School Chaplain


School Chaplain

December 4, 2020

The Season of Advent and the God who waits.

The season of Advent (the four Sundays before Christmas Day) has traditionally been a season of expectation:  a time to listen, again, to the promises of God, and to consider what those promises mean for us today. It’s also a time of waiting.  The parts of Scripture that we listen to over these weeks give us a sense of all the people, throughout history, who have waited, often in dark and uncertain circumstances, for  God’s promises to be fulfilled in their time.

We don’t need to use our imaginations much this year to reflect on what it feels like to wait.  In many ways 2020 is a waiting year like no other.  Waiting for the daily briefing by Dan Andrews.  Waiting for the borders to open. Waiting for the election result of a country far away from here. Waiting for a vaccine.

In the midst of all the waiting, 2020 has also been a year when we’ve faced some truths about our human condition, that have, perhaps, not been so clear to us before.  We’ve noticed the fragility of life, and not just human life faced with a nasty virus.  We have also noticed the vulnerability of the planet (remember the bush-fires at the start of the year?)

In many ways it’s been a sobering year, a year when our wings have been clipped.  But I would also say that 2020 has been a time when our sense of what matters has become more fine-tuned.  One of the things I loved seeing during lock-down was families together in parks, mucking around together, “wasting” time together.  I’ve had quite a few conversations  about the beauty of the season, or about how simple are needs really are. I’ve heard students appreciating their teachers in new ways too!

I’d also say that 2020 has been a time when many of us have wondered more about God, and how God is involved with us.  A time when we might have sensed God’s presence in the beauty of the earth:  in Autumn leaves, or sunsets or bird song, or the tranquility of a garden.  And a time when we might have had a fresh sense of how God chooses to be involved with us:  not with grand gestures, pushing aside all that impedes us – but in utter humility.  God walking quietly beside us, helping us to face what is there,  encouraging us in the big and small dramas of each day, inviting us to lean on God’s strength when we have felt incapable of anything much at all . . . and always, always, waiting for us.

So, while we might think about Advent as a time of us waiting for God, there is also much to be said about how God waits for us.  The God whose incarnation we celebrate at Christmas is the God who waits for us so patiently and humbly.  Waits for us to put aside the distractions and the busy schedules that are sometimes a substitute for real life.  Waits for us to open the doors of our hearts to the divine love.  Waits for us to lean in to God’s strength and goodness.  Waits for us to discover that life together – life for the flourishing of every part of creation – is the best kind of life there is, and that we want to play our part.

I hope that as we prepare for Christmas, we hang on to some of what we have learned of ourselves and God this year.  May we approach Christmas with a sense of the fragility and magnificence of life, may be celebrate with light-hearts, and may we revel in the love that waits to change the world.

May God bless you and your loved ones this Christmas.  Those who have lost loved ones this year will be particularly in my prayers on Christmas Eve.

Reverend Helen Creed
School Chaplain

Senior School


Senior School

December 4, 2020

In many respects this year seems to have lasted forever and then on the other hand it seems to have flown past. When I think back to our first day of Term 1 with the students in their Year Level Assemblies, the Year 7 School Badge Assembly, each student receiving their Centenary Badge, the Year 12 Retreat and Formal, they all seem like they occurred a lifetime ago. These events and those throughout the year that you have enjoyed reading about in the previous editions of CamNews and the many more that have occurred either virtually while we were in lockdown or livestreamed since students have returned onsite; have continued to occur as they would in a typical non-pandemic year.

As a school we have so much to be proud of and celebrate. Our students who have been incredibly resilient and adaptable, the staff, both teaching and professional services, who have also shown such flexibility in their care and guidance of the students in their every endeavour. Of course our parent community who have supported all of our efforts and the necessary protocols throughout the year.

CamNews today is no exception to the previous editions this year, with the many events and activities of the past fortnight at Senior School detailed here for you. The students have had things to immerse themselves in, right up to the very end of the school year.

Today our Year 10 and 11 students have completed their HeadStart Program and their planning for their leadership roles as our Senior students of 2021. We wish them a happy and safe holiday and look forward to seeing them return to school on Thursday 28 January.

On Tuesday 8 December our Years 7 – 9 students and their parents will conclude the year with the pre-recorded Presentation Night. This will be a fitting end of year celebration for these year levels. We also wish them well for a relaxing holiday and look forward to welcoming them back to school on Monday 1 February for their first day of 2021.

On behalf of all in the Senior School and the contributors to this edition, please enjoy this final edition of CamNews for 2020.

Warm regards,

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School


Year 9 – Wearable Art Parade

Next Monday during Period 4, Years 7-9 students will be attending a Wearable Art Parade. The artefacts on exhibit have been created by the Year 9 students. Working in groups of 4-5, the Year 9 students have learnt how to code a micro:bit and have been challenged to incorporate the micro:bit into their Wearable Art design made from recycled newspaper.

What is a micro:bit? 

A micro:bit is a microcontroller board. You can think of it as a type of small computer or hardware. In order to make use of hardware, we need to write software (otherwise known as “code” or computer programs). The software, in this case MakeCode, “tells” the hardware what to do.

What is Wearable Art? 

Wearable art is always made by hand.  You can wear the pieces; they are unique, and the design comes purely from the creative input of the artist. It is totally different from the mainstream fashion world but still related to it.

The Design Thinking process is used with the following 5 steps:

1.      Empathise – learn more about your target audience

2.      Define – understand and identify your audience’s problems or needs

3.      Ideate – brainstorm several possible creative solutions

4.      Prototype – construct rough drafts or sketches of your ideas

5.      Test – test your prototype solutions, and refine until you come up with the final version

The Year 9 students have collaborated in their groups to produce some exceptional Wearable Art creations as well as a Padlet documenting their progress during the planning and construction of their Wearable Art.

As their teachers, we commend the Year 9 students on their efforts and ability to rise to a challenge at this stage of a demanding year. We hope you enjoy the Wearable Art parade and help us decide who has designed the ultimate creation.

Tuba Ozak, Kim Hepworth and Di Wood
Senior School Science Teachers

Year 7 French

To finish off the year, the Year 7 French students made little children’s books using French language from their studies throughout the year.  The first photo of each book shows the variety of subjects they chose to talk about including topics such as family, eating out and going to the zoo. All the students put in so much work, selecting great phrases and appropriate language and we are very proud of how much they can now say! The next three photos are from Debbie Guan’s book and are an excellent example of the kind of French the students can use at the end of Year 7. Bravo les filles!

Jo Rittey
Head of LOTE

Year 7 Service Learning Conference

Our annual Year 7 Service Learning Conference is an opportunity for our students to engage with acts of service for the environment. This year’s event was particularly profound, as it came at the end of a year which has been notable for its environmental challenges, but also the world-wide response to a global crisis. At the heart of our environmental action at CGGS is the concept of hope, and we can certainly take hope from the events of 2020 that meaningful, collective change for the benefit of the environment is possible.

