, for winning an award for her illustration of the poem.

The Year 12 part of the competition is an 8 minute conversation with an assessor: 4 minutes general conversation and 4 minutes on the detailed study we do in Term 3, Immigration in France. Zoe Giagoudakis completed the Giagoudakis finalist trifecta (both Maddy and Sophia were also finalists) by getting through to the Year 12 finals.

Félicitations à tout le monde!

Developing Evidentiary Reasoning through Art

On Thursday, a group of Year 8 students participated in an evidentiary reasoning activity with Scotch College, at the NGV – International. The session was run by Dr Charlotte Forwood for the Boroondara Gifted Network. It introduced the students to Visual Thinking Strategies,which is implemented by the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, where Dr Forwood trained in 2018 through an Independent Schools Victoria Festival of Arts Learning Scholarship. The students engaged with different artworks to develop evidentiary reasoning skills – using observations to provide evidence for ideas and opinions. The discussions were imaginative, diverse and delved deeply into a range of artworks. It was a wonderful opportunity for the girls to engage with Art from a different perspective and to develop their creative and critical thinking skills with other students from within the network.

Charlotte Forwood


Ballarat Long Course Swim Meet

On 19 and 20 October, 14 students and their families travelled to Ballarat to compete with CGGS Aquatic at the very highly acclaimed Ballarat Longcourse Swim Meet.

The girls performed extremely well, achieving 80% personal best times with our very own Emily Price (Year 7) being awarded the 13 yrs girls champion.

Furthermore, special congratulations goes to Christina Weikhardt (Year 5)  who qualified to compete at the 2019 Victorian Sprint Championships in the girls 11yrs / under 50 freestyle.

As you can see, swimming at CGGS continues to grow both in popularity and success at both our Junior and Senior School levels.

I wish the whole CGGS community a restful long weekend and I will see you all on Wednesday 6 November.


Cathy Poyser 
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

Senior School


Senior School

October 18, 2019

After a three week holiday it was wonderful to welcome the students and staff back to Term 4. Hopefully all families enjoyed the extended break and were able to re-charge their batteries ready for the next 10 weeks.

This term we have welcomed 4 new families to the Senior School and it is pleasing to say the girls have settled in very well. I extend my thanks to their student buddies who always carry out this responsibility with great pride.

Our two overseas trips, to Cambodia and the USA were both immensely successful and I feel sure many of you had the pleasure of keeping up-to-date with the experiences and travels either via the school Facebook or Twitter pages. Many thanks to all the students who represented the school and themselves magnificently on these tours and, of course, to the staff who organised and conducted the trips.

This past few mornings some families may have noticed me welcoming students at the Torrington Street entrance. For me this is a lovely way to start the day and I hope to continue this as much as possible. I take this opportunity to respectfully ask that all our Senior School students are dropped off in the adjoining streets, rather than in the staff car parks. We need to ensure the safety of all our students and the main entrance and driveway is a walkway for our community.

In Senior School Assembly last week we acknowledged the outstanding achievements of Victoria Xiao, Isabelle Brisk and Chloe Law, who have succeeded in accomplishing their A Mus A Diplomas this semester. Victoria has achieved her diploma for cello, Isabelle has achieved her diploma for violin, and Chloe has achieved her diploma for piano. Chloe has also become only the second student at CGGS to achieve her A Mus A on two different instruments – congratulations Chloe! Emily Wu was the first student to achieve this incredible feat at CGGS only a few months ago.

We now have six students who have achieved their A Mus A diplomas this year. The girls will all receive their diploma certificates at a special ceremony later in the year. We would like to acknowledge their hours and hours of commitment and dedication to their music and celebrate the depth and talent of our CGGS musicians.

On Wednesday 9 October we had the great pleasure of welcoming Kate Eddy, Melbourne Vixens Netballer to speak to our students and their parents and to present our awards to the 2019 Saturday Netballers. Please see the full report of the evening and the recipients of the awards later in this article. I do take this opportunity to thank our volunteer coaches, past student coaches, our umpires and our CGGS Saturday Netball Coordinator Lexie Joyce for all the encouragement of our students throughout the year.

On Thursday 10 and Friday 11 our Year 9 students were involved in a Pop-Up Learning experience titled “World of Work”. Again, a more detailed summary of the days features later in this article. Again, we thank the many guest speakers, Trish Dolan our Careers Counsellor, Nirvana Watkins, Year 9 Coordinator and Deputy Head of Senior School – Student Wellbeing (Curriculum and Programs), Kate Manners, Deputy Head of Senior School – Teaching and Learning and Dr Charlotte Forwood, Director of Learning Design and Development for their organisation of these exceptional days.

On Friday night the annual VCE Art Exhibition was formally opened and all present enjoyed the magnificent Studio Art and Visual Communication Design pieces created by our Year 11 and 12 students. Thank you to all in the Art Department and Maintenance Department as they brought Robinson Hall to life as a gallery. Also, many thanks to the Parents and Friends Association for providing the supper on the night.

This week in our Senior School assembly we had a guest presenter, Dr Vanessa Palmer, Adult and Paediatric Dermatologist, who spoke to us all on the topic of “The benefits of sun protection and why we should all be wearing hats”. Since hearing Dr Palmers compelling reasons for us all to take more care of our skin, I have invited expressions of interest from students wishing to be part of a working committee to discuss the importance of this message for CGGS. A number of students have replied positively to join this committee.

Nancy Huang Year 9, played a magnificent piano solo or Elegy Op.3 No .1 by Sergei Rachmaninov. We also acknowledged the Chinese Debating Team on their success in the Wei Cup. This is the largest Chinese High School debating competition in Victoria. This year, more than 200 debaters from 27 schools participated in the competition. This is the third year in which CCGS has joined the debate with 6 students coming from years 9, 10 and 11. The debate runs for over two months and we have successfully progressed through 5 rounds to reach the semi-final. With tremendous preparation, training and research, our Chinese debaters achieved third place this year and they are honoured to have been invited to compete in the Chinese Debating World Championship, held in Malaysia this coming December.

The Chinese debating captain, Christine Guan received a prestigious personal award as the best speaker for 2019 Xin Wei Cup. Congratulations to our talented debaters Christine Guan, Helena Liu, Suzy Zhu, Selina Wang, Lydia Wang and Angela Zhang for their enthusiasm and dedication. We wish them all the best for the World Championship in Malaysia in December.

We then had the pleasure of presenting House Badges to students who have contributed 30 points toward their House and School Badges to students who have shown 3 years commitment to one specific co-curricular area of Sport, Music, Drama or Service. The awards of House Colours and Blazer Pocket and Full Colours for School activities being awarded later in the week at our Year 10 – 12 Presentation Night.

This past week we have shared with our Year 12 cohort many lasts – their final Senior School Assembly led by the School Captains, Nikki Chen, Ellie Zhou and Stephanie Lysikatos (NES), Presentation Night where numerous students in Year 10 – 12 were acknowledged for their Academic, Citizenship and Co-curricular achievements throughout this year. And today the Year 12 students ran their own assembly with the theme of Jungle. The celebrations of the Class of 2019 were clever, humorous and extremely well planned. All-in-all it has been a wonderful week and we thank the Year 12 cohort for their fun-loving energy.

The initiatives implemented by NES throughout this year were quite unique and connected the school in a way that has been delightful to see. I have particularly enjoyed the quadrangle music performances and the intimacy of the connections between our most senior and junior students. I wish our three Captains, the extended leadership group of students, and indeed the entire Year 12 cohort the very best for their up-coming examinations. In time, I’m excited to hear of what is next in their adventures beyond CGGS.

In order to plan for 2020, the Uniform Committee, which includes staff and students have been considering over the past year all items of uniform and a decision has been made to phase out the 3/4 length sleeve sports top and the sports hoodie. From the end of 2020 these items are not to be worn by our students as part of their uniform. In their place there will be new House tops, and a 1/4 zip pullover to take the place of the hoodie.


Digital Wellbeing

We have completed surveying the CGGS community about digital wellbeing. Thank you to our students, teachers and families for your participation, which has helped us gather current data about our community’s technology usage and perceptions, including any concerns.

Now we begin the process of examining this data. It will be used to help inform our next steps as we work together to promote digital wellbeing. Our teachers have begun this process, by looking at some data trends and considering their implications. We have also had initial student focus group sessions and will be running more of these as we look at refining our shared expectations of device usage for learning. We are grateful that many parents have expressed an interest in participating in digital wellbeing forums and focus groups. Details of these opportunities will be published in upcoming editions of CamNews as well as results from our student, teacher and family surveys. We look forward to continuing our community’s focus on digital wellbeing throughout this term and in 2020.

Cathy Poyser and Felicity Carroll


Cambodia Service Learning Immersion Tour

During the term break, eighteen intrepid CGGS students in Years 10 and 11, accompanied by Ms Watkins, Ms Gordon and Miss Cheong travelled to Cambodia for the annual Service Learning Immersion Tour. The Tour supports our ongoing partnership with Green Gecko Project, an NGO based in Siem Reap which works with former street kids and their families, providing educational and employment opportunities. Students participating in the Tour participated in cultural exchange with the Green Gecko students, visited the temples in the Angkor complex and learnt to count and write their names in Khmer, as well as a few moves in the Khmer martial art of Bokator. CGGS students also had the opportunity to share prepared lessons in Art and STEM with the Geckos.

Our partnership with Green Gecko is supported by year-round fundraising efforts and this year students participating in the Tour raised nearly $12,000 to support Green Gecko. The significance of this opportunity for our students is reflected in the number of students who applied to be part of the program this year, and consequently we have two groups travelling to Cambodia this year: one in September and one in December.

As part of their itinerary, students had a chance to explore Khmer culture through a boat cruise at Lake Tonle Sap, a visit to the Phare Cambodian Circus, which trains performers in acrobatics and circus, and two days in a village homestay in the Kulen Mountain National Park, 2 hours north east of Siem Reap. While at the homestay, students had the opportunity to debrief with their tour leaders, reflect on the insights and connections that they made, and plan for opportunities to share their service experiences with the wider school community.

Included below are some of the students’ daily reflections from during the Tour:


Visiting the temples was an amazing experience and we loved being able to share this with our new Gecko friends. Getting to know their stories and having fun through jokes, allowed us to form new friendships, and we hope that these will grow throughout our trip and at home. The temples were absolutely breathtaking and definitely worth the walk through the heat!

Belinda Lemanis and Eloise Holwill

Today we had such a busy day. We visited the Banteay Srey temple (women’s temple) and this temple contrasted the others as it is made of pink sandstone rather than grey sandstone. Next we visited the Cambodian Landmine Museum, for a lot of us, this experience was confronting yet eye-opening and reminded us of our mission for this trip and why we are all here. A volunteer who has been involved with Aki Ra and the museum since he was injured by a landmine spoke to us about his story and the need for help in ensuring safety across the country from uncleared landmines left from the conflict. A shocking statistic that was shared with us is that 1 in 300 Cambodians are affected by land mines. Despite the first half of the day being challenging, the second was filled with fun and bonding as a group. We visited the Made in Cambodia market which was later followed by a visit to the Jaya House River Park Hotel, which is a 98% plastic free hotel. We spent the night at Phare Circus having dinner with the Geckos which was not only fun but gave us a chance to further make connections with them. This is only the 4th day of our trip and already have learnt so much and we can’t wait for what’s to come.

Claire Tremewen and Hannah Shillington

The most impactful moment for me today was when we went to the farm. As well as having so much fun playing with the Gecko kids, seeing them smiling, laughing, singing and screaming together while playing with the mud, made me realise that while materialistic items can bring you joy it’s the connections you make with other people and the time you spend with them that really mean the most to you. 

Emily Hoyle

USA Study Tour

Over the term 3 holidays, a group of 32 students and 4 teachers embarked on a thrilling adventure to the US for the 2019 USA Study Tour. The trip was an amazing opportunity, with many surprises, exciting experiences and unforgettable memories.

There were various highlights throughout the tour, so many that it was so hard to narrow down! For many of us, our favourite moments were at Space Camp, held at Kennedy Space Centre. Day three at the camp was our favourite day, as the activities we completed were hands-on astronaut exercises that resembled real astronaut training. These activities included building air rockets, working in microgravity conditions, working as a commander or pilot in missions, experiencing a simulation of landing and driving a rover on Mars, as well as exploring Mars through virtual reality and engaging in missions. The training that we completed not only gave us an insight into what it takes to become an astronaut, but also enabled us to gain new skills.

Another fantastic highlight we experienced was swimming with the manatees. Snorkelling alongside them was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and we were even able to touch these amazing creatures in their habitats. We also undertook some unexpected learning at the manatee centre as we learnt about how Florida has adapted the manatees’ habitats, as they are currently endangered by climate change. Likewise, a highlight and definitely a do not miss was Universal Studios. We not only managed to snag a photo with Spiderman, but we also went to Harry Potter Land and Jurassic Park. The rides at Universal were amazing, with the Incredible Hulk being our personal favourite. Overall, the trip was an incredible experience that not only strengthened our interest in space and science, but also created a unique bond between all the girls on the tour. Special thanks to Mr Maycock, Mrs Lemanis, Mr Pas and Mrs Hepworth for organising this extraordinary but enormous trip, and everyone else who was involved.

