Senior School


Senior School

This week our Year 10s have been in Halls Gap for their camp, always a very physical and demanding camp, but an equally strong bonding experience for this year level. Reports from Shane Maycock and Meg Anderson, Year 10 Co-ordinator, have been positive, although high winds on Wednesday night brought the camping group inside to shelter from the harsh conditions.  As always when we have girls out on camps, we are in constant contact to ensure the safety of the girls and supervising staff. We look forward to hearing more about their experience in our next CamNews.

Whole School Assembly this week saw Mr Connor Flanagan of the Justice Department present to the girls about why he is a White Ribbon Ambassador and what the White Ribbon Organisation represents. While the harsh reality of the statistics of family and domestic violence towards women were confronting, the aim of the organisation is to educate, in particular young boys and men, about respectful relationships. The video and contents of Mr Flanagan’s presentation may have raised some questions for the girls and I encourage you to ask your daughter about his presentation. Should you require any assistance, please make contact with the appropriate YLC, School Counsellors or myself. As part of our health classes our own girls also study respectful relationships, appropriate and inappropriate behaviour within any relationship.

We also thank the International Captains for their Q&A discussion of culture and diversity in this assembly.

The Social Justice Captains are hosting a White Ribbon Benefit concert on Tuesday 16 August. Acts by students from a number of local schools will be the entertainment of the night. We would love to see as many of you there as possible, with all funds going to the White Ribbon Foundation. More information can be found here.

On Monday August 15 Learning Conversations take place for our Year 7-10 students. Appointments will take place in the Upper Level of the Woodstock Building from 2.15 – 5.15pm and from 6 – 8pm. Please note that each interview is for 6 minutes and to ensure long queues do not appear, we respectfully ask you to ensure you are on time and conclude your conversation when the bell is rung. If you wish to speak further with a specific teacher, please contact the school to make an appointment.

Bookings can be made via Parent Lounge until Monday 15 August at 10am.


Visit to Coranderrk and Healesville Excursion

Following our Camberwell Girls Reconciliation Week celebrations in May, a number of girls from Years 9-11 were given the amazing opportunity to spend a day with Murrundindi at his homelands, ‘his church’ as he describes it, at Coranderrk Station, Healesville Sanctuary. Although the weather wasn’t kind to us on the day, the rain did not dampen our spirits. In fact, Murrundindi explained that his people acknowledge the rain as cleansing our earth.

Upon arrival, Murrundindi welcomed us and addressed each and every one of us with a special Indigenous Australian hug. We then embarked on an informative and interactive tour around the sanctuary and its bush surrounds. A highlight was visiting Murrundindi’s family’s Birthing Tree. It is situated within the sacred Coranderrk bushland and is not accessible to the public, unless accompanied by Murrundindi himself. Being only the second ever group of students to visit this site, this was a true privilege. Murrundindi’s mother was the last baby born in the safety of the Birthing Tree and he explained that it continues to provide him with care, security and guidance whenever he needs it. He honoured us by encouraging us to place our hands upon its large and powerful trunk to feel the energy this unique tree was giving off. In the midst of the pitter-patter of raindrops and surrounded by the beautiful Australian bush and waterways, it was a serene feeling to be so in touch with nature in that moment.

Healesville Sanctuary is home to many Australian animals and birds and is famously known for their Birds of Prey exhibit and demonstration show which we watched with excitement. Soaring up above and swooping down in between us were various native Australian birds including Kites, Cockatoos, and a most impressive Wedge-Tailed Eagle. Our trip up to Healesville was not only entertaining but truly educational as well. Murrundindi shared with us the many different uses of plants and how they can be used as medicine or shaped into canoes and boomerangs. He also taught us about William Barak, one of his ancestors and key leaders in Wurundjeri history who walked all the way from Coranderrk to Melbourne’s Parliament House for an audience with the Governor to courageously advocate for Indigenous Rights. Our School community will soon be able to take part in a re-creation of Barak’s walk with Murrundindi in the coming months.

We would like to thank Murrundindi for sharing with us this incredible learning experience. It has strengthened our understanding and commitment to learning about our local Indigenous culture.
~ Catherine Chen 11B, Reconciliation Captain


Monash Scholar’s Program

A number of our year 10 students applied to be part of the Monash Scholar’s Program. Now in its fourth year, the Monash Scholars Program is a prestigious program for high achieving secondary school students.  The program is offered by Monash University to give high potential students a unique head start into university life. It provides opportunities for personal and academic development, gives students additional skills and confidence to make the right study choices and enables them to build a network of peers, academic and employment contracts.

From the applications made by our Year 10 students, Monash awarded entry to the Program to Minami Sakaida, Janice Soo and Lydia Baird.

On 30 July Minami attended a presentation ceremony at Monash University where she was awarded a certificate and welcomed into the Program.

Congratulations to all three students, we hope you make the most of the opportunities presented to you.


Orange Sky Laundry Visits Camberwell Girls

We had the pleasure of meeting Orange Sky Laundry volunteer Geoff who visited Camberwell Girls at the end of July. The visit was a wonderful opportunity for our Years 9 and 10 students to learn more about the Orange Sky Laundry service and to see first-hand how the bright orange van works.

“When I first heard about OSL I was amazed that two young men were able to put such a creative idea together to then form a Social Enterprise that would help many in need. The bright orange van caught everyone’s attention, but the real detail is inside the vehicle including 2 washing machines and dryers. I learned that OSL wash about 5.8 tonnes of clothes a week for the disadvantaged people in Australia. It certainly opened my eyes and gave me a burst of passion to have belief in your own ideas and dreams because before you know it they just might become your reality. OSL supports many disadvantaged people in our community who need a helping hand washing their clothes and I plan on volunteering for them in the near future”. ~ Fearn Corney, Year 10

“I first came across OSL outside St Mary’s when I was delivering donated items from our Winter Sleep Out. I was greeted by the friendly Mia, one of the 300 volunteers who help run OSL every week. When Mia offered me a seat on one of the bright orange chairs, she explained that the chairs were no ordinary chairs, but that they help generate positive and genuine conversation between the volunteers and their homeless friends. Mia further explained the story behind OSL and I was really inspired by the creativity, collaboration and generosity that the founders (Nic Marchesi and Lucas Patchett) established with their idea in 2014. I think it’s important for our students hear more stories like Orange Sky Laundry as it will help inspire their own creativity and compassion towards others in our community”. ~ Brett Stout


Deakin University NextGen Challenge

Six year 10 students were selected to participate in the Illuminate NextGen Challenge. This was an exciting week long education experience that the Deakin Business School held at the end of July with a number of selected Melbourne schools competing including Camberwell Girls Grammar School.

The challenge involved developing a social enterprise business that helped solve a problem in the community. A detailed business plan was required with financial forecasting, marketing, advertising and everything associated with setting up and running a successful business. Teams then competed against each other across their region.

The program provided a unique experience for our students to develop their entrepreneurship skills and tap into their thinking about their future – whether managing a business or attending university. There were some fantastic ideas produced by the teams and Camberwell Girls students “Basics 4 Basics” aimed to provide disadvantaged people in the community with essential clothing.

Overall, the week certainly lived up to its name “NextGen Challenge” and allowed students to further develop their skills in communication and collaboration. Mrs Dunwoody and Mr Stout visited the group during the week and it was pleasing to see the girls enjoying the challenge and giving them a real insight into the business world.

Congratulations to Fearn Corney, Leah Atalalis, Alanna Chew, Diana Georgiades, Emma Petrie and Vivian Tang.


Harry Potter Themed Book Club

For our second Book Club meeting we chose the theme Happy Potter. The girls were encouraged to bring a fantasy book that they had read and enjoyed. Many chose popular series such as Percy Jackson and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, as well as nostalgic childhood favourites, such as the Faraway Tree. With the delicious Harry Potter themed treats and drinks provided, we discussed our favourite novels, comparing characters and evaluating if the books lived up to our expectations and hype that surrounds them.

