Junior School


Junior School

February 25, 2022

Ormiston Leadership Assembly – Wednesday 16 February 2022

A highlight of the last two weeks was the Ormiston Leadership Assembly that took place at Barbara Sutton Hall at Senior School. It was a pleasure to induct each of the Year 6C student leaders and the class Student Council representatives into their new position for Semester One. Our Principal, Debbie Dunwoody encouraged each of the leaders to use our School values of Respect, Integrity, Commitment, Hope and Courage when working with others, and to remember to focus on service learning and giving to others throughout their time as a leader. Congratulations to the following students:

Year 6C Leadership Positions
Art – Jenny Jin & Cathy Wang

Assembly & Events – Eleanor Robertson, Nellie Ruddle & Alisha Lagana

Library – Kealey Liew

Music – Zihan Li & Jasmine Xie

School Captains – Asha Bhattacharjee & Rita Wong

Social Service – Zara Teh & Amy Qi

Sustainability – Nina Gan

Lawrence – Allison Stocker

Taylor – Grace Chan

Singleton – Nicole Zhang

Schofield – Olivia Yang


Ormiston Student Council
Year 1 – Aileen Luo

Year 2 – Olivia Ding

Year 3 – Aurelia Poon

Year 4D – Chloe Zhang

Year 4H – Ivy Xie

Year 5G – Amiya Rajakulendran

Year 5S – Semaya Kaur

Year 6G – Eshani Nadarajan


Wishing all our Ormiston families an enjoyable weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

Inquiring into Children’s Learning

Inquiry learning is about building learning capacity and nurturing learners as thinkers, self-managers, collaborators, communicators, and researchers. It’s about giving students the skills, the dispositions and the opportunities to investigate – to find out information, make meaning and take action based on what is discovered. – Kath Murdoch 2015

Teaching and learning at the ELC takes on a multifaceted pedagogical model, one of which is the socio-constructivist approach of ‘Inquiry based learning’. This approach to learning is where children are encouraged to build and connect new knowledge from their previous experiences; children are active contributors to the process of identifying a problem, questioning, and seeking resolution; they engage in social interactions to make meaning and gain further understanding and perspectives, whilst making connections to their identity, culture, and interests.

This approach emphasises on the ‘process of learning’, encouraging children to communicate, reflect and collaborate, whilst fostering their sense of wonder, curiosity, creativity, and imagination. ELC Teachers support children to voice their ideas through multimodal forms of communication and implement reflective thinking and metacognition skills to further their journey into research and inquiry.

The ELC children have begun both intentional and spontaneous inquires into learning. Here is a snapshot:

Early Learning 3

To share a sense of connection, belonging and identity for the EL 3 children as they begin their learning journey together, we have introduced an earth science inquiry about sunflowers. The journey of a sunflower is a metaphorical one and as we share the features of a sunflower, we share the similarities this shares in our journey as a community. The representation of a sunflower is explored in various ways, connecting with various STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematic) concepts as we extend on the children’s learning.

Jacqui Laird & Esther Wong
Early Learning 3 Teachers

Early Learning 4 Part Time

The EL4 Part-Time children connected with the Junior School to celebrate the Maths Fun Day, ‘Two-Two Tuesday’, as an extension of their exploration into ‘community’. It was important for the children to be active participants and build awareness of the wider School community. On Two-Two Tuesday the inquiry question was ‘What makes a pair?’  The children ventured into the yard with a bag in hand to collect their nature finds in their quest to seek the answer to this question.

Avi said “I found these leaves that look the same, and these leaves that look the same is a pair”.

Ramila Sadikeen
Early Learning 4 Part Time Teacher

Early Learning 4 Full Time

What does it take to create a vegetable garden in Early Learning?

During our gathering time, we read a non-fiction book titled, Roots. As researchers, the children discovered that plants are living things and they need air, water, and sunlight to grow. They have many parts – roots, a stem, leaves and flowers.

As part of tuning in, the children were provided with the time and opportunity, to read non-fiction books so they could gain information about planting and the process of growing vegetables in a garden. As confident and involved learners, the children engaged with the visual text and shared their discoveries.

Jane: I found out that a seed is in the soil, and it grows roots and a shoot and then it grows leaves and then it grows into a sunflower.

Nora: I know that we put the seed in first and then it grows and then it has roots. Then it grows a little bit and has a stem. The stem grows bigger, and the leaves come out. There’s a flower. Then it grows and grows and grows into a sunflower.

As communicators, the children used the languages of drawing, painting and dialogue to express their reflections, thinking and understandings about planting and the growth of seeds and flowers. 

Arya drew flowers with stems and petals.

Arya: The flowers were growing at night when it was raining and when I was sleeping. When they have sun in the morning and rain in the night they grow. Every day I planted seeds and then the flower grows up.

Nora painted flowers, a bush and a tree.

Nora: The plants need some water to grow. It became a plant when they planted a seed and they grew into flowers or bushes or trees.

As collaborative researchers, the children used dialogue to share their prior experiences of planting in their garden at home. As the children dialogued about their garden, we were able to gain insight into their understandings, prior gardening experiences and the types of fruits, vegetables, and plants they grow at home.

Lyra: I planted some roses. Mummy and daddy planted them. There are some red roses and pink.

Ms Angela: Have you planted anything else in your garden?

Lyra: We’re about to plant some fruits. Maybe we’re going to plant some pineapples and strawberries.

Michelle: I’ve got one garden. I’ve got some fruits. Lemon. I’ve got raspberries. I’ve got some tomatoes. I’ve got some 黄瓜.

Michelle stated the vegetable in Chinese and wasn’t sure how to say it in English.

Ms Angela: Michelle you could ask Jane because Jane speaks English and Chinese, and she may know how to say the word in English.

Michelle told Jane the word in Chinese.

Jane: cucumbers

Michelle: I’ve got two sunflowers. My mummy and daddy planted them.

Jane: I also planted the seeds and then the sunflower grew.

Michelle: I’ve got some strawberries.                     

The Prowise Touchscreen was used as a tool to visually share photographs and the names of a variety of vegetables that were available for the children to plant in the Early Learning Garden. This provided the children with exposure to multimodal text – the visual photograph and the written word.

As curious learners, the children were encouraged to think about what they wanted to plant in the garden and refer to the photographs and words that were projected on the screen. As communicators and emergent writers, the children were encouraged to share their thoughts and document their ideas on paper, about what they wanted to plant in the garden. This learning opportunity was about conceptual knowledge, that is, children learning the function of writing. Learning that writing has a purpose, and that print is meaningful as it communicates their ideas.

Lyra: I was thinking about how to spell tomato. I looked on the screen.

As environmentalists, we will be emailing Martin our gardener, and Michael the Head of Maintenance, our list of vegetables, so they can be purchased for us to plant.

Throughout this learning, the children developed their inquiry skills as they researched, investigated, made discoveries, and communicated and expressed their understandings and thinking through dialogue and drawings.

Angela Follacchio
Early Learning 4 Full Time Teacher

Year 1 – Unit of Inquiry

This term, the Year 1 students have been exploring the question “How do events, stories and objects from the past help us to understand our present?” The students

developed their understanding of how milestones are significant events in a person’s life. Students then identified milestones that have occurred in their own lives and made timelines, sequencing their events in order. 

The students also drew comparisons between objects from the past and present and considered how they have changed over time. They observed and discussed changes in the use of materials and design, safety features and how the object was powered. Some of the objects they viewed included: telephones, toys, snow skis, candle stick, cameras, kettles and sports clothing. They realised that although many objects are still used in our world today, there have been a number of changes and improvements in terms of ease of use and safety.

Some Year 1 students were keen to share their thoughts on objects from the past:

Angela – The iron from the olden days needed to be put in a hot place, like a fire. The iron was very heavy and hard to lift up.

Eshaal – I learnt that the candlestick holder and candle was unsafe, but the torch was safe because it didn’t have a flame.

Ting Xuan – The old skis didn’t have clips (bindings) and they were wooden. The bottom of them had a line and screws. The new skis were colourful and were made out of metal and plastic.

Anna – I liked the old egg cups because I liked the delicate stem and they were made of metal. The new were made of ceramic and had Mr. Strong and Mr. Bump on them.

Aileen – I liked the fluffy teddies that were new. The old teddy was hard to touch and made a noise because the air came out when I squeezed it.

