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Connected Community

March 13, 2020

Diary Dates

The following events are taking place in the next two weeks.

Saturday 21 March
> Second Hand Uniform Shop Sales & Drop Off, 10.00am  – 12.00pm

Monday 23 March
> Second Hand Uniform Shop Sale & Drop Off, 8.00am  – 10.30am & 2.00pm – 4.00pm

Wednesday 25 March
> Foundation – Year 2 Swimming Carnival, SS Pool, 9.00am – 11.30am
> Senior School Easter Service, 12.00pm – 1.00pm

Thursday 26 March
> Yr 7 & 10 Immunisations, Rob Hall, 9.30am – 11.00am
> JS Easter Service, 10.00am – 11.00am

Friday 27 March
> Term 1 Concludes


International Women’s Day

On Thursday 5th March we were very fortunate to welcome back old grammarian Kim Henderson (1987), who presented to the school community at our International Women’s Day breakfast.

This year’s theme was “Each for Equal” emphasizing the importance of gender equality in society and the workplace. Kim as Director, Policy and Evaluation at Our Watch spoke about her time at CGGS, what lead her to embark on becoming a women’s rights activist and the achievements and pit falls she experienced along the way.

It was wonderful to hear about Kim’s extensive work experience and her vision for Australia as she is passionate about women’s rights, speaking about violence against women and girls, the economic empowerment of women and encouraging women and girls to strive to be leaders.

We thank everyone who attended this fantastic event, and thank Kim for taking the time to talk to us.

Connected Community


Connected Community

February 28, 2020

Diary Dates

The following events will be taking place in the next two weeks.

Tuesday 3 March
> Year 7 Commencement Service & Dinner
> Archival Display Open, Rob Hall, 8.00am – 9.00am & 3.00pm – 4.00pm

Thursday 5 March
> International Women’s Day Breakfast, Rob Hall, 7.00am – 8.15am

Friday 6 March
> Senior School Photo Day

Monday 9 March
> Labour Day Public Holiday, School Closed

Thursday 12 March
> Students dismissed at 12.30pm
> Year 7 & VCE Learning Conversations, 1.30pm – 8.00pm
> JS Mountfield Maestros Music Concert, JS Hall, 4.30pm – 7.00pm


Junior School Twilight Picnic

Junior School families joined to celebrate the start of the school year at the recent Twilight Picnic.

Proudly supported by the Parents and Friends Association, this event is a great way to bring the Junior School community together and is a highlight of the school calendar.

Children were delighted to be transformed into fairies, tigers and butterflies by the amazing Face Paint Artists, and were thrilled to watch the talents of Michael the Baloonologist magically twist balloons into their favourite animal. Free play was encouraged on the basketball court with balls, hool-a-hoops and skipping ropes enjoyed by all ages.

New parents mingled with others from their year level whilst enjoying a prepared picnic or a sausage from the PFA BBQ.

A special thanks to Mr Paul Donohue and his staff for supporting the event by greeting parents and cooking and selling sausages. We eagerly look forward to next year’s Twilight Picnic.

Connected Community


Connected Community

February 14, 2020

Diary Dates

The following events are taking place in the next two weeks.

Monday 17 February
> Year Level Reps Meeting, Senior School Boardroom, 7.30pm – 8.30pm

Tuesday 18 February
> Class of 2019 Celebration Assembly, BSH, 9.30am – 10.30am
> F – Yr 3 Meet The Teachers Evening, JS Grounds, 5.00pm -6.30pm
> Yr 4 – 6 Meet The Teachers Evening, JS Grounds, 7.00pm – 8.30pm
> Yr 8 & 9 Information Evening, 7.00pm

Thursday 20 February
> Yr 10 – 12 Information Evening, 7.00pm

Friday 21 February 
> Junior School Twilight Picnic, JS Grounds, 5.30pm – 8.00pm

Tuesday 25 February
> Senior School House Athletics

Wednesday 26 February
> Junior School Semester One Leaders Assembly, BSH, 9.00am


Year 7 Morning Tea

On Tuesday 30 January we welcomed Year 7 parents to the Senior School. The event is a wonderful way for new parents to connect with other parents and the school. Thanks to the Parents & Friends Association who kindly support this important event every year.