Thank you to Davina, Mrs Devenish, the Year 9 Literature Leaders and 37 girls involved. It was a fantastic turnout and lovely to see so many passionate book lovers get immersed in our quality discussion.
~ Natasha Lathouras and Emma-Jane Gust, Literature Captains


Victorian Schools Netball Championships

On Tuesday 2 August, 21 Junior and Intermediate students represented Camberwell Girls in the Victorian Schools Netball Championships at the State Netball and Hockey Centre.

The Inter (9/10) were extremely competitive and won three of their games. The work ethic and versatility of this team was outstanding and they are to be commended on their overall performance. Their dedication to training was evident in their high skill level and the strategies implemented within their games. Overall a very successful tournament!

The Jnr (7/8) also demonstrated an impeccable work effort, that resulted in 1 win and a draw. Losing a key defender early on, the team showed great resilience, adaptability and character to pull together as a team. Each team member played a significant role on court and should be proud of the team’s overall success in the tournament.

Players of the tournament, as awarded by the coaches, were given to Sarah McKinnon, Molly Ewens, Emily Hoyle and Megan Quach, for their on-court performance and the support and enthusiasm they showed during the day.

All participants should be extremely proud of their achievements and valuable experiences they gained from this tournament.

Well done to the following players:

Erin Joy                                                                                Loren Palma
Megan Quach                                                                     Madi Murphy
Emily Hoyle                                                                         Jennifer Le
Polly Plummer                                                                    Jenna Kalfadellis
Rubi Brady                                                                          Sophia Giagoudakis
Lama Halabi                                                                       Molly Ewens
Stephanie Cheah                                                               Lucy Bartram
Eloise Schilling                                                                   Emma Sanders
Sarah McKinnon                                                                Polly Anderson
Emma Campain                                                                 Fearn Corney
Isobel Arnot

~ Kath Woolcock and Jemma Banfield


GSV Preliminary Athletics Carnival

A 6.45 am start did not deter the Camberwell Girls Athletics squad as they enthusiastically ran, jumped and threw their way to success at last week’s GSV Preliminary athletics carnival. After the culmination of months of training, including PB meets and countless Tuesday morning and Friday night sessions, often in the rain, it was rewarding to see many girls achieve their goals and new PBs on the day. In the aftermath of such a successful preliminary carnival, the squad finished 5th and are excited to be going to the Division 3 Championship Carnival next Thursday. We have continued to train hard in preparation, and cannot wait to once again represent Camberwell next week, hopefully bringing home many new PBs and an overall win!
~ Tiarnie Ellingworth, 2016 Athletics Captain


Badminton Australia

Chloe Chen, Year 11, has been selected to represent Australia in their junior team playing at the Pan Pacific Championship which will held in Altona Melbourne during 19-23 September 2016. This is a wonderful achievement for Chloe, the first time she has been selected as part of an Australian team, but hopefully not the last.

We look forward to further updates.


Saturday Netball

Last weekend the Year 4 girls kicked off the weekend with a win, defeating Koonung Rockets, Year 5 Sapphires went down to MLC Silver, Year 6 Diamonds gave it their all but Strathcona Sparkles outplayed the Camberwell Girls team, and the Year 6 Aquamarines also went down; losing 6-21.

The Year 8 Tanzanites have put another win on the scoreboard, 8/9 Gold went down to Koonung Emeralds, but the 9 Amethysts played terrific netball; defeating Ruyton Racers and are have secured 2nd place on the ladder. The Year 10 Rubies lost in a close game, the Firebolts were too good for 10/11 Quartz, and the 12 Opals had a convincing win over MLC Magenta.

Well done girls.


Year 7 Geography Excursion to Western Treatment Plant, Werribee

Our recent visit to the Western Treatment Plant was an important part of our study of Water Resources and Liveable Cities. This trip allowed the students to learn more about the urban water cycle, what happens to storm water and how we can help protect the environment.

The girls completed three rotational activities on the day. The bus tour of the lagoons where our sewage is treated showed us how extensive the area is – about the size of Phillip Island. Interestingly, the lagoons are part of a significant wetland system, where migratory birds come from distant places such as Siberia. The activity of constructing a Lego city over a catchment, showed us how the urban water cycle differs from the natural water cycle, and how cities can be water smart through the addition of features such as rain gardens. The Discovery Centre illustrated the interconnection of processes in the entire water supply system of the Melbourne region. The girls learnt a great deal about the sustainable use of water and how we can better protect the environment.
~ Alice Broadbridge, Geography Teacher


Parent Education Session

We had a strong attendance by families at Craig Hassed’s Mindful Learning Presentation on August 2 and are pleased to be able to include his comprehensive presentation for your information here.


With Best Wishes,


Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

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This week Mrs Dunwoody shares some exciting news about our Early Learning Centre.

Senior School

It has been a busy fortnight at Senior School with Year 7 Camp, lots of sporting success and the Winter Sleep Out.

Junior School

Our Year 5 & 6 students had some new classmates join them last week and our ELC students had a visit from Martin, our CGGS Gardener.


You only have one more week to get your Early Bird Tickets to the event of the century!

Senior School


Senior School

We have enjoyed stretching black cats preening themselves on our School window sills and members of the cast wearing their t-shirts to keep it in the forefront of our minds, and last night the months of preparation came to life as we enjoyed the first performance of CATS in Barbara Sutton Hall. The cast and crew performed to a packed house of parents, staff and friends who were in awe of their magnificent singing and dancing. The costumes and make up were exquisite, while the set, which included work from not only the girls but also our School Maintenance Department, immediately transported us to the night of the Jellicle Ball.

A huge thank you to all the cast, crew, production team and Director Laura Washington for this magnificent whole School production.


Message from our School Captains

Following the themes of creativity and kindness in Terms 1 and 2, our theme for Term 3 is confidence, and throughout the term we will be exploring what confidence is and how we can make a more conscious effort to be ourselves.

There’s a very overused but true quote from Oscar Wilde, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” As obvious as it sounds, sometimes we need to be reminded of our own authenticity and how great that is, instead of being influenced by other people’s interpretations of success and happiness. We believe that this applies to every person, from every walk of life, because we have all faced situations where our confidence and self-esteem have been challenged and we will no doubt face these situations again. But throughout this term and in the future also, we hope to inspire all girls to keep standing their ground, believe in themselves, as well as to give each other the space and courage to be confident.

Term 3 is a time when confidence needs to be developed and displayed. As our Years 11 and 12 girls enter VCE exam preparation stages, they require all the courage they can get. During this stressful period, our teachers play a key role in helping students feel confident with exam material, whilst other students play a key role in encouraging and motivating each other.

We also see Years 7-12 students increase their confidence as they step up to the stage to perform our 2016 production of CATS, the musical extravaganza.

Evidently, there is no better time to observe confidence in action than in Term 3.

Keep up your shout-outs and keep up the creativity and kindness you’ve explored in Terms 1 and 2. Let your peers know that you care for them, you believe in them, and they should care for and believe in themselves too.
~ 2016 School Captains, Karen, Cindy and Tiarnie


Birthing Kit Foundation

Following the preparation and sale of birthing kits in March of this year, we have heard from The Birthing Kit Foundation and share some of their correspondence with you.

“We at the foundation take great pride in letting all of our groups, that participate in producing birthing kits, know the final destinations of their individual kits and the difference they make in the areas of need. Presently we distribute over 150,000 birthing kits annually, and are continually expanding as there are substantial requirements in assisting with a safe, sterile birthing site, along with an increase of awareness, and changes of practices taught to many traditional birth attendants.

The 400 birthing kits that your students assembled were delivered to one of our regular partners based in Uganda.

We have established a fantastic relationship with many aid partners, both in Australia and Internationally, and through their expansive networks have been able to arrange transportation to even more remote areas that we have previously been unable to access. With the training programs scheduled for these areas, together with the ability for greater distribution, and even more people will be assisted by the kind generosity of people in Australia.

We are humbled in that there are still people in society who will put the welfare of others before themselves, without people like you our valuable work would not be possible.”