Crystal – I liked toy cars because the plastic green one could move forward after you pulled it back. The old ones just needed to be pushed with your hand.

Angela Columbine
Year 1 Class Teacher

Year 5 – How would you get to Mars?

That was the open-ended question put to the Year 5 students this week by the Science teacher, Ms Dumsday, as part of their Inquiry: What is our Place in Space?

Many new and interesting words specific to the learning was explored, such as:

Orbit: The path of a celestial body or an artificial satellite as it revolves around another body.

Perihelion: The point nearest the sun in the orbit of a planet or other object.

Aphelion: The point on the orbit of an object that is farthest from the sun.

From a greater understanding of the terminology, the students could then think about and discuss with their learning partners – “If the trajectory was from Earth to Mars, the ellipse has its perihelion (closest point into the sun) at the orbit of Earth and its aphelion (furthest point from the sun) at the orbit of Mars.”

As the photographs show, the students made a working model to determine the trajectory needed to achieve the problem posed: How would you get to Mars?

All the students were engaged and exhibited positive discussion and problem-solving skills, perseverance with their mathematical calculations, listening to each other’s ideas, cooperation and persistence.

Fiorella Soci & Craig Goodwin
Year 5 Class Teachers

Two, Two Tuesday – Mathematics Day

On Tuesday, we celebrated all things 2 in recognition of the date, 22/2/2022. Students engaged in a range of Mathematics learning experiences exploring 2s. This included a search for 2s around the grounds, doubling games, counting in 2s and a two-minute challenges. Students were encouraged to demonstrate their flexible thinking strategies as they explored different ways to make the number 2, 22, 222 and 2.2. 

In addition, our wonderful House leaders provided recess and lunchtime fun with a two-metre bean bag challenge and two chalk creations.

Teachers used this special day to explore literacy activities too! Students wrote stories and poetry or learnt about the homophones to, too and two.  

Junior School was awash with colour as many students dressed up for the occasion in tutus and we were seeing double in many classes. We even had a visit from some very funny Bananas in Pyjamas! 

It was great to see all the students embracing this special day and having fun whilst exploring the wonderful world of maths.

Nancy Robottom
Numeracy Leader

Year 4 – 6 North Balwyn District Swimming Competition

Yesterday, Thursday 24 February, the following team of 14 students went to Boroondara Swimming Centre to represent CGGS at the District Swimming Carnival:

Amy Qi

Olivia Yang

Jasmine Xie

Nellie Ruddle

Kealey Liew

Sienna Jack

Ruth Whelan

Lauren Tang

Sophie-May Ronzani

Ailey Poon

Estella Ouyang

Zoe McManemin

Cecelia Yang

Ivy Xie

It was a day full of success and personal bests. CGGS were the winners in their division of ‘Small Girls Schools’, and third overall out of nine schools, including co-ed schools.

Congratulations and good luck to the following students who have qualified, and will be competing at the Boroondara Division Swimming Carnival next Tuesday 1 March, at the Monash Aquatic Centre:

Amy Qi

Olivia Yang

Jasmine Xie

Nellie Ruddle

Kealey Liew

Ruth Whelan

Sophie-May Ronzani

Ailey Poon

Estella Ouyang

Zoe McManemin

Cecelia Yang

Ivy Xie

Liana Kitsou
JS PE Teacher

Interrelate Cybersmart and Safe Parent Seminar

This week ,Years 4 to 6 parents were invited to attend an online parent seminar from Glenys Boyland from Interrelate, to learn about the impact of the internet and technologies on children and provide strategies for effective development of their digital citizenship skills. Glenys reminded families that teaching children about the internet is just like supporting them to get their driver’s licence, it requires a significant amount of modelling, supervision and open communication before they are ready to complete things completely independently. Children need to learn the skills to use the internet in a safe and effective way, but also feel supported to practice their skills with supportive feedback offered to children when unintended things happen and mistakes are made, rather than punishments.  

Important research findings were communicated that highlighted that there is often a gap between what children tell parents, and what really happens online and that many parents over-estimate what children tell them. The study explained that many children have a negative online experience at some point and that they have the skills to practically navigate negative online experiences and most often require adult support to deal with the emotions that arise from the experience. It found that one of the most important protective strategies parents can implement is to provide open communication and emotional support for children if they have a negative online experience.

You might like to read this report here:


Some key tips that Glenys gave parents to help support families to harness the positives of technology and reduce the impact of negative experiences are:

> Regular open communication about technology and experiences – importantly build empathy by asking children, “How might another person feel if…?”

> Parents role-modelling acceptable behaviour with technology

> Construct a family device use agreement to help set clear boundaries that everyone agrees to

> Supervise device use and use parental controls to set time and app limits

Some useful websites to help support you in these areas are:



If you registered to attend the seminar but were unable to attend on the evening, please contact me with your email address so that I can organise a recording to be sent to you.


Emma Hinchliffe
Deputy Head of Junior School

Connected Community


Connected Community

February 25, 2022

PFA Welcome Evening

The Parents and Friends Association (PFA) is delighted that our wonderful community will soon gather again and reconnect.

We have planned many fantastic events for the CGGS community throughout the year. Our first event for the year is the annual PFA Welcome Evening on Friday 25 March. After two years of limited social activity, we would love to see parents from every year level across the school join us at this fun whole school event. Be entertained by live music and enjoy a variety of delicious food, cocktails, wine, beers and soft drink.

This will be a great opportunity to catch up with parents from your year level and meet others new to the school community. More details about this event will be published in the Junior and Senior Weeklies.

Become involved in the PFA

The PFA welcomes all members of the CGGS community to be involved. Whether by attending events as a guest, volunteering or joining PFA meetings, we encourage everyone to take part and meet others in our wonderful school community.

The PFA Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 22 March at 7:30pm in the Junior School Hall.

All members of the CGGS community are welcome to attend and we are seeking nominations for positions on the PFA Executive and Committee.

Positions include: Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and general committee members.

Information on how to submit a nomination will be published in upcoming Junior and Senior School Weeklies.

For more information about the PFA:

Make sure you follow the PFA on Facebook.

Contact Susannah Jepson for more information about the Parents and Friends Association via pfa@cggs.vic.edu.au 




February 11, 2022

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I warmly welcome you all to the 2022 school year at Camberwell Girls Grammar School! 

This year we are delighted to welcome 135 new students to CGGS and I hope they enjoy getting to know our community when settling into the school year. In the second half of Term 1 we are hoping to hold a number of welcome events where we can meet again in person.

Across the school our students have settled in well. Each day it is very energising to hear happy voices and see smiling eyes above the masks. A number of co-curricular programs will commence in the coming weeks, and it will be satisfying to see more student opportunities.

In Senior School our School Captains led by Teagan Diep, Issy D’Souza and Charli Lincke have been planning a number of events and we are looking forward next week to the Valentine’s Day activities as we raise money to support the Heart Foundation.

New Staff
This year we have welcomed a number of new staff to Camberwell Girls and I would like to introduce them to you:

Early Learning Centre (ELC)

> Ms Esther Wong (ELC Coordinator and Teacher)
Esther is a highly experienced classroom teacher who has designed, implemented and evaluated classroom and community programs. She joins us most recently from The University of Melbourne ELC where she was a team leader. This year she will be one of the EL3 teachers.

> Mrs Jacqui Laird (EL Teacher)
Jacqui is a teacher and former EL Director who brings a wealth of experience and has a keen interest in the natural environment. She comes to us from Strathcona and Nature Play Learning. Jacqui will share the teaching of EL3 with Esther Wong.

> Ms Melinda Murphy (EL Assistant)
Melinda is an experienced EL Assistant and teacher who has previously taught in a number of independent schools including Tintern, Genazzano, Melbourne Girls and Fintona. She has also previously had a career in media, working for Channel 10.

Senior School

> Ms Hannah Brooksbank (Art)
Hannah is a practising artist and has a strong interest in promoting student voice and designing programs that encourage students to make a positive impact on the community. She has also taught and run Arts and Culture projects in community centres.

> Ms Andrea Carter (Mathematics)
Andrea is a very experienced Mathematics teacher and leader and previously taught at CGGS, leaving us at the end of 2005. She has since taught and led Mathematics at a regional school, led Mathematics and was leader of the Innovation and Pedagogy team at Korowa and most recently was leader of Pedagogy at Siena College.