Centenary Commencement Ceremony

On Tuesday 11  February 2020, the school celebrated the school’s 100th birthday, the actual date of the schools inception. The commencement of our Centenary year was on the school oval and was quite spectacular. We were very proud to host The Honourable Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria and her husband Mr Anthony Howard QC as our special guests.

The ceremony was a wonderful start to our Centenary year and was shared by students, staff, parents, Life Governors, School Council and Sub Committee members and Roma Drummond one of our oldest old grammarians.

Highlights of the ceremony were the Junior School students re-enactment of the first 50 students attending school at the new site at Torrington St and the stunning birthday cake. Students and parents were treated to a birthday cup cake after the ceremony. A wonderful start to the year!

Marriage Course at St Marks Church, Camberwell

Click below to view a flyer for a Marriage Course being run at St Marks Church, Camberwell.

Connected Community


Connected Community

December 10, 2019

From everyone at Camberwell Girls Grammar School, we wish a Merry Christmas and a very safe and happy New Year.

Please see below, the starting dates for Term 1, 2020:

Thursday 30 January
> Years 2 – 6 commence
> Year 7 commence
> Years 11 & 12 commence

Monday 3 February
> ELC, Foundation & Year 1 commence
> Years 8 – 10 commence


Thank you for BEE-ing a volunteer!
Each year the school takes the opportunity to thank parents and old grammarians who have volunteered at various events throughout the year. The event is a small token of our appreciation for all the time and effort that our volunteers contribute to the school. This year the event was hosted by our Principal, Debbie Dunwoody at her home. We took the opportunity to thank all our volunteers for BEE-ing such busy Bee’s for us! Their tremendous support to the school is very valuable. A lovely relaxing evening was had by all, enjoying drinks, canapes, and fun conversation.




November 29, 2019

With the festive season fast approaching and our Carols at Camberwell event happening tonight, it is my delight to welcome Head of Religious Education, Dr Rev Duncan Reid to share with you a Christmas reflection in this weeks CamNews.

The Prince of Peace: a Christmas Reflection

‘Glory to God in highest heaven, and on Earth – Peace’ (Luke 2:14). In these words, according to Luke, the angels greeted the shepherds on that hillside outside of Bethlehem, one cold night, a long time ago. Several hundred years earlier, Isaiah had predicted the coming of the Messiah as ‘Prince of Peace’ (Isaiah 9:6). So peaceseems to be a bit of a theme with this baby, whose birth we celebrate at Christmas time. In the time of Isaiah, and many centuries later, when his prediction finally comes true, peace was something people desperately longed for.

And for us, in our time – not a lot seems to have changed. We also find ourselves to be in need of peace. We hear of conflicts in the Middle East, and of great world powers jockeying for position in our part of the world, and the continued stockpiling of nuclear weapons around the world. Usually we think of peace, and our need for it, as peace between human beings. Everywhere we look we see lack of peace, between nations, between ethnic and religious communities, between political positions, between individuals. The Prince of Peace puts a question mark to all this.

In addition to these obvious instances of conflict and preparedness for conflict, we need to consider a more hidden scene of conflict, that between humankind and the Earth itself. Ever since the early modern scientist Francis Bacon (1561-1626), made explicit our human quest to interrogate nature, we human beings have been doing just this. We have forgotten that Bacon also said we ‘command nature by obeying nature’; or rather, we have tended to emphasize the commanding at the expense of the obeying. We have often resorted to the most invasive means of interrogation at our disposal, and we have been very efficient at what amounts to this attempt to command the Earth and its creatures, both human and non-human. We have been far less effective at sitting quietly and listening to what the Earth, and nature itself, have been trying to say to us.