Charity Tu and Natalie Hudono

Independent Schools Victoria – 2019 Student Art Exhibition

It is with great pleasure that we share the success story of Art and Design students from Camberwell Girls Grammar School. As the result of a highly selective process, twenty-six of our students have had the opportunity to share their creative achievements in the 2019 Independent Schools Victoria’s Student Art Exhibition, which opened this week in the Docklands. Several of our current students and families, along with past Year 12 students attended the opening night and had the opportunity to celebrate the display of specially selected artworks from twelve different independent schools, in a professional gallery setting.

The exhibition is a collection from 2018 artistic achievements, including five Year 8 abstracted still life acrylics on canvas by Bethany Orme, Olivia Banitsiotis, Shermaine Balamban, Opal Liu, and Amelia Westerman.

Four Year 9 appropriated portraits by Anna Xiang, Minh Nguyen, Carol Wei, and Manisha Wickramasinghei.

Twelve Year 9 Mandela cut out collages by Minh Nguyen, Yuqing Chi, Himalini Kathirgamanathan, Eva Huang, Tiffany Tse, Emma Zhi, Lydia Liting Xu, Chantelle Chuang, Aalisha Wong, Catherine Hu, Annalise Cossenas, and Lucy Zhang.

Two Year 11 students, portrait oil painting by Shivani Gupta and an embroidered portrait photograph by Bonnie Thorn. These appear along with three of our 2018 Year 12 students, Annie Yao’s a short film “What are you rushing around for?”; Serena Chan’s acrylic on canvas “tOuCH”; and Joy Zhou’s art set of an acrylic painting on canvas with a ceramic sculpture “Flowing Through Clouds”.

The Exhibition is open to the public so we highly recommend going to see our students beautiful work.

Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm & Saturday 1pm – 3pm,  until late November
Venue: SE-G08, Ground Floor, Wharf Street, 440 Docklands Drive, Docklands

Sustainability at CGGS

The role of Sustainability Coordinator is new at CGGS this year, however, sustainability has long been a focus of the whole school. Teachers over the past decades have overseen connections to sustainability through the curriculum (especially in Geography and Science), through our co-curricular group FROGGIES which engages in fundraising and environmental campaigns, and through one-off projects. The original solar panels for the school were the result of fundraising by the student body and key staff, which saw $10,000 raised for the project.

Other aspects of the school well and truly live by the 5 Rs of refuse, reduce, reuse, rot and recycle. We are increasingly seeking out new opportunities to reduce our energy use and the smart lighting systems throughout the school reflect that. We are currently working to reduce our paper usage, which sees students using a variety of other tools in their learning, such as writeable documents. Our maintenance and landscaping teams see that resources are not wasted. Wooden furniture throughout staff rooms and offices is created from old desks or pews. Where possible chairs are reupholstered instead of being replaced. Green waste from throughout the grounds is composted on site and reused on the gardens. Plantings are designed with species indigenous to the area, to further reduce water use.

2019 sees the introduction of the role of Sustainability Coordinator, and the inaugural year of the Year 7 Service Learning Program. With a focus this year on waste, Year 7 students are engaged in reducing their waste through the creation of beeswax wraps, and the use of these in a nude food campaign. As part of this, students are learning about the problems associated with ocean plastic, and also donating fundraising proceeds to local environment groups.

As sustainability formally flourishes at CGGS, we are seeking out partnerships for this ongoing work. If you or someone close to you could enrich this experience for our students and the school, please contact Maggie Wighton.

Read more about this years Year 7 Service Learning program below, with a reflection from two students.

In Year 7, we have been focusing on environmental issues as a service learning project. This includes having a visit from zero waste advocate Erin Rhodes, creating beeswax wraps to put in our nude food lunches and the nude food campaign and fundraising. In the first term of year 7, Erin Rhodes spoke to us about her lifestyle and how this was helping the environment. We were all amazed at the small amount of waste she produced in a year and she shared some useful tips and ways that helped her achieve this. She had all the plastic she used in this little jar at home to make sure she kept track of how much rubbish she used. Following this, we made beeswax wraps, which are a reusable substitute for disposable plastics in our lunchboxes. They are useful for storing food to last a long period of time. Students volunteered to be involved in fundraising at House Dance and House Music events, running a low-waste retro lolly stall. Each form in year 7 also competed in a nude food challenge. Every Tuesday we would try to bring nude food lunches to school and the winning form had the chance to select an organisation our donations would go to, along with a casual clothes day. Our donations went to the Port Phillip Eco Centre and Beach Patrol organisations. These experiences helped us to be more mindful of our small actions and changing them so we can help the environment throughout our busy lives.

The Year 7s also learnt about the 5 R’s: Refuse – Refusing single use plastic, straws and other items that will immediately go to landfill and will stay there permanently, Reduce – reducing the amount of products you buy and to use natural, homemade items to reduce the amount of general waste we create, Reuse – replacing disposable products to sustainable alternatives to reuse them and if things break, try to fix & repair them instead, Recycle – after refusing, reducing and reusing, there isn’t much left to do. You can just clean & seperate your recycling properly and recycle them in the correct bin, Rot – turning your scraps & food leftovers into compost or setting up your own composting bin. The 5 R’s has helped us year 7’s to learn more about what we should do with our rubbish and to be more mindful of where it goes and what it can do to our environment.

Many people say there is a need to protect the environment, but do not really make any effort to do anything about it. At Year 7, we are trying to make change in our own lives, at home and at school. On November 26th, all Year 7 students will be involved in a Waste Conference held at the school, working together to envisage a future with reduced waste.

Romy Mead and Katrina Tong

White Ribbon Day Event

On Wednesday 16 October, six Year 10 students had the opportunity to attend the Boroondara White Ribbon Day where the focus was to ‘Stand Up, Speak Out and Act’. There was a large audience in attendance which included students from a number of local schools as well as members of the local community. The keynote speaker was former world number 4 tennis player, Jelena Dokic, who provided a very honest account of the physical and emotional abuse she suffered at the hands of her father.

She spoke candidly about her innate desire to improve and win, but also how this often resulted in greater abuse from her father. Dokic told the audience about how she suffered in silence and about her lowest moments. While she looks back now with pride in the amazing results she achieved as a tennis player, those results are all tainted due to the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father. The way that Dokic has turned her life around is inspiring, with a big focus for her now in mentoring and coaching. She is a powerful voice for many and provides hope for victims of abuse. One of the key messages of her address was to speak up. There are so many more resources available today and she reminded the audience that victims need not suffer in silence like she did – there is help out there.

The Year 10 students were inspired by Dokic’s courage to speak so openly about her experience with abuse. They were grateful for the opportunity to hear her story as well as her advice for us as a community in tackling men’s violence against women.

Saturday Netball Presentation Evening

The Saturday Netball Presentation Evening was held last Wednesday 9 October. Guest speaker Kate Eddy from the Melbourne Vixens spoke about her netball career through the Netball Victoria pathway, inspiring many of the students. Most Valuable Player, Coach’s Award, Umpiring Recognition and Coaching Recognition awards was presented by Kate Eddy to many students. Congratulations goes to the following students on their awards from the Saturday Netball Winter Season.

MVP Awards

Year 5 Jets – Maria Lin

Year 5 Opals – Abbey Marcou

Year 6 Topaz – Lily Thomas and Sophie Towns

Year 7 Quartz – Helena Mauder

Year 7 Pearl – Sofia Sanfilippo

Year 8 Silver – Jessica Lee

Year 8 Jade – Monique Thorp

Year 9 Gold – Sarah Sun

Year 9 Diamonds – Natasha Mak

Year 9 Aquamarines – Annabel Plummer

Year 9 Amber – Bianca Coles

Year 10 Turquoise – Renee Fong

Year 10 Gems – Chelsea Ellingworth

Year 11 Tanzanites – Tara Hoopmann

Year 11 Emeralds – Loren Palma

Year 12 Moonstones – Isabella Lincke

Year 12 Crystals – Isobel Arnot

Coach’s Awards

Year 5 Jets – Christina Weickhardt

Year 5 Opals – Rithanyaa Prakash

Year 6 Topaz – Jessie Chen

Year 7 Quartz – Imogen Morriss

Year 7 Pearl – Mia Paulse

Year 8 Silver – Charlotte Drew

Year 8 Jade – Emma Jamieson

Year 9 Gold – Charlotte Brown

Year 9 Diamonds – Charli Lincke

Year 9 Aquamarines – Olivia Banitsiotis

Year 9 Amber – Sacha Chene

Year 10 Turquoise – Catherine Hu

Year 10 Gems – Sarah Stephen

Year 11 Tanzanites – Annalise Yap

Year 12 Moonstones – Rehana Padmanathan

Year 12 Crystals – Lucy Bartram

Coach’s Recognition Award

Ashley Tang-Chong

Umpire Recognition Award

Isobel Arnot


Jewish Holocaust Centre Excursion

On Monday 7 October, the Year 10 History students visited the Jewish Holocaust Centre in Elsternwick as part of their study of Nazi Germany and World War II.

Our History students had the unique chance to speak with Holocaust survivor John Chaskiel about his experiences. Born in Weilun, Poland in 1929, John was 10 years old when the Nazis invaded. While they placed restrictions on the rights of Jewish people, life seemed to proceed as normal until 1941, when John’s father was murdered by a Nazi officer. At the age of 12, John was taken to a labour camp in Poznan and forced to build roads. He escaped and was hidden by a Catholic Priest for nearly a year. He tried to find his family in Wielun, but found they had been deported. He then travelled Lodz Ghetto, hoping to find his family, and found his older sister. In 1944, John was sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau and undertook forced labour. As the Soviet Red Army liberated Poland from the Nazis, John and thousands of other slave labourers undertook a death march to Buchenwald Concentration camp in Germany. He was then liberated by the US army in 1945. By this time, John was 15 years old and orphan. He joined a group of ‘Buchenwald Boys’ who decided to emigrate to Australia after the war. John appealed to our girls to always empathise with and understand others, and never give in hatred of those who are different.

After talking to John, the girls broke into small groups to undertake guided discussions of the Holocaust Centre’s museum exhibits. The museum contains a range of artefacts and artworks donated by the some of the 27,000 Holocaust survivors who settled in Australia after World War II, as well as their families. Many students chose to leave a personal reflection in the centre’s visitor book, and our girls lit a candle to symbolically keep alive the memory of the 6 million Jewish people who perished in the Holocaust.

Year 9 World of Work Conference

The final Year 9 Conference ‘World of Work’ took place over two days this week, rounding out a great sequence of dynamic Seasonal Learning opportunities for our students. With a specific focus on introducing students to the CGGS Careers Program, led by Trish Dolan, this custom designed experience, developed and created by Nirvana Watkins, James Henderson, Kate Manners and Charlotte Forwood, enabled students to purposefully explore #myfuture and the mindset and actions that will enable their successful transition to the future of work.

These two days provided students with the opportunity to identify and foster a variety of competency and dispositional skills to build a foundation upon which they can develop their repertoire over the ensuing years. This foundation included creating resumes, establishing an e-portfolio and practising interview skills.

Engaging in a variety of activities, beginning with a mentoring breakfast supported by the OGA where students heard from Melinda Woodlock, Talent Sourcing and Attraction Lead at Ernst & Young, the two days also play an integral role in preparing students for work experience placements, part time jobs and paid employment in their career path. This skill identification and development will be a vital part of their career journey as careers are transformed in a rapidly changing world, and students gain experience across organisations and industries.

Chess Victorian State Finals Tournament

On Friday 13 September, five CGGS students; Emily Lin, Bethany Orme, Kelly Ta, Sophie Chang and Katrina Tong participated in the Open Chess Zonal Qualification Tournament at St. Catherine’s School, Toorak where they competed against boys and girls from many different schools over seven rounds. Our girls were highly successful in their matches and finished as champions of the Girls competition. In addition, Emily Lin was placed 3rd overall in the individual category. These fabulous results meant that the team qualified to represent the school at the Victorian State Chess Championships (Girls Division) on Tuesday 15 October. Held each year, this prestigious event matches the top players in the state against each other. The winner of this competition progresses to the National Championships in Canberra, where they represent Victoria.

With some expert coaching from old grammarian Alanna Chew Lee (part of last year’s Camberwell Girls Chess Team) and lots of practice ensured that the team were as prepared as possible. Seven individual games were played by each student to determine both individual and overall team rankings.

In a packed hall with many parents and teachers from competing schools looked on the rounds progressed with positions changing frequently with wins, draws and losses tallied in real time.

The competition was of the highest level and fully tested each player’s skill, concentration perseverance and determination along with careful time management. There was little to separate the teams by the completion of the tournament with only two points separating 2nd to 6th place, with the Camberwell Girls Grammar team finishing 5th overall. Congratulations to Emily, Bethany, Kelly, Sophie and Katrina on a most successful result and we look forward to more success in the future.  I would also like to acknowledge some individual placings with Sophie Chang 4th overall and Emily Lin 6th overall.