Over the years the birthing kits preparation day has been a Social Justice initiative the girls have spoken about as being particularly rewarding and meaningful. We look forward to continuing our relationship with ZONTA.


Parent Education Session

On Tuesday of next week, 2 August, we will be conducting the second last Parent Education session for this year.  Craig Hassed will be addressing parents on Mindful Learning. Senior School students are most welcome to join their parents for this session.

Mindfulness is a skill that has many applications relevant to education. Being able to effectively engage attention is a pre-requisite for virtually anything else we want to do and for that reason is one of the most important life-skills we ever learn. This interactive presentation will explore the science, philosophy and practice of mindfulness with a particular focus on aspects relevant to education such as memory, executive functioning, problem-solving, behaviour, relationships, and mental and physical health. More information can be found here.


Melbourne Schools Partnership International Award

Camberwell Girls is proud to be part of the Melbourne Schools Partnership International. This unique partnership between the University of Melbourne and leading schools in Melbourne supports the personal and academic development of high-achieving international students.

Every year the University of Melbourne organises a range of activities tailored to the needs of international students enrolled in Years 11 and 12 at one of the MSPI schools. These activities are designed to inspire Years 11 and 12 students about future study opportunities and motivate them to maximise their talents and abilities.

At our Senior School Assembly this week, Mr Jon Worthen (Recruitment Relationship Coordinator at the University) presented the MSPI award to Year 12 Student Jenny (Shi) Li. We congratulate Jenny on her wonderful achievement in receiving this award as the highest achieving Year 11 student in 2015.


Pierre de Coubertin

Dorothy Li recently attended the Pierre de Coubertin award ceremony held at the MCG.  She was one of approximately 180 students in attendance from across Victoria. As part of the ceremony she had the privilege of meeting present and past Olympians as well as undergoing teamwork activities.

She met a number of Olympians including Tamsin Barnett (Volleyball), Carmen Marton (Taekwondo) Stephanie Moorhouse (Gymnastics) and Loudy Wiggins (Diving).

Dorothy enjoyed this experience and opportunity to meet new people who share a love and passion for sport, as well as obtaining insight into the journey of Olympians. A valuable quote that I took from this experience is “The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not win but to take part. Just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle.” – De Coubertin.

Congratulations Dorothy on being Camberwell Girls 2016 Pierre de Coubertin Awardee.


Chaplain’s Assembly

At Chaplain’s Assembly last week we were privileged to hear Mr Roscoe Howell, who is part of the organisation Slavery Links. Mr Howell painted a clear picture of the prevalence of slavery in the world today, defining slavery as a situation where one person “owns” another. Currently, it is estimated that there are 27 million slaves in the world.  In conversation with our senior girls, two of our students spoke about their personal knowledge of slavery in India and Sri Lanka. Mr Howell reminded us that one of the ways we can help rid the world of slavery is by purchasing free trade products.


Year 11 Formal

Last Saturday night was the Year 11 Formal and the months of effort that went into creating it finally paid off after seeing everyone’s face as they walked through the doors. The night was a huge success and the worry of whether another girl would be wearing the same formal dress quickly faded away as there were no dress twins!

The night began with a few welcomes and many bad jokes, before enjoying the delicious food. It was wonderful to see everyone dancing and having fun, all the girls and their partners looked stunning in their dresses and suits.

On behalf of the formal committee, we would especially like to thank Mr Burnell for his guidance and support along the way, as well as all the teachers who gave up their Saturday night to have a dance and get in a few photo booth photos!  We would also like to thank The Boulevard for providing the magnificent venue and helping with setting up and cleaning on the day. The whole process, despite being fairly stressful leading up to the event, was well worth the days spent devoted to it.

The night was a huge success and the Year level would like to thank, in particular Zoe Tang-Chong, Eloise Rawson and Mia Sieber, for their organisation of the entire event.  Well done girls your event planning skills are well tuned.


Coding is the new literacy

These days, it is not just technology jobs that require you to have coding knowledge. The aim of Coding Club is to provide students with an essential skill set for their future.

The Dot Diva website has students name their passions and see how coding can be applied to what they love – whether it is for art, medicine, the environment or social justice, in fact hundreds of careers. Coding can help make a better world.

In our weekly lunchtime sessions, students have learnt basic concepts of JavaScript such as variables, sequencing commands and problem solving by playing fun coding strategy games and activities.

Students have then created and learnt how to personalize their own websites and have recently incorporated interactive material using their knowledge of JavaScript.

“Coding allows you to create things the way you want whilst having fun” ~ Belinda 7P
“Coding club is teaching us how to become instant millionaires using apps and customising our own websites.” ~  Shuyi 12D
“Coding Club is a great way to interact with people of all ages as well as learn new skills… Highly encouraged to girls in all year levels!” ~ Janice 10D

Coding Club is run by Mrs Lemanis and is open to all students (Years 7-12) and runs Tuesday lunchtimes in the Computer lab.


Maths Gala Event

On Thursday 21 July, 9 students from Years 7 and Year 8 took part in a Maths Gala event which took place at Scotch College. Students participated in a variety of activities and challenge problems, which aimed to develop and strengthen their critical thinking skills and creativity.

The day was divided into three sessions, we started with some maths problem solving questions, then a session on engineering followed by a maths challenge relay. In the engineering session we needed to complete three tasks – build a boat from foil that could float and carry marbles, make a small paper rocket launch by blowing into a straw and use paper to build a structure that could hold up a book.

> Ally Quan, Lilyan Zhu, Rochelle Scheid, Sarah Chuang and Shohaag Sengupta (Year 8)
> Yuiqing Chi, Elaine Qian, Rachel Wong and Aleen Liu (Year 7)


AGTV German Poetry Competition

On Wednesday 20 July, Andrea Turos, Shivani Gupta, Fiona Duncan, Sarah Carr and Rachel Lau were  accompanied by Herr Gyles to represent Camberwell Girls Grammar School at the AGTV Regional Final German Poetry Competition at Scotch College. Students had to recite a poem off by heart in front of a panel of judges, competing against students from Scotch College, Trinity Grammar and PLC. There was “Kaffee and Kuchen” (Coffee and Cake) for those while they waited as well as a range of different games provided by the Goethe Institute. While none of our girls won the competition, on the day Fiona was awarded an honourable mention!  Es hat viel Spaß gemacht! (It was very fun!)


Tottenham Hotspurs

We had the invaluable opportunity to train with some of the coaches from the EPL team, Tottenham Hotspurs on 19 July

We were fortunate to attend the session at Xavier College, where we spent two hours developing our soccer skills with training schedules identical to those playing at the highest level in the world. We were incredibly lucky as we were able to train with many of the best soccer players in Melbourne, including people who have been signed by Melbourne Victory. As a small group, we really learnt a lot of new skills and tactics to use on the soccer field for GSV and onwards.
~ Kate Sturzaker and Natasha Tucker, Year 10



Nikki Chen 9D was part of a team who participated in a 24 hour mega-swim on 9 July to raise money and awareness for MS Australia, an organisation that offers support services to people living with Multiple Sclerosis.  Congratulations to Nikki on completing the 24 hour mega-swim and for raising a total of $476 which will go towards this very worthy cause. Well done Nikki!


The Boomers

In the lead up to the Olympics, Amelia and Belinda Lemanis (Year 7) were fortunate enough to watch The Boomers, Australian Men’s Basketball team in training. The girls met with some big names such as Patty Mills, Chris Golding and Andrew Bogut.

It was really exciting for the girls to see our country’s best players up close and training intently for Rio.


With best wishes,


Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

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This week Mrs Dunwoody shares some exciting news about our Early Learning Centre.

Senior School

It has been a busy fortnight at Senior School with Year 7 Camp, lots of sporting success and the Winter Sleep Out.

Junior School

Our Year 5 & 6 students had some new classmates join them last week and our ELC students had a visit from Martin, our CGGS Gardener.


You only have one more week to get your Early Bird Tickets to the event of the century!

Junior School


Junior School

Year 5 & 6 Student Leadership Positions

I would to congratulate the following Years 5 and 6 students on being awarded the following leadership positions for Semester Two.