Furthermore, this quest to interrogate and command Earth has been driven by the perception that conflict – the ‘law of the jungle’ as we sometimes call it – is the natural state of living things. We have presupposed that something other than peace is the default position for mutual human interaction, and human interaction with the Earth. Yet now we are slowly learning that maybe, just maybe, it is co-operation – between species of plants and animals, for example – that is nature’s preferred way of operating. The real law of the jungle may in fact be one of cooperation, and of symbiosis. Maybe this is what the Prince of Peace has been trying to tell us all along. And we are waking up to this reality far too late.

So what might the Prince of Peace be saying to us, now, after so long and so damaging an attempt to command nature? He may be saying, as he did at the start of his ministry: think again! we need to change our behaviour (Mark 1: 15). We are not meant to be in conflict with the Earth. It is time to start listening, quietly – to Earth itself.

Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann AM, a Christian Ngan’gi woman from Northern Australia, reminds us that Australian Aboriginal people have always known the value of listening, ‘an inner deep listening and quiet still awareness’, as she puts it. ‘We could not live good or useful lives unless we listened. This was the normal way for us to learn – not by asking questions.’ This includes listening to Earth and its creatures.

This is not so far from the wisdom Jesus would have listened to as he grew:

Four things on earth are small, yet they are exceedingly wise:
the ants are a people without strength, yet they provide their food in the summer;
the badgers are a people without power, yet they make their homes in the rocks;
the locusts have no king, yet all of them march in rank;
the lizard can be grasped in the hand, yet it is found in kings’ palaces.
(Proverbs 30: 24-28).

Maybe, we need to listen again to God’s advice to Job, and should stand in awe of the natural world:

Do you know when the mountain goats give birth? Do you observe the calving of the deer?
Is it by your wisdom that the hawk soars, and spreads its wings toward the south?
Is it at your command that the eagle mounts up and makes its nest on high?
(Job 39: 1; 26-27).

Look and listen, and be aware. Jesus was to go on and offer this sort of wisdom himself: ‘Consider the ravens: they neither sow nor reap…. Consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin’ (Luke 12: 24; 27). Look and listen, listen deeply, to what these creatures have to say to us, on their own terms. Maybe this is the Christmas message we need to hear, for our own times.

In the 19th century, the Jewish Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch (1808-1888) offered an interesting new interpretation of the ‘us’ in Genesis 1: 26, where the Lord says: ‘Let us make humankind in our image.’ Hirsch suggested we might think of it as God speaking to all the created beings that had already been brought into existence and given life. Because human beings, the late-comers on the scene, might develop the capacity to change and even endanger the Earth, God consults them, Earth and its living inhabitants, to ask if they approve of bringing such a creature into existence. God listens to their opinions.

For Christians, the Prince of Peace has come among us at Christmas, the child of God. But all creation still ‘waits with eager longing’ (Romans 8: 19) to see us living as the Prince of Peace would have us live, as real children of God, children who will live at peace with Earth. Let’s think of this as we contemplate the traditional Christmas crib this year, and notice not just the shepherds and wise men, but also the sheep, the oxen, the donkey, and all the other non-human creatures gathered so peacefully there.

Duncan Reid
Head of Religious Education


Chair of Council Report

Each year the Chair of Council presents a report at the Year 10-12 Presentation Evening.
Please find the 2019 report attached below for your information.

Kind regards

Debbie Dunwoody

Connected Community


Connected Community

November 29, 2019

Diary Dates

The following event swill be taking place in the next two weeks.