We would like to thank Mrs Helen Pappas and Ms Liza Stevens for their ongoing support and encouragement of the Chess team throughout the year. A reminder for all girls who may be interested in Chess Club, meetings are held every Tuesday in Q201.

Chinese Museum

On Monday 14 October, all of the students in Year 9 studying Chinese participated in an excursion to the Chinese Museum located in China town. The excursion aimed to give us all an insight into Chinese-Australian history and culture, and it was definitely very informative and interesting. We all embarked on a museum tour, where we learnt about migration, identity, fashion, tradition and ancient history, food and medicine, and many other topics.

On our tour, one of the highlights was seeing one of the dragons used in Chinese New Year celebrations, and the one that was displayed was named the ‘Millennium Dragon’. This dragon is the second largest in Australia! After completing the tour, we had the opportunity to participate in a Kung Fu workshop, where we mainly learnt about how martial arts can be used in different situations, particularly in situations where we, particularly as girls and women, may be in situations where our safety is compromised. We learnt basic self-defence techniques to help us in these circumstances, and though it being extremely beneficial and educational, we all had a lot of fun along the way! The Chinese excursion was definitely an eye-opening experience for all of us, we learnt a lot and it was an overall extremely enjoyable day!

Teagan Diep

I wish you all a restful weekend.


Warm Regards,

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

Senior School


Senior School

September 6, 2019

Being the final CamNews for Term 3, I take this opportunity to wish all our Senior School families a safe and relaxing holiday. There have been many highlights this Term and many of them culminating in performances this past fortnight. Later in this edition of CamNews the recent GSV Track and Field Championships, the Interschool Snow Sports, Festival of Music and the Debater’s Association of Victoria Competition will be elaborated on, however I take this opportunity to thank all of the students and staff who have enthusiastically embraced each of these offerings. I would also like to acknowledge the students who were Baptised and Confirmed at the recent service with regional Bishop, the Right Reverend Genieve Blackwell and School Chaplain, Reverend Helen Creed who together conducted this service.

At our School Tours yesterday, School Vice Captain, Ellie Zhou reflected on her journey through Senior School as a student who commenced in Year 7 in 2014. Ellie spoke about having an abundance of friends and a feeling of warmth that she experienced from the her first days. Having taken up opportunities in music, sport and drama, Ellie has thoroughly enjoyed working with her peers, but for me her most poignant comment was that she loves the sense of community at CGGS. That the students and staff have great passion, they love learning and truly respect each other.

In Senior School Assembly this week the School Captains for 2020 were announced after a long selection process. This process includes speeches to the entire Senior School, the preparation of their own biography displayed in Senior School, a voting process and interviews. I am pleased to announce our School Captain for 2020 is Felicia Spiridonos and Vice Captains, Laurya Dang-Nguyen and Loren Palma. Congratulations to these girls! Their duties will start soon as the 2019 School Captains prepare for their VCE exams.

What can you do in ten minutes?

Over the past few weeks through our Digital Wellbeing articles, we have brought you, the parents CGGS, on a journey with ourselves and the students. This journey is to help understand how digital technology is being and can be used in our school community to facilitate optimum learning for all. Recently, we promoted our Digital Wellbeing survey and we are grateful to those families who have been able to complete this already. We ask, if you are yet to take this survey, that you spend ten minutes to share information about your own and your daughters’ technology use.

Your participation is encouraged, as it will help us to develop a deeper understanding of our current community trends, concerns and needs. We are also surveying teachers and students after which point, we will conduct focus groups to help guide future CGGS Digital Wellbeing initiatives. It is our intention to work together as a community to support and encourage the discerning and positive use of technology.

The survey should only take approximately ten minutes to complete and is accessible for all CGGS parents via this link.It will remain open until Friday 13 September.

We look forward to sharing the survey findings and our Digital Wellbeing strategies with our community in a number of forums, including CamNews in the coming weeks and months.

Cathy Poyser and Felicity Carroll


House Drama

We wish all the students and their Drama Captains, Hannah Shillington (Lawrence), Chelsey Catena and Alecia Scott (Schofield), Ruby Dawe and Angelique Zhou (Singleton) and Emily Hoyle and Crystal So (Taylor) all the best for the performances tonight. On behalf of all the students involved, I take this opportunity to thank Jenine Caruso and Sally Oliver from the Drama Department for guiding and supporting all the students in their preparations for tonight. Also to Kim Perkins and Keira Lyons for their work enabling the Technical Captains, Victoria Xiao and Annalise Yap (Lawrence), Phoebe Hwong and Ally Quan (Schofield), Amy Li and Saara Sarayana (Singleton) and Joie Lu (Taylor) to learn the vital skills required to ensure the performances are correctly lit and that the voices of all are audible. All in all it has been wonderful to witness the students as they have honed their developing transferable skills of communication, teamwork and creativity.


House Public Speaking Competition

The House Public Speaking Awards were presented to Ananaya Mittal (Singleton) in the Junior Section, Annaliese Cossenas (Singleton) in the Intermediate Section and Rochelle Scheid (Taylor) in the Senior Section. Congratulations to each of these students on their outstanding Public speaking performances.  The poise and polish shown by all participants in delivering their speeches, throughout the competition, is to be commended. To have such confident young speakers in our midst is fantastic to see.


Festival of Music

The Festival of Music Concert, hosted by School Music Captains Maryanne Li and Elizabeth Gong on Friday 23 August, was an entertaining evening of music performances. The many and varied talents of our senior school students were showcased through an extensive range of co-curricular ensembles and choirs. The power of music was celebrated throughout the evening, as students shared their passion for performance with an appreciative audience. It was evident from the high standard of performances that the many hours of rehearsals, together with their ensemble directors, enabled all students to take to the stage with confidence and enthusiasm. We congratulate all performers who participated in this significant school event.

Kate Savige and Rohan Mack
Directors of Music

Celebration of Sport Dinner

The 2019 Celebration of Sport dinner was a wonderful opportunity to bring together many Senior School families and recognise the fantastic sporting achievements recorded over the past twelve months. We were privileged to have Olympic diver Anabelle Smith as our guest speaker. It was inspiring to hear about her journey to becoming an elite diver and the girls were very excited to take photos with Anabelle and her Olympic medal.

There were many awards presented on the night, however we would like to acknowledge some of the major award winners. The year level champion award was presented to the student in each year level who contributed the most to sport at CGGS. This award took into consideration the number of sports each student has participated in, as well as their attitude, commitment to training, performance, leadership and level of improvement throughout the year. The award winners are as follows:

Year 7
1st– Liana Robinson
2nd– Imogen Morriss
3rd– Sofia Pandeli

Year 8
1st– Jessica Lim
2nd– Isabella Tremewen
3rd– Clara Kim, Frida Andreasen and Tara Rastogi

Year 9
1st– Ella Robinson
2nd– Annabel Plummer
3rd– Emma Peak

Year 10
1st– Emily Arvidsson
2nd– Eloise Webster
3rd– Ashley Olsen and Chelsea Ellingworth

Year 11
1st– Michaela Robinson
2nd– Tilly Dunn
3rd– Laney Kriketos and Lauren Palma

Year 12
1st– Lucy Bartram
2nd– Samreen Kaur
3rd– Bianca Phan

The most prestigious award for the night was the Sportwoman of the Year Award which recognised the student who had contributed the most to sport at CGGS across all year levels. The winner of the Sportswoman of the Year Award was Jessica Lim.

The Australian Olympic Change-Maker program has replaced the Pierre de Coubertin Award in 2019. This exciting new opportunity celebrates and brings together young leaders in sport who are ‘making a difference’ in their school or local community. The Australian Olympic Change-Maker program recognises and rewards students who are demonstrating the Olympic spirit through leadership and driving positive change in their communities.

As part of their nomination, every student is invited to participate in a State Forum – an opportunity to connect with Olympians as well as likeminded Olympic Change-Makers. The Olympic Forums will provide students the unique opportunity to share ideas and be immersed in a unique Olympic experience as well as learning first hand from Olympians.

There were over 1000 applicants for this forum and we are very proud that two of our Year 12 students are recipients of the Olympic Changemaker Award, Lucy Bartram and Samreen Kaur were in the 200 students selected to attend this forum last Wednesday at Victoria University. Congratulations Lucy and Samreen.

Thanks to our 2019 Sport Captain, Lucy Bartram for her support in planning and hosting the evening and to the House Sports Captains for their assistance with presenting awards.

Lauren Law
Head of Sport


Transition 2 Tertiary Breakfast

On Friday morning in Robinson Hall the Year 12 girls enjoyed a breakfast organised by Mrs Trish Dolan CGGS Careers Counsellor and Mrs Nareen Robinson, the Year 12 Coordinator. Under the banner of ‘T2T’ (Transition to Tertiary), Mrs Dolan provided the girls with a summary of what factors enable a successful transition from secondary to tertiary education. Two past students, Nina D’Souza and Maggie Robinson (Class of 2018) spoke of their own post CGGS experiences and offered insights into how to make the transition a really successful one.

Nina is enjoying studying the Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne. She spoke about the opportunity to study vastly different subjects such as Anthropology and Gender Studies and how important it was to maintain friendship groups. She spoke of the need to stay focused on studies as the teaching and learning at a tertiary institution is so different from secondary school.

Maggie always wanted to have a gap year after working so hard in Year 12 and she gave an entertaining and humorous account of her time. After exploring a number of gap year organisations, Maggie headed off to Poland to teach English for five months. Along the way she met other young people from different countries, and from many different backgrounds and stated this was one of the highlights of her experience. She continued travelling and met up with another CGGS student who was overseas at that time (also enjoying a gap year!). She believes the gap year was an extremely positive experience and she is well ready to begin her studies at Deakin University studying the double degree of Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of International Relations. I am sure her own ‘international experience’ will be a huge benefit to her future studies!

Both girls’ great advice, and their ‘tips and tricks’ on how to make this transition a really happy and successful move, will enable our Year 12 graduates in 2019 to feel well prepared for this next chapter. We thank Mrs Dolan and Mrs Robinson for organising this ‘T2T’ Breakfast.


Baptism, Confirmation and Reception Service

Our school Chapel was full to overflowing on Tuesday 27 August. Family and friends gathered to support and encourage nine members of our school community who had chosen to be baptised, confirmed and received into the Anglican Church. Our regional Bishop, the Right Reverend Genieve Blackwell presided and preached, as well as confirming and received the candidates. The School Chaplain, the Reverend Helen Creed baptised six children and young people, and our service was blessed by the singing of a number of Senior School girls, who formed a choir for the occasion, directed by Mrs Cathy Georgiev.

Our warmest congratulations to: Eva Leahy-Baulch (baptised), Meg Chaffey (baptised and confirmed), Bethany Orme (confirmed), Lauren Bernabe (confirmed), Annaliese Le (baptised), Jennifer Le (baptised), Peyton Rhee (baptised) & Ethan Rhee (baptised). Our school principal, Mrs Debbie Dunwoody, after many years as an “Honorary Anglican”, was officially received into the Anglican Communion. It was an evening of warmth, love, community & joy.

DAV Debating

Once again, CGGS participated in DAV debating this year, with six teams competing across four divisions. For the first time, Year 8 students were invited to participate, competing alongside Year 9s. It has been fantastic to see so many students eager to take on the challenge of preparing and presenting an argument in front of an audience in a competitive environment.

This year our teams won 16 debates, with A Grade team 1 (Charlotte, Chloe, Sabrina, Madeline, Kiana, Maryanne, Katia) and C Grade team 1 (Emma, Maggie, Catherine, Esther, Amy) winning four of their five debates.

I would like to congratulate everyone who debated this year and I commend you on your efforts. I strongly encourage you all to continue debating next year and, in the future, to further develop your persuasive and public speaking skills.

Finally, thank you to all of the debating support teachers- Mr Lyell, Ms Gordon, Ms Drentin and Ms Ewens – for your help in organising this competition. Your expertise and guidance has been invaluable.

I look forward to seeing you all debate again next year!

Charlotte Abbott
School Debating and Literary Captain


Skyline Foundation Charity Concert at Scotch College

A group of our senior school musicians on Saturday 24 August,  volunteered to become members of a combined school orchestra, led by Scotch College students. The orchestra of combined schools presented a concert to raise funds for the Skyline Foundation, a charity which provides intensive support for academically gifted students who are at risk of not completing Year 11 or 12 due to adverse circumstances.