> School Captains: Janice Wong and Olivia Banitsiotis
> Art Leaders: Christine Deng and Stephanie Huynh
> House/Sport Leaders:
Lawrence – Alexandra Strong
Singleton – Priyanshi Shah
Taylor – Lexy Cooke
Schofield – Ava Baker
> Music Leaders: Juliana Chandraekara, Nicole Chang and Chloe Law
> Social Service Leaders: Teri Perdikaris and Olivia Rigopoulos
> Environment Leaders: Emma Jamieson and Crystal Cui
> Library Leaders: Olivia Jones and Liesel Trichardt


Years 1 – 6 Ormiston Student Council

Congratulations to the students below on being awarded the following leadership positions on Student Council for Semester Two. Our Year 6 School Captains and Social Service leaders will also be part of the Student Council. We wish these students all the best.

> Year 1J: Chloe Missakian
> Year 1K: Natasha Oakley
> Year 2: Penelope Petrakis
> Year 2T: Selina Guan
> Year 3C: Jacqueline Zhang
> Year 3H: Sabrina Bignold
> Year 4: Genna Sim
> Year 5B: Riley Olsen
> Year 5R: Scarlett Giang
> Year 6C: Genevieve Herbert


Foundation – 6 School Assemblies

Every term, all Ormiston families are openly invited to attend our weekly assemblies every Wednesday at 8.45-9.15am. The themes for Term 3 are:

> Week 1: Self Belief
> Week 2: Induction of School Leaders
> Week 3:  Actions and Impact
> Week 4: I can!
> Week 5: Feedback
> Week 6: Feedback
> Week 7: Book Week
> Week 8: No assembly due to our Ormiston Art Show
> Week 9: Ormiston Spirit Awards


Ormiston Alive

Our school was alive last week with the sounds of disco and feet tapping in rhythm. Years 5 and 6 girls auditioned for the Dance Ensemble for this year’s production of Ormsiton Alive – Trouble!. We were ably assisted by our choreographer Meagan Metcalfe who introduced the girls to moves from jazz, hip-hop and ballet. After a morning’s work the Dance Ensemble was chosen and we moved on to choreographing the Years 5 and 6 class items. We are looking forward to seeing the finished product on 25 and 26 August.
~ Kath Buckingham Year 5B Class Teacher


Camp Australia

Camp Australia is committed to providing the Camberwell Girls community with a quality program that is safe and fun for all children. In order to continue this, we would like to remind you to make your bookings at least 24hrs in advance.

Making your bookings in advance, instead of on the day casual bookings allows us to adjust our staffing and resourcing requirements as appropriate, which helps to ensure the safety of children and a high standard of care.

You can make and view your current bookings anytime through our Parent Portal here or by calling our Customer Care Team on 1300 105 343.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation on this important matter.
~ The Camp Australia Team


Year 5 Camp to Sovereign Hill

The Year 5 students and teachers braved the cold weather in Ballarat and thoroughly enjoyed their time at Sovereign Hill during the first week of Term 3. It was wonderful to see students immerse themselves in their roles as poor children attending the Benevolent Asylum Ragged School in 1852 with such enthusiasm. Below are some of their reflections about the differences and similarities between life in the 1850s and today.

The Ragged School was similar to Camberwell Girls because the school children had to use their best manners when they met someone or when someone came into the classroom. A difference is that the doctor doesn’t come in to our classroom to give us health checks. ~ Jasmine 5R

Life was tough on the goldfields. Many people suffered from diseases and died during giving birth. Diet for the miners and their family was bread, mutton, and tea. Richer people at the diggings were able to live in a hut or cottage. ~ Crystal 5R

I learnt that life on the goldfields was very hard because you could get diseases and die, you could be killed in the mines and you would be lucky to live up to five years old. ~ Lizzie 5B

In the 1850s the children married very young and education could save them from poverty. ~ Anthea 5B

The subjects and teaching methods at the Ragged School were different to our school because Ma’am wouldn’t ask for our opinions or let us speak without being spoken to. She told us to marry with our heads and not our hearts, and to marry someone decent. In 2016 we aren’t even thinking about marriage at our age. ~ Scarlett 5R

It was hard to learn how to pan or use a cradle to find gold. I found it difficult to see the specks of gold as it was mixed with sand and small pieces of rock. ~ Allanah 5B

I would rather live in 2016 Melbourne because of all the luxuries we have now that didn’t exist in the 1850s, such as iPads, heating, proper housing, television, lots of food choices, refrigerators and freezers. ~ Tanya 5R

Teachers at the Ragged School disciplined children by hitting them if they were naughty or did something wrong. I learnt that you would have to be supremely rich to have more than one dress. I also learnt that children were expected to get a job at a young age and marry at about 15 or 16 years old. ~ Tess 5B
~ Liz Ruffles & Kath Buckingham, Year 5 Teachers


Foundation and Year 1 girls Relax with Yoga

This term, 16 Foundation and Year 1 students were invited to participate in a new morning yoga class run by Kaela from Yoga Sparks. Our first class began last week and the students experienced a wonderful introduction to yoga. Together, they learnt about how breathing helps us to move our bodies into difficult positions and how it can keep us calm. They discovered a new version of the game’ Fruit Salad’, which was a fun way to practise moving different parts of our body whilst holding other parts still. We’ve now learnt how to move our bodies into different positions to show letters of the alphabet including E, G and L and look forward to our next class in the chapel at 8:00am Thursday.
~ Miranda Jackson – Year 1 Teacher


Foundation welcomes the Hawthorn Fire Brigade to Ormiston

This term in Inquiry, Foundation have been focusing on safety and well-being in our community. The students were visited by the firefighters from the Hawthorn Fire Station. On their way to our classroom they received a call to an emergency and had to leave immediately, but returned a short time later and shared their story with the girls.

The firefighters taught us all kinds of important information we need to be aware of incase of a fire. We learnt that we need to CRAWL DOWN LOW AND GO GO GO if there is a fire in our house and we need to get out quickly and safely. We also learnt that if we are on fire we need to STOP DROP COVER AND ROLL to put it out.

The students were lucky enough to sit inside the fire truck and see all the different buttons and equipment the firefighters have to wear in order to keep everyone in our community safe. They were also given the opportunity to spray the fire hose while watering our beautiful garden.

We are grateful for the information and time that the firefighters have given us and we are well equipped with the knowledge of what to do incase of a fire.


Foundation Celebrates 100 Days

We celebrated a special day in the lives of our Foundation students this week…it was their 100th day of school! We have been keeping track of the number of school days all year and we can’t believe 100 days have passed so quickly. It was rewarding for the girls to reflect on all they have learnt and how they have grown since starting school. We are certainly very proud of them!

Some of the reflections on the 100th day were:

‘I can be organised! I know how to pack my bag.’ ~ Tiffany
‘I know how to read books!’ ~ Rudra
‘I can be a friend! I know how to help people.’ ~ Zara
‘I know how to sound out my letters.’ ~ Eden
‘I can do Maths! I know how to count.’ ~ Nini
‘I can run! I know how to run fast.’ ~ Amy

To add to the enjoyment of the day the girls (and their teachers) dressed up as something beginning with the letter F. We had lots of fairies in Foundation today, but also some firefighters, flower girls, and fish. We also had a Foundation Disco Party at morning playtime. The day was packed with activities to do with 100.

We have had a great first 100 days and are looking forward to counting beyond 100 days now. We wonder how many days there will be in a whole year of Foundation???


Children’s Author Nova Weetman visits CGGS

Nova Weetman is no ordinary author. Not only can she convey her thoughts and ideas through her writing, but she can also speak to people and impart her knowledge while keeping them engaged.

On 25 July, Years 5 and 6 had the chance to meet her. Nova Weetman is the author of five, soon to be six, published books; including The Haunting of Lily Frost, Frankie and Joely, The Secrets We Keep, Choose Your Own Ever After – Hot and Cold Summer and Choose Your Own Ever After – Play The Game. The latter three were available for the Year Five and Six students to purchase and have signed.