Friday 6 December
> Final Day for Years 10 & 11

Monday 9 December
> Ormiston & Year 7 – 9 Carol Service, St Marks, 11.00am – 12.00pm
> Year 6 Graduation Lunch, JS Hall, 12.30pm – 1.30pm

Tuesday 10 December
> Year 7 – 9 Presentation Evening, BSH, 7.00pm – 9.00pm
> Final Day for all Students


Class of 2018 – 1 Year Reunion

It was great to see so many girls from the Class of 2018  back at the school last Thursday to get together to celebrate their milestone 1 year reunion. The Fig Tree Café was full of enthusiasm, laughter and excitement as the former students came together to catch up on what everyone has been doing since leaving school almost a year ago. Many staff members joined the group to catch up on the past year and the variety of paths the former students are now on. These old grammarians are studying, Biomedicine, Commerce, Nursing, Global Studies, International Relations, Interior Design and Acting, just to name a few.

We thank look forward to seeing the Class of 2018 again next year, as they help us celebrate our 100thBirthday.

CGGS celebrates another year of amazing parent volunteers!!

As the Community Relationships Coordinator, I enjoy working with amazing CGGS parent volunteers every day. It is the wonderful commitment of our volunteer Class Reps, PFA members and other parents that builds a strong community in which our parents and students feel connected.

I would like to thank every parent who supported the school this year and wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a safe and enjoyable summer break.

I look forward to celebrating the school’s centenary year in 2020 with you all.

Susannah Jepson
Community Relationships Coordinator


2020 Celebrations 

In 2020 our school will celebrate 100 years of educating tomorrow’s woman. We have an exciting year of events and celebrations planned that reflect this vision, and we very much look forward to welcoming our community to share in these celebrations at CGGS throughout the year.

Our celebrations begin with a whole of school commencement ceremony on 11 February 2020, from 10.30am, where the Governor, The Hon Linda Dessau AC, will join us for this momentous occasion. This date recognises and acknowledges the first day of Camberwell Girls Grammar School when eight students began their education in St Mark’s Church Hall on Wednesday 11 February 1920.

You can find out more about this event, and all our other events and celebrations, in the next edition of CamLife, that will be published in mid-December.

For any further information, please contact Jane Harris, Director of Advancement,, 9811 8582.

Junior School


Junior School

November 15, 2019

Mountfield Maestros

I would like to congratulate the students who participated in our Semester Two Speech and Drama performances in the Junior School Hall last week. Once again, we had approximately 50 students participate in different performances, whether in a small or large group and it was a privilege to watch specific students do their personal best and make so much progress from earlier in the year. A feature of each of the performances was the confidence of the students in front of a small audience. I look forward to seeing these types of performances at future assemblies and school events.

Congratulations to the following students:

Early Learning: Victoria Li

Foundation: Aarna Sharma, Claire Zhang

Year 1: Cynthia Li, Irene Li, Laila Beiruti, Elfie Fan, Estella Ouyang, Lucinda Reedman, Chloe Zhang, Audrey Nemtsas, Serena Hu, Madeleine Law, Elaine Li, Angela Lin, Zoe Raspin

Year 2: Yasmin Lintott, Ailey Poon

Year 3: Rita Wong, Erena Zhu, Tiffany Lau, Christelle Chin

Year 4: Elsa Cao, Sophie Peake, Annabelle Nemtsas, Allegra Reedman, Melody Hu, Elise Orme, Charlotte Chong, Ashanti Rajakulendran, Chloe Lau, Sarah Lu

Year 5: Charlotte Hayes, Yasmin Taghdir, Anneka Sinnappu, Sharvi Bansal, Vrinda Dhir, Sharon Tjioe, Grace Wan

Year 6: Anneke Cook, Sarah Zhou, Sarah May, Aliyana Rajakulendran

Year 5 Inquiry Unit

As part of their Inquiry topic this term of ‘How do natural disasters and extreme weather events impact communities and the environment?’ the Year 5s explored the effect of bushfires on native flora such as Acacia plants (wattles). Mrs Dumsday helped us investigate the effect of heat on the germination of Acacia seeds and wheat, an introduced plant to Australia. We used equipment, such as Petri dishes, water baths and beakers, in the Woodstock Lab at Senior School to create a variety of temperature conditions (20 degrees, 50 degrees and 100 degrees) which both types of seeds were exposed to. Year 5 will continue to monitor the seeds and we look forward to observing the changes and differences between the germinations of the two types of seeds.