Our students rehearsed for a term and a half alongside students from Scotch College, MLC, PLC and Lauriston, preparing their selected repertoire for the concert. The student-directed orchestra presented a varied program of orchestral works and well-known vocal pieces, and the quality of performances was exceptionally high. Our musicians were well represented across a range of orchestral families, two of whom were in leadership roles – Kathy Han (Concert Master) and Chloe Law (Cello Principal). It is particularly pleasing to acknowledge and appreciate that service was at the forefront of all of the students involved, raising funds for the Skyline Foundation – Utilis In Ministerium was in abundance at the concert. We congratulate the following students for volunteering their time and talents for this worthy charity:

Violin 1/Concert Master
Kathy Han

Violin 1
Shirly Chen
Zara Mammone

Violin 2
Isabelle Brisk
Nicole Chang
Angie D’Leong
Megan Kuo

Chloe Law

Victoria Xiao

Lucia Chen

Angelique Zhou

The Chinese High School Debate

Xin Wei Cup has been the largest Chinese high school debating competition in Victoria for over four years. This year, more than 200 debaters from 27 schools participated in the competition. This is the third year in which CGGS has joined the debate with six students coming from Years 9, 10 and 11. The debate runs for over two months and we have successfully progressed through five rounds to reach the semi-final. With tremendous preparation, training and research, along with the huge amount of help from Edward Wu – our team coach from the RMIT Chinese debating team, we have achieved third place this year. We were also honoured to have been invited to compete in the Chinese Debating World Championship, held in Malaysia this coming December.

I have also received a prestigious personal award as the best speaker for 2019 Xin Wei Cup. As the Chinese debating captain of CGGS, I would like to thank our talented debaters Helena Liu, Suzy Zhu, Selina Wang, Lydia Wang and Angela Zhang for their enthusiasm and dedication. We are looking forward to welcoming more students to participate in this wonderful activity next year. Thank you.

Christine Guan
CGGS Chinese Debating Captain

Ladder Walk-a-thon

On the 3rd of September we had our annual LADDER Walk-a-thon in conjunction with Camberwell Grammar School after school at Shenley Reserve. It was a lovely day to walk laps around the park with warm weather which made the event much more enjoyable! This year we also had a bake sale, as well as prizes for the student who did the most laps around the park. Afterwards we heard from Brittany Bonnici, who is a player for the Collingwood AFWL, and also a project manager for LADDER.

She spoke about where the money we raised would go, and about the independent not-for-profit organisation helps young people aged 16 – 25 break the cycle of homelessness. LADDER gives young people the tools to take control of their lives, transition to independence and achieve their potential. LADDER supports young people exiting out- of-home care, and developing self-confidence and helping young people to identify and achieve their life goals. The event was very rewarding to know that what we were doing went towards a great and worthy cause, and all the students who participated enjoyed it very much.

Josie La
Service Learning Captain

German Excursion

On Friday 30 August, as part of the German Enterprise Project, the Year 10 German class went on an excursion into the city. The German Enterprise Project is an initiative set up by the Goethe Institute for German students to learn about businesses with close ties to Germany in our region, and to develop enterprise skills. Students work in groups and select a partner company with the goal to design and pitch a product or service for them.

Our first stop was Melbourne Design Studios in Collingwood, where we learnt about sustainable housing and the company’s architecture projects. Then we took the train to Flinders Street where we stopped for a Lindt hot drink before heading to our second partner company, Leica. We were given a very informative presentation about the company and their history, and were shown some of their products from the early 20th century until today. During both visits, we interviewed a representative of the company regarding their connection to Germany, their company processes, their products, their customers, and their vision. We then had a German lunch at the Hofbrauhaus, where all students had to order their meals in German.

2019 Victorian Age Short Course Championships

We’ve had a lot of Swimming success over the past fortnight. Overall, CGGS Aquatic had 14 swimmers compete over a full 3 days of competition; achieving 23 PB’s from 32 individual events (75% PB result which is sensational).

The Club was also involved in some Medley and Freestyle relays where further PB‘s were achieved.

Standout CGG student results were as follows;

Emily Price (Year 7) competed in 8 races and in 3 of those races she has qualified for the Vic Open Championships on 14 – 15 September.

Scarlett Giang (Year 8) competed in 2 races and she has qualified in one race for the Vic Open Championships on 14 – 15 September.

Sophie Chang (Year 7) also completed and achieved a 1.69sec PB and a State Qualifying time.

Ella Robertson Brown (Year 8) had 4 top 10 finishes on the day, ranking her in the top 10 for her age in Victoria. Other achievements for Ella included:

> 5PBs

> 4x50m freestyle relay- bronze medalists

> 4x50m medley relay- silver medalists

> 4x50m mixed freestyle relay- bronze medalists

Victorian Interschool Snowsports Championships 

From 19 to 23 August, students from CGGS went up to Mt Buller to compete in the Victorian Interschool’s Snowsports Championships. CGGS was one of 230 schools participating with our team of nine girls, we competed across Division 1, 2 and 3 as well as Giant Slalom and Alpine SkierX. This year saw our biggest CGGS presence on Mt Buller and with 13 Ormiston students also competing in the Junior School events earlier in the week, the future of the CGGS SnowSports team is looking bright.

It was an extremely fun week filled with skiing. Well done to all the competitors and thank you to Ms Stevens and Miss Winkler who were there to offer their support and a great deal of encouragement to all the girls, watching us cross the finish line with much cheering and encouragement.

Division 3 Competitors (Years 7 & 8)
Charlotte Luke, Sara Rowland, Emma Daffy, Jessica Lim, Xara Anderson & Isabella Tremewen

Saturday Netball Finals 

The CGGS Saturday Netball Club had eleven teams compete in the semi-finals last Saturday, the level of the competition was high but our CGGS teams were up for the challenge. Highlights included, Year 8 Silver go into overtime against Koonung Firebirds, and CGGS Silver played a great defensive game and were able to convert many turnovers into goals. Unfortunately, Koonung defeated CGGS Silver by only one goal.

Year 9 Diamonds gave it their all for all four quarters of the game, although Ruyton Ravens barely missed a goal.

Year 9 Amber were up against the top team Strathcona Sharks, CGGS Amber fought hard, trying defensive set ups and set plays. Going into the fourth quarter, CGGS were down by one goal, but Strathcona came out very strong and were unstoppable in the fourth, taking the win.

The Year 12 Crystals versed Genazzano Lenton in a very competitive game, Genazzano got off to a strong start but CGGS came back in the second quarter to level the scores. CGGS Crystals tried many combinations but could not get over the line, going down to Genazzano by three goals.

The Year 12 Moonstones had a tough game against Genazzano Pitman, CGGS Moonstones played a great second half but it was not enough. Both Year 12 teams played their final game for CGGS last Saturday, the spirits were high and all girls should be congratulated on their dedication to the CGGS Saturday Netball Program.

Lexie Joyce
CGGS Netball Coordinator 

A Video Conference with Ancient Rome!

As part of their upcoming study of Ancient Rome, in Week 7 our Year 7 students were engaged in a video conference with Dr Alan Cadwallader, a New Testament scholar from Charles Sturt University. Dr Cadwallader was able to share with us his experiences on the archaeological excavation of Collosae, in modern Turkey. This site is relevant to his study of the New Testament, and he was able to bring life to this ancient place through his discussion of inscriptions and coins discovered there. Amongst these coins were some minted with the text ‘Claudia Eugenetoriane’, a rare instance of a woman with apparently independent wealth and power from the ancient world.

A question and answer session gave students the opportunity to gain insights from someone working on an archaeological site. They were interested in the difficulties and rewards of such work, as well as wanting to know more about the ancient past. In answer to a question “Would you have like to live in ancient Collosae?” Dr Cadwallader answered that it would all depend on one’s status in the social hierarchy. Life as a slave would not be enviable, but as a member of the wealthy class, he thought it would have been quite comfortable.

Izzy Wood in 7W concluded, “The video conference was an interesting experience that taught us all a lot. There was a great amount of information that Dr Cadwallader gave us. He has very extensive knowledge on Collosae and you can tell he is very passionate about his work. I’m sure we all learnt a lot and found the experience memorable.”

Senior School


Senior School

August 23, 2019

Melbourne Indigenous Transition School Visit Year 7

Last Thursday the Year 7 students hosted 11 students from the Melbourne Indigenous Transition School (MITS). Our student hosts welcomed the girls during lunchtime, showed them around the Senior School, introduced the girls to their Tutor group and during period 6 the girls joined our students in an Art, Science or Drama class.

MITS is residential transition school in Melbourne, Australia, for Indigenous students from remote and regional communities. MITS was developed to support indigenous students to further their education as successfully as possible. Each year, 11 indigenous girls of Year 7 age come to Melbourne and live in the MITS boarding house in Richmond. They attend school there for a year before moving into scholarship positions at Melbourne Partner schools where they continue their education.

CGGS was pleased to be able to host the 11 girls from MITS and I thank the students and staff who acted as ambassadors on the day.


Quartet Success!

We are delighted to share the news that Megan Kuo, Nicole Chang, Sarah Hui and Chloe Law (otherwise known as ‘Quartet Con Brio’) competed in the Monash Youth Music Festival in the Junior Instrumental Ensemble Section and won first place!

They had been working hard with their ensemble director Margaret Butcher to prepare for this competition and she was pleased that they performed with “nice detail and inspiring togetherness”.

Below is a reflection of their experience:

On 17 August, our quartet gathered at Huntingtower School to perform in the Monash Youth Music Festival. We were nervous, but excited to present what we had been working on for many months. Our preparation for the event included early morning and holiday rehearsals, as well as a workshop with eminent violinist Anne Harvey-Nagl.

On stage, we felt a bit shaky however, we settled into the performance as it went on. It was somewhat surreal when it was announced that we had won. We were thrilled, and felt so grateful we had been able to take part in such a fantastic opportunity. This experience had allowed us to bond and refine our unity while playing, something the adjudicator commented on as a contributing factor to our win.

The support and encouragement from our families and teachers at school was paramount to our success. We would especially like to thank our quartet teacher, Ms Butcher, whose patience and dedication has been remarkable. Our quartet has improved so much under her guidance, and it would not have been possible for us to achieve this much without her help.

Chloe Law, Megan Kuo, Nicole Chang and Sarah Hui

Invergowrie Foundation

On Thursday 8 August I had the pleasure of representing Mrs Dunwoody at the annual Invergowrie Foundation Principal’s lunch. The Invergowrie Foundation was established in 1992, and it’s primary focus is the advancement of the education of girls and women within Victoria.

This year at the lunch the Vice Chancellor of Swinburne University, Professor Linda Kristjanson AO spoke. Professor Kristjanson AO also spoke at one of our own Parent Education Seminars on Educating Future Ready Learners in Today’s Changing World in 2018 and also addressed our students in an assembly in August 2013 was the guest speaker.

As a passionate STEM advocate and in the lead up to National Science Week, she spoke about the ways in which the Invergowrie Foundation and their partnerships with Universities throughout Victoria are working together to promote Science studies amongst our girls.

Professor Kristjanson’s commitment to STEM is evident in the Swinburne University vision which is to be a world-class university creating social and economic impact through science, technology and innovation.

Professor Kristjanson stated that Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are areas that are critical to all careers in this century yet the numbers of student graduating from these disciplines have declined dramatically.

The findings from a recent report, “Girls’ Future – Our Future” which was funded by the Invergowrie Foundation and completed by researchers at the University of Melbourne and Deakin University, stated that “If girls and women are not encouraged to engage with STEM they will be at greater risk of becoming excluded from a substantial part of the workforce of the future”.

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal & Head of Senior School


National Science Week

Acting Head of Science, Mr Anthony Pasinati, commenced our Senior School Assembly and National Science Week with a bang, 3 hydrogen bombs to be precise. This certainly grabbed the attention of us all, as did his astronaut clothing bought especially for the week.


School Captains, Nikki Chen, Ellie Zhou and Stephanie Lysikatos, hosted a special Science focused NES Show, interviewing Science teachers, Ms Kirsten Shipsides, Mrs Kim Hepworth and Mr Anthony Pasinati, along with Ms Nirvana Watkins and a panel of students studying Sciences, Isabella Linke, Katie Lutze and Ashley Chan. During the week the Science Department led a number of activities throughout including a Mythbusters discussion “Was the Moon Landing Faked”; Mars Rover Quest in the Anne Feehan building and a DIY Telescopes activity in Makerspace.

Sustainable Housing

On Thursday August 15, the Year 8 students visited the Docklands as part of a science excursion investigating sustainable buildings. Although it was cold and windy along the port, we all thoroughly enjoyed our time walking around the Docklands.

When we first arrived at our base for the day, we spoke with Senior Lecturer in Water Resources Engineering, Dr Scott Rayburg, from Swinburne University about how Thermal Cameras, (cameras which show with colour whether the surface temperature is warm or cool) can help us in identifying where the heat in a building is going when the heating /cooling is on. We then had an opportunity to use these thermal cameras to identify how much heat is in the objects around us.

For the next phase of the excursion, we split off into two groups where we visited the ANZ (commercial) and EXO (residential) buildings. We identified how some features on these buildings (for example, recycled water filters on the ANZ building and a white panel with cheese shaped holes over the EXO building) have been beneficial to the buildings’ energy efficiency and sustainability goals to protect our natural environment. We also visited the Docklands Library and learn how solar panels, cross-laminated and recycled timber, doubled glazed windows and passive ventilation in the building help to make the library as close to Carbon-neutral and free of wasted energy as possible.