During this years’ conference, students learned to act individually and collectively to make substantial, meaningful change. To inspire us to action, educators from CERES made the case for action on climate change. Our Year 7s then identified a range of areas for improvement at CGGS, and completed a design cycle, resulting in a range of inspiring prototypes and proposals. Innovative prototypes included lockers that doubled as solar panels to charge the school’s batteries, and bins that turn waste into energy to charge devices.

Students embodied our school motto of ‘Utilis in Ministerium’ (Useful in Service), by assembling solar lamps for the Solar Buddy organisation. These will be sent to communities experiencing energy poverty, with the intent to improve environmental, health, and educational outcomes for the recipients. Our students also write letters to accompany each lamp. As the day warmed up, students focused inward, and finished the day with a range of wellbeing and mindfulness activities designed to meet the need for self-care.

Maggie Wighton

Year 8 Service Learning Conference

Last Wednesday, Year 8 students took part in one of two creative art workshops as a part of a Service Learning incursion.

One half of the cohort worked with Murrundindi. This session was titled Connecting to Place through Mapping with Murrundindi.  The focus of this session was to look at a place from a different perspective, a different view and through a symbolic lens. Students were encouraged to consider how they connect with the land, how they use it and what is sacred to them.  As they created their reimagined map, Murrundindi told stories of Wurundjeri dreaming and of William Barak’s journey. He spoke about symbols that are sacred to Wurundjeri peoples. Students finished the session with a yarn circle- sharing their own artistic depictions of sacred places and spaces with Murrundindi.

The alternative workshop was with fashion designer and artist Lyn-Al Young.  Lyn-Al Young is a proud Gunnai, Wiradjuri, Gunditjmara and Yorta Yorta fashion designer and artist living in Melbourne. She creates stunning pieces of wearable art and has worked with well-known Australians including Celeste Barber, Thelma Plum and Miranda Tapsell. Lyn-Al has been featured in Vogue Magazine and currently has an exhibit with the Bendigo Art Gallery.  She has also just released a limited-edition deodorant for NIVEA inspired by her silk designs. Lyn-Al shared her story of how she paints symbolically through colour and markings to represent her story, and encouraged students to paint their story with watercolour.

Student reflections:

I took part in Lyn-Al Young’s conference and she told us about how she began her career as a fashion designer. She had dreamed of the day she would be designing outfits for celebrities to wear on the red carpet ever since she was a little girl and with much hard work and determination she achieved her goal and has gone on to work on many exciting projects. I myself am very interested in the design aspects of fashion, just like Lyn-AI Young, and loved the opportunity to meet with a real life designer and artist! Her work is different from the rest in a fantastic way. She bases her designs off of her culture and her family which I find very meaningful and inspiring. Her work is absolutely amazing and I hope that one day I can find something that inspires me enough to create something as beautiful as Lyn-AI has with all of her fashion pieces. I am extremely grateful that I have had this opportunity to meet with such a talented and motivated person and highly recommend anyone to take a look at her work. For anyone with a dream and motivation Lyn-AI Young is a great role model for you to become inspired from. – Eva

I really enjoyed our session with Indigenous artist and designer, Lyn-Al Young. Being able to hear her story and experiences in the fashion industry as an Indigenous woman was truly inspiring. Her art opened me to a different style of fashion that was full of stories and emotions. Being able to then draw and reflect on what was special personally, really centred me and left me wanting to learn more about my story and how I could represent it. – Sienna

I learnt that Indigenous culture uses a lot of markings which symbolise certain things and, that you can have your own marking which connects to you. Murrundindi explained how symbols can display and resonate with things which is really interesting. I really enjoyed drawing on the map and finding my own symbols. I found it really funny that we could interact with Murrundindi (even though it was on Zoom!) since we could see how deeply he cared about his culture. Overall, I am extremely grateful for this vigorous experience as I learnt a lot more about the Indigenous culture which I can now tell to my family. – Jessica

The first thing I noticed about Lyn-Al Young was her silk clothing and how they were all so vibrant and reminded me of the beauty of nature. Lyn-Al Young is a Indigenous fashion designer and artist and kindly took the time to show us all her works of art and beautiful paintings. We learned how to use watercolour to represent our connections with our art pieces. We were able to try some of her techniques and create our own artworks that have a connection to us in some way. Before we had started on our own pieces, Lyn-Al Young painted a colourful diamond shaped piece that represented her heritage and country. Lyn-Al Young has inspired us to be proud of our cultures and family and to keep pursing our dreams. – Romy

Georgia Biggs
Reconciliation Coordinator

Year 9 Service Learning Conference

Last week brought the Year 9s the opportunity to stop and think and also jump into some serving.

On Thursday we enjoyed the opportunity to connect and reflect. We connected with Nadia from The River Nile School, a place where Year 9s would usually volunteer, and Jill (a past CGGS staff member) from Dream Stitches, where Year 10s get a chance to volunteer, and we heard about the work they do and the year they have had. Although we have not been able to have the contact we usually would, it was wonderful to touch base and learn more about the impact they have and some of their experiences.

After hearing about and reflecting on some of the work being done by some of our partners the students were able to respond by engaging in some reflection and service projects.

In response to what they heard from Nadia, a group of Year 9 students spent Friday organising a food drive for our CGGS community to get involved in, to help collect needed items for The River Nile foodbank.

Other students put their musical talents to use, some created cards to connect with members of our community, a group assembled some of the portable objects of dignity for the Days for Girls kits and we even had some groups pursue their own projects and engage in acts of kindness.

I would like to acknowledge the preparation and contributions of some of our Year 9 students to the conference. Thank you to the girls who offered their ideas, who helped plan and who facilitated some of the sessions across the two days.

I always love hearing the buzz of our students interacting, and I found it so uplifting to observe our students as they absorbed what they heard, then responded.

“I used to think service learning only involved temporary solutions such as giving food to the homeless, but now I think it can empower others to help themselves. After watching some of the videos, I learnt that service learning can involve planting a seed that later sprouts into a huge tree. I also learnt that education is what ultimately allows people to make the world a better place.”  – Year 9 student reflection

Jennifer Gordon
Head of Service Learning


First Lego League

During the past couple of months, a group of students from Years 7 – 9 have been navigating remote learning and harnessing technology to work collaboratively on a series of tasks in order to compete in this year’s First Lego League. With 320,000 teams (yes, that is the correct number of zeros) from around the world engaging in this activity, there was a huge demand for it to go ahead in 2020, albeit online.

There are a number of components in the First Lego League challenge. Students design a robot and program it to complete missions on a customised game table. They also engage in the design thinking process to create an innovation project linked to a global theme. This year’s challenge theme is ‘Replay’ – how to engage the community to be more active. Throughout the competition, students need to demonstrate the six core values of First Lego League: Discovery, Impact, Inclusion, Teamwork, Innovation and Fun.

At the Melbourne Consolidated Regional Final, which took place online, both our teams performed extremely well. The judges were particularly impressed with their ability to articulate the learning process as well as their creativity in the innovation project. One team won the Motivate Award and the other the ‘Breakthrough’ Award. Each team was selected to compete in the National Championships (South) on Sunday 13 December. Congratulations and best wishes to both teams!