Liz Ruffles, Anjali de Quadros & Michelle Kalus
Year 5 Teachers


Year 6 Virtual Debating Team

This term the Year 6 Virtual Debating team has continued to compete in this National Competition that provides students from around Australia an opportunity to participate in debates via video conferencing. All debates are expert adjudicators who provide students with feedback to improve their debating skills.

The students prepared debates about the topics: ‘That fast food advertising should be banned’ and ‘That we should require students to participate in charity activity before being able to graduate.’ At this late stage in the competition the quality of arguments is very high and the adjudicator praised the CGGS team on the evidence the team provided to support their viewpoint and the variety of strategies they employed to rebut the oppositions argument. Our Year 6 team achieved a tremendous result of winning six debates in a row, taking them to the quarter finals of the competition. Despite a very hotly contested quarter final, the opposing team from Macarthur Anglican School in NSW, progressed to the semi-final. The Year 6 team were not only the most successful 2019 team from CGGS but were the highest placing Victorian team in the Year 5/6 division.

Throughout the year the students have been fantastic ambassadors for the school. They have not only demonstrated their excellent debating and team work skills, but the competition has required them to develop their persuasive writing, research, organisation, leadership, critical thinking and evaluative skills. It has been a privilege to witness the collaborative effort of the students and their confidence grow in their ability to construct their viewpoint. We are extremely proud of Cate Mead, Sarah Zhou, Suwedha Ranjith and Aliyana Rajakulendran and congratulate them on their outstanding achievement in this competition.

Aliyana – It was a brilliant experience that helped me to further develop my teamwork, persistence and debating skills. We became very superstitious throughout the tournament which really united the team together.

Cate – It was a really fun experience and it was cool that we were able to debate students around the country via a video chat.

Sarah – It was an experience of a lifetime that provided me with an opportunity to expand my knowledge of debating and ability to handle stress.

Suwedha – I was surprised how much I enjoyed this experience. Not only did we improve our debating skills, we learnt much more, such as: teamwork, organising our time and working under pressure.

Nancy Robottom 
Year 6 Teacher

Year 6 FIRST LEGO League Competition

This week, nine enthusiastic students from Year 6 competed in their first regional final of the First LEGO League competition, along with two experienced Year 7 and 8 teams. First LEGO League is a global event founded by Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway and involves more than 200,000 students worldwide. Teams of up to 10 students complete four challenges in order to compete:

> Innovation Project

> Core Values Poster

> EV3 Robot Design and Build

> Robot Game

Team 2025 Girls (named for the year they complete Year 12) demonstrated the six core values of the competition throughout their preparation and during the competition day: discovery, teamwork, inclusion, innovation, impact and fun. There were times when robots didn’t follow their instructions and last minute changes needed to be made to presentations, however, the students showed great resilience, resourcefulness and teamwork. At the end of the day, Team 2025 Girls didn’t receive any awards but did manage to outperform one of our Senior teams in the robot game. Both Senior teams have progressed to the National Finals next week which are being held at Swinburne University on Sunday, 24 November.

The judges at the competition noted that our teams were a standout in terms of their teamwork and inclusion so the students should be very proud of their efforts. A big thank you goes to Mr Kim Perkins, who assisted the students with learning how to code their EV3 robots.

Dr Charlotte Forwood
Director of Learning Design and Development & First LEGO League Coach

ELC Grandparents & Special Friends Morning

Recently, the Early Learning children invited their grandparents and special friends to spend time with them in their classroom. This was also an opportunity for the children to express their gratitude for the important role their grandparents and special friends play in their lives. In our school community we value and believe it’s important for children to experience ‘giving’ and to express their gratitude. Each classroom discussed ways they could express their gratitude to their grandparent and special friend and the children decided to do this through drawings, words, singing, cooking and spending time working together. During their time together, the children engaged in learning experiences and it was wonderful to see the grandparents and special friends enthusiastically work alongside the children and be involved. It is through these experiences that children develop an understanding about gratitude and ways they can express this to the people in their lives that care and help them.