The excursion was an experience that made us all think more seriously about how the buildings that we work, live and study in can make a huge impact on the environment.

Nektaria Toscas
Year 8


Year 8 Geography Excursion

On August 7th, Year 8 students travelled by bus to Elwood to study urbanisation and urbanisation threats. We also looked at how the suburb prepares for floods, the future threats of sea level rise, and the challenges associated with increasing population density. When we arrived at Elwood we studied the liveability of the area and assessed the flooding risks along the Elwood Canal. Elwood used to be a swamp and they drained the swamp by building the canal that lead from Elsternwick Park to Port Phillip Bay. We walked along the canal to the beach and looked at some of the drains that assisted with redirecting water, so the houses located nearby wouldn’t be affected. We also looked at things Elwood had put in place to prevent flooding, things like drains, elevated houses and cambered roads. Our highlight of the day was when we went down to Elwood beach, the weather was cold and cloudy, but that didn’t stop us from having fun! We walked up to Point Ormond where we were lucky enough to see these amazing views of the Melbourne CBD. Overall this an amazing opportunity, and we all learnt lots about how places have had to adapted overtime and how important urban planning is.

Alexandra Strong and Ruby Killington
Year 8



Saturday Netball

The Saturday Netball Winter Season is coming to an end and CGGS are looking like eleven Saturday Netball teams will make the semi-finals. The last round of the Winter Season is very important for some teams, as it will determine what position they will finish in the top four.

Highlights from last Saturday include, Year 7 Pearl won the second half of the game against the top team, and unfortunately, it was not enough to win the game.

Year 7 Silver out played MLC Pearls and defeated them 10-7.

Year 9 Gold had an 8 goal win over Fintona Femmes, and Year 9 Diamonds had a convincing win over Strathy Sunset.

Year 9 Aquamarines had a very close game against Koonung Phoenix, but CGGS were steady and more consistent, defeating them 14-12.

Year 12 Moonstones were too strong for Strathy Shooting Stars, and are looking tough for finals.

Congratulations goes to all CGGS Netball teams on their efforts throughout the Winter Season and best of luck to teams competing in the semi-finals.

Lexie Joyce
Netball Coordinator


Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix In Concert!

On Thursday 15 August the Year 8/9 Music Performance Elective attended the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra performance of ‘Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix In Concert’ at Hamer Hall. This MSO experience was a viewing of the movie whilst listening to a live performance of the music soundtrack. The venue, decorated throughout with Hogwarts House banners, was buzzing with many audience members dressed up in the costume of their favourite character or the scarf of a particular House.

The students had previously studied components of the musical score and were thrilled to be immersed in a live performance of the music alongside the screening of the movie. The immediately recognisable iconic music themes were creatively infused into the orchestral treatment of new thematic ideas.

Jenelle – “The experience and environment was so knew to me, so just being there was amazing. The engagement between the audience and the performance was really interesting, along with the ability to watch each instrument contribute to the overall score.”

Stephanie – “I found the concert wonderful as you could see the orchestra live, which made the music much clearer and easier to listen to. It was also interesting to see how the soundtrack fitted with the movie.”

Bethany – “I found the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix live performance to be awe-inspiring. I felt like I was listening to the recorded soundtrack of the film most of the time, because the orchestra was so in time and sounded wonderful.”

Phoebe – “Watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in concert was such an enjoyable experience. The atmosphere was amazing and I loved being able to interact with the movie and the live orchestra.” 


German Poetry Competition

On Saturday August 17, I had the honour of participating in the AGTV German Poetry Competition State Finals at the Austrian Club following my result at the regional competition.

It was a lovely afternoon which included a taste into some German food and culture, as well as having an opportunity to quiz your knowledge on the German culture.

All 21+ Poetry performances for Year 8 Daf(school level) were of an impeccably high level and took some time to perfect. Unfortunately, I did not receive a prize, but I was extremely happy with my achievements and had a wonderful afternoon. I would highly recommend that anyone studying German at CGGS participates in the German Poetry Competition.

Nektaria Toscas
Year 8

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind Regards,

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal & Head of Senior School

Senior School


Senior School

August 9, 2019

The Secret In The Wings

Without doubt the highlight of the past fortnight in Senior School has been the 2019 Senior School Production, “The Secret in the Wings” by Mary Zimmerman. The culmination of many hours of rehearsal, set and prop development. As well as all the passion and creative juices of so many students and staff led by Keira Lyons, our Head of Drama and Performing Arts were put into this show. Ms Lyons never ceases to amaze the entire CGGS community with the productions she is able to produce each year and the heights she takes them to.  She is a magnificent mentor to our students and along with her fellow Drama teachers, has ensured Drama is a subject and elective of choice and an extremely popular co-curricular activity.

While Ms Lyons wrote in her Director Notes of growing up with “The Adventures of Charlie Cheesecake” a rhyming flip book with the adventures of young Charlie, I grew up with my Mum reading from an original edition of Peg’s Fairy Book, written and illustrated by Peg Maltby. I adored these and other stories in my childhood and have the book lovingly stored away in readiness for future generations.

Having attended all three evening performances, I discovered new elements and saw diverse aspects of the play through sitting in different places each night. Each intertwined story, Left in the Forest, The Three Blind Queens, The Princess Who Wouldn’t Laugh, The Three Snake Leaves, Allerleira, Seven Swans and Stolen Pennies, were magnificently woven together by Heidi and Mr Fitzpatrick. There were so many outstanding performances and the singing was stirring. We are all so proud of the over 140 students involved in the cast and crew. While it is not possible to mention and thank everyone, I would like to make special mention of Director/Production Manager, Keira Lyons and Assistant Directors, Sally Oliver and School Drama Captain, Maddy Brake. Congratulations on 4 sold out shows! On behalf of the school community, thank you.

CamberWELL Week

This past week, CGGS has celebrated CamberWELL Week and we thank Student Representative Council Chair, Genevieve Alexie and School Wellbeing Captain, Isobel Arnot for organising a wonderful week of activities. These included Beanie Day, a fabulous International Concert, a very popular Jumping Castle and Scrunchie Day.

Wellbeing at CGGS is based on the understanding that high levels of wellbeing act as a catalyst for academic achievement and ultimately life satisfaction and success. A sense of connection and belonging, both at school and within a wider community, gives each of us a relevance beyond ourselves. CamberWELL week is about acknowledging how important a sense of wellbeing is through connection with and giving to others.  Activities throughout the week included some exercise through organised sport activities, feel good energy from a jumping castle, giving to others though the Beanies for Brain Cancer fundraising activity, connection with our international students through a lunchtime concert, giving to others by raising funds at a Service Learning BBQ, supporting the work of Amnesty International through today’s Scrunchie day and chocolate toss.


Beanies for Brain Cancer

In our Senior School Assembly this week, Year 12 student Maddy Brake, School Drama Captain, supported by her sister Jessica (Year 10) and their mother Litsa, spoke to the students and staff about their journey of losing their father from Brain Cancer 6 years ago.

For many years now Maddy has wanted to find her voice to speak about this illness and decided a few months ago that now was the time before completing her schooling at CGGS. So, within the supportive environment of CGGS, Maddy spoke about her father’s battle and urged us all to wear a beanie in support of the Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer charity. If you would like to add your own donation to our collection please do so via

Maddy shared with us how close to her heart this charity is, after her own father was diagnosed with brain cancer, 12 years ago when she was in Prep. Maddy was so young when her father received his diagnosis, that at the time she didn’t fully understand what it meant for her family. Life became a routine of hospitals and medical appointments and her father spent 6 years trying many different treatments and was frequently in and out of hospital.

Sadly Maddy’s father passed away 6 years ago and as a family, his presence is missed every single day.  Maddy’s hope is that we all take a moment to make a contribution towards finding a cure for this type of cancer. The more money for research that is raised, the higher the chances of there being a more positive outcome for families in the future.

We fully appreciate how hard it was for Maddy to speak openly of her experience, but we are all so very proud of her and all her achievements both at school and more broadly.


Year 7 2020 Assessment Day

Today we welcomed 106 students keen to become members of the Class of 2025, our Year 7 students for 2020. The students took part in a series of academic tests to assist their teachers for next year in creating programs to best suit their range of capabilities. They were also extremely well embraced into the school community by the current Year 7, 11 and 12 students who led the fun activities that took place throughout the day. Many thanks to all the students and staff who assisted in the organisation and coordination of activities today.


Digital Wellbeing Article #3
Ring, Ring… does anyone ever call anymore?

The ABC conducted a survey about smartphone use as part of the 2017 Australian National Science Week and its results may or may not surprise you, depending upon your age!

Dr Kathy Modecki from Griffith University, states that “the way individuals are interacting with their smartphones across the day, and in their lives and relationships, is very, very different by age cohort” (2017). The younger you are, the more likely you are to use your smartphone as a “mini-computer”. It appears that using it for actual telephone calls and even texting is perhaps old fashioned, with these uses being favoured by the older members of our society. You might like to take a closer look at your family members’ smartphone usage to see how it compares with the survey’s findings.

It is not unusual to want to know what is considered to be the ‘right age’ to give a child or teenager their own smartphone. Whilst the trend is for smartphones to be adopted at an increasingly younger age, unlike driving a motor vehicle, there are no laws or even rules to follow. Having said that, the following guidelines from on promoting safe, responsible and enjoyable smartphone use may be of assistance to your family.

> Discuss and aim to agree on what responsible and respectful smartphone use looks like for your family, for example, valuing other family members by putting down smartphones when talking to each other.

> Value the importance of sleep by keeping smartphones out of bedrooms either all the time or at an agreed upon time, for example, an hour before children and adults’ bedtimes.

> Role model positive behaviour, for example, not using smartphones during family meal times.

> Find ways to share how different family members are using their smartphones, for example, listening to new music, editing photos, discussing newsfeed items etc.

You may wish to view these and other guidelines including safety, security and managing data costs at


ABC. (2017). Smartphone survey: the fascinating differences in the way we use our phones. Retrieved from (2019). Responsible mobile phone use for children and teenagers. Retrieved from

Felicity Carroll
Digital Literacy Coordinator JS & SS


Winter Sleep Out 2019

On Friday evening, 26 July, a group of 40 students and a small group of teachers, took part in the annual CGGS Winter Sleep Out. A unique event that is a clear demonstration of the school’s commitment to serving our local community. This commitment has been undertaken and reimagined through many generations of Camberwell girls over the years, however the Winter Sleep Out has been a tradition for many many years now.

The night began with rain. Lots and lots of rain. Girls donned layers and raincoats as they set up their sleeping bags and mats arranged outside the Cafe, in front of the Staff Room and Makerspace. We gathered in Robinson Hall to have dinner together, on the Menu were 2 Minute Noodles and Cup-a-Soup sachets. One of the highlights of the night came from our guest speakers Kate and Meg, from the Salvation Army, who ran a session on the importance of home and allowing us to reflect upon the importance of having a sense of belonging.

After this session, we ran a “Build Your Shelter” activity where the girls split up into teams and were challenged to make a shelter to fit two members of their group in only using newspaper and tape. Points were given for creativity and structural integrity. Another highlight of the night was the traditional shop down at Woolworths. Groups were all tasked with purchasing different items of need such as sanitary products, canned foods and tea and coffee. Overall, we purchased $840 worth of shopping to donate to the Salvation Army. Needless to say, carrying all of these items back to school up Burke Road was a serious challenge.

The night was a great success and it was so exciting that so many girls getting involved.

For the Year 12 students this was their last Sleep Out, they leave behind a legacy of instilling the willingness to do their part and get involved with the younger girls. An extra special shout out to the Year 11s and 12s who had School Tours early Saturday morning right after packing up the Winter Sleep Out. Thanks also to the teachers, Ms Gordon, Ms Watkins, Ms Kosowski, Mr Henderson, Mrs Campbell and Mr Maycock, who got involved and supported us on the night.

Natasha Parsons & Josie La
Service Learning Captains

Biennial Anglican School Service at St Paul’s Cathedral

A group of CGGS students, led by School Captains, Nikki Chen, Ellie Zhou and Stephanie Lysikatos, as well as School Faith and Worship Captain, Isabella Lincke and School Wellbeing Captain, Isobel Arnot joined with students, Chaplainsand Principals from 29 Anglican Schools at St Paul’s Cathedral on July 31. The Service began with a sea of school banners, carried by representatives of each school, in a lengthy procession, which included the Archbishop of Melbourne, The Most Reverend Philip Freier, and regional bishops.

The congregation experienced the joy of singing with the Cathedral Organ, and some contemporary hymns were ably supported by a band from St Paul’s Warragul. During the service, the Lord’s Prayer was spoken in six different languages and one of our Year 11 students, Jennifer Fan, said the prayer in Mandarin. An offering was received for the Bible Society’s Indigenous ministry projects. For the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are Christians, most have never heard the Bible in their own language or dialect. There is currently only one full Bible in Australian Indigenous Language: Kirol. Overall, it was a happy gathering, which gave students the opportunity to worship in a beautiful space, and to see more clearly the connection between Anglican Schools and the Anglican Church.