Nova has also had experience working in the script writing industry as well as being the creator of several short films. Though Nova has accomplished much in her lifetime, she was still able to connect with the Years 5 and 6 students and share her experiences so that they were able to relate. This is just one example of her uniqueness, as many people who have achieved as much as her aren’t as humble or as willing to share their advice. She bestowed her wisdom upon students by sharing various tips with us, some of which include the editing process and asking for different opinions on her writing from people who are in the age groups her book are aimed at.

It was a wonderful experience for all who were there, and it was worth the time and hard work it took to organise the meeting. The humble Nova Weetman offered the students not only knowledge, but also an example of an attitude towards gaining it.
~ Olivia Jones and Liesel Trichardt, Semester 2 Library Leaders 

I hope all our families have a restful weekend.


Yours sincerely,


Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School


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This week Mrs Dunwoody shares some exciting news about our Early Learning Centre.

Senior School

It has been a busy fortnight at Senior School with Year 7 Camp, lots of sporting success and the Winter Sleep Out.

Junior School

Our Year 5 & 6 students had some new classmates join them last week and our ELC students had a visit from Martin, our CGGS Gardener.


You only have one more week to get your Early Bird Tickets to the event of the century!




The following events are taking place over the next two weeks:

Tuesday 2 August 
> Cold Day, casual dress day with a donation supporting environmental groups
> ICAS English competition test for Year 10 students, Period 1
> 2017 Year 8 & 9 Subject Information Evening, 6.45pm
> Mindful Learning Parent Education Seminar, 7.30pm

Friday 5 August  
>Marcian Photo Day: Froggies, Music, House and Sport photos, all day

Monday 8 August
> Year 10 Camp departs

Tuesday 9 August
> Year 7 Geography Excursion to Werribee, all day

Friday 12 August
> Year 10 Camp returns

Recent Articles


This week Mrs Dunwoody shares some exciting news about our Early Learning Centre.

Senior School

It has been a busy fortnight at Senior School with Year 7 Camp, lots of sporting success and the Winter Sleep Out.

Junior School

Our Year 5 & 6 students had some new classmates join them last week and our ELC students had a visit from Martin, our CGGS Gardener.


You only have one more week to get your Early Bird Tickets to the event of the century!

Expanding Diversity Sharing Leadership


Expanding Diversity sharing Leadership

Next Generation Learning – ‘Expanding Diversity Sharing Leadership’

The use of technology as part of Next Generation Learning is a highly successful initiative at Camberwell Girls Grammar School. The goal of Next Generation Learning is to make it possible to expand the breath of student experiences and to personalise learning according the individual needs and pace of the student and emphasising student centred classrooms. Next Generation Learning is alive at Camberwell, we place great emphasis on teaching Next Generation Learning skills and dispositions needed to enhance students’ futures including curiosity, creativity, computational and critical thinking and collaboration. We embed these skills within our classroom programs and emphasise them with next-generation technologies such as Cisco video conferencing systems, iPads, laptops and robotics.

Learning at Camberwell Girls provides a student centred approach that is collaborative, infused with technology and is flexible and dynamic. Although Next Generation Learning is based on a wider philosophy of teaching and learning, technology plays a vital role in supporting and extending these key principles. This is achieved by students collaboratively working with others, including peers, teachers and experts and by expanding the ways in which they share information to an extended audience.

To facilitate these aims Camberwell Girls has integrated a range of technologies into the curriculum including; telepresence (video conferencing), video content creation, authoring and sharing and collaboration.

When educators look at the impact of innovations on learning Bloom’s SAMR model is often used. With respect to technology it can be seen as having the following impact on learning:

> Substitution: the use of technology acts as a direct replacement for a previously non-technology inclusive task without no functional change
> Augmentation: while technology acts as a tool for substituting what was done previously, it does create improvements in the teaching and learning
> Modification: the use of technology allows for a significant redesign of the learning experience
>Redefinition: the use of technology allows for the creation of tasks that were previously not possible

The use of video conferencing allows substantial modification of learning activities. We provide opportunities to immerse our students in relevant and creative virtual experiences that give learning a true purpose.

Students accessing experts such as:

> GeoScience Australia in Year 8 Geography investigating tsunamis
> Year 11 Science students learning from scientists at the ARC Centre of Excellence for All-Sky Astrophysics
> Year 2 students rising Reef HQ to interact with a diver in the aquarium
> Year 3 students visiting the Alaska Zoo Polar Bear exhibit to learn about global warming and habitat destruction
> Year 3 learning about footing food and puffy faces with the NASA team at Space Centre in Houston
> Year 4 connecting with the Sydney Opera House
> Foundation students spoke to the keepers at Werribee Zoo
> Years 5&6 Learning from counsellors at the “Kids Help Line” on building resilience.

In addition to having “experts” visually visit the classroom, our Junior School students have been preparing for their participation in the TtEDSC Virtual debating program, an Australia wide initiative that links students together from around the country to debate topics of current importance.

With an emphasis on providing the tools to allow students to create and collaboration, we have seen students continuing to create video based content across a range of subject areas in the Senior School including, Mathematics, Science, English, Geography. While we recognise that the traditional methods of creating and sharing information are important, research has highlighted that access to video based content is an increasingly important means of sharing and accessing information.

Creating purposeful audio and video is a key aspects of Next Generation Learning as the world is becoming increasingly multi-modal. To ensure students are competent producing clear video and audio, this term we will see many of our Junior School classes visiting the purpose built TV-Studio to create their own when I grow up videos, audio books, travel advertisements or Olympic bids. In the senior school students in Mathematics, Geography, Science and English have utilized the TV studio and a range of apps to author and share research via video.

The ability to think and act computationally (like a computer) is becoming more important because as the world becomes more automated, it is vital we understand the the way machines work in order to harness them to best meet our needs. To develop computational thinking skills all students at Ormiston have been learning through the use of Robots. Our Dash robots have been a hit in Early Learning, with students learning how to control them to perform a range of tasks and actions. Foundation to Year 2 students have learnt to use symbolic coding to navigate maps using BeeBots to plan and follow paths. Our Year 3-6 students are learning to use visual block coding to program Dash and Sphero robots within Full S.T.E.A.M Ahead short courses.

Our Year 4 class and our Senior School Code Club have benefitted from a purposeful collaboration with technology experts from Xero, through which they developed the skills and confidence to use computational thinking skills to design and produce, amongst other projects, their own computer games. This term Year 4 students will harness the skills and knowledge gained from the collaboration by mentoring Year 5 students to develop their computational thinking skills by teaching them the craft of game making.

Our iPad and laptop programs are a vital part of supporting next-generation learning and all students have daily access to learning technologies. The iPads allow for differentiation and support of learning needs while also inspiring students to develop new and creative ways to present their learning. Daily access to computers and tablets puts valuable information at students’ fingertips instantly and supports and promotes authentic inquiry and digital literacy skills.

Students use their iPads and laptops in class to learn through the publishing and maintenance of blogs and digital portfolios, creating their own video screencasts explaining concepts to others, producing book trailers and advertisements, critically evaluate sources, and expose students to a variety of digital literature. Senior School students use SEQTA, the student, teacher and parent portal and learning management system to produce and submit assignment work digitally in a number of different formats including written work and video. Video based content can then be uploaded into Show and Share and used as resource for other students. Students in Year 7 & 8 have been scripting, filming, editing and sharing short stories about the uses, advantages, dangers and ways to stay safe using social media. As their target audience is a younger age group, they have been required to consider the age and experiences of their audience and plan accordingly. Show and Share then allows these students to share their work with their audience and gain valuable feedback.

As part of our alliance with Cisco Systems, as a Cisco Exemplar School, we have had the opportunity to share our vision, experience and leadership with a number of other schools and educational organisations around the country including State Education and Catholic Education Departments and schools across Australia.

Camberwell Girls staff are in high demand as mentors to other schools and organisations, reaffirming our commitment and leadership to the integration of innovative technologies into our curriculum.