Dr Charlotte Forwood
Director of Learning Design & Development

Summer Reading

As this year comes to an end, we have welcomed Ivy back as well as seen her bid farewell to her Year 12 fans. All of us in the Library want to congratulate you all on your efforts this year. On showing up, persisting and of course, reading! We encourage you all to come into the Library before the year is out, perhaps with a tote bag, to stock up on holiday reading!

It’s important to remember the benefits of reading that go beyond your vocabulary and problem solving skills. There’s also your empathy development, your awareness of the world around you and of course, it’s fun! It’s incredible the amount of different reading experiences there are now. With audiobooks, ebooks and graphic novels, there is no short supply of opportunity to try something new. In the Library we’re working on getting audio and e-books to you in the New Year, so stay tuned for some really exciting and expansive new developments from us!

We wish you all the best over the Summer, with safe and wholesome memories in the making and we cannot wait to see you in 2021. Read on!

Anne Devenish
Head of Library

Junior School


Junior School

December 4, 2020

Ormiston Spirit Awards

Congratulations to the following students who were awarded our annual Ormiston Spirit Awards for 2020. This prestigious award is handed to students that consistently display the school values of respect, integrity, commitment, hope and courage.

Foundation – Kayla Chen

Year 1 – Emma Zhang

Year 2S – Cynthia Li

Year 2Z – Serena Hu

Year 3L – Lauren Tang

Year 3R – Ruth Whelan

Year 4G – Stefanie Nguyen

Year 4C – Mo Lin Yu

Year 5D/W – Emily Foo

Year 5S – Aathana Sivapalan

Year 6C – Sophia Zeitoune

Year 6R – Zoe Lim

F-3 Music – Lu Year 3L

Year 4-6 Music – Jasmine Xie Year 4C

Library –Amber Chia Year 6R

Chinese – Aratrika Kadam Year 3R & Cathy Wang Year 4C

French – Samantha Lovell Year 5DW


Year 6 Graduation Ceremony

This year, our Year 6 Graduation Ceremony was organised differently due to COVID-19 restrictions, however many aspects of the ceremony remained the same as previous years. Each Year 6 student was awarded their Graduation certificate by our Principal Debbie Dunwoody and two students were awarded the following special awards: Millie Greenbank of Year 6R was awarded the Elizabeth Lockley Citizenship Award and Rithanyaa Prakash of Year 6C was awarded the Marjorie Shaw Award for General Excellence.

A special mention must go to 11 of our Year 6 students who started their educational journey in our Early Learning Centre. These students have spent either 8 or 9 years here at Ormiston and are ready to continue onto Senior School. The students are:

> Rida Cao

> Amber Chia

> Madeleine Huynh

> Usha Nadarajah

> Anika Selvaratnam

> Sharon Tjioe

> Penelope Petrakis

> Trinity Sideris

> Anneka Sinnappu

> Zoe Lim

> Sofia Giannicos

> Mara Vais

The Year 6 students performed a unique activity called body percussion and this performance signified the handover between Year 6 and Year 5 students. Specific videos were once again presented at the ceremony which gave our school community the opportunity to learn more about our Year 6 students.

I would like to thank our Year 6 class teachers Katrina Cheong and Nancy Robottom for all their planning and preparation in organising a very successful ‘live’ ceremony this year. Additionally, I would like to thank our CGGS Information Technology Team for all their help and expertise in making sure the event was ‘Live Streamed’ successfully into our Ormiston classrooms. A wonderful team effort!

Please click on the photo below to expand them.

Year 3 & 4 Extended Day

The Year 3 & 4 students thoroughly enjoyed their camp experience this year. Shane Maycock our Deputy Head of Senior School – Co-Curricular Programs organised an extended day that involved a number of educational outdoor activities such as:

> Group imitative activities such as the cup moving challenge

> Nature walk

> Extended play tasks such as giant chess, photo challenge, bombardment and scooter board races

> Movie night

Here are some Year 3 extended day reflections from specific students:

“My favourite part of the day was making the paper rockets – even though mine did not work. I liked this activity because it was clever using the straw to make the rocket fly.” – Sophie-May 3L

“Something I found challenging was trying to think of ideas during the cup challenge because you couldn’t touch the cup with your hands and you had to leave a few centimetres between the cups.” – Joyce 3R

“I worked well with Kathleen and Aaratrika because we followed instructions and cooperated with each other.” – Selinna 3L

“My favourite part of the day was when we were doing nature art because we created impressions of leaves in the air-drying clay. I put it on my Christmas tree and it looked stunning.” – Aaratrika 3R

“I found the photo hunt challenging because there were some pictures which we had no idea where they were. After we found them, we had to crack the code. My team could not figure it out.” – Ruth 3L

“I worked well with Sophie-May and Shreya because when we didn’t know where the pictures were for the scavenger hunt we helped each other out to find them.”

A big thank you must go to the Year 3 & 4 class teachers Rebecca Leondidis, Liz Ruffles, Jasvindar Gill and Craig Goodwin for helping organise the day with Shane Maycock. Also, I would like to thank Emma Hinchliffe for helping to make the day such a success. The Year 3 & 4 students are definitely ready to tackle camp in 2021.

Year 5 & 6 Extended Day

As the Year 5 & 6 students missed out on their camp experience this year, the class teachers and Mr Maycock organised an extended day of outdoor camp activities here at Ormiston. The students were excited to complete a number of different activities that included:

> NASA Mars Landing Mission

> Orienteering Photo Hunt

> Nature Art Sketching

> Talent Show

> Movie Night

Congratulations to all the students that joined in on the day. I would like to thank the class teachers Anjali de Quadros, Meagan Wilson, Fiorella Soci, Katrina Cheong and Nancy Robottom for all their work, as well as Emma Hinchliffe for helping with the organisation of activities and food and drink from Pinwheel & Co.

2020 Boroondara Literary Awards

It was a great pleasure to find out that two of our Ormiston students were recognised at the annual 2020 Boroondara Literary Awards that were conducted virtually on Webex on Thursday 3 December at 6.30 – 7.45pm.

Congratulations to Samantha Lovell of Year 5D/W and Victoria Mao of Year 6C who both received awards at this ceremony. Both students completed their written entries during remote learning earlier in the year.

The Boroondara Literary Awards are a joint activity of the Rotary Club of Balwyn and the City of Boroondara and we look forward to participating in this literary activity next year.


EL3 – Year 2 Little Smiles Dental Visit

We were pleased to have Jesslyn, an Oral Health Therapist, and Valerie, a Dental nurse, from Little smiles at Carrington Health visit on Tuesday morning.

Students in EL3 and EL4, Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 each received an education session about good dental hygiene and those with parental consent received a free dental screening and a bag with a toothbrush, toothpaste and a letter with the findings of the screen.

We encourage parents to read the findings and if necessary to make an appointment with your regular dentist for a follow up treatment if this has been advised.

Jacquie Little & Kylie McDonald
School Nurses


Year 3 Ormiston Prayers

Each week Junior School students lead us in prayer. Last week Amelia and Aaratrika in Year 3 prayed in this way.