Helen Creed
School Chaplain

2019 Monash University Accounting Case Study Competition – WINNERS!

In 2017, the Monash University Business Faculty launched the first of their now annual Accounting Case Study competitions. The competition is part of “Monash Accounting Week” and is open to Victorian VCE and IB students enrolled in Business Management or Accounting.

The competition involves students working either individually or in teams of up to three people over a four-week window to analyse a business scenario and write a formal business report making recommendations about what the business needs to do to improve.

This year, six of our Year 12 Accounting students formed two teams and both teams made it through to the finals. This in itself was an outstanding achievement, as the task is of University standard and it takes a significant level of motivation to take on something additional of this nature in Year 12. Jessica Lu, Dorothy Zhang, Tracy Chen, Madeleine Georges, Jessalyn Tan and Irene Xian are all congratulated both for their effort and the level of expertise they were able to demonstrate.

Ours were two of three competition finalists with each team required to make a ten-minute presentation to a panel of judges, followed by five-minutes of question time. It was a fitting reward when Madeleine, Jessalyn and Irene were announced the winners of the 2019 Monash University Accounting Case Competition!

In addition to each member of the winning team receiving $200, CGGS received a $1,000 prize and a plaque acknowledging our winners. As their teacher, I could not have been prouder of the way both our teams approached this task and competed. The prize for me was seeing the performance of six confident young women who are clearly ready to take the next steps as independent learners.

Ali Larkey
Head of Commerce

German Poetry Competition

The 2019 AGTV German Poetry Competition saw CGGS students from Years 7-9 compete against other 2nd language German students reciting a poem in German. The competition’s criteria had a core focus on proficiency, the presentation, knowledge and understanding ofthe chosen poem.

Selected German students all competed at a school level for the German Poetry Bonanza and presented a German poem to their teachers.

The regionalfinalswere competed at PLC against other schools including Scotchand Trinity. While the students waited to present their poems, there was the opportunity to socialize with the other students while enjoying some refreshments.

The day was successful and a great experience for the CGGS students. All of the students were proud of their achievements as they all performed high-level poems.

Congratulations to the Year 9 German students, Sarah Hui, Olivia Jones, Nicole Chang, Chloe Law, Megan Kuo and Priyanshi Shah for their fabulous Group Performance, which resulted in them coming second overall. Moreover, we congratulate Nektaria Toscas, who came second in the Year 8 individual category and we wish her best of luck to in her advancement to the State Finals.

2019 Global Village Bilingual Children and Youth Speech Competition

Last week,Madeleine Giagoudakis (Yr 8), Aalisha Wong (Yr 10) and Chelim Lee (Yr 11) participated in the 10th Global Village Bilingual Children and Youth Speech Competition hosted by GoodTalk Culture Communication Singapore in conjunction with Xinhuanet and Ministry of Education, China.

Organised by the Chinese Language Teachers Association of Victoria, (CLTAV), the event was held from 26 – 28 July.  On the Friday night, participants had to deliver a 2-3 minutes speech in Chinese on the topic of “China in My Eyes”. More than 90 students from many schools around Victoria competed to secure a place in the final round. Madeleine and Aalisha were among the 30 successful candidates selected into the final competition.

Thirty pairs were then formed with each comprising one Australian student and one student from China. On Saturday, Madeleine and Aalisha teamed up with their students from China, and jointly constructed and prepared their speeches. During the speech, the Chinese student would present in English, while the Australian student presented in Chinese.The final competition took place on Sunday hosted by Fintona Girls School. Both Madeleine and Aalisha received a third prize. Congratulations to Madeleine, Aalisha and Chelim for their hard work, their passion and the confidence they have displayed on the stage. Well done, girls!

Lin Zhang
Chinese Coordinator & Chinese Teacher

Another Successful Year of Senior AFL!

Recently, the Senior AFL team at CGGS completed their AFL season with a hard fought victory over nearby rivals, Fintona, in what was the first Pride Match staged between the two schools. The Pride Match which was devised by our Head of Sport, Ms Lauren Law, in acknowledgement and support of the LBGTQI+ community. Our hope is that this will become an annual event in the Senior AFL Calendar. To mark the occasion, all members of the team were presented with special football socks to wear during the match.

Prior to the Pride Match, the Senior AFL team had completed yet another undefeated season in B Grade of the GSV AFL Competition. This makes four years in a row with our Senior Team being undefeated. Throughout 2019 the team has recorded victories against Ruyton, MLC, Loreto, Strathcona and Lowther Hall to finish on top of their division.

This year, the team was brilliantly led by Co-Captains, Zoe Giagoudakis, Bonnie Thorn and Samreen Kaur. The Best Player Award was presented to both Samreen Kaur and Louise Zhang while the Coach’s Award went to Tilly Dunn.

A feature of the team this year was the fact that thirteen Year 12s regularly participated on Friday afternoons in the GSV Competition. It is a testament to the culture and spirit of the team, that these girls found time in their busy schedules to take part each Friday afternoon.

One of the Co-Captains, Zoe Giagoudakis summed up the season the following way; “Being privileged enough to participate in AFL at Camberwell since Year 7 has been a valuable opportunity; it has allowed me to form friendships with older and younger girls, be lucky enough to play the reconciliation matches and play a sport that I love. It has been an honour to be a part of this tight knit football community in which everyone supports one another in an effort to create a fun, inclusive and motivating environment which empowers girls to play such an exciting sport.”

While debutant Ashley Olsen shared “As a new girl on the scene, it’s fantastic to feel so welcomed and encouraged as part of not only the team, but also the legacy that has already been paved, and hopefulness for the future. Our CGGS players’ abilities to go hard and fast at the ball, but at the same time be caring and thoughtful off the field makes me proud to have the opportunity to uphold our school’s success in our fourth consecutive year of victory.”

In concluding, certainly one of the further highlights is the large number of Old Girls who played GSV AFL at CGGS who have now continued their love affair with AFL by playing for local clubs and Universities in the nearby leagues.

Andrew Burnell
Senior AFL Coach


Each year, as part of the Wellbeing Program, CGGS hosts PROJECT ROCKIT to deliver their innovative and empathy-based workshops about tackling bullying. Thankfully and due to our school values and clear expectations we do not experience examples of bullying very often in our school community, however the skills of being an upstander and empowering young people to make change at a societal level is an important goal.

PROJECT ROCKIT creates spaces where all young people have access to respect, acceptance, creative expression and real leadership skills. The passionate young presenters were able to engage and empower CGGS students to lead positive change at school, online and beyond.

Included below is a report from some of our Year 7 students about the PROJECT ROCKIT experience.

On Monday August 5 two presenters for Project Rockit came to highlight strategies for coping with bullying.

Different types of bullying were highlighted, and we were encouraged to find calm ways of dealing with any difficult situations. The slow clap and yelling Barbecue were suggested as strategies. Let us hope we do not have to use these!

Whilst none of us has ever experienced bullying in Year 7, it was a timely reminder that not everyone is as kind. Thank goodness, we are all understanding of each other’s differences and qualities. Respect and care of each other is something we all value and as a year level, we are all very united.

Isabella Wood, Clarissa Wong, Kiki Page and Madeline McDonald
7W & 7B

I wish our entire CGGS community a restful weekend.



Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

Senior School


Senior School

July 26, 2019

Welcome back to Term 3 at Senior School. On Monday 15 July all our staff took part in a number of Professional Development sessions including updating First Aid qualifications and training. At the start of every term, Rev Helen Creed leads us for a time of prayer and reflection and it really helps set the tone for the coming weeks. Thank you Rev Creed!

This past week we had the pleasure of welcoming three new families to CGGS and all our students have returned refreshed and ready for their learning and all the activities on offer to them this term.

House Public Speaking has been taking place in and around the production rehearsals. I take this opportunity to remind parents to book their tickets for either the Thursday 1, Friday 2 or Saturday 3 of August as seats are selling fast! The spectacular set that has been created for “The Secret In The Wings” means there are limited seats available, so get in quick. Once again this year’s production will be an amazing achievement and we are all excited to see the fruits of the efforts of the students and the staff involved.

Last Thursday we held our 2020 Year 8 – 10 Subject Information Evening for parents and students. On this night we also had Dr. Jared Cooney Horvath also present to the families on his work in the Cognizance Project – A Tour through the Teenage Brain. CGGS was recently offered the opportunity to work with Jared and partner with Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) to present the following 4 sessions to our Year 9 students and staff:

> Get Your Mind Right (Stories and Errors)

> Master The Hardware (Plasticity)

> Gaming The System (Memory)

> Owning Your Learning (Metacognition)

The number of parents and students who commented about Jared’s session is a reflection of how important and informative his presentation was for our school community. I thank Nirvana Watkins, Deputy Head of Senior School – Student Wellbeing (Curriculum & Programs) for inviting Jared to speak on the night. This was followed by an information session run by Kate Manners, Deputy Head of Senior School – Teaching & Learning and also all the Heads of Department who spoke to the students and their parents about the subjects and electives on offer to them in 2020. Thank you to Kate for her organisation of this informative evening.

It seems hard to believe that we are already at the stage again of students applying for School and House Leadership roles for 2020. However, we are at that time of the year, and it is truly inspiring to have so many of our students aspiring to roles of leadership for the future.

This week many parents availed the opportunity to come to the Year 10 – 12 Learning Conversations and in conjunction with their daughter and teachers discuss the learning outcomes, progress made and means of extra growth in each subject. Such sessions are invaluable and rather than calling them Parent Teacher Interviews, we deliberately call them Learning Conversations, because essentially that’s what they are. We believe that this 3 way communication provides the best outcomes for the student.


Oh sleep, oh gentle sleep… and digital wellbeing

Term 3 is well underway with students returning to their school routines. For many students coming back to school requires a reset of sleeping patterns to accommodate school, rather than holiday hours. It is recommended that children aged between five and eight years have ten to eleven hours of sleep a night, with teenagers needing nine to ten hours to function at their best (Raising Children, 2019; Treyvaud, Vowles, 2018).

Whilst each family’s schedule is different, our nightly routines often include at least some time either watching TV or using a computer or mobile device, all of which emit blue light. It is widely recognised that this blue light suppresses melatonin levels. Lower melatonin levels disrupt the body’s circadian rhythms, i.e. the body’s biological clock, which in turn delays sleep and has a negative impact on your sleep quality.

One simple step is to make use of Apple’s Night Shift or the Night Mode function for Android devices as these both reduce blue light exposure. An even more important strategy is to turn off mobile devices, computers and the TV at least one hour before bedtime. You may already be doing this, but if this isn’t the case, a conversation with your children / teenagers about the merits of quality sleep on wellbeing, and how to manage their night-time device usage, could be worthwhile. Refer to the Raising Children website for more advice on good sleep hygiene from newborns through to teenage years.

The previous article in this Digital Wellbeing series mentioned our intention to survey the CGGS community as part of our digital wellbeing initiative. This work has begun with all Senior and Junior teachers completing individual and team surveys. We will be asking for your assistance in upcoming weeks as we conduct surveys of our families and students. Survey trends will be shared with the community in future articles. The focus of our next article in this series, is the digital wellbeing of primary aged children, so make sure you look out for it in the next CamNews.

Felicity Carroll (Digital Literacy Coordinator) and Cathy Poyser (Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School)


> (2019). Understanding sleep. Retrieved from

> Treyvaud, R.,& Vowles, C. (2018) The parents’ survival guide to children, technology and the internet.Wangle Technologies Ltd.


LinkedIn for Students

Students in Year 12 attended a presentation on ‘LinkedIn for Students’ by Mrs Sue Ellson, an independent LinkedIn specialist. Sue gave an overview of the recognition by employers of social media sites such as LinkedIn as part of the overall recruitment process. She citing research that indicated 90% of employers use LinkedIn as part of their selection process. She reminded students about their current digital footprint and asked them what it may say to their future employers.

The presentation was followed by a workshop for the Year 12s where they had the opportunity to create their own profile. Ably guided by Sue, she led students through the setting up of their own excellent LinkedIn profile and explained the intricacies of privacy settings. She enlightened students about taking control of their own brand, making connections, building influence and knowing their industry as they move into tertiary study and the world of work. The girls LinkedIn profile will enable them to network and connect to school alumni, to chat about potential career paths, or source information about career opportunities, and also connect with users and groups in unique and strategic ways.

Sue gave an energetic, enthusiastic and thought provoking presentation to our students. She has an impressive array of presentations, podcasts and publications

Trish Dolan
Careers Councellor

Anne Harvey-Nagl – International Violinist Masterclasses

On Friday the Music Department was honoured to host Melbourne-born internationally-renowned violinist, Anne Harvey-Nagl, for a day of workshops and masterclasses at CGGS. Anne is currently based in Vienna and has achieved much success as a performer in Europe. She has played with the Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna, the Vienna Mozart Orchestra, Vienna Concert-Verein, Klangforum, Music On Line, and the Kammerphilharmonie. From 1999 – 2011 Anne was Principal 1st violin of the Vienna Volksoper and was appointed Concertmaster in 2011.