> Dr Vicky Ellis (Chemistry, Science and MakerSpace)
Vicky has taught Chemistry in both the VCE and International Baccalaureate (IB) Programs (at standard and high level in the IB). She has a particular interest and strength in eLearning and STEM technologies in her classroom. Vicky is a VCAA Assessor for Chemistry and comes to us from Ivanhoe Grammar School.

> Miss Emma Ford (Psychology and English)
In addition to teaching Psychology and English, Emma is a very experienced Debating Coordinator. She is also a workshop presenter and tutor for The University of Melbourne in the Master of Teaching Program. Emma joins us from Korowa.

> Ms Georgia Holland (Legal Studies, Commerce and Geography)
Georgia comes to us from Melbourne Girls Grammar School as a Humanities leader and Legal Studies teacher. In June 2021 she also completed an externship in the Commonwealth Parliament.

> Ms Despina Lyristis (Mathematics)
As a very experienced teacher of Mathematics, Despina has taught at all year levels and is a Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics teacher. She comes to us from Huntingtower where she also held the position of Head of Mathematics.

> Ms Erin McEwan (Accounting and Commerce)
In her most recent position at Penleigh and Essendon Grammar, Erin was a subject coordinator for VCE Accounting. Prior to teaching she worked as an Accountant in the Business Services Division of Deloitte. Erin has completed two professional learning programs from Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

> Mr Matthew Rock (Chemistry, Science and Mathematics)
A versatile teacher, in addition to the subjects he is teaching this year at CGGS, Matthew is also a qualified Psychology teacher. He comes to us from Trinity Grammar where part of his teaching load was in the Trinity/Ruyton VCE Program. Matthew has also coordinated leadership programs, camps and has been an active member of the ‘Respectful Relationships’ committee.

> Ms Georgie Kerr and Mr Alex Jenkin are our new Deakin Associate Teachers for 2022. Both were educated at Carey and have held positions in their sports programs. Georgie has also worked as a Disability Support Worker and Alex has also supported events in rural communities.

> Ms Emma Harrison (Education Support Assistant)
Emma returns to CGGS after working with VCE students with learning needs and as a learning support officer at PLC.

> Ms Rachel Wu (Art and MakerSpace Technician)
Rachel previously held the role of Head of Information Curriculum at CGS and has now completed certification in Visual Arts and is a practising artist. We are very excited about the wealth of experience that she will bring to support the development of our Art and MakerSpace programs.

We are also delighted to welcome back Ms Scarlett Zhang and Ms El Wood from parental leave.

I am very excited about the calibre of our teaching team and the extensive programs and opportunities being offered this year at Camberwell Girls.

Thank you to all families who have been assisting their children to use the Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) twice a week. These checks enable us to keep our community as safe as possible. It has been helpful that we have had only a small number of cases reported each day, and I ask that if your child is showing any symptoms or is unwell that they stay at home, take a RAT and report it to the school and Department of Health if you receive a positive result.

This year again promises to be a very exciting year at CGGS. If you have any queries at all, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or Head of School.

With very best wishes for the year ahead.

Debbie Dunwoody

Strategic Plan 2022-2025

For over 100 years, Camberwell Girls Grammar School (CGGS) has been a dedicated leader and innovator in the education of girls. 

In this time of change, with our students at the centre of all we do, a CGGS education is focussed on designing and creating learning that will prepare our students for opportunities and challenges now, and into the future. 

Our Strategic Plan defines our direction and priorities, and I am pleased to let you know that a Draft Strategic Plan 2022-2025 has been completed and we invite interested parents to provide feedback before the plan is finalised.

If you are interested in viewing the draft plan and would like to provide feedback (by Monday 21 February 2022), please contact my Personal Assistant, Melissa Madge (principal-pa@cggs.vic.edu.au) and she will provide you with a copy.

With best wishes,

Debbie Dunwoody

Senior School


Senior School

February 11, 2022

The commencement of a new school year is always very exciting for the students, but equally for the staff. And while we all experience some butterflies in the stomach the night before and as we walk through the gates, these are positive signs that we are looking forward to all the year ahead has to offer.

Highlights of the special programs undertaken by the Year 7, 11 and 12 students when they started back at school are outlined later in this edition of CamNews and I am also pleased to say that all our Year 7 students and those new to the senior School in Years 8 – 12 have also made a wonderful transition.

Our 2022 School Captains, Teagan Diep, Isabel D’Souza and Charli Lincke have christened themselves TIC and in the first Senior School Assembly for 2022 ensured they made as many references to this as possible – for example they were excited about the fantastic year ahead. They also outlined their term focuses for this year with the acronym CARE standing for Connectedness, Ambition, Recognition and Enthusiasm. Teagan, Isabel and Charli plan to have a Care Bear for each term and this term being Connection the bear is called Togetherness Bear. On behalf of the Senior School community, I wish the School Captains well with all their plans.

It has also been wonderful to see our other School and House leaders commencing their own portfolios so enthusiastically. Our International Captains, Shuhan Zeng and Daleney Ing coordinated activities and special food offerings through our school café, as we celebrated Lunar New Year. We are all hoping that the Year of the Tiger is a lucky one globally.

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

Top Acts, Top Arts, Top Everything

‘Isolation’, ‘Remote’, ‘Distance Learning’… the language surrounding our experience of the past 18 months could not be further from some of the fundamental skills required by our performing artists. The ability to respond physically to their environment, to cultivate a relationship between audience and performer, to speak… to speak with resonance, clarity and diction and to fully utilise facial expression (these last two points predominantly hindered by face masks and microphone sensitivity on Zoom).

Beyond the universal experience of Lockdowns, our Performing Artists have truly had to dig deep and find a kind of ‘Show Fitness’ of the imagination, rehearsing autonomously and without the usual feedback loop and spatial familiarity to assist with detailed refinement. Remarkably, our Theatre and Music Performance students demonstrated inspiring resolve in their preparations for their final performance exam. Whilst they worked with astute guidance from Keira Lyons [VCE Theatre] and Mat Duniam [VCE Music Performance] they ultimately found the tenacity to cultivate and upkeep a personal rehearsal routine which propelled seven of them to receive a prestigious invitation to audition for the VCAA Top Class performance season (a carefully curated showcase of exemplar performances from the exams for current students).

Amelia Lemanis [perfect study score], Simar Kaur and Shannon Yeung (Theatre Studies), along with  Emily Wu [perfect study score], Chloe Law and Angie D’Leong (Music Performance), and Natalie Hudono (Dance) all produced final responses in their practical work that the State deemed ‘exceptional’. The school is thrilled to congratulate Shannon Yeung, Chloe Law and Natalie Hudono on their successful auditions which now leads to performances later in March. 

Natalie Hudono is performing her VCE VET Ballet Solo on Wednesday 16 March at 10:00am at the Elisabeth Murdoch Hall in the Melbourne Recital Centre. Tickets can be purchased https://www.melbournerecital.com.au/events/2022/top-class-dance-2022/

Chloe Law is performing the Australian cello work ‘Each Precious Breath’ by Helen Mountfort on Monday 21st March at 10:00am at the Elisabeth Murdoch Hall in the Melbourne Recital Centre. Tickets can be purchased https://www.melbournerecital.com.au/events/2022/top-class-music-2022

Shannon Yeung will be performing her monologue ‘The Threepenny Opera – A BALLAD SINGER’ at 10:00am on Tuesday 29 March. Tickets are available via Arts Centre Melbourne: www.artscentremelbourne.com.au/whats-on/2022/theatre/top-class-drama-and-theatre-studies-2022

These performances are always extremely popular and we recommend booking soon, as the initial allocation of tickets is close to exhausted.

A full list of performers appearing across the Dance programs will be available next week via the Season of Excellence website – www.vcaa.vic.edu.au/seasonofexcellence.

Heartfelt admiration goes out to all of our performing artists producing work under such difficult circumstances.

Keira Lyons
Head of Drama & Performing Arts

Year 7 Transition Week

2022 is well and truly off to a wonderful start with our Year 7 students officially joining the CGGS community. To help ensure a smooth shift into secondary school, the Year 7s eagerly participated in Transition Week, a program designed to encourage the development of relationships and familiarity with a new environment.