Angela Follacchio
Early Learning Team Leader

Chamber Concert

On Wednesday 13 November, selected students from Years 5, 7, 9 & 11 performed at the afternoon’s Chamber Concert for a very appreciative audience of parents, friends and teachers. This was a wonderful opportunity for our student-driven chamber ensembles to perform for an audience and display their talents and hard work from their many hours of rehearsals. The incredibly high-standard performances included a varied selection of repertoire, from Disney classics to Classical Haydn and Romantic Borodin. The School’s harpsichord was also featured in the performance, allowing the Year 7 Combined Quartet to perform in the true Baroque style of Vivaldi. We congratulate all performers for participated in this fantastic event and look forward to more concerts of this nature in the future.

Congratulations to the following Year 5 Quartet participants:

Rida Cao

Madeleine Wood

Alyce Law

Emily Lioe

Jane Scott
Music Administrator

Foundation – Y6 Nude Food

In an effort to raise awareness, reduce our waste and nourish our bodies with fresh produce and homemade goods, Foundation to Year 6 students participated in a Nude Food Day on Thursday 7 November. Students brought food from home that did not come in packaging and placed their food in reusable containers. It was wonderful to see so many students getting involved in the initiative. Well done to Year 3L for winning the Nude Food challenge.

Rebecca Leondidis
Year 4 Class Teacher

Digital Wellbeing

We are continuing to involve members of our CGGS community as we examine the data collected from our Digital Wellbeing surveys. This week Mrs Cathy Poyser, Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School; Ms Nirvana Watkins, Deputy Head of Senior School – Wellbeing Curriculum and Program; Ms Emma Hinchliffe, Deputy Head of Junior School – Teaching and Learning; and Ms Felicity Carroll, Digital Literacy Co-ordinator JS and SS, met with parents who expressed an interest in participating in our Parent Digital Wellbeing Focus Groups within their survey responses. We thank these parents for joining discussions about our community’s technology usage and the implications for our School and families. We are in the process of devising initiatives for 2020 and these will be communicated in future CamNews articles.

The previous Digital Wellbeing CamNews article focussed on screen time and presented evidence-based strategies for fostering positive online experiences as part of a balanced lifestyle. One strategy that families may wish to consider is establishing agreed family guidelines, or what is often called, a Family Media Agreement. There are many examples available online, with the most effective agreements being those in which children and teenagers establish agreed behaviours with their parents. Common Sense Media includes one such example you may find helpful here. Another is by ThinkUKnow, which also provides a template for families to use when creating their personalised agreement. It is widely agreed that establishing these agreed behaviours is most effective when done with children at an early age, but there is still value in exploring their potential benefit with older children and teenagers.   


Commonsense media. (2019). Family Media Agreement.
Retrieved from

ThinkUKnow. (2019) Parents Portal. Retrieved from

Paul Donohue & Felicity Carroll
Head of Junior School & Digital Literacy Coordinator

Years 2 – 6 Netball

The Year 2, 3 and 4 netballers have been working on ball movement and game play during the training sessions. All Years 5 and 6 teams won their matches last Saturday. Year 5 Opals were unstoppable against CSNC Blitz, the CGGS team had strong defence and transitioned the ball down into the gaolers smoothly. The Year 5 Jets defeated MA Bolts 12-4, the Jets played well together, got many intercepts and are sitting in second place on the ladder. The Year 6 Topaz got off to strong start against MLC Ruby, Topaz played a consistent game and defeated them 5-1. Congratulations to all Ormiston netball teams.