Many students had the opportunity to work with Anne, including Senior Chamber Strings, Russell Strings and two chamber ensembles. The Year 9 Piano Quintet of Isabelle Viney, Angie D’Leong, Teagan Diep, Emily Wu and Teresa Guo enjoyed a fantastic session with Anne:

“Our masterclass with Anne Harvey-Nagl was very insightful to hear her wide knowledge and experience from the field of music. We all really enjoyed hearing her interesting suggestions to add to our piece which helped us grow as individual musicians, and also helped our ensemble become more united and musical”

“I couldn’t believe how much I had learnt from Anne in one day, in the strings workshops and the quintet session. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and my time on the Strings Day”

“My experience with Ann Harvey-Nagl was extremely inspiring, educational and insightful. We all took a lot away from it, which allowed us to further improve and grow as musicians. Hearing her expert insights and suggestions to improve our playing helped us all immensely”

Students and staff were treated to an inspiring and extremely engaging lunchtime recital from Anne where she talked about her musical experiences and both violin and musical performance technique, as well as playing many pieces, from Kreisler to Mozart. Many Music staff members were involved in the day’s sessions and special thanks goes to Nichole Adams and Rohan Mack who was instrumental in securing this opportunity for our students to work with Anne. Anne visits Australia regularly and always performs when she is here. Families may wish to attend one of Anne’s performances this weekend!

Australian World Orchestra
Friday 26 July, 7.30pm
Hamer Hall, Arts Centre Melbourne
Performing Westlake ‘Flying Dream’, Janáček ‘Taras Bulba’ Rhapsody for Orchestra, Sibelius Symphony No. 2, Op. 43.
Tickets available online

Anne Harvey-Nagl & John O’Donnell
Sunday 28 July, 3.00pm
All Saints Anglican Church, East St Kilda
Performing Beethoven Sonata No. 4, Op. 23 & Brahms Sonata No. 3, Op. 108
Free entry for students with valid student card, Adults $25

Rohan Mack & Kate Savige
Directors of Music


Saturday Netball

Saturday Netball has recommenced for Term 3, with many CGGS teams having wins in round 11.

Year 7 Quartz had a fantastic win against Ruyton Roulettes, the CGGS team have had tough games this season but all girls played their best netball last Saturday. Year 7 Pearl versed the top team and CGGS were up for the challenge, although the team was defeated, the girls gave it their all and made the opposition work hard.

Year 8 Jade had a close game against Ruyton Renegades, Jade were strong all over the court and won 12-11. Year 8 Jade are sitting in 3rd place comfortably on the ladder.

The Year 9 teams had close games last Saturday, Amber drew to Genazzano Gooden 16-16, Aquamarines went down by 5 goals but had a good game, and Diamonds were defeated 16-8.

Year 10 Turquoise were unstoppable against Genazzano Molik, the CGGS team were strong down the whole court and scored 17 goals.

The Year 11 Tanzanites were determined to beat Genazzano Layton, their hard work paid off and defeated them 13-10.

Year 12 Crystals played a fantastic game last Saturday, are yet to lose a game for the season and have taken the lead on the ladder. Year 12 Moonstones were too good for MLC Coral, scoring 29 goals and kept the opposition at 4 goals. Moonstones are now comfortably in 3rd place on the ladder and are excited to play finals in few weeks.

Best of luck to all Saturday Netball teams competing this weekend!

Lexie Joyce
Netball Coordinator


I wish you all a restful weekend.

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

Senior School


Latest Articles

Senior School

This past fortnight at CGGS has provided every year level at Senior School with their own set of opportunities to challenge themselves and undertake unique experiences.

Our Year 7 students spent last week on camp with the Outdoor Education Group (OEG) at Camp Jungai, near Eildon. This was for many of our students, their first experience of camping in a tent, and while the weather conditions for the week were not ideal, each of the students and staff made the absolute most of each of their experiences. I was thrilled to be able to spend two days with the Year 7 students during this camp and wish to thank Mrs Jenine Caruso, the Year 7 Coordinator and Mr Shane Maycock, Deputy Head of Senior School – Co-curricular Programs along with each of the staff who attended this camp for their support of our students. It was most definitely a wonderful week for all.

The Year 8 students spent their week journeying in canoes, hiking and camping on the banks of the Murray River. While the days were cold, the skies were clear and the students were able to enjoy days without rain. These students and staff also thoroughly enjoyed their experiences throughout the week and again we thank Mrs Kim Hepworth, the Year 8 Coordinator and Mr Shane Maycock, along with all the staff who participated in this camp for their efforts to ensure each student had a memorable time. In speaking to both the students and staff this past week, all have noted that they grew in resilience and felt proud of their achievements.

Our Year Level Coordinators Jenine Caruso (Year 7) and Kim Hepworth (Year 8) have shared more about their year level’s camps later in this edition.

Last week the Year 6 students spent the week in Senior School as part of our Transition to Senior School program for our own Junior School students. Many of the teachers in Senior School offered wonderful taster experiences of the day in the life of a Year 7 student. I take this opportunity to thank the Senior School teachers for the lessons they prepared to welcome our Year 6 students and all the students who embraced this week with enthusiasm. Experiences included Science sessions with Ms Bonnington and Mrs Pappas, Geography with Ms Walter, a Lego challenge with Ms Kinnane, History with Mrs Wighton, Sport with Ms Georgiou, Drama with Ms Lyons and an extended Food Studies session with Mrs Goad. On the Friday afternoon we invited parents and special friends to come into the Year 7 level of the Anne Feehan Building to see the Adobe Spark Presentations the students had prepared to show-case their week. The girls then took their guests on a tour of the Senior School. It was definitely a week they all enjoyed.

Meanwhile our Year 10s were immersing themselves in Work Experience. On behalf of all the students in Year 10, I would like to thank Mrs Dolan, our Careers Counsellor, who ensures each of our students have meaningful experiences.

The Year 9s settled back into their regular classes after 3 special days the week before and the Year 11 students completed their examinations, while the Year 12s commenced their Unit 4 studies.

This week our School Captains, Nikki Chen, Ellie Zhou and Stephanie Lysikatos led a particularly entertaining Captains Assembly. This edition of The NES show enabled each of the Captains responsible for the various portfolios to conduct a light-hearted segment that all students and staff appreciated.

Finally, our 2020 VCE Information Night following on from the VCE Preparation Day for Year 10s provided the students and parents of current Year 10 and 11s with all the understanding they require to make informed decisions about their future studies. I thank Ms Kate Manners, Deputy Head of Senior School – Teaching and Learning, Mr Mark Corrie, VCE Coordinator and Mrs Trish Dolan, Careers Counsellor along with all the Heads of Department who provided great insight into their subject offerings for our students in 2020. Our students were keen to hear that we have two new offerings at Year 11 Units 1/2, being Psychology and English Language. We also acknowledge and thank the Old Grammarian’s Association for their support of the Year 10 Mentoring Lunch on Wednesday. Mrs Karen Bartram and Mrs Trish Dolan worked closely together to ensure our Year 10 students hear advice from great role models and leaders, Year 11 Tilly Dunn and Year 12 Ellie Zhou.

It has been a wonderful fortnight in Senior School at CGGS and I thank all our students for their involvement in all we offer them and also to the staff for providing these offerings.


Digital Wellbeing: Ages, Stages and Statistics

There has been a lot of Australian and International media coverage about the changing role of technology within today’s society. This series of articles will explore these changes and their potential impact on our digital wellbeing throughout different life stages. Importantly, we recognise the interrelationship between emerging technologies and our behaviours as technology users.

This week we begin by examining usage trends and guidelines for the youngest members of our CGGS community, pre-school children. The ubiquitous nature of technology means its use by young children has been normalised. You may be surprised by the results of a 2017 poll that shows 36% of Australian pre-schoolers have their ownmobile touch screen device (Rhodes, 2017). We will be able to see how this statistic compares with that of our own community when we undertake upcoming CGGS surveys.

It is widely recommended that children younger than two years be discouraged from using devices other than for video chat, for example using Facetime to connect with family members overseas (Raising Children, 2019).Whilst there is limited research on technology use for pre-schoolers, there is consensus that they may benefit from:

> using the device with their parents, thereby encouraging social interactions

> creating and interacting with content rather than the sedentary consumption of content such as videos

Dr Kristy Goodwin advocates that parents become pilots of the digital plane at this early stage and during later stages of technology use (2017). Piloting strategies and a discussion of screen-time guidelines will be presented in future articles as we explore ways to balance and promote quality technology usage for different ages and life stages.

Guidelines provided within this series have been drawn from a range of authoritative sources, including those listed below:

> Office of the eSafety Commissioner, an Australian government resource

> The Australian Communication and Media authority, Australian government resource

> Raising Children, an Australian resource supported by the Australian government Department of Social Services

> Common Sense Media, an American leading non-profit organisation

> Family Insights Knowledge Centre, an Australian company in partnership with the research body, Telethon Kids Institute

> ThinkUKnow, an Australian website provided by the Australian Federal Police and assorted partnerships


> (2019). Screentime: babies and toddlers. Retrieved from

> Goodwin, K. (2016). Raising your child in a digital world. Finch: Lane Cove.

> Rhodes, A. (2017). Screen time and kids: What’s happening in our homes. Detailed report. Melbourne (VIC): The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne.

Cathy Poyser (Deputy Principal & Head of Senior School) & Felicity Carroll (Digital Literacy Coordinator) 


House Music 2019

The 2019 House Music performance evening was enjoyed by a capacity audience in the Barbara Sutton Hall. The House Music Captains had worked tirelessly to prepare and rehearse their selected repertoire, and all were rewarded with high quality performances in each category. This year’s theme of ‘Empowerment’ was successfully communicated by the House Music Captains and enthusiastically presented by all members of the House choirs. The adjudicator, old grammarian Juliana Kay, was very impressed with the high standard of performances and commended all students for their ability to deliver such entertaining selections.

We congratulate all involved, with particular acknowledgement of the School Music Captains, Technical Captains, House Captains and Technical Crew. Many thanks also to Shane Maycock, the House Teachers, additional teachers who supported rehearsals, Jane Scott, Cathy Georgiev, Stephanie Leslie, Mat Duniam, Keira Lyons, Sally Oliver, Kim Perkins, Stefi Allinson and Mark Corrie.

It has been a privilege to work with Kathy Han, Felicia Sprirdonos, Lucia Chen, Jennifer Le, Jennifer Fan, Shirly Chen and Caitlin Kuo. Their creative vision and passion for the craft of music performance was illuminated throughout the rehearsal process and we congratulate them on delivering such a wonderful evening of music. They fulfilled their leadership roles with kindness, creativity, resilience, persistence and good humour. They also established stronger connections across all year levels and generated many personal highlights which will form lifelong memories.

Category Winners

Choice (Heidi Lewis Memorial Trophy): Schofield

Overall Winners (Darbyshire Family Cup): Lawrence

Kate Savige & Rohan Mack
Directors of Music

Another A MUS A Recipient! 

We are thrilled to share that Year 8 student, Sarah Park, has succeeded in accomplishing her A Mus A Diploma for Violin this week, a remarkable achievement. Sarah will receive her diploma certificate at a ceremony later in the year. To achieve the Associate in Music Diploma (A Mus A), Sarah has studied and achieved Preliminary through Grade 8 in her AMEB examinations, achieving a very high standard in all her results. For most students this means application to their instrument, hours of practice and musical studies for many years, including passing Grade 5 Music Theory examinations. Congratulations, Sarah, on your outstanding success in your music studies!

2019 Monash University Accounting Week Case Study Competition

Two teams from CGGS have made it through to the finals of the 2019 Monash University Accounting Week Case Competition. Dorothy Zhang, Jessica Lu and Tracey Chen make up one team and Madeleine Georges, Jessalyn Tan and Irene Xian make up the other.

The Accounting Week Case Study Competition is designed for students studying VCE Units 1 – 4 Accounting or International Baccalaureate Business and Management, in Victoria. For the first part of the competition, students were required to develop a 3-year business plan including financial modelling. Having been short-listed as finalists, the teams are now required to prepare a 2 page synopsis of their findings and recommendations as well as make a ten-minute presentation (in which they all need to participate equally) to a judging panel made up of University Staff from the Faculty of Accounting and Business. This will take place on July 31.

While I was available as a mentor to the students throughout this process, they worked entirely independently to produce their entries and should be congratulated on getting to this point as it’s no mean feat to produce this standard of work on top of the usual Year 12 load.

A prize of $1,000 and a trophy/plaque will be awarded to the winning school. A further $200 visa prepaid gift card, certificate and trophy will be awarded to each member of the winning team. We wish our teams all the best and look forward to hearing more about their experience next Term.