Kim Perkins                                                     Emma Hinchliffe
Head of Digital Learning                                 Digital Learning Leader

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This week Mrs Dunwoody shares some exciting news about our Early Learning Centre.

Senior School

It has been a busy fortnight at Senior School with Year 7 Camp, lots of sporting success and the Winter Sleep Out.

Junior School

Our Year 5 & 6 students had some new classmates join them last week and our ELC students had a visit from Martin, our CGGS Gardener.


You only have one more week to get your Early Bird Tickets to the event of the century!

Senior School


Senior School

I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing break and that both you and your families had time to relax together, perhaps you even managed some time in a somewhat sunnier and warmer climate than here in Melbourne.

The School during the holidays is often quiet and lonely however this past holiday the cast and crew of CATS were at school on many occasions putting the final touches together for what promises to be an outstanding musical production. If you haven’t already done so, please make sure you book your tickets for one of the evening performances. Should you wish to have dinner cooked for you by Pinwheel & Co then I can highly recommended you book a dinner and show package.  All bookings can be made at trybooking.

On Monday the staff returned to School for a number of information sharing sessions and in particular the session conducted by Debbie Dunwoody, which outlined to all teaching and professional services staff the new Ministerial Order 870 requirements for Child Safe Standards. Over the course of this Semester the girls and you as parents will be informed of the requirements this Ministerial Order has placed on all educational institutions. At the centre of these requirements is the safety of all students.


This week we welcomed nine new girls to the Senior School and four exchange students from France. We look forward to making these new students feel welcome and a part of our wonderful community.


Information Evenings, 2017 Year Levels

The Information Evenings for 2017 year levels are being held on the following dates and we remind families of the value of these for both parents and students. It is an opportunity to talk to the teachers who will be running the various subjects and electives in 2017.

2017 Year 11 & 12 students                 Monday 18th July at 7:00pm                                            Robinson Hall

2017 Year 8 & 9 students                      Tuesday 2nd August at 6:45pm                                       Barbara Sutton Hall


Green Gecko Movie Event

This coming Sunday you have the opportunity to join the School community in support of the Green Gecko Project.

The movie was released yesterday but Camberwell Girls have secured a special screening this Sunday 17th July at the Rivoli Cinema. The session is a 5:30pm arrival for a 6:00pm start. Tickets can be purchased through trybooking for $25.00 each including a small popcorn and a 600ml drink. More information here.

Monies raised go directly to funding the work of the Green Gecko Project.



This week was the start of the Year 7 Science classes’ work on the LittleBigIdeas competition, where students will work on developing an invention to solve a problem they’ve identified. This will be running over the next month, with a showcase of ideas during National Science Week (13-21 August), and entries into the LittleBigIdeas competition. We all look forward to watching the seeds of their ideas develop into great inventions to solve their problem.


Senior School Assembly

On Tuesday a number of girls who have competed in Term 1 and Term 2 GSV sports were acknowledged for their contributions with the naming of Most Valuable Player and Coaches Awards in each sport. Congratulations to all the girls who competed in these sports and best wishes for your Term 3 GSV commitment.

Term 1 Awards

Most Valuable Player Coach’s Award
Senior Indoor Cricket Tiarnie Ellingworth Dorothy Li & Laura King
Senior Tennis Zofia Andrianopoulos Simone Ibrahim
Inter Softball Emily Lau Yesenia Chang-Gonzalez
Inter Indoor Cricket Ariane Webber & Kate Sturzaker Samreen Kaur
Inter Tennis Jordyn Beggs Claire Bernabe
Junior Softball Grace Raszewski Phoebe Lu
Junior Indoor Cricket Anika Pandy & Millie Winkett Ella Barmby & Ashley Cheung
Junior Tennis Lilyan Zhu Phoebe Hwong

Term 2 Awards

Most Valuable Player Coach’s Award
Senior Netball Emily Bennett & Olivia Lawrie
Senior Hockey Megan Kollmorgen Jamila Wynn
Senior AFL Tiarnie Ellingworth & Melissa Poulton Laura King
Senior Water Polo Cara Ellis & Alia Schmidt Samreen Kaur
Inter Netball Emma Campain, Fearn Corney, Charlotte Abbott, Natasha Huang & Meg Billson Lama Halabi, Yasmin Tawfik, Cindy Huynh, Natasha Sevo & Angela Jia
Inter Hockey Ariane Webber Zoe Giagoudakis
Junior Netball Megan Quach, Rubi Brady, Shelby Schmidt & Joie Lu Loren Palma, Tara Hoopmann, Ashley Olsen, Seanna Henricus & Christine Wong
Junior Hockey Carly Reid Eliza Shrimpton
Junior AFL Madison Murphy Ella Barby


GSV Service Awards

At the end of Term 2 the Girls Sport Victoria celebrated its 15th year and a number of staff throughout the GSV were recognised for their contribution as coaches to the various sporting teams. We have the pleasure of announcing that within our own staff the following people were recognised for their years of contribution to promoting girls in sport. We also thank these people and in assembly on Tuesday they received a plaque and badge of recognition.

Coaches Number of Years
Perry Gaylard 13
Kerry O’Callaghan 13
Andrew Hester 10
Kath Woolcock 10
Lauren Law 8
Duncan Reid 8
Jane Cameron 7
Jenny Sui 7
Lin Zhang 5
Tony Marsh 5
John Gowdie 5


White Ribbon Concert

A reminder to all families that the rescheduled date for our concert in support of the White Ribbon Foundation is now Tuesday 16 August. More information here.


Salvation Army & St Marks Winter Appeal

Starting next week we will be collecting blankets and used clothes to be donated to the Salvation Army and St Marks Winter Appeal. Donations can be put in the plastic bags below the Social Justice Board.

Any questions please contact Madison Parfuss and Madison Brake, Year 9.


Alliance Francaise Poetry Competition

It is exciting to hear from our Language Department that we have finalists in the poetry competition at every year level from Years 5 – 10.

Most of our students received excellent results and almost made it to the finals, however the examiners are under strict instructions to only grant a perfect score of 20/20 to la crème de la crème who then proceed to the finals. We are very excited that 20 of our students are la crème de la crème!!

The finals are on Sunday 24 July and we look forward to informing our School community of the results.


Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award

Camberwell Girls Grammar School students continue to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards Program with great success at all levels.

To achieve an award at the Gold Level demands continued participation and commitment over a number of years, progressing through the Bronze and Silver Awards before attaining a Gold Award. These certificates are awarded at a special Gold Award Ceremony presented at Government House. Shirley Ding (Year 12) has been awarded her Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. To fulfil the requirements of this Award the following is a summary of the activities she undertook:

Adventurous Journey:  Practice Camp at Tallarook State Forest

Qualifying Camp at Apollo Bay

Service: St Vincent De Paul Nursing Home – Shirley provided music therapy for the residents through playing violin and assisting the residents with activities.

Skill: Playing the violin

Physical recreation: Strength and conditioning

Residential Project: Lady Somers Camp – the residential project is aimed at having the students work in a new environment with new peers on a project that they haven’t undertaken before. For Shirley her time on the Lady Somers Camp taught her leadership skills and planning goals for the future. She found this a most inspirational camp.


GSV 5-a-Side Soccer Tournament

18 girls from Years 7-11 were selected to represent the School in Junior and Senior teams at the GSV 5 a-side soccer tournament held on Thursday 14 July at Knox Regional Football Centre.

The girls played each game with a positive attitude and are to be commended for their efforts throughout the tournament. Drawn in difficult groups which contained the eventual winners of both competitions, Star of the Sea College, the games were played on even terms and the teams finished the day with four wins, two draws and three losses. Overall Camberwell Girls were placed 4th in the Junior competition and 5th in the Senior competition.

All participants should be proud of their achievements in the tournament. They gained valuable experience and enjoyed individual and team improvements.


Australian Gymnastics Championships

Last month Ashleigh Cheung (Year 8), Yanny Wang (Year 10) and Marlee-Shae Holden (Year 12) represented Victoria in the Australian Gymnastics Championships for Rythmic Gymnastics. The girls were privileged to be selected to compete at Australia’s biggest gymnastic event and afforded the opportunity of watching Australia’s best athletes perform.