Dear God,

We thank you for supporting us during this difficult time, especially when COVID-19 took over the world.  We are grateful for having such a caring and loving Father. We also thank you for helping us every step of the way this year.

We are very happy because of your kindness and your patience.  We ask you to help everyone live as long as they can, because everyone deserves to live a happy life. We wish that hope follows everyone through this new adventure. 


Helen Creed
School Chaplin


I wish all of our Ormiston families a safe and restful Christmas and New Year and may this festive season be filled with love, joy, peace and happiness for all.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

Connected Community


Connected Community

December 4, 2020

Exciting Announcement!

The school is pleased to announce a partnership with an amazing organisation called The Fathering Project. This project delivers resources, programs and events specific to the engagement style and needs of fathers and father-figures.

One of the in-school programs they offer support for is a Dad’s Group program.

The Parents and Friends Association is excited to introduce a new parent sub-group known as The CGGS Dad’s Group.

This parent group is run by CGGS dads for CGGS dads, with the aim of engaging fathers and father-figures within the school community, with other dads, and also with their daughters.

In 2021, The CGGS Dad’s Group will hold social events where dads can gather, share, learn and network with each other. They also have planned activities and events for the community in which dads and daughters can participate together.

We are excited to announce that the first CGGS Dad’s Group event is scheduled for Thursday 11 March 2021. We encourage all CGGS fathers and father-figures to put this date in your diary with more details to come in the new year.

Learn more about The Fathering Project and dad’s Groups via the button below.

Here you will find research based resources with tips on communicating with daughters, a Fathering Video Channel with an insightful series about parenting and life skill topics and information about the positive impact of a Dad’s Groups in schools has on the dads, the children and the school community.

If you would like to chat about the CGGS Dad’s Group or are interested to join, please contact:

Susannah Jepson
Community Relationships Coordinator


There are 3 weeks until Christmas – Gifting made easy

Make Christmas shopping easy this year! Select one of our premium merchandise items created to celebrate the school’s Centenary. We have an amazing range of products to suit the entire family and budget.

Items can be purchased at any time via the Centenary website and will be made available for collection from Senior School Reception. Postage can be arranged for a range of items, however some items such as the Golf Umbrella and Wine Glasses are unable to be posted.

To view the full range and to purchase, please click the button below.




November 20, 2020

Educating our students for their future…BY DESIGN

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Eighteen months ago at Camberwell Girls Grammar School we made a commitment to design a learning architecture that would enable us to distil our purpose and intention in our curriculum and development of programs. In educating young people for their future, we wanted to ensure that our educational offering was designed to reflect this.

At CGGS, we understand the importance of the development of transferable skills alongside discipline-specific knowledge and skills for young people. A worthwhile education must also provide opportunities for the learner to be curious and creative and have the opportunity to apply their learning to new situations. We want them to grapple with new ideas and concepts and not be afraid of making mistakes when challenging new ideas.

In educating the whole person, we also recognise the importance of wellbeing in all aspects of a young person’s development. This includes the development of character through connection, growth, grit and sustainability. It also recognises the importance of how we take responsibility for our relationships and our learning.

Whilst our initial focus in using BY DESIGN has been predominantly in Senior School, this architecture can be used across the whole school. It gives us consistency in our language and approach to curriculum and program design. It will also be invaluable when inducting new teachers into CGGS, as well as helping students and parents understand how and why our programs are developed.

Many teachers have used components of BY DESIGN during the developmental phase, including trialling the BY DESIGN App that we have developed to enable the process of curriculum and program development and documentation to be more streamlined.

At this time last year, Senior School departments used BY DESIGN to focus on their Year 9 curriculum review and renewal, and in the coming weeks they will extend this to other year levels in preparation for 2021. As our Junior School has undertaken a complete appraisal and redesign of their curriculum during the last two years and will now use BY DESIGN for ongoing review.

I am now delighted to share with you our BY DESIGN booklet, to give you an overview of our architecture. I am sure that you will find it a helpful reference. I certainly welcome any feedback from parents.

As a community of learners at CGGS, this architecture reflects who we are, how we design and what we do, honouring what we believe is important in a high-quality education for young people.

I would like to thank all of the staff who have contributed to the development of this important work along our journey including members of the BY DESIGN Development Team: Dr Charlotte Forwood, Ms Kate Manners and Mr James Henderson, as well as Summer Howarth from Eventful Learning Co who has been our strategic assistant and constructive critic from the beginning of the process. Mr Keith Melder, our Multimedia Coordinator has really brought our ideas to life in this booklet so that we can share it with both the CGGS and broader educational communities.

I hope that you are as proud of this work as I am.


Parent Survey

As part of our ongoing commitment to continuously improving the school, we believe it is critical to seek each parent and guardian’s opinion on a range of issues relating to Camberwell Girls Grammar School. Your feedback is very important to us as we continue to build a successful school and strengthen our reputation as an ‘educator of choice’.

As such, we have again engaged the professional services of MYP Corporation (MYPCorp) to undertake a strictly private and confidential School Results Survey on our behalf.The survey should take approximately 10 – 15 minutes and will need to be completed online between 30 November 2020 and 11 December 2020.

At the end of next week, you will receive survey instructions and a personalised login to complete the survey. While we encourage you to participate, the survey is not compulsory. If you decide that you do not want to complete the survey, simply click ‘unsubscribe’ in the instruction or reminder email. Thank you for your assistance in helping to shape the future direction of Camberwell Girls Grammar School.


School Masterplan 

As a school, we remain committed to providing the very best possible learning facilities by constantly maintaining and refurbishing key areas of both Junior School and Senior School.

Prior to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the school engaged external consultants to undertake the design of a refurbished Barbara Sutton Hall, incorporating a new Music and Drama Centre. This design work has, and continues to, focus on the school’s long-term planning.

In order to have the proposed design assessed, it has been necessary to lodge an addendum to the existing masterplan with Boroondara Council. Part of this process requires Boroondara Council to publicly advertise the school’s planning permit. This advertising commenced on Monday 16 November 2020 and I wanted to bring this to your attention as you may notice signage has been recently placed around the school.

Whilst CGGS remains committed to completing the design and planning permit process, no further decisions have been made as to when the refurbishment project will commence. I will certainly keep you updated on any developments.

Have a restful weekend.


Debbie Dunwoody

Senior School


Senior School

November 20, 2020

This past fortnight has seen many highlights across the year levels in Senior School. The articles in this week’s CamNews are a perfect example of how our students and staff have made the most of all the challenges and also the opportunities. We continue to hold School Assemblies and Chaplains Assemblies virtually, with only the participants in the Barbara Sutton Hall at the time and all other members of our Senior School community joining through live streams to their classrooms. 

Next week our Year 10 and 11 students commence their school-based examinations, with most of our Year 11 cohort having also joined their Year 12 peers in completing a VCE examination. The Year 10 and 11 school-based assessments are important to set the right expectations for future VCE examinations and in order for us to provide vital feedback to our students on their learning. 