Ali Larkey
Head of Commerce


Girls Invent Showcase 2019

The months of May and June have been extremely busy for the CGGS Girls Invent program and our Year 7 students. Our Girls Invent program has been run tirelessly by our Year 7 Science teaching team; Dr Sue Mason, Ms Liza Stevens, Ms Penny Dumsday and Ms Kirsten Shipsides. The aim of this program is for students to work through the design thinking process, work creatively, and enable them to ‘invent’ a solution to a problem.

In the first stage of this process, the girls used Science classes to brainstorm problems, areas of need, or opportunities in either their local or global communities. The girls refined their lists to just one area and jumped into the ideation process. Science classes were buzzing with creativity, with many students coming up with creative solutions to social and environmental issues. Once they had depleted their well of ideas, they chose their ‘favourite’ one and began the prototyping process.

On Tuesday 4 June, the girls had 4 hours to prepare their prototypes and display boards for the Enterprise Fair to showcase their learning. We were lucky to be joined by Dr Mark Glazebrook, founder of the Girls Invent program, who provided valuable feedback to the girls during the day about how best to improve upon their inventions. From 2.00pm, the Year 7 level of the Anne Feehan Building was transformed into an Enterprise Fair where students were able to display their hard work to the school community. Each student group had a carefully prepared display to showcase their prototype and collect feedback from their peers, the staff and their families in attendance. The girls spoke so passionately about their inventions and ideas.

This passion has continued towards the end of the term. Approximately 15 groups of students have expressed interest in taking their inventions to the next stage – the Girls Invent Pitch Off. Students met with Dr Glazebrook on Wednesday to discuss what would be involved in a Pitch (similar to what you might see on the TV show Shark Tank) and how they can take their brilliant ideas and develop them into a successful business.

A huge thank you to all the staff and students involved in making this year’s CGGS Girls Invent program a continued success. Watch this space for more news about how our Year 7s progress towards the Girls Invent Pitch Off against other schools at the end of the year.

Anthony Pasinati
Acting Head of Science


Year 10 Work Experience

Work Experience week gives all Year 10 students the opportunity to work in a profession in which they are interested. This valuable undertaking enables students to experience a typical working week, and a chance to explore different career options.

Mrs Dolan, the Careers Counsellor, introduced students to the concept of work experience in October 2018, when students were in Year 9. While June 2019 seemed a long way away, students were encouraged to seek placements early, as some areas, particularly hospital/medical clinics and legal firms, are highly sought after.  Students had some great experiences across these industries and a wide range of other industries, including veterinary practices, retail, accounting firms, advertising, design, marketing, dental practices, local government, physiotherapy clinics, global ICT firms, child care & primary education, hospitality, architectural & building construction firms.

Employers’ evaluations were overwhelmingly positive with many commenting on the terrific work ethic of the students, their maturity, courtesy, willingness to ask questions and the effort they made to fit into busy, and unfamiliar workplaces. The students thoroughly enjoyed their placements! Two firms were so impressed with our work experience students that they have sought to strengthen ties with the school through innovative pathway programs. This is another endeavour in the “#myfuture”careers program which will help students with decision making for their future.

Here are some testimonials that employers wrote about our recent work experience students:

Showed great enthusiasm during her time with our organization. She demonstrated an ability to take instructions on board and applied herself to tasks required. A joy to work with!

An absolute delight to work with. Completed some really valuable research while working with me. Came to work every day with a positive attitude and was extremely helpful.

A pleasure to have in the office and a valuable team member during her time. She was punctual, well presented and dedicated to her work. We really appreciated her contribution.

On Wednesday 26 June, as part of the VCE Information Day, students had the opportunity to reflect on what they have gained from this experience, add some new skills to their résume and update their digital portfolio. The work experience week is designed to be exciting and informative, with experienced people offering insights into a number of different professions.

Congratulations to our Year 10 students on a wonderful week!

Trish Dolan
Careers Counsellor

Year 10 2020 VCE Subject Selection

As a Year 10 student, choosing the VCE study program can seem a bit overwhelming. At CGGS there is an extensive schedule of events designed to build the students’ career knowledge and develop their career decision making skills, to ensure students make a seamless transition to the VCE.

Such events have included the very successful Careers Expo, work experience week, career education classes, ‘MyCareerMatch’ interest assessment, mentoring events, the VCE Information day and individual career interviews with Mrs Dolan, Careers Counsellor. The Year 10 mentoring lunch on Wednesday 26 June, on the theme of ‘Making Decisions’, allowed students to hear from Ellie Zhou (Year 12) and Tilly Dunn (Year 11). They spoke eloquently about their VCE experiences to date and how they made their subject choices. They gave the Year 10 students a clear understanding of the demands of the VCE program, but also emphasized the need to balance academic work with co-curricular activities and ‘down time’.

All of these experiences culminated in the all-important VCE Information evening when students and parents had the opportunity to talk to teachers about subject selection. They were also provided with an information pack full of material from tertiary institutions, VTAC and various government publications.

Over the next few weeks students will consult with teachers, parents and current VCE students to select their subjects for their VCE program, giving themselves the best opportunity to be happy with their choices. Subject selection applications are due in on Wednesday 24 July 2019.

Trish Dolan
Careers Counsellor

Think global, act local – Model UN Conference in German 2019

Learning German in new and innovative ways on topics of global interest, this has been the initiative for four VCE German students who recently took part in the UN Model Conference in German. Dubbed, “an opportunity of a lifetime”, by Ms Beck, the German teacher, the students were determined to make the best of the day. The Model UN Conference is a creative simulation of the UN General Assembly in which students represent member states of the UN. In teams of four, students try to negotiate a new UN Resolution, this year focusing on the vision “Think global, act local” in regard to sustainable cities and communities. The Model UN Conference is an opportunity for students to learn about the UN system, discuss global issues and practice their diplomacy skills in a fun, dynamic environment, while developing key negotiation and public speaking skills – all in German.

This year, the CGGS German students, consisting of Tilly Kutey, Shivani Gupta, Jennifer Fan and Yaya Feng, represented the country of Japan. In preparation, before the day, they had to read substantial delegates packs and research topics such as climate change, population growth, rapid urbanisation and food and water insecurity. Then they had to write a 3-minute-long position statement in German, as well as suggested changes to resolutions.

On the day, Year 12 student Tilly Kutey, read out the position statement for the country they represented in German, in front of about a hundred other students and teachers. The team then had to comment or answer questions, in German, when asked. The students put an amazing effort and time into the preparation and were very engaged on the day. Initially somewhat hesitant, but with their courage (and confidence growing), they put their flag up numerous times to answer questions and to engage in a friendly debate – and eventually proposing an amendment to the resolution, seeking the support of fellow country Russia!

The following remark from the girls, proves that learning in a challenging environment can be an engaging and positive experience, “It was truly memorable, as it is so rare to be immersed in an environment where we had to speak German.”

Herzlichen Glückwunsch an die vier Teilnehmerinnen!

Year 8 Medieval Day

This term, our Year 8 students have been studying the history of medieval Europe. Last Wednesday, they had the chance to participate in some hands-on learning in a day filled with medieval activities. Students practiced archery and learnt about its usefulness for hunting, defending herds from predators, and in warfare.

Using medieval weapons and armour, students constructed a timeline of how social structures and systems of protection changed between the fall of the Roman Empire, and the rise of modern armies using gunpowder weapons. Each class discussed how a village might put criminals on trial, and voted on punishments such as locking their classmates in the stocks (or worse).

Finally, at the end of the day, all of Year 8 gathered in the gym to discuss the training and equipment of a knight. It’s difficult to understand how an entire social system was developed around equipping a warrior nobility for battle, until students see just how difficult it was to injure a well-trained and well-equipped knights. Many of our Year 8 girls leaped at the opportunity to attack two fully-armoured medieval knights (with blunted weapons) and discovered just how difficult it was to even land a blow, let alone get past the knight’s shield and weapon! The day’s activities helped bring to life a millennium of history which students had previously only imagined in the classroom, and helped improve their understanding of how technology, beliefs and practices bring about change in society.

Year 7 Camp

Year 7 Education Outdoors Camp this year took us to Camp Jungai, a picturesque campsite a two- hour bus ride form CGGS. We all had a wonderful five days away and each Year 7 has a marvellous story to tell. The object of the camp was for the Year 7 students to spend time together to help support their growing friendships and to challenge themselves with the activities that were made available to them over the course of the week.

For many of the students the highlight was the high rope course. Three different obstacle courses, suspended 15 metres in the air, allowed students to quite literally reach new heights. Students cheered each other on, and many felt that exhilaration of stepping well outside their comfort zone and achieving success.

The camp out was another highlight. Despite the cold (and rain!) we all enjoyed the beauty of the starlit sky and the songs around the campfire certainly added to our memories of camp. The walk back through the beautiful bush landscape was also a memorable moment for many of the students. The informative talk from Indigenous Elder Aunty Aurora allowed us to better appreciate the significance of the land we were visiting.

Canoeing, raft building, a skit night (starting with a conga line), a game of ‘The Beast’ trivia and wonderful food filled the week away. The happy chatter and giggling in the cabins after lights-out confirmed the teachers view that this group of Year 7’s are wonderful. We all really enjoyed Year 7 Camp, 2019.

Year 8 Camp

In the early hours of 17 June, shrouded in darkness and cold, the CGGS Year 8 cohort and a band of fearless tutors and teaching staff embarked on an adventure of a lifetime – a Murray River canoeing and hiking expedition which was the 2019 Year 8 camp.

As the coaches pulled away from Norway Reserve, the silhouettes of waving, rugged-up parents and loved ones disappeared in the distance. The excited chatter of the girls on the buses, slowly gave way to snores and deep breathing as those, unaccustomed to such early starts to the day, fought desperately to sneak in some additional hours of sleep before their outdoor adventure began.

After a quick toilet break along the way, and after three and half hours of travelling, we finally arrived at our drop off points within Yarrawonga Regional Park along the Murray River. Different groups were dropped off at Forges Gate, Bruce’s Gate, Nevins Gate and Bourke’s Bridge respectively where they met their Outdoor Activity Group leaders and started the daunting task of packing their backpacks with all the essentials for the week. The systematic and no-nonsense approach to this task was done with military precision and before long, all groups were ready to begin. Some groups hiked directly to the banks of the Murray ready to embark on the canoeing component of their trip. Other groups hiked into the bush for their short walk to their campsite for the night.

Over the course of the next four days of glorious sunshine the Year 8 girls really came into their own. From preparing their own meals, sourcing firewood for campfires at night, carrying all their cooking, sleeping and travelling equipment on their backs the Year 8 girls were really pushed physically. But in typical CGGS fashion they rose to the occasion. When the hiking and canoeing challenged many, it was the wonderful to see the care and encouragement the girls gave one another. The cheerful way they always helped each other out, supported one another, light-heartedly laughed at each other’s mishaps along the way, buoyed us all and made our week away in the bush so pleasurable. So whilst our packs were heavy and the early mornings and evening were bitterly cold, the Year 8 CGGS girls proved that with a positive attitude and openness to working together as a team, anything is possible.

Saturday Netball

The CGGS Saturday Netball teams are half way through the Winter Competition. Year 7 Pearl competition is very close, with CGGS, MGGS, Ruyton and MLC all sitting on equal points on the ladder, CGGS will meet the top team in Round 11. Year 7 Quartz are a new team, they have come across tough opposition but have had a great win early in the Season.

Year 8 Silver are currently 4thon the ladder and are working hard to remain in the top 4. Year 8 Jade have demonstrated a high level of netball, coming across tough opposition but Jade are always up for a challenge, Year 8 Jade are also sitting in 4thplace on the ladder.

Year 9 Diamonds and Gold both had fantastic wins last Saturday, Gold defeated Fintona Femmes and Diamonds defeated Strathcona Sunset. Year 9 Aquamarines were unstoppable last Saturday against Koonung Phoenix with an 11 goal win, the CGGS team are sitting in equal 3rdposition on the ladder. Year 9 Amber had a tough game against Strathcona Sharks, the opposition moved the ball quickly and Amber took a while to adjust.

Year 10 Gems and Turquoise have had great wins throughout the first half of the season, both teams will have to work hard in the final rounds to qualify for finals.

Year 11 Tanzanites are currently sitting on equal points with Strathcona Skittles on the ladder, the CGGS team will have to work hard and be more consistent to secure a position in the finals later in Term 3. Year 11 Emeralds had a fantastic win last Saturday against MA Tigers, Emeralds demonstrated great defensive pressure across the court and the shooters were able to convert the turnovers into goals.

Year 12 Moonstones were strong in Round 10, defeating Strathcona Shooting Stars 22-6 and have secured 3rdplace on the ladder. Year 12 Crystals played a consistent game last Saturday, with a 9 goal win over MA Lightning and are currently sitting in 2ndplace on the ladder, closely behind 1stplace by percentage.

Congratulations to all Saturday Netball teams on their efforts throughout the first half of the Season, best of luck goes to all heading into the finals rounds.

Lexie Joyce
CGGS Netball Coordinator


Please look out for my end of Term letter and also the next Senior School Weekly which will both be published in the holidays in the lead up to Term 3.

All my best wishes for a safe and relaxing holiday.


Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School