Lexie Joyce
Netball Coach 


Year 2 Extended Day

After school today, I am looking forward to our Year 2 Extended Day and wish Ms Soci and Ms Zarfaty and students all the best for their activities and movie in the Junior School Hall.

I wish all Ormiston families a restful weekend.


Yours sincerely,


Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School




November 15, 2019

CGGS Celebrates Spring Carnival 

On Thursday 7 November, CGGS celebrated the tradition of Oaks Day with many women attending a ladies’ lunch.

Dressed in style and wearing beautiful headpieces, all guests embraced the Spring Carnival theme of fashion and fun. Enjoying a drink and canapes on arrival followed by a sit-down lunch, guests were also treated to a wonderful fashion parade by The Ark Clothing Company viewing their summer collection.

A gift bag including styling vouchers, sweet treats and beauty items was given to each lady plus everyone received a mystery bet with a horse in the second race of the day. This brought the race track to the event, as the race was viewed during the lunch which resulted in great excitement and a few winners on the day!

Surprise door prizes were awarded to many lucky guests including, a Girl’s Night Out, designer homewares, spa vouchers, wine hampers, and in-home styling consultations.

Supported by the Parents and Friends Association, the Oaks Day Lunch provided a great opportunity for many women of CGGS to socialise with school friends and meet other mums within the school community.

Susannah Jepson
Community Relationships Coordinator

Diary Dates

The following events are taking place in the next two weeks.

Monday 18 November 
> Y9 Service Learning Week
> VCE Exams
> Y10 & Y11 Exams

Tuesday 19 November
> VCE Exams
> Y10 & Y11 Exams

Wednesday 20 November 
> VCE Exams Conclude
> Y10 & Y11 Exams Conclude

Thursday 21 November
> Y11 Headstart Program Commences
> JS Choral & Instrumental Concert, 6.30pm BSH

Friday 22 November
> Y11 Headstart Program

Monday 25 November
> Y11 Headstart Program
> Second And Uniform Shop – Drop Off, 8am – 12noon
> Second Hand Uniform Shop – Sales 2pm – 4pm 

Tuesday 26 November
> Y11 Headstart Program

Wednesday 27 November
> Y11 Headstart Program
> Y3 & Y4 Camp Departs

Thursday 28 November
> Y11 Headstart Program
> Y3 & Y4 Camp

Friday 29 November
> Y11 Headstart Program
> Y3 & Y4 Camp Returns
> EL3, El4 & Foundation Christmas Chapel Service, 9.20am
> Professional Christmas Market, 3.30pm – 7.30pm, Senior School
> Carols at Camberwell, 7.30pm – 9.00pm, Senior Oval

Connected Community


Connected Community

November 1, 2019

Diary Dates

The following events are taking place in the next two weeks.

Monday 4 November 
> Mid-Term Break – No Students

Tuesday 5 November
> Melbourne Cup Public Holiday – No Students

Wednesday 6 November 
> EL3 Grandparents & Special Friends Morning – 9.30m – 11.30am

Thursday 7 November
Mountfield Maestros (Speech & Drama) – JS Hall, 4.30pm – 7.00pm

Wednesday 13 November
> Chamber Concert – BSH, 4.30pm – 5.30pm


50 Year Reunion!

On Wednesday 23 October the Class of 1969 celebrated their 50 year reunion.

A wonderful group of women joined together at CGGS for a lovely lunch. Many women coming from interstate and country Victoria to gather together to celebrate this wonderful milestone. We are so grateful to those women that travelled to be at this exciting reunion.

The room was a hive of activity, laughter and a great deal of catching up was done. The women even spent time identifying many faces in photo displays around the room.

The group was joined by Debbie Dunwoody, Jane Harris, Director of Advancement and Karen Bartram, Alumnae Relationships Coordinator. The group was taken on a tour of the school reminiscing of how the school used to look with much amazement at the changes in 50 years. Once the formal reunion was over, the women were seen chatting in the Fig Tree Café for many hours after, reminiscing and flicking through Marcian Magazines from their time at the school.