Many students, parents and staff will no doubt be relieved to close the book on the 2020 school year in just over two weeks’ timeIn the meantime, though we still have much to accomplish in our classes and to celebrate, including our VCE HeadStart program for those students moving into Years 11 and 12 in 2021, our Years 7 – 9 Presentation Night and our Christmas Service. 

Have a restful weekend. 

Warm regards, 

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School 


VCE Art & Design Show 

The Annual VCE Art and Design exhibition officially opened to much digital fanfare. It was not quite the exhibition we had anticipated opening at the commencement of the academic year; however, the students of Year 11 and 12 Studio Art and Visual Communication Design, have taken adversity head on and created an amazing show of skill and conceptual depth. Throughout their studies this year, the students have engaged in a genuinely personal exploration of ideas and progressively developed their application of skill. At times they needed to reframe, change direction and pivot alongside the rest of the world, with the resulting show an absolute testament to their tenacity and resilience.  

This exhibition marks the culmination of many years of Art education for our Year 12 students. From the very early beginnings at home with their parents, through the primary years and now the end of secondary; they have problem solved, experimented, played, refined, analysed, debated and presented a myriad of artworks. All providing lifelong skills. We congratulate them on their many successes. 

On behalf of the Art Department, we thank all those involved and look forward to another fabulously creative year in 2021.  

Rachael Miller
Head of Art & Design 

CGGS Election 2020 

On Tuesday this week, our Year 9 students battled it out for victory in our annual CGGS mock Election. 

Students participated in one of the eight Political Parties they had formed over the course of the study of ‘Power and Influence’ in Year 9 Commerce. Policies were developed, advertisements created, websites built and campaign speeches made by Party Leaders, all of which can be seen via this link: CGGS Election 2020 

The Righteous Party, The Egalitarian Party, The Power Party, The Pink Party, The O2 Global Party, The Environmentalist Party, The One World Party and The Edison Party are each congratulated on the outcomes of their collaborative efforts – not only did they present their Party’s in effective visual form but they lobbied hard on Election Day as they ‘worked the queues to inform voters about the choices they could make at the Ballot Box. 

While the Pink Party was ‘First Past the Post’ in the Primary Vote count, after the distribution of preferences it was a race to the finish. As with all elections, there can only be one winner (please take note Mr Trump!) and this year our collective congratulations go to The Edison Party who took the honour with an absolute majority of 134 out of a possible 262 votes. 

The Election is always a fabulous hands-on way for students to experience the pressures, the dramas and the logistics of ‘running for office’ on a small scale – we have loved working with this year’s Year 9 students and look forward to doing in it all again in 2021!  

The Commerce Team
Ms Wilson, Ms Anton and Mrs Larkey 

Beyond Design (Girls Invent) 

Pollen monitoring watches, pain-free band aids, an alarming clock and a medical game app – were just a few of the creative ideas to emerge from our Year 7s during this year’s Beyond Design challenge with Girls Invent. 

Curated and designed by Ms El Wood, Head of Science, with the support of Dr Charlotte Forwood, Director of Learning Design and Development, and working alongside Dr Mark Glazebrook from Girls Invent, all Year 7 students have spent the week engaged in a design process which included problem finding, market research, ideation, prototyping and testing. This year’s challenge had a somewhat different look and harnessed the power of technology to ensure the experience would still be a rich one. The Year 7s have kept a record of their learning in an online log, pitched their ideas to Dr Glazebrook via Zoom for some initial feedback and communicated their ideas with confidence and flair.  

Friday was a buzz of energy as students made last minute adjustments to their poster boards, pitch preparations and multimedia presentations in readiness for participation in an online Expo with parents, teachers and students. Aside from generating innovative ideas, the Year 7s also had the opportunity to develop key transferable skills including teamwork, problem solving and communication skills. 

Thank you to all of the teachers who supported the program during its different stages, in particular Ms Alma Tooke in the MakerSpace who organised mini-MakerSpace tubs for all the groups, Mat Duniam and the Year 7 Science teachers. The online components of the program were very well supported by Stefi from the IT Department and Mr Micah Wilkins, Head of Digital Learning and Innovation. 

Who knows, in the future we might be seeing our students’ designs on the market! 

Dr Charlotte Forwood (Director of Learning Design and Development) and Ms Eleanor Wood (Head of Science)

House Music Captain Handover 

The ever-changing landscape of 2020 has provided our House Music Captains with the opportunity to reinvent, reimagine and collaborate in a variety of ways. All Houses successfully achieved their common objectives to deliver cohesive, meaningful and entertaining items for the House Celebration Day at the end of Term 3. We congratulate all participants on their enthusiastic involvement and look forward to what the House Music Competition will deliver in 2021.  

A handover to the 2021 Music Captains took place this week, where valuable advice, creative ideas, tips and suggestions were exchanged. We were pleased to be able to present the traditional House Music Batons and hope that this symbol provides fond memories for all involved. The conductor’s baton serves as a timely reminder that music can enhance your life, provide direction, unite communities and establish clarity in challenging moments. We would particularly like to thank the Parents and Friends Association for their support of the Performing Arts events throughout this year. 

Kate Savige and Rohan Mack
Directors of Music 

House Soccer and Netball   

Once more the sports fields were filled with action, colour and cheering and all the students were very excited to have House Sport return for 2020. On what was meant to be our House Swimming Carnival, we were very excited to host our first House Netball and Soccer competition. It was great to see so many students involved and we were so proud of the skill and teamwork on display throughout the day. We were fortunate to have beautiful weather as the girls competed at CGGS, earning points for their house and enthusiastically cheering on their peers. Congratulations to Taylor House for winning the House Soccer and Schofield for winning House Netball. There overall results were as follows: 


House Netball  

1st – Schofield 

2nd – Taylor 

3rd – Lawrence 

4th – Singleton 


House Soccer 

1st – Taylor 

2nd – Lawrence 

3rd – Schofield 

4th – Singleton 


Thank you to all the staff and students who assisted throughout the day to ensure the program ran smoothly. A special thank you to the House Sport Captains who have put in an enormous effort to make sure all teams were organised and to the 2021 School Sport Captain, Cathy Gu and 2021 School House Captain, Chloe Langley for their assistance throughout the day.   

For this event the spirit stick was not awarded to a house but instead to a year level. After much deliberation, it was too close to make the call on which house had the most spirit throughout the day, however the year level that displayed the most spirit and were wearing the most House Tshirts were the Year 7s! Well done girls! 

Lauren Law
Head of Sport 

Junior School


Junior School

November 20, 2020

2021 Foundation – Year 6 Orientation Morning

During the week, our Ormiston staff and students had the opportunity to experience being in their 2021 classes on Tuesday morning before recess. It was wonderful to see so many smiles and happy faces during our orientation morning for our Junior School students. New families to Ormiston next year are currently not allowed to attend onsite, but our 2021 class teachers conducted video conferences on Zoom with new students.

Additionally, we conducted two video conferences with new parents to Ormiston next year. Parents received information about the Junior School on Zoom, and they received the Orientation Guide booklet and a video to gain a better understanding of the day-to-day routines. We look forward to meeting all 29 new families next year.