The girls learned so much from competing, appreciating the opportunity to make new connections with girls from different regions across Australia. The championships were highly competitive and the girls enjoyed seeing how they performed against others in Australia. All three girls enjoyed competing and hope to see the sport grow.


Under 17 Australian Basketball Team

As shared in CamNews in November of 2015, Rebecca Pizzey left Camberwell Girls to accept a scholarship to the Basketball Australia Centre of Excellence. Rebecca has been studying at the Australian Institute of Sport and was most recently selected as a member of Australia’s U17 team in the World Championships.

Rebecca attended the FIBA’s Under 17 World Championships in Spain, which saw the Sapphire’s team undefeated in their pool games against Mexico, China and France. The girls semi final against the Czech Republic saw the Sapphire’s win by 30 points. This set up a preliminary final show down with USA, the final score of 73-60 saw the girls advance to the grand final against Italy. The Sapphires came away with a win 62-38.

As a School community we are so proud of Rebecca’s achievements in this sphere and know that she has a very bright future ahead of her in the “Green and Gold”.


Year 11 Combined Activities with Camberwell Grammar School

On Wednesday afternoon at the end of Term 2, we welcomed boys from Year 11 at Camberwell Boys Grammar School to Camberwell Girls to take part in a range of fun activities. The activities included a number of icebreakers, win in a minute activities, combined dodgeball and then finally an interactive activity.  The afternoon finished with light refreshments served in the Café.

It was a very successful afternoon and provided a wonderful opportunity for the Year 11 students from both schools to have fun together in a range of activities. Special thanks to Anastasia Aravanis, Lauren Chung, Stephanie Harker, Annie Zhang, Eileen Zhang and Sarah Louey for their efforts in helping to plan and run the activities.



Biology Excursion – Melbourne University

On Wednesday 13 July, Years 11 and 12 students studying Unit 3&4 Biology undertook an intensive workshop at the University of Melbourne and quickly became immersed in typical Biology laboratory activities under the guidance of University staff.

The girls had the opportunity to examine Copper resistant recombinant bacteria, run electrophoresis gels of the inserted gene and modified plasmid; advanced techniques that are valuable in the field of Biology.


Parent Education Session

Dr Craig Hassed will be presenting at our next Parent Education Session on Tuesday 2 August. His presentation on Mindful Learning will discuss the educational benefits to students from following the practice of mindfulness. These include learning more effectively, personal growth, enhancing physical and emotional health and dealing with the demands of studies and exams. More information here.


2017 USA Science/History Study Tour

If you missed the First Information Evening, it is not too late!

Please email Mrs Karin Lemanis for an information pack:


With best wishes,


Cathy Poyser

Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

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This week Mrs Dunwoody shares some exciting news about our Early Learning Centre.

Senior School

It has been a busy fortnight at Senior School with Year 7 Camp, lots of sporting success and the Winter Sleep Out.

Junior School

Our Year 5 & 6 students had some new classmates join them last week and our ELC students had a visit from Martin, our CGGS Gardener.


You only have one more week to get your Early Bird Tickets to the event of the century!

Junior School


Junior School

Welcome back

Once again the holiday period has passed by very quickly and we have now started another school term. I hope that all families had a restful holiday break.

I would like to extend a warm welcome to our new students and families that have started at Ormiston this term. I wish each student all the best for a productive Semester Two and I look forward to working closely with them for rest of the year.

Our new Ormiston students from Foundation to Year 6 are:

Year 1
Sarah Luo & Sarah Zhou

Year 6
Selina Sun


Full S.T.E.A.M Ahead Program (Short Courses)

Foundation to Year 6 year students will continue to participate in a range of short courses exploring the S.T.E.A.M fields of study (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) that started in Term 2 this year. These courses will generally run for 4-5 weeks throughout each term and all classes have the opportunity to participate either in Term 3 and/or Term 4.

Classes and topics for Term 3 will be:

Year 3H    Elastic powered boats

Foundation    Floating boats

Year 1J    Dash and Dot educational robots

Year 1K    Lego

Year 4    Sphero robot navigation challenge

Year 2T    Dash and Dot educational robots

Year 2G    Lego marble run

Year 6G & 6C    Powered cars


Year 5 – Camp to Sovereign Hill Ballarat

This week our Year 5 students and staff ventured off to Sovereign Hill Ballarat for some exciting experiences learning about the 1850’s gold rush and what it would have been like to be a pupil at one of the school’s during this time. During the first day, the girls had the opportunity to see snow at near Ballarat. This was certainly an added bonus for everyone. Also during this time of year, Sovereign Hill organises a special celebration called the Winter Wonderlights, celebrating Christmas in July. This special event involves the main street shops and other near-by buildings all lit up in beautiful spectacular lighting. As a school group, we are very fortunate to have experienced this occasion this year. It was a very memorable experience for the girls and teachers. I would like to thank Kath Buckingham, Liz Ruffles, Nareen Robinson and Shane Maycock for all their work in organising such a successful camp.

More information in regards to the Year 5 camp will be shared within our next CamNews newsletter.


Year 6 Student Leadership Speeches

I would like to congratulate our Year 6G girls on their student leadership speeches for Semester Two this week. Many staff commented how confident the girls were in delivering their speeches in a loud and clear manner. The girls have been working on their speeches for an extended period of time and have been looking forward to these positions since the beginning of the year. Year 6G families will be notified of their daughter’s leadership position later this week and will be invited to attend our Student Leadership Induction Assembly next Wednesday starting at 8.45am.

Also, our new Semester Two Student Council representatives will also be inducted during this assembly and I look forward to seeing as many parents there as possible.


In Conversation Parent Workshops

Please be aware that we are continuing our Parent In Conversation Series this term. As a parent, if you are interested in joining us and learning more about the following topics, please sign up to attend. Principal Debbie Dunwoody will be attending the In Conversation event on Tuesday 9 August. More information will be communicated next week on how to sign up for these new events.

Date                                       In Conversation Topic                                          Presenters

Friday 29 July                        CyberSafety – Keeping safe online                      Emma Hinchliffe

Tuesday 9 August                More than ABC                                                       Kate Giles & Angela Follacchio

Tuesday 23 August              More than 123                                                        Kate Giles & Angela Follacchio


Junior School Assemblies

As mentioned throughout the year, all Ormiston families are very welcome to attend our weekly assemblies on a Wednesday from 8.45-9.15am. It is an excellent opportunity for the school community to see what is happening at Ormiston. A Positive Education theme will be the focus of each assembly and I look forward to seeing many more families attending these occasions.


Yours sincerely,


Paul Donohue

Head of Junior School

Recent Articles


This week Mrs Dunwoody shares some exciting news about our Early Learning Centre.

Senior School

It has been a busy fortnight at Senior School with Year 7 Camp, lots of sporting success and the Winter Sleep Out.

Junior School

Our Year 5 & 6 students had some new classmates join them last week and our ELC students had a visit from Martin, our CGGS Gardener.


You only have one more week to get your Early Bird Tickets to the event of the century!




The following events are taking place over the next two weeks:

Sunday 17 July 
> Green Gecko Movie Fundraiser ‘Ghostbusters’, Village Cinemas Rivoli, 5.30pm

Monday 18 July 
> 2017 Year 11 & 12 Subject Information Evening from 7.00pm

Tuesday 19 July
> Induction of Semester 2 Junior School Leaders, 8.40am

Saturday 23 July
> Year 11 formal

Monday 25 July
> Year 11 International Students Tour of University of Melbourne, all day

Thursday 28 July
Cats, Senior School Production, 7.00pm

Friday 29 July
Cats, Senior School Production, 7.00pm

Saturday 30 July
Cats, Senior School Production, 7.00pm

Recent Articles


This week Mrs Dunwoody shares some exciting news about our Early Learning Centre.

Senior School

It has been a busy fortnight at Senior School with Year 7 Camp, lots of sporting success and the Winter Sleep Out.