Parents vs Staff Friendly Badminton Match

The CGGS gym was a buzz of excitement on Monday 28 October where CGGS parents played CGGS staff in a friendly badminton game. A cheerful group of parents from both Senior and Junior School took part in the competition with much enthusiasm and competitiveness. Laughter was heard in the gym with the students cheering on both parties while shuttlecocks flew all around.

A wonderful sense of community and fun between our international community and staff was a highlight of the afternoon. The match was followed by a light lunch in the Fig Tree Café. For more information about this or other international events please contact Flora Zhang, Development Coordinator on 9813 1166.

The PFA Nourishes Swimmers

The Parents and Friends Association proudly supported the House Swimming again this year by providing a BBQ for all swimmers, spectators and teachers. Volunteers of the Friends of Sport group served hundreds of sausages to the hungry crowd, contributing to the PFA’s fund raising efforts to enhance the opportunities and equipment available to our girls.

To discover more about the PFA and how to become involved contact Susannah Jepson via

Fireside Chat with our Vicar – St Marks Event

Please the St Marks Church Community as they explore faith in the face of loss at this special event. See flyer below.

Connected Community


Connected Community

October 18, 2019

Diary Dates

The following events are taking place in the next two weeks.

Monday 21 October
> Year 12 Final Day
> Year 12 Breakfast
> Year 12 Leavers Service, 11.00am – 1.00pm, BSH
> Valedictory Dinner, 6.30pm – 1.00pm, MCG

Tuesday 22 October 
> 2020 Foundation Evening, 7.00pm – 8.30pm, JS Hall

Wednesday 23 October
> Ormiston Celebration of Sport Assembly, 9.00am – 10.00am, BSH
> Shaping the Future Event, 6.30pm – 8.30pm, BSH

Thursday 24 October
> Senior School Leaders’ Service, 9.30m – 10.30am, BSH
> Student Leaders & Parent’s Morning Tea, 10.30am – 11.00am, Rob Hall

Friday 25 October
> Year 7 – 12 House Swimming & Diving

Monday 28 October
> Year 9 & 10 Camp Departs

Tuesday 29 October
> JS Tabloid Sports, 1.00pm – 3.00pm, SS Oval
> YABBA Awards

Friday 1 November
> 2020 Foundation Transition, 9.15am – 10.15am


Continued support from the PFA

The Parents and Friends Association continued to proudly support school events by providing refreshments for guests of the Celebration of Sport Dinner, House Music Competition and the VCE Art Exhibition Opening Night.

As part of the PFA’s “friend raising” initiative to give back to CGGS parents, PFA volunteers served refreshments to many grateful attendees of these events.

New PFA Executive Committee

The Parents and Friends Association elected a new executive body to lead the association. They include:

Dr Robert Webster OAM (Eloise – Year 10)

Vice Presidents

Ms Viv Noffs (Phoebe – Year 9)

Ms Jo Ellingworth (Chelsea – Year 10)

Ms Meredith Spencer-Jones (Charlotte – Year 9)

Ms Patricia Stocca (Eloise – Year 9)

Ms Krys Pekin (Jane – Year 9)

Mr Ray Barmby (Ella – Year 10)

We appreciate the support these parents provide for the school community and encourage all families to be involved in PFA meetings and events.

For more information about the Parents and Friends Association and how to become involved, please contact:

Susannah Jepson
Community Relationships Coordinator
9811 8590


Western Australia Reunion

The Western Australian old grammarians recently gathered at a Perth city hotel to meet Principal Debbie Dunwoody and other WA based CGGS alumnae.

The guests shared many stories of their time at Camberwell Girls Grammar School, from the 1950’s through to 1990’s, and were very interested to hear of the wonderful opportunities the current students are offered. They were also very excited to hear about the centenary celebrations we have planned next year.

For more information about CGGS school reunions, please contact:

Karen Bartram
Alumnae Relationships Coordinator
9811 8501