While our students took part in a wide range of activities and sessions, I wanted to share some of the highlights of the week, including an “Amazing Race” style tour of the campus, coming up with their own form themes, decorating their year level and form spaces, learning House chants with the Year 12 House Captains and undertaking Service Learning sessions. Importantly, the Year 7 students also listened to sessions delivered by school counsellors regarding Respectful Relationships and What to Expect in Year 7.

Transition week also offered students an opportunity to meet many of their subject teachers while getting a taste of the subject through participation in many engaging and inspiring lessons from History, English, Drama, Science, Religious Education, Mathematics, Art, Digital Organisation and Library. It was so great to see all of the new Year 7 students buzzing with enthusiasm and joy as they learnt new skills and developed connections with their peers and teachers. Finally, Transition week came to an end with students having some time in the library and attending a beautiful Church service with Reverend Creed and a number of Year 7 students.

I am incredibly impressed with how our new CGGS cohort navigated their new environment, and how willing they were to learn in this week, and I am confident this will continue. They approached all aspects of transition week with such poise, interest, and confidence and they should be very proud of themselves. On behalf of the Tutor Team and Subject Teachers, we look forward to being a part of the 2022 cohort’s senior school journey and wish them the very best for their first year at Camberwell Girls Grammar School.

Tuba Ozak
Year 7 Coordinator

Year 11 Start of Year Program Highlights

We started the year with our Year 11 Commencement program and although it was a shortened format, the Form Teachers and I enjoyed spending time with the students hearing about their recent break and talking to them about the year ahead. Elevate Education presented tips and strategies for more effective study and work habits and presentations from our VCE coordinator, and our Head of Digital Learning and Innovation provided the important nuts and bolts of the VCE and our new learning management system. We finished the day with ‘Robbo’s Race’ which involved a series of problem solving and creative thinking challenges. The results were outstanding, and I congratulate the students on their engagement and commitment to the day.

During our Year Level assembly, we set our common goal and driving purpose as “Bounce Back better” which is all about resilience and returning to activities, successes, enthusiasm, and energy. Collectively, the Form teachers and I will endeavor to provide an environment which nurtures and encourages collaboration, inclusiveness and a strong belief that working together and sharing the journey will benefit all and will serve to ensure our Year 11 students are happy, productive, and successful in all aspects of their schooling. We have adopted the lovable and loyal Hobbes as our mascot (from Kalvin and Hobbes comic fame), which both supports the Year of the Tiger and the traits we wish our students to display this year – kind, playful, philosophical and funny!

I am looking forward to a wonderful year ahead filled with laughter and determination to make the most out of every day we spend together.

Nareen Robinson
Year 11 Coordinator

Year 12, 2022

Last Thursday week, the Year 12s returned to school and undertook a special program designed primarily to further inform them about the VCE and also to spend some time re-connecting with their Form Groups and their 2022 Form Teacher.

In the morning, the Year 12s initially undertook a VCE Information Session with presentations by Ms Dot Georgiou (VCE Coordinator), Mrs Paula Kolivas (School Counsellor) and Mr Micah Wilkins (Head of Digital Learning and Innovation) on the school’s new LMS, Firefly. These sessions were designed to give all students an introduction to the VCE and tips on how they can best navigate through the year ahead. Following this, they undertook two sessions with Elevate Education, “Ace Your Exams” and “Student Elevation”. Both of these sessions were very informative and it was fantastic to see the high levels of engagement by the Year 12s throughout the sessions.  After lunch on Thursday, the Year 12s met in their Form Groups. Each Year 12 student was asked to bring something of significance to them and to briefly present to other members of the Form Group, the significance of the object they had brought to School. The feedback from both the Year 12s and their Form Teachers was very positive about the activity.

After this, the Year 12 Commencement Service took place. Unfortunately, due to Covid Restrictions, the Year 12s were unable to all meet together in Barbara Sutton Hall for the Service and so it was livestreamed into Upper Woodstock for two of the four Form Groups. Despite this, it was a beautiful Service and a very appropriate way to commence the School Year. Wonderful reflections on the year ahead were presented by Year 12 students, Emily Wu and Sarah Sun.

Since then, the Year 12s have made an outstanding start to the School Year. As the picture below shows, they are using their Study Periods diligently and the initial feedback from the Year 12 teachers has been very positive.

All in all, the early signs are very positive that the Year 12s are going to have a very happy and productive final year at Camberwell Girls’ Grammar School.

Andrew Burnell
Year 12 Coordinator

CGGS Students Perform at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl

Charlotte Lindsay (French Horn) and Sasha Wee (Percussion) are members of one of Australia’s flagship youth orchestras, the Melbourne Youth Orchestra. This orchestra showcases our brightest musicians and supports them to gain performance experience through working with highly regarded conductors in professional contexts.

Last month, the MYO commenced their year of special projects, with a concert on Friday 28th January at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. Even an epic thunderstorm did not prevent the concert from proceeding and certainly made for a more dramatic performance!

Charlotte: The first concert at the bowl may have been quite wet, but it was incredible. I have attended the MSO free concerts with my family since I was 4 or 5. Being able to perform at such an iconic venue was a dream and an experience that I’ll never forget. The concerts are such a highlight, as I get to play music I love with friends. I cannot wait to do it all over again at our next concert.

This month, the MYO has been invited to perform a ‘curtain raiser’ concert (6.00pm-6.45pm) before the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Concert at the Bowl on Saturday 12th February. These much-loved free concerts have been a Summer tradition in Melbourne, where family and friends are welcome to bring a picnic, sit under the stars and enjoy listening to world-class musicians perform celebrated repertoire.                         

Charlotte and Sasha have been involved in a number of intensive rehearsal sessions at the MSO rehearsal headquarters (Iwaki Auditorium), where they have been working with conductor and MYO Music Director Brett Kelly, in preparation for the Myer Music Bowl performances. The program of works for the Concert on 12th February includes Felix Mendelssohn’s Hebrides Overture, Aram Khachaturian’s Masquerade Suite, Vortex by Harry Sdrauligand selections from the Pirates of the Caribbean film score.

Sasha: Participating in the Melbourne Youth Orchestra has been an absolute amazing experience, and I am incredibly lucky to play alongside some incredibly skilled musicians with a well-respected conductor. Although the weather conditions were not the finest at our first concert, I had the chance to perform in the Sidney Myer Music Bowl for the first time ever and will forever be grateful for this amazing opportunity. As a percussionist, playing alongside some extraordinarily experienced players has taught me so much more about percussion, and the fine details and techniques that are required to add to the magic of orchestral music. I am really looking forward to performing in the next Music Bowl concert.

If you would like to attend the next free MSO Concert at the Bowl on Saturday 12th February (and support our student musicians) information is available here: 2022 Sidney Myer Free Concerts

Kate Savige
Director of Music Curriculum

Safer Internet Day

On Tuesday 8 February, it was “Safer Internet Day”, a global initiative to raise awareness about online safety.  In a world where many teenagers are spending around 2 hours online a day and have more than four different social media platforms, online safety is one of the biggest challenges parents and school face at the moment.   While we are aware that the internet and online technology has many benefits and we would be lost without it the 2021 national research indicates that 44% of teens have reported a negative online experience, 30% had been contacted by someone they did not know, 20% have received inappropriate content and 16% were being deliberately excluded from events and social groups (eSafety Commissioner research 2021)

In light of this the following link and article may prompt some conversations around safer internet use with your children


Beth Sarlos
School Counsellor

Paul Dillon Workshops 

CGGS has a long-standing relationship with Paul Dillon from the Drug and Alcohol Research and Training centre, where he has been working for over 25 years. Each year, we invite Paul to speak to our students in Years 10, 11 and 12, where he shares contemporary research and perspectives on supporting our young people to make healthy, safe and informed decisions regarding Drugs and Alcohol.

Paul’s strength is in his ability to carefully craft his message using humour, story-telling and real statistics to engage his audience. Throughout the three years, our students learn many life changing and life saving strategies including how to ensure personal safety, the safety of peers and most importantly, being aware of the dangers and risks. 