Year 2 Extended Day

The students and teachers all had a incredible evening together!

“My favourite part of extended day were all the games we played”– Lucinda

“My favourite part of extended day was jumping through the hoops in the game”– Cynthia

“My favourite part of extended day was the movie. It was so cool to see some of the things in the future”– Angela

My favourite part of extended day was dancing Zumba”– Serena

Ellie Zarfaty & Mikaela Stanaway
Year 2 Class Teachers

Year 7 Orientation Day

Cultivating connections between students, both those continuing from Ormiston, and those joining CGGS from local primary schools, is a key purpose of the Year 7 Orientation Day, and with the recent easing of restrictions, we were thrilled to be able to conduct aspects of the program on-site. The focus for us this year was to provide opportunities for students to connect with other students, Year 7 Coordinator Ms Tuba Ozak and their Form/Tutor Teacher, as well as familiarising themselves with the CGGS Senior School campus.

Prior to arriving for their designated session at CGGS, students and families were provided with a pre-recorded welcome video that introduced the Principal, Mrs Dunwoody, Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School Mrs Cathy Poyser and the wonderful Year 7 team including all 8 tutor teachers and Ms Ozak. Furthermore, a number of existing students presented reflections from their time at CGGS including current Year 7 student Sabrina Bignold, our School House Captain Chloe Langley and School Captain Sophia Giagoudakis.

On the Friday morning we welcomed students to meet their fellow peers and Tutor Teachers, taking part in activities such as a Q and A session, a tour of their new school and perhaps the most exciting aspect, playing with their new lock! The tour was led by our amazing Tutor Teachers, stopping at all of our must-see sights, including the Science Labs, Library and Fig Tree Cafe!

The day also provided the Year 7 teaching team with an opportunity to find out what the new Year 7s were looking forward to—such as borrowing unlimited books from the Library, participating in House events and taking part in the many wonderful co-curricular opportunities on offer. It was delightful spending time with our new CGGS students and chatting with their families at the gate, who were eagerly awaiting to find out how their daughter’s orientation day went!

A big thank you to our Year 7 Tutor Teachers who were invaluable in making this day a success, welcoming the students to our CGGS community with open arms and big smiles. Indeed, our Tutor Teachers will play a major role in helping our students transition positively next year.

We are looking forward to next year and cannot wait to start the journey together in 2021.

Ms Ozak & Ms Woolcock
2021 Year 7 Coordinator & Deputy Head of Senior School – Student Wellbeing

Early Learning 4 Full Time

As researchers, the Early Learning 4 (Full Time) children have used tools such as the iPad and Prowise to view clips and photographs and non-fiction texts such as National Geographic magazines, to learn about how our actions and the actions of people in our community, can be helpful or harmful to creatures that live in the ocean, in particular, sea turtles. Throughout this term, the children demonstrated their curiosity, as they investigated why plastic bags can be found in the ocean and why sea turtles are attracted to eat plastic bags. They documented their discoveries through the languages of dialogue, clay, charcoal and paint.

As active citizens and collaborators, the children are currently creating messages to inform our individual families and local community, about the importance of using reusable bags. As designers, the children are currently inquiring into different types of slogans and graphic representations they can use to create their own message on a reusable calico bag, which they will be able to use with their families.

Throughout this term, the children demonstrated their ability to be curious, confident and involved learners as they developed their inquiry, research and investigation skills. They also developed an appreciation of sea turtles and how they can, through their actions, help to inform our community of ways to keep our oceans clean and our sea turtles safe and healthy.

There are some plastic bags in the water and sea turtles might think they’re a jellyfish. Also, there’s lots and lots and lots of rubbish.” – Ting Xuan

If the bags are falling in the ocean then the turtles might die because they might eat the bags. We can throw the bags into the bin.” – Rubyrose

“We need to recycle plastic bags. There are loads of plastic bags and sea turtles might get trapped. We can use bags made from fabric not plastic.” – Alex:

It’s full of rubbish. The sea turtles might choke on the rubbish and die.” – June

This is rubbish and it’s making the sea look ugly.” – Calista

Angela Follacchio
Early Learning Team Leader

Early Learning 4 Part-Time

The EL4 Part-time class celebrated NAIDOC week by reading and viewing Aboriginal picture books and learning more about Australia’s First People. Some of the children were inspired by the illustrations in the picture books that we read and created their own artworks using a similar style of painting. We explored symbols that Aboriginal people use to tell stories and made up our own story using symbols. Lilian showed the children some ochre (a soft rock) and explained that before there were pencils, paints and pens that the Aboriginal people would have used ochre as a paint by crushing it and mixing it with water. The children helped grind the ochre and we added water to it to make a paint. Lilian painted some symbols on the children’s arms and then the children experimented with painting using ochre.

This week, we had a Zoom meeting with Murrundindi and the children shared some of their learning with him. Murrundindi taught the children more about Aboriginal symbols and led the children in a drawing session where they practiced drawing symbols. Murrundindi used symbols to tell the children a story about an emu being tracked by a man at night. Through our classroom discussions and by engaging in cultural experiences, the children are becoming culturally aware. They learn the history of Australia and about the traditional custodians of the land they live on. They learn about diversity and acceptance of others.

Lilian Bishop
Early Learning 4 Part-Time Class Teacher

Early Learning 3 a community of learners

Early Learning 3 children are immersed in ongoing learning in a meaningful way. They are very productive in building on prior learning experiences and extending on their own interests in relation to many classroom topics. The connections that children continue to make are related to plants, birds and animals.

Recently, we examined leaves and trees and took the opportunity to learn about what plants need to grow. Children did observational drawings and here are some of the children’s comments:

“Leaves, they are natural.  They have lines and there are lots of different leaves.  When the wind blows them, they wave!  There are round leaves and heart-shaped leaves and oval leaves”– Iris

Leaves have veins!”  They are important to flowers.  When the rain goes on the leaves, they start to drink and it goes down to the roots”– Melanie

“There are yellow leaves… leaves grow.  Leaves help flowers to grow…They need seeds to grow”– Chelsea

Click the photos below to expand them.

Our topic on bears continues throughout the term and as a class, we chatted about the three bears eating their bowls of porridge. We examined oats being the main ingredient in porridge. The children had discussions about seeds and grains to understand how oats are prepared for us to eat. We cooked our porridge to have with the three bears and we were also joined by Mr D and Mrs Spencer who also tasted the yummy porridge.

As we get closer to celebrating Christmas, we discussed the virtues of caring, sharing and loving with the help of Reverend Creed who narrated the story of Christmas. The children appreciated Reverend Creed’s visit to the class and the visit to the Chapel. We talked about learning to give to others and receiving gratitude.

 “I am thankful I have Eva as my friend!” as she lit her candle in the chapel.” Evelyn P:

The EL3 children are becoming a strong community of learners, confident and competent in knowing their strengths and skills as well as their identity and belonging.

Ramila Sadikeen
Early Learning 3 Class Teacher

Netball is BACK!