Junior School

Our Year 5 & 6 students had some new classmates join them last week and our ELC students had a visit from Martin, our CGGS Gardener.


You only have one more week to get your Early Bird Tickets to the event of the century!

Welcome to Term 3.


Welcome to Term 3

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We were delighted to return to school this term with our new classrooms and courtyard completed in the Senior School. This concludes 18 months of extensive building and refurbishments. Students and staff are now enjoying the Anne Feehan Building, beautiful new classrooms and freedom of movement across the courtyard! I am very grateful to the staff who managed this project led by Steve Cuddon, our Chief Finance and Operating Officer and Michael Lawrence, our Property Manager. Both Steve and Michael have been very responsive to the needs of students and staff during this time to ensure the least amount of disruption possible.

At the beginning of this term we welcomed two staff to cover Long Service Leave positions. Rebecca Leondidis who is taking Mrs Scarff’s Foundation class and Fay Mak who is replacing Nima Reddy one of our Laboratory Technicians. We are also delighted that Geoff Cunningham has commenced as an Art Technician in the Senior School. Geoff is an artist and was an Artist-In-Residence working with students last term. Our new manager of the Uniform Shop is Nancy Leong, a former parent of Camberwell Girls and active member of the former Parents’ Auxiliary. Former parents, Tiffany Butler and Jo Chadwick are also assisting Nancy to provide support in the shop.


Child Safe Standards

This year there is a new regulatory landscape surrounding child safety as a result of the Betrayal of Trust Inquiry. This inquiry into the handling of child abuse by religious and other non-government organisations, commenced in Victoria in April 2012. As a result there have now been amendments to the Crimes Act 1958 (Vic.), the introduction of the Child Safe Standards and the release of Ministerial Order 870, explaining the specific actions that schools need to take to meet the Child Safe Standards.

Whilst the first phase of implementation of the standards applies to schools and education and training organisations, the second phase of implementation during 2017 will apply to other organisations that provide services for children such as churches, sport and recreational services, youth organisations, coaching and tuition services as well as camps.

The Child Safe Standards apply to child sexual abuse, physical abuse, serious emotional and psychological abuse and serious neglect of children. They aim to:

  •     Create a culture where protecting children from abuse is a part of everyday thinking and practice in organisations
  •     Strengthen existing approaches to preventing and responding to child abuse and provide for consistency in how these issues are managed.

The seven standards are:

  •     Standard 1: Strategies to embed an organizational culture of child safety
  •     Standard 2: Child Safety Policy / Statement of Commitment
  •     Standard 3: Child Safety Code of Conduct
  •     Standard 4: School staff selection, supervision and management practices for a child-safe environment
  •     Standard 5: Procedures for responding to and reporting allegations of suspected child abuse
  •     Standard 6: Strategies to identify and reduce or remove risks of child abuse
  •     Standard 7: Strategies to promote child empowerment and participation

There are also three principles that apply to each of the standards:

  •     Promoting the cultural safety of Aboriginal children
  •     Promoting the cultural safety of children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds
  •     Promoting the safety of children with a disability

Whilst our current policies and procedures in these areas have been compliant, in implementing these new standards, a number of policies have been reviewed and there has been the development of a statement of commitment as well as a new Child Safety Policy as required by the standards. In the next few weeks as we will be discussing the updated policies and procedures with students and parents will receive a more detailed letter with copies of relevant policies for their information. There will also be periodic updates and opportunities to discuss any questions with relevant staff.

I look forward to seeing you at a number of events this term including our eagerly awaited performances of CATS and Ormiston Alive.


With best wishes,


Debbie Dunwoody

Recent Articles


This week Mrs Dunwoody shares some exciting news about our Early Learning Centre.

Senior School

It has been a busy fortnight at Senior School with Year 7 Camp, lots of sporting success and the Winter Sleep Out.

Junior School

Our Year 5 & 6 students had some new classmates join them last week and our ELC students had a visit from Martin, our CGGS Gardener.


You only have one more week to get your Early Bird Tickets to the event of the century!




As we conclude a very action packed Term 2, I would like to thank students, staff and parents for all of your contributions in ensuring another very successful term at Camberwell Girls.

From a building perspective, it has been wonderful for our Senior School students to utilise the new Anne Feehan Building with the collaborative classrooms and open communal spaces.  As the term has progressed we have gained some access to the courtyard and by the commencement of Term 3 we will have access to the remaining classrooms that are being refurbished, as well as easy access around the courtyard.  We are now planning for some Science classroom refurbishments that are scheduled to commence later in November.  These are smaller projects but will provide improved Science, Robotics and Makerspaces for student learning.

As we become more aware of the importance of not only the development but the ability for young people to demonstrate enterprise skills, I really relish as I see this coming to life at Camberwell Girls.  Last week I enjoyed talking to the Year 6 students at their ‘Grow Your Mind Day’ activities.  The girls had spent the term working in groups of 3-4 developing businesses that raised $600 for an orphanage in Nepal.  In speaking with the groups, the girls understood the business and creative skills that they were developing and I felt from the moment I arrived, that the girls were very aware of the importance of their marketing and communication skills.  It was one of those very special occasions when I knew that our girls were being prepared for their futures.  In addition, all businesses were related to developing growth mindsets so I know that I will be practising my juggling these holidays after my lesson and purchase of juggling balls.

On Friday in the Junior School Hall we enjoyed the Foundation Aussie Animal Expo where the girls presented on the animal they had researched during the term.  What a great opportunity for the girls to demonstrate their skills in communication and collaboration.

Demonstrating their development and creativity, we have recently enjoyed the individual VCE Music Performances and VCE Theatre Studies Performance of ‘The 39 Steps’.  Both events were genuine highlights as they demonstrated great work and commitment.  Last weekend I took the opportunity to stop by and view some of a ‘CATS’ rehearsal.  It was very inspiring and I am extremely excited about the shows early next term.  I am pleased to report that ticket sales are going strong with audiences of over 250 people at both the Friday and Saturday evenings. Thursday’s opening night we have sold 130 tickets. Our goal is to reach 500 guests each night, so if you haven’t already booked your tickets, I encourage you to do so. Pinwheel and Co are also doing a pre-theatre meal to make life that little bit easier.

This term Ms Barbara Pang and Mrs Estelle Xue replaced Mrs Lin Zhang whilst she was on Long Service Leave.  They have provided great continuity for the girls and I thank them both for their contribution this term.

It is with great sadness that we farewelled Danni Jackman today. This has been a very difficult decision for Danni, given her long-standing and deep connection to Camberwell Girls. She is a past student, having been here from Prep all the way through to Year 12 in 2000. I would like to thank Danni for her outstanding contribution to the School, and also as a passionate teacher of History and an exceptional Year Level Coordinator. We are proud of the care and inspiration Danni has provided for our girls over the years and we hope that future opportunities may see her remain in contact with our School community.

Our Uniform Shop Coordinators, Mrs Andrea Mitchell and Mrs Samantha Easton have resigned from their positions as of the end of term.  Both have given very dedicated service to the School community over many years including the coordination and introduction of a number of new uniform items this year.  We thank them and wish them all the best for the future.  We are taking some time to look at the future services to be provided from the shop, however the usual operating services will continue in the meantime.

A number of staff will be taking some well-deserved long service leave during Term 3.  We wish Science teacher, Lorraine Peterson all the very best during her leave in Terms 3 and 4, Foundation teacher, Heather Scarff  for Term 3 and Nima Reddy one of our Laboratory Technicians who will be on leave for part of Term 3.

I wish all of our students, families and staff a very relaxing and safe holiday and I look forward to seeing you return in Term 3.


With best wishes


Debbie Dunwoody


Recent Articles


This week Mrs Dunwoody shares some exciting news about our Early Learning Centre.

Senior School

It has been a busy fortnight at Senior School with Year 7 Camp, lots of sporting success and the Winter Sleep Out.

Junior School

Our Year 5 & 6 students had some new classmates join them last week and our ELC students had a visit from Martin, our CGGS Gardener.


You only have one more week to get your Early Bird Tickets to the event of the century!