This year, Paul will also present to parents on March 7, as part of our Parent Education seminar series. Paul will speak on the topic of “Teens, alcohol and other drugs: What do parents in a post-COVID-19 world need to know??, and during this talk he will explore the changing nature of socialisation as a result of COVID-19, including the growing popularity of local park parties. Paul will also discuss the concerning rise in ‘vaping’, particularly as the law has struggled to keep up with its recent popularity with teenagers.

As parents and as teachers, it is important that we regularly engage in conversations with young people about the latest ‘fads’ and ‘trends’ in drug and alcohol use, including vaping and we encourage all parents of students in Year 10 – 12 to attend Paul’s talk on March 7. By having these conversations, discussing the risks and the data, and by keeping communication lines open, we are more likely to have a positive impact on their decision making.

If you would like more information on Paul’s presentations, you can access a range of resources at his website: http://darta.net.au/  and we look forward to sharing more information regarding Paul Dillon’s Parent Education seminar shortly.

Kath Woolcock
Deputy Head of Senior School – Student Wellbeing

CGGS Student Sporting Achievements

Over the holidays there were many students who were active with different sporting activities and we are excited to share some of their achievements with the CGGS community. If your daughter is involved in any sporting achievements outside school, we would love to hear about them so please email our Head of Sport, Lauren Law lawl@cggs.vic.edu.au so we can celebrate these accomplishments.

Australian Open Ball Kids
Chloe Wong, Nathinee Evans, Angelique Quah, Bella Fary, Kiki Page and Sara Rowland were all selected as ball kids at the Australian Open this year. It takes several months of trials and training to become a ball kid and these students should be very proud of their commitment to the program. It was exciting to see some students on the TV and they were very excited to be up close with some of the top tennis players in the world. Students had to adapt to different working hours and some very late nights but they all loved the experience and made some strong friendships through the program. They were also fortunate to be ball kids or flag bearers at some of the finals and we were thrilled to see Kiki Page helping with the gripping Men’s final which turned out to be a very long but exciting match. We look forward to seeing these girls and other students on court as ball kids in the future.

Lauren Law
Head of Sport

Rep Cricket
Over the summer, I was fortunate enough to be selected to represent the Eastern Cricket Association in the Under 14 girls’ Victorian Metropolitan Cricket Union (VMCU) carnival. We played 6 matches in 7 days, competing against some of the best players from across Victoria. After losing the first two games, we went on to win the next four and into the semi-final; as our team learnt to work together and play to our strengths. We came into the grand final as the underdogs playing a team that had only lost once. However, we didn’t let the pressure get to us and played our best on the day, securing a win and becoming the Victorian Metropolitan champions for Under 14 girls. It was a rewarding experience, and I made some great friends along the way.

Lauren Soo
Year 9

Year 7 Biodiversity

The Year 7 Service Learning Transition Program involved 2 hours of learning activities focused on Biodiversity. Students took action to attract and increase the range of living organisms in our school environment by creating seeds bombs, striking lavender from cuttings, constructing water bowls, drilling holes in wood for solitary bees, and sowing sunflower seeds.

The second project undertaken was a Biodiversity Audit. This was the first time CGGS initiated stocktaking our natural and built features. The purpose was to investigate what already existed so we can take action to restore and conserve nature, create habitats, and encourage insects to our garden. This audit involved using digital technology (Padlet & Excel) to photograph different vegetation and tabulate data, drawing on hardcopy maps to locate the natural and built features, and tally and record these features in a hardcopy table.

Anna Clarkson
Head of Sustainability

Junior School


Junior School

February 11, 2022

New Students to Ormiston

As a school community, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to our new students and families that have started at Ormiston this year. At the start of Term 1, in Early Learning 3 we have 18 students starting across all three programs and in Early Learning 4, we have eight new students that are beginning their educational journey with us in both the Full-Time and Part-Time classes.

Our new students have settled in very well and I encourage them to continue to contribute as much as possible in their classroom each day. Here are the names of our Foundation – Year 6 students:


Madison Abou-Assi            

Diyana Amarasingha

Chloe Cao                            

Summer Chew

Chelsea Gu                          

Annie Hu

Eva Kalyanimath                 

Evelyn Kao

Isabella Lee                         

Olivia Li

Ruby Lim                              

Eugenie Lin

Evelyn Patel                         

Iris Qiao

Charlene Wang                   

Hailey Yong

Emilia Zhang

Year 1

Ginnie Hao Pandey            

Sia Kim

Yolanda Ma

Year 2

Mia Gao                                

Lily Kwong

Year 3

Aarza Bhatia                        

Kenolee Hatangala

Jaslene Ng                           

Cecilia Yang

Year 4

Ada Li                                    

Likka Jiang

Yiyi Loo                                 

Zoe McManemin

Sooki Tian                            

Angel Nguyen

Year 5

Rachel Franco                     

Emilia Cai     

Kasey Hao                           

Alina Hou

Aneira Paul                          

Rebecca Luo

Charlotte Thomson             

Sharika Piratheepan

Jennifer Wu                          

Aanya Richharia

Olivia Wu                              

Elsa Wei

Year 6

Jenny Jin                              

Stephanie Chiodo

Bella Beltrano


2022 Ormiston Staffing

I am excited to let the Ormiston school community know our Junior School staff for this year from Early Learning 3 to Year 6. Junior School staffing is as follows:

Head of Junior School – Paul Donohue

Deputy Head of Junior School – Emma Hinchliffe

Junior School Coordinator  – Justine Clancy / Vicki Ibbott

Junior School Reception – Vicki Ibbott / Catherine Daniels

Early Learning 3    
Class Teacher – Esther Wong (Early Learning Coordinator)
Class Teacher – Jacqui Laird
Class Assistant – Joanna Lee

Early Learning 4 Full-Time
Class Teacher – Angela Follacchio
Class Assistant – Effie Kitsiris

Early Learning 4 Part-Time
Class Teacher – Ramila Sadikeen
Class Assistant – Melinda Murphy

Class Teacher – Selena Reedman
Literacy/Numeracy – Annabelle Vivarini

Year 1
Class Teacher – Angela Columbine
Literacy/Numeracy – Annabelle Vivarini

Year 2
Class Teacher – Mikaela Stanaway
Literacy/Numeracy – Emma Hinchliffe & Nancy Robottom

Year 3
Class Teacher – Liz Warren
Literacy/Numeracy – Nancy Robottom

Year 4D
Class Teacher – Anjali de Quadros

Year 4H
Class Teacher – Amelia Hart

Year 5S
Class Teacher – Fiorella Soci

Year 5G
Class Teacher – Craig Goodwin

Year 6G
Class Teacher – Jasvindar Gill

Year 6C        
Class Teacher – Katrina Cheong



Learning Diversity – Lisa White

EAL – Michelle May & Melissa Donelly

Music – Nichole Adams & Penny Byrne

Library – Sally Spencer

Art – Fiona Gibson

Physical Education – Liana Kitsou

Choir – Jessica Huggett

Y5 & Y6 French – Rouba Iskandar

F – Y4 Chinese – Peipei Liu, Scarlett Zhang & Crystal Zhang

STEAM Teacher – Penny Dumsday

Chapel – Rev Helen Creed


Wishing all our Ormiston families an enjoyable weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

Settling Back into School

It has been wonderful to see the children enjoying spending time back together with their friends and teachers at School. We are thrilled to have the students back on site and eager to learn.

While the beginning of the year, brings excitement and possibility for new learning and connections, it is important to acknowledge that the beginning of the year is a time of transition for all members of our school community.

Getting back into the routines of school, requires a lot of mental and physical energy, often resulting in children requiring more rest than usual. You can support your children at transition times by being mindful of not overcommitting to after school and weekend activities and ensuring children get enough rest and sleep. Rest and sleep are vital to enable students to process and consolidate all that they are learning during the school day. Due to the sudden changes in daily routines and interactions, transition times can bring a wave of emotions for children and adults alike. It is important that as adults we help to normalise how our feelings can change during transition times by naming emotions and feelings as they arise.

We recognise the importance of the transition time at the beginning of the year to support students to settle in and to set strong foundations for the year ahead.  All year levels participate in the Quality Beginnings programs during the first two weeks of school, where they spend time getting to know their peers, teachers and reacquaint themselves with the school environment. Classes collaboratively develop routines and expectations for the year to help cultivate supportive learning communities, where students feel respected and safe to take risks in their learning. The Quality Beginnings program encourages students to explore their personal strengths and values, develop strategies to support their own digital wellbeing and help them to make connections with their peers.