Netball has finally returned at Ormiston! The Year 2 to 6 students are very excited to be able to enjoy the sport they love so much and share with their many team mates.

The Ormiston Netballers have recently been training at lunchtimes and are thrilled to be back on the court. Next week they will play matches against each other. The students will be ready to re-join the Boroondara Netball Competitions in 2021. The photo below is of our Year 2 students after a hot training session.

Lexie Joyce
CGGS Netball Coach

Netball is BACK!

Netball has finally returned at Ormiston! The Year 2 to 6 students are very excited to be able to enjoy the sport they love so much and share with their many team mates.

The Ormiston Netballers have recently been training at lunchtimes and are thrilled to be back on the court. Next week they will play matches against each other. The students will be ready to re-join the Boroondara Netball Competitions in 2021. The photo below is of our Year 2 students after a hot training session.

Lexie Joyce
CGGS Netball Coach

Science Talent Search Success at Ormiston

This week we have received some wonderful news in the area of Science. Elise Orme of Year 5, whose Experimental Research project: Does Bokashi juice, Actizyme or water work fastest to relieve a pipe blockage? won a major bursary in the Science Talent Search this year, has been selected as a Primary Finalist in the BHP Foundation Science and Engineering Awards.

Congratulations to Elise for this outstanding achievement!

Dr. Charlotte Forwood
Director of Learning Design & Development

I wish Ormiston families a restful weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

Connected Community


Connected Community

November 20, 2020

Sapphire Circle Lunch

Sadly, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual Sapphire Circle Lunch was unable to be held this year. This lunch is for old grammarians that have left school 50 plus years ago or more. It is a lovely lunch that celebrates these women who have been a part of the rich fabric of 100 years of Camberwell Girls.

We truly value our old grammarians and as a way of showing them that we do care and are thinking of them, we decided to deliver afternoon tea packages to our longtime supporters of this lunch. Inside this package was a delicious morning/afternoon tea of finger sandwiches and sweet tart and fresh fruit prepared by Pinwheel & Co. A memento of the school with a customized CGGS tea towel, some Twinning’s tea and Lindt chocolates along with a card. These packages were hand delivered by CGGS staff to the doors of the old grammarians and were accepted so gratefully, with invitations to come in for a cup of tea, and “please come in and see my paintings”. Many cards and phone call of thanks have been arriving at the school since.

Volunteer Thank You Event

Each year we take the opportunity to recognise the amazing support of our parent and old grammarian volunteer community. Due to COVID19 restrictions, the Volunteer Thank You held on Friday 13 November was an online event where volunteers were sent a hamper of cheese and wine and invited to attend a virtual tasting with the cheese producer from Melbourne and wine producer from Italy.

The evening was enjoyed by all as it was wonderful to learn about the art of cheese making from Giorgio Linguanti from That’s Amore Cheese and travel virtually to Italy, where wine maker Lorenzo from Il Palazzo, Chianti spoke about the process of producing his Chianti and Rosé. The evening was a huge success and there was a great deal of chatter and questions from the guests about the delicious wine and cheese and their next trip to Italy!

Centenary Merchandise makes Christmas gifting easy!

Make Christmas shopping easy this year! Select one of our premium merchandise items created to celebrate the school’s Centenary.  We have an amazing range of products to suit the entire family and budget. Items can be purchased at any time via the Centenary website and will be made available for collection from Senior School Reception. Postage can be arranged for a range of items, however some items such as the Golf Umbrella and Wine Glasses are unable to be posted.

To view the full range and to purchase, please click the button below.




November 6, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

A few months ago, I read Julia Baird’s best-selling book, Phosphorescence and found it to be an inspiring book to read in lockdown.

Julia painted beautiful pictures of where we find phosphorescence in the natural world and then used it as an example of our need as humans to ‘find, nurture and carry our own inner, living light’. As I was reading, I also thought of the theme of ‘GLOW’ that our 2020 School Captains developed this year and the idea that we are often drawn to those people who emanate this – people who radiate warmth, a sense of goodness and joy.

Being forced to change our daily routines and practices during lockdown certainly made me think more clearly about my own priorities and I am sure that I was not alone in doing this. I am very energised by people (and particularly young people) and I gain great satisfaction from seeing others at their best; seeing them glow. So what makes people glow?

In Phosphorescence, Julia talks about the four powerful lessons for what makes people glow and they are all integral to our philosophy of developing the whole person at CGGS. These four lessons listed below, are embedded in our diverse programs, size of school and culture of our community:

> Paying attention – the importance of being present in the moment and really experience each interaction and opportunity

> Not underestimating the soothing power of the ordinary

> Seeking awe and nature

> Things like showing kindness, practising grace, embracing friends, imperfection, being bold and having faith

In witnessing the joy of our student and staff community reunite over recent weeks, it has again reinforced to me the importance of school communities and the richness of the relationships that are formed within them. Whilst there has been great debate over many years about the relevance of schools and the possibility of moving to an online mode, this year we have experienced first-hand why this type of change would not be ideal.

School communities are where relationships and shared experiences play a pivotal role in shaping the formation of young people. We value being connected and belonging, and this is not the same in an exclusively remote environment. The experiences gained throughout this year will certainly assist us to develop more blended models of learning, but school communities cannot be replaced. Even as I write this editorial, I am hearing the excited voices of young people outside my office engaging with each other and their teachers.

In both Junior School and Senior School, initially some students were nervous about resuming school onsite, but many have returned with a greater sense of independence and confidence in themselves and have settled well. We know that they have learnt some important lessons in self-regulation and building resilience through remote experiences this year.

Our students have definitely not lost seven months of schooling. Through the two phases of remote learning, we have not only provided continuous access to programs but have also adapted to changes in the learning environment. We have continued to provide rigorous, research-informed literacy and numeracy programs and the necessary resources to enable students to develop their skills. In older students, we have also sought to develop self-regulation skills through evidence-based approaches.We are very pleased with the progress of students across all year levels and have supported individual students as needed.

Some parents have asked about the Tutoring Program that is being financed by the Victorian Government. This program has been set up to support disadvantaged students. This includes students in low SES areas and/or where they have not had continuous access to learning programs. These students may have had limited or interrupted contact with their teachers, resources, internet access and other support.

Our students were fortunate to have had continuous access to purposefully designed learning programs alongside tailored wellbeing support and therefore will not qualify for this funding.

Whilst engaged in their academic programs, we will continue to focus on the development of the whole person at CGGS. The idea of us all being the best versions of ourselves so that we can glow, is an exciting part of our purpose as educators – as is the renewed valuing of connectedness and community in our schools.

With best wishes,

Debbie Dunwoody

Senior School


Senior School

November 6, 2020

Saying goodbye is never easy and this year was definitely no exception, in fact it was much harder as we celebrated all the final events with our Year 12 Class of 2020, who had been learning remotely for so much of this year.

On Monday 26 October our traditional Leaver’s Service which normally takes place in the Barbara Sutton Hall with the students from Years 6 – 11 watching on, along with all our teaching staff and the parents of Year 12, this year was live streamed to classrooms and parents. Due to COVID restrictions only one Year 12 Form was permitted in the hall at any time, however as we have throughout the year with all other events and activities, we adapted and can proudly say every student was recognised and her time at CGGS celebrated.