Emma Hinchliffe
Deputy Head of Junior School

First Weeks of Foundation

We are so proud of the way our Foundation students have approached their first two weeks of school with courage and big smiles. They have been really encouraging and supportive of each other both in the classroom and the playground. They are learning to ask questions when they are unsure of things and have been engaging in creative play in the big Ormiston playground.

The Foundation students have already mastered the morning routines, unpacking their bags and organising their belongings independently, ensuring a smooth start to the day. Through careful practice and modelling students are learning to respect each other by showing the 5L’s (looking, listening, lips closed, hands in laps, legs crossed) when other children are speaking.

It has been wonderful to see the children have already begun identifying, reading and writing words beginning with ‘m’ and ‘s’ sounds and using different strategies to count collections of objects.

When I asked the Foundation students to reflect on their first weeks of school, they indicated that they all enjoyed playing with her friends, learning new things about numbers and the alphabet, and they are having fun working together and learning to share with others.

We can’t wait to see the contribution our capable Foundation children make to our School community this year.

Emma Hinchliffe
Deputy Head of Junior School

Early Learning 3 & 4 – Building A Sense of Place

Over the summer break, the ELC has undergone major refurbishment work to the outdoor and indoor learning environment. Teachers and CGGS staff have worked tirelessly to ensure the spaces are welcoming and brimming with opportunities for children to explore, create, experiment, imagine and construct independent and collaborative learning. The changes you might have noticed include new landscaping of the outdoor vegetation; installation of a vegetable garden, dry river creek bed, a bush walkway; a performing arts stage; green lawn construction space; installation of terrazzo linoleum flooring and repainting of the classrooms.

Loris Malaguzzi, an educational pedagogist known for the Reggio Emilia approach draws voice to the importance of the physical spaces and its prospective influence on how and what children learn. The teachers have created environments that are engaging, fosters a sense of belonging, builds child agency, supports children to feel ownership, respect, and inclusion towards their learning space and as an extension, towards each other.

Even though Term 1 has barely begun, EL3 and EL4 children have embraced their new learning spaces with a respectful and productive calm. Each classroom community is excited to design yet also implement individual and collective inquires to lay a foundation to developing shared ‘sense of place’.

A big thank you to Michael Lawrence, Martin Conlon and their team for their enormous effort over the school break. Although it may be a time for us to reflect and look back on what the year was for teachers and staff of 2021, the Grounds and Maintenance team worked tirelessly during this period to ensure exemplary educational spaces were instated, ready for this year’s cohort of children to thrive. We look forward to sharing our learning with you from our reinvigorated learning spaces.

Esther Wong
Early Learning Coordinator On behalf of the Early Learning Teachers

Early Learning 4 – Year 6 Art

After the first two weeks of a new year, Ormiston is full of colour and imagination. Positioned in different locations within the Junior School building, close observational drawings of fruit by Year 4 artists are on display. Love heart fingerprints by all artists from Early Learning 4 to Year 6 represent their love of Art and the opportunity to create beautiful pieces. In Year 5, Mystery Portraits of the word ‘Wominjeka’ are on display in the Junior School Hall which are very creative and full of colour. I look forward to sharing more creative student work with you throughout the year.

Fiona Gibson
Art Teacher

Connected Community


Connected Community

February 11, 2022

Welcome to 2022 from the Parents & Friends Association

The Parents & Friends Association (PFA) is delighted that all students have returned to school after a well needed summer break.

It is wonderful to see their smiling faces and hear the joyful noises of laughter and play around the school grounds once again.

We have planned many fantastic events for the CGGS community throughout the year. We hope to be able to run them for both junior and senior school families and will be guided by the government and school health operation guidelines at the time.

The annual PFA Welcome Drinks that was scheduled in February will now be held on Friday 25 March. We look forward to seeing junior and senior parents at this fun, whole school event where we will all have the chance to mingle again and enjoy delicious food and beverages.

More details about this event will be published in upcoming Junior and Senior Weeklies.

The PFA welcomes all members of the CGGS community to become involved. Whether by attending events as a guest, volunteering or joining PFA meetings, we encourage everyone to take part and meet others in our wonderful school community.

For more information about the PFA:

Visit the PFA pages on the CGGS Website.

Make sure you follow the PFA on Facebook.

Contact Susannah Jepson for more information about the Parents and Friends Association via pfa@cggs.vic.edu.au  




December 7, 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is hard to believe that I am writing my final 2021 editorial for CamNews – time has passed very quickly this year! As we have spent recent weeks celebrating our community and acknowledging the achievements of our students, we again recognise that we have spent significant time in 2021 together, and apart.

The vision and values of our School continued to guide our community as we worked closely together for a second year in a global pandemic to ensure continuous and engaging education for our students. Many have shared their reflections on this year and have focussed predominantly not on loss, but what has been learnt or gained. These responses speak strongly of their character and how times of challenge can be powerful catalysts for deep learning and personal growth.

I would like to thank you, our parents, for your support and partnership. We don’t underestimate your work behind the scenes, particularly during remote learning, in helping to keep learning on track for your daughters. I am sure that this term has provided you with some relief as they have returned to school, and for us, this time has provided much joy!

Our leaders, teachers and professional services staff have again worked with great flexibility and commitment to ensure seamless transitions from face-to-face to remote learning and vice versa throughout the year. The significant demands on our staff in recent years highlights their dedication to their students and to the School and I thank them most sincerely for their work.

Thank you to our Parents and Friends Association, including Year Level Representatives who have ensured that groups of parents have remained connected. They have also generously supported the school again with key events and purchases of outdoor education equipment and a new kiln.

To our School Council chaired by Dr Nikita Weickhardt and members of our Council Sub-Committees, I thank you for your support and work in ensuring that we are able to continue to provide the best learning opportunities and environment for our students. Whilst we have worked through some challenging times recently, our vision is to the future and how we can continue to create and leverage new opportunities.

Finally, I would like to wish you and your loved ones the gifts of the Christmas season – peace, joy, love and hope. May the holidays provide a time of rest and recuperation and I look forward to welcoming you back, ready to share an exciting 2022 with the hope and promise that it brings.

With best wishes,

Debbie Dunwoody

Senior School


Senior School

December 7, 2021

On Monday we had the pleasure of welcoming our newest students to Senior School, the current Year 6 students from both our own Junior School, Ormiston and the local primary schools. These students are our new Year 7’s in 2022, the Class of 2027. It was such a highlight to be able to have these 100 students on site in the Barbara Sutton Hall and the Year 7 area for some, Welcome to Senior School Orientation sessions. Thank you to all the School and House Captains who assisted Ms Ozak, Ms Woolcock and the Year 7 2022 Tutor teachers in making sure our Class of 2027 felt a warm welcome to Senior School at CGGS.

Today we held our final Senior School assembly for 2021 and it was special to have all the Years 7 – 9 students in Barbara Sutton Hall for this assembly as highlights of many student activities from the past few weeks of Term 4 were shared.

Our Years 7 – 9 Presentation Evening, which has been pre-recorded and shared with families for this evening is the perfect way to celebrate and acknowledge all the student achievements in these year levels this past year. Congratulations to all the recipients of Citizenship, Academic and Co-curricular awards for 2021.

Finally, I wish to extend my thanks to all our students, their families and all our teaching and professional services staff for their outstanding commitment to the Senior School this year. Everyone can be proud of their efforts during this second year of challenges.

Enjoy the holiday period with family and friends, stay safe and well and take good care.

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

Digital Platforms – 2022

In 2022 CGGS is excited to begin the process of transitioning to a new Learning Management System (MyCGGS – Firefly) which will be used as a central hub through which staff and students can quickly and easily access the information they need. It will be used by teachers and students for lesson delivery, resource sharing, collaborating, task and assessment submission, continuous feedback and content creation among other things. It will also incorporate other CGGS events, programs and activities, including House, Clubs, productions, Service Learning, sport and camps.

As we transition to this new digital system at the start of 2022, it is important to provide staff and students with an opportunity to test and build it with each other before we launch to parents and guardians. We anticipate launching to parents and guardians at the end of Term 1. During this transition time, we encourage parents to engage in conversations with their daughters about what they are learning and how their learning is progressing.