Another CGGS tradition is the Year 12 Assembly and final Bell ringing on their last day of lessons. As we have seen with this cohort throughout their journey in the Senior School, the Class of 2020’s bright personalities and graciousness ensured their Celebration Day was uplifting for all. The Senior School was decorated with colourful streamers, fun memes and posters and all students and staff were welcomed to school on the day with glitter sanitiser. In Period 4 the Year 12’s held their assembly outside, and the younger levels watched on through a live stream. Again, this was an upbeat and humorous look at their journey through Senior School and the year that was 2020.

The significance of the final Bell at 3:25pm on the last day for the Year 12’s has taken on new significance since we have become a bell free school. Whilst the Year 12’s have always gathered under the clock tower in the quadrangle, with all staff and students lining the balconies and counting down to 3:25pm with the singing of hymns, this year all the students and staff were in classrooms and we also live streamed this event. Not even the rain that also started right on 3:25pm, could dampen the spirits of our masked Year 12’s.

In the evening we held our Valedictory Dinner virtually. The Year 12 students along with their parents enjoyed a magnificent in-home dining experience with thanks to our Parents and Friends Association and our partnership for this event with Mornington Peninsula winery and restaurant, Ten Minutes by Tractor. The technology on the night ensured all our usual Valedictory Dinner proceedings were able to be shared. Speeches were mostly live, and the zoom break out rooms for each of the courses enabled us to mingle. The red-carpet entry of each student was certainly a highlight and again a meaningful / thoughtful touch on behalf of our IT Department.

On behalf of the Senior School, I wish to thank all the students, parents and staff involved in making each of the Year 12 celebrations so memorable.

In the midst of these events, we welcomed back our remaining students, those in Years 8 – 10. And the timing was perfect so that they could all experience the traditions, even if through live streams to their classes. Having all of our students and teachers back onsite has allowed friendships to rekindle, laughter in the corridors and the chatter those of us who have been working onsite throughout have desperately missed.

As we slowly return to a more normal environment in terms of school activities and we are pleased to share with families that from Monday 9 November we will begin what we hope will herald a safe return to our co-curricular activities.

Warm regards,

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School


Return to Sport

We are very excited to reintroduce Athletics and Swimming training for term 4. Athletics training will take place on the oval on Mondays from 3.30pm-4.30pm and Swimming training will be in the pool on Thursdays from 3.30pm-4.30pm.

For the remainder of this year all Athletics and Swimming training will require students to sign up via a Microsoft form to indicate their interest in training each week. The link for next week is below and will also be emailed to students weekly. Students will then receive an email to confirm their spot at least one day before their training session.

Athletics Training – Monday 9 Nov

Swimming Training – Thursday 12 Nov

Returning to sport training in a safe, hygienic and controlled manner is paramount to CGGS. The School has many COVID safe procedures in place which include additional cleaning and sanitising, no spectators, adherence to specific physical distancing and contract tracing procedures. Sport specific procedures are as follows.

Athletics – Mondays from 3.30-4.30pm

> Students may wear their PE uniform all day.

> Students will meet on the oval and sanitize their hands before and after the training session.

> There will be a maximum of 10 students per coach. These groups will not mix or change during the session.

Swimming – Thursdays from 3.30-4.30pm

> Students will get changed into their bathers in the Senior School bathrooms (not the pool changerooms) at the end of the School day and go home in their bathers after training. The disabled toilet in the pool may be used during training sessions but is not for changing. Students will be able to use the changerooms after year 12 exams.

> Students will enter the pool via the outside doors near the Food Studies kitchen.

There is a maximum of 20 students per session, with 4 students in each lane.

Lauren Law
Head of Sport



Camberwell Girls Grammar School is pleased to invite its school community to explore our virtual VCE Art Exhibition.

Both Year 11 and Year 12 students across Studio Art and Visual Communication Design have contributed works for this annual VCE Art Exhibition. This exhibition realises our students’ incredible resilience and perseverance. Despite many weeks away from school and from the Art room, the students have continued to exceed our expectations.

Click on the image below to view an introduction video to the VCE Art Exhibition by our Head of Art and Design, Rachael Miller.

You can enter the virtual VCE Art Exhibition via the link below, where you’ll be able to explore the exhibition using your mouse or the keyboard arrows.

If you would prefer to just look at a catalog of the pieces in the exhibition, you can do so by clicking the button below.

On behalf of the VCE Studio Art and Visual Communication Design students and teachers, we hope you enjoy the 2020 VCE Art Exhibition.

Rachael Miller
Head of Art & Design

Service Learning

Last week students in Year 10 had the joy of meeting up with our Year 10 and 11 Green Gecko friends from Cambodia. The Green Gecko Project are the group we visit during our Service Learning Tour every year.

We took the opportunity to make contact on Zoom, to check in and see how the Geckos have been faring this year. Our students and the Gecko students prepared some questions to ask each other.

It was wonderful to see the Geckos’ smiling faces and hear their friendly voices. This group, who we have contact with each year, are some of the most friendly and positive people you will meet and speaking with them certainly brightened our day.

After a round of introductions, we dove into our questions and took turns asking and answering the questions covering topics such as: education and school during the pandemic, communication, restrictions, and how we take care of the people around us.

Some things we found we had in common:
“We both really miss school because we can’t socialise as much or see our friends. We both value seeing our community and connecting with others.”

What left an impression:

“They asked lots of questions about the poorer people in our communities and asked about how we help them.”

“We thought their positivity and confidence was so amazing, but it was a bit sad how they said they couldn’t see any positives from this situation because of how many people lost their jobs over there.”

“We all really enjoyed the experience, we thought it provided it with a great insight on the differences between life in lockdown in Cambodia and Australia, and they were all so nice and so enthusiastic!”

“The Geckos are very community-minded and selfless people. It was amazing to hear they are running food banks to support others that can’t afford things during this time.”

We found there were plenty of similarities between our experiences this year but there were also some differences that came through when the Geckos’ asked us questions about supplies and providing for our families. Students from both groups were so thoughtful in the way they discussed their experiences with each other.

We are currently coming up with a challenge for them and they are coming up with one for us! And we are also thinking of ways we can partner with them if we won’t be able to visit in the near future.

Jennifer Gordon
Head of Service Learning

Colour Your Threads 

On Wednesday 4 November our school community celebrated the “Colour your threads” initiative, in recognition of the incredible strength that the CGGS community has shown over the last year, and in recognition of World Positive Education Day.

All student and staff dressed in brightly coloured, happy clothes as way to say thank you for the support, grit, growth mindset and resilience shown, and to recognise the strength of character of each individual and our CGGS community as a whole.

A video titled ‘From Strength to Strength in Tough Times’ was also shared with all student and staff, and was great reminder of all that we have achieved this year.

Parents can access the video here: Video: A celebration of CGGS

Kath Woolcock
Deputy Head of Senior School – Student Wellbeing