Parent Lounge (powered by TASS – a student and finance management system) will continue to be used to enable parents to: 

> Update Family Contact Details

> Update Student Medical Details

> Pay School Fees

> Book Student Learning Conversations (Parent Teacher Interviews)

> Approve/Pay for excursions and camps

> View and access Interim and Semester Reports

> View important school documents

> View your child’s timetable

> Contact with school staff

> View Attendance Record

Please refer to the ‘Digital Platforms: Information for Parents’ infographic to see how we will use our digital systems in 2022.

Parent Login

Camberwell Girls Grammar School is excited to launch a new way to access key CGGS services relevant to your daughter’s education.

On 14 January 2022 you will be emailed (to your personal email address registered with the school) information on how to login and activate your new CGGS account. Parent IDs as used previously will not be used any longer. 

Please note that SEQTA will no longer be in use for students and parents from 14 January 2022.

If you have any queries please contact Nathan Campbell, Head of ICT itoperations@cggs.vic.edu.au or Micah Wilkins, Head of Digital Learning & Innovation wilkinsm@cggs.vic.edu.au 

2021 Year 7 Service Learning Conference – Hope, Reconnection, Action

At Year 7, Service Learning focuses on Environmental Stewardship – the hopeful care and preservation of the environment. While our Year 7 students are born into a time of climate crisis, the Environmental Stewardship program is rooted on the premise that hope is necessary, and action is imperative. This approach is informed by research into climate action and eco anxiety, and inspired by 65,000 years of environmental custodianship by Indigenous Australians. As such, it was fitting that our 2021 Service Learning Conference was opened and closed by Murrundindi, Wurundjeri elder. We began our day in the Labyrinth, as Year 9 student Amina Keegan delivered the Acknowledgement of Country and introduced Murrundindi and his warm, calming Welcome to Country. With the lifting of many restrictions, it was wonderful to have Murrundindi on site, providing the traditional welcome to this special place on which we learn.

This year’s conference was designed with reconnection in mind. With a disrupted year spent largely in our homes, we wanted to provide students with the opportunity to reconnect with themselves, with each other, and of course, the environment. Our morning was filled with various ‘reconnection’ opportunities provided by our inventive staff. Self-care opportunities included meditation, sensory walks, and painting. Students spent time in nature virtually with the Virtual Reality sessions run by MindFlight 7, or enjoyed reality by planting out indigenous plants in the grounds, making funny anthropomorphised nature videos, and pressing flowers. After our prolonged periods of remote learning, it was wonderful to be together in our beautiful grounds, and to reconnect with this space. Research tells us that young people should, and want to, spend more time in nature. Not only does doing so have a range of cognitive and emotional advantages, but it is also vital for the cause of environmental sustainability. By spending more time in nature, we better appreciate its wonder and diversity, and are more inclined to act to protect it.

Once recharged, students then dove into a ‘Game Changer Challenge’ using the power of their voice to advocate for change, and their creativity to create useful, beautiful items from waste. ‘Advocate’ student groups focused on communicating a particular environment concern and how to take action, generating an ‘advocacy suite’ of posters and social media tiles. In the Maker Space, ‘Create’ groups worked on repurposing waste materials into purposeful, beautiful items. Students identified a range of issues on which we can act, from preserving our precious water sources, fast fashion, and food waste.

Our guest speaker Ella, from School Strike 4 Climate, encouraged us all to act locally and globally, and in the afternoon, we participated in an act of service with global reach. Solar Buddy is an organisation which aims to reduce energy poverty, providing solar lamps to those who do not have clean, safe lighting and rely on open fires or kerosene lamps. Our students worked in pairs to not only assemble their lights, but also write a personal letter to the recipient. Solar Buddy lamps improve health, educational, and environmental outcomes, demonstrating the power of simple, creative responses to environmental and human challenges. We have been impressed by Solar Buddy’s commitment to the environment, with a careful battery recycling program, and the ingenious reuse of shipping packaging into water storage.  Ella explained intersectional nature of climate justice – that action for the environment was also action for first nations peoples and women, who are bearing the brunt of the climate crisis. Through making solar lamps, students can participate in practical action for the planet; helping those who are often suffering the most.

Students and staff gathered one last time to learn from Murrundindi. It was inspiring to hear about his personal connection and experiences both on Wurundjeri country, but also when being welcomed to other places such as Lake Mungo. He spoke of an energy and connection to land to which many of us can relate.

We encourage all our students and families to continue reconnecting and acting for the environment this summer and into the new year. As many of us will be holidaying in Australia this summer, it is the perfect opportunity to explore and enjoy the unique beauty and wilderness of Australia. Action for the environment is also a strategy which can help us navigate feelings of eco anxiety, and you may wish to be inspired by some of the suggestions from our students in the Padlet linked below.

Maggie Wighton
Sustainability Coordinator

French Poetry Competition Prize Winners!

Félicitations (or congratulations!) to Tyra Dawson (Year 9) and Monique Thorpe (Year 10) for their incredible achievement in firstly getting through to the finals of the Berthe Mouchette Poetry Competition and then being selected as respective winners for their year groups of the Prix Hors Catégorie. To go through to the finals of the Berthe Mouchette poetry competition, students must get full marks for their recital of a French poem. This year, students submitted a video of their poetry recital and Tyra and Monique both received 20 out of 20. They then had to do a Zoom recital several weeks later on a Sunday to French judges and again, they received full marks.

The fact that they each learned their poems over Remote Learning and recited them online adds to the impressiveness of the award. Well done Tyra and Monique, we are lucky to have you continuing with us in the French Department. 

Jo Rittey
Head of LOTE

Year 7 History

In Term 2, Year 7 History students continued their study of the ancient world, focusing on the ancient Egyptian civilisation. As part of this study, students in 7W took to the science lab to try and emulate ancient Egyptian embalming process. In ancient Egypt, this was an important step in the funerary process, to prepare the body of the deceased for their journey into the afterlife. This process took 70 days, drying the body in natron, a naturally occurring salt.

With no Pharaohs available, students ‘embalmed’ apple slices in a mixture of salt and bicarbonate of soda, to emulate the natron traditionally used for this process. They then created hieroglyphic seals for their experiments, reminiscent of the many spiritual aspects of the ancient embalming and mummification process. Students made predictions about what would occur over the coming weeks, using their historical knowledge and scientific understandings.

In ancient times, the desiccation (drying) process would have taken 70 days, however, due to our unexpected lockdowns, our experiment was conducted over several months! With the seals finally broken and experiments revealed in Term 4, our hypotheses were tested under slightly different conditions. While the apples were preserved, students doubted that they would have successfully travelled to the afterlife in their condition! 7W students Summer and Maya reported on the reopening:

“So, when the day finally arrived to unpack the mummified apples, we were excited but at the same time we were nervous to find out what happened to them. When we first opened the apples, we thought that the smell was going to be strong but there was barely any smell, it actually just smelled like salt and baking powder (basically the natron itself). The apples were not as mouldy as expected; they were really brown, almost black. There was also some ‘apple moisture’ on the bottom and the apples were also quite squishy which we did not expect to happen. We loved doing the apple mummification project and found it a great learning experience.” – Summer Zhu & Maya Conn, 7W Students 

Ian Lyell
Head of History

UN Youth Voice Competition – State Finals

The UN Youth Voice Competition is more than your average public speaking competition. It consists of two parts – the Pitch and Question Time. In the Pitch, students propose solutions to a given world problem. During Question Time, students answer two questions from the judging panel to defend the feasibility of their solution. This year’s competition was run online. Congratulations to Maddie Wood (Year 7) and Aliyana Rajakulendran (Year 8) who competed in the State Finals, finishing in the top ten overall.

Dr Charlotte Forwood
Director of Learning Design and Development

First Lego League – National Championships

At the end of November, three teams of Year 6 – 9 students competed in the First Lego League Challenge Regional Finals.

There were a number of components in the First Lego League challenge. Students designed a robot and programmed it to complete missions on a customised game table. They also engaged in the design thinking process, creating an innovation project linked to a global theme. This year’s challenge theme was ‘Cargo Connect’ – finding solutions to problems relating to transportation. Throughout the competition, students demonstrated the six core values of First Lego League: Discovery, Impact, Inclusion, Teamwork, Innovation and Fun.

At the Bangholme Regional Final which took place online, each team performed exceptionally well. The judges were particularly impressed with the students’ ability to articulate the learning process and their excellent teamwork skills. Robo6, our Year 8/9 team won the Breakthrough Award for the high quality of both their robot design and innovation project. Our Year 7 team, Kool Kidz, won the Innovation Project Award. These two teams have been selected to compete in the National Championships (South) on Sunday 12 December.

Congratulations and best wishes to both teams!

Dr Charlotte Forwood
Director of Learning Design and Development

House Sport

It was exciting to see sport back CGGS as we were lucky to hold another House Netball and Soccer competition. The fields and courts were alive with colour and enthusiastic cheer as everyone’s house spirit was through the roof. Participation levels were high and everyone displayed great teamwork and ability throughout the day. The weather held up perfectly and the girls were able to earn house points that contributed to the overall winners. The results were close, particularly Netball which had a three-way tie to first place.

The results are as follows:


Equal 1st – Lawrence, Schofield, Taylor

4th – Singleton 


1st – Taylor

2nd – Schofield

3rd – Singleton 

4th – Lawrence

A huge thank you to all the students and staff who were involved and assisted throughout the day, ensuring a smooth program, particularly Ms Law. A special mention to the House Captains who organised teams and cheered on their houses, an amazing effort for their first House Carnival. Another thanks to School House Captain, Kelly Ta, and previous House Sport Captains for their assistance.

The amazing effort put into the day payed off as we went on to have another successful House Netball and Soccer Carnival. We look forward to our next event which will be House Athletics next year!

Ella Robinson
School Sport Captain

Junior School


Junior School

December 7, 2021

Year 6 Graduation Ceremony & Supper

As a School, the Year 6 Graduation Ceremony and Supper was earmarked as our first large parent community event for 2021 since the Twilight Picnic took place in Term 1 this year. Considerable planning and preparation took place and Friday night finally arrived with both Ormiston staff and Year 6 students and parents ready to re-engage face-to-face on campus.

The ceremony was a wonderful opportunity to highlight each of the Year 6 students throughout this important event. Congratulations to eight students who started their educational journey at Ormiston. They are Scarlett Sim, Allegra Reedman, Charlotte Chong, Natasha Cameron, Natasha Oakley, Anthea Vais, Jasmine Li and Vivienne Torre. These students have been at Camberwell Girls Grammar School for nearly all their lives, and we look forward to their contributions at Senior School in Year 7.

Additionally, I would also like to recognise the efforts of Elise Orme and Charlie Russo for their awards on Friday evening. Elise was awarded the Marjorie Shaw General Excellence award for her academic efforts this year and Charlie was awarded the Elizabeth Lockley Citizenship award for being an excellent role model for Year 6 students when helping and guiding others during remote and face-to-face learning.

The Year 6 community had a very enjoyable evening and a highlight of the supper was a surprise graduation dance from the Year 6 students. I would like to thank Susannah Jepson our CGGS Community Relationships Coordinator and her team for helping implement such a successful event.

Year 6 Graduation Luncheon

Another wonderful highlight for the Year 6 students in their final days at Ormiston is their special luncheon in the Junior School Hall that is organised by a small group of Year 6 parent volunteers and our Year 6 Class Teachers, Ms Cheong and Mrs Robottom. A special thank you for the CGGS Parents & Friends Association who kindly fund the catering on this day.

A special part of the luncheon was the motivational speech from one of our Ormiston alumni Bella Dunn. Bella spoke about her past experiences at Camberwell Girls Grammar School and also talked about what she was currently studying at University. Our Year 6 students asked Bella some very interesting questions and we wish her all the best for the future.

Once again, the luncheon was a great success and enjoyed by the Year 6 students being their special day especially towards the end of the luncheon where the students with their memento Graduation Bear have fun going around acquiring signatures from classmates and teachers.

Year 3 & 4 Camp

Last week, our Year 3 and 4 students travelled to Camp ADANAC in Yarra Junction to experience a range of educational outdoor activities. Both year groups had not been on a school camp before but each student had-a-go at the adventurous activities. Some of the activities included the flying fox, archery, trampolines, gaga ball, low ropes course, canoeing, raft building, bush walk and other outdoor pursuits. I would like to thank Shane Maycock from Senior School for all his hard work in organising such a wonderful experience for our students. At the end of the three days, the Year 3 students were already looking forward to next year’s camp.

Early Learning 3 & 4 & Year 2 Super Strings Performances (Movies)

The Early Learning parents from both EL3, EL4 Full-Time and EL4 Part-Time are encouraged to click on the links below and watch their child performing in their year groups Christmas Story. Both links are videos.

Furthermore, the Year 2 parents have the opportunity to watch their child perform three songs as part of their Super Strings Program, which is an important part of the Music Curriculum we teach at Junior School. I would like to thank Nichole Adams for all her hard work and determination to complete these events since we have returned to face-to-face learning.

Wishing all our Ormiston families an enjoyable festive holiday!

Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

Connected Community


Connected Community

December 7, 2021

Centenary Time Capsule

As part of the school’s Centenary Celebrations, students and staff were invited to contribute to a time capsule which will be opened on the school’s 125th anniversary in 2045. After being presented to Ms Dunwoody at Senior School Assembly this week, it has been mounted in the breezeway outside the Fig Tree Café where it is hoped it will remain well protected from the elements!

In July 2020, Head of History Mr Ian Lyell, School Archivist Mrs Marian Jenkinson, and Community Programs and Events Coordinator Mrs Kate Daffy, delved into the 1995 time capsule which had been buried in the front garden as part of the 75th Anniversary celebrations. Sadly, during its internment, the seal on the small Perspex had been broken, meaning the contents were all water-damaged to varying degrees. Two audio cassettes, with interviews of Mr Abe Goldberg, a Holocaust survivor, and Mr Geoff Hannaford, a Vietnam War Veteran, were salvaged, with the contents digitised and transcribed. These have become part of the school archives. In 2021, two Year 11 History students, Maya Jones and Olivia Jones, re-interviewed Mr Goldberg and this interview will be included in the Centenary Time Capsule. 

To prepare the Centenary Time Capsule, students and staff from the Early Learning Centre, Junior School and Senior School were invited to submit artefacts which they felt captured the range of activities that take place at CGGS, what we value as a community, and what our hopes are for the future. Examples included copies of the books A Century of Stories and Holly Goes to Ormiston, recordings of Senior School Production, samples of Year 1 and Year 3 students’ work from our periods of remote learning, and many other photos, videos, documents and examples of student work. As most of the artefacts are electronic, they have been saved to a hard drive for inclusion. The artefacts chosen demonstrate the unique effect Covid-19 has had on our community, illustrating the way we have maintained the school’s traditions and sense of community even during periods of lockdown over the last two years, and how these activities reinforce our motto of Utilis in Ministerium (‘useful in service’).

We hope this time capsule will give those in 25 years’ time an insight into our school – the wonderful educational and co-curricular activities available, the caring and friendships, as well as a reminder of the difficulties we have all faced and overcome in the past two years.

Senior School Dad & Daughter Bowling & Pizza Night

After many attempts to hold this event, the CGGS Dads Group was delighted to finally hold the Senior School Dad & Daughter Bowling & Pizza Night last Friday evening.

Families from all senior levels came together for a fun night of bowling whilst dining on delicious pizza. Many new friendships were made as a friendly rivalry between dads and daughters caused much hilarity.

The CGGS Dads Group looks forward to hosting more events in 2022 where dads can network and meet other fathers from CGGS. There will also be fun activities in which dads can participate with their daughters.

For more information about the CGGS Dads Group contact Terry McAleenan (Year 10 Dad)


Christmas Wishes from the Parents and Friends Association

The PFA wishes all members of the CGS Community a joyous Christmas and a safe and relaxing holiday.

After another year interrupted by COVID restrictions, we were disappointed that our engagement with the CGGS community was limited and events could not be delivered.

We hope you all enjoyed your PFA Chocolate Gift and once again congratulate the winners of the PFA Lucky Hamper.

We look forward to welcoming you all back next year at the PFA Welcome Drinks on Friday 25 February 2022. This will be a fun night for parents to connect once again and celebrate our amazing CGGS Community.

Merry Christmas to you and your family…see you in 